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Full text of "Calvary Lutheran Church, Concord, North Carolina : a history 1913-1996"

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Calvary Lutheran Church 
Concord, North Carolina 

A History 


Bernard W. Cruse, Jr, 







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This Copy Of 

The History of 

Calvary Lutheran Church 

1913 - 1996 

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Calvary Lutheran Church 

Concord, North Carolina 

A History 


Bernard W. Cruse, Jr. 

Published by Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

63 Lake Concord Road 

Concord, North Carolina 28025 

Copyright © 1997 by Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or 

by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher, except 

brief quotes used in connection with reviews, written specifically for 

inclusion in a magazine or newspaper. 

Printed in the United States of America 

First Edition 1997 

Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 96-72336 

Authored and Edited by 
Bernard William Cruse, Jr. 

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church: A History, 1913-1996 

This book was printed by JostensGraphics 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Cover artwork of the Three Crosses on Mount 
Calvary was designed for Calvary Evangelical 
Lutheran Church by Miss Trena Ruth Baucom. 
It is used as the Logo for Calvary Evangelical 
Lutheran Church. 



This book is a history of one part of the Body of Christ known as Calvary 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, a congregation of the North Carolina Synod of 
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located in Concord, North Carolina. 
This history attempts to record the story of committed people of faith from 1913 
to 1997. 

In compiling such a history, one must do the hard work of research utilizing 
all of the existing records possible. Unfortunately, not all records of the 
congregation remain in existence nor are all existing records complete. A diligent 
search for all records that could be found was made. Apparently missing were 
a number of records, as well as all directories and Sunday bulletins through the 
late 1940's. 

Calvary congregation is truly indebted to Bernard William Cruse, Jr., 
who took on this project single-handedly, volunteering long hours doing the research 
and entering into the computer all of the data for this work Simply said, this 
book would not exist without the faithful work of "Bill" Cruse. It certainly was 
a labor of love. 

A special word of thanks to Mrs. Marge Cruse who graciously permitted 
much family time to be used in the writing of this history. 

As of this writing, Calvary congregation is poised to write the next major 
chapter in her history, a second re-location! This next chapter prompted the 
development of this history to the present day in order to record the past as a 
foundation to the future. 

Many people have assisted in editing materials and they are thankfully 
acknowledged here. Some of them are: Iris Arey, Betty and Harold Black, Mary 
and Fess Black, Bette and Harry Blume, Jack and Martha Dayvault, Herb and 
Hazel Eckenrhode, Nancy Haney, Maxine Hatley, John and Bernice Howard, 
Margaret Noblitt, Gary and Susan Norris, Tom Ramseur, Ben Shue, Edith Sides, 
Alice Ray Sloop, Nell Tarlton, Bill Wiles and Ruth Wynnk. 

As pastor of this congregation at this writing, we are all thankful to 
Almighty God for His wise guidance and shared vision for the future. May we 
be willing to follow and serve, t 

The Reverend Dr. John E. Boyd, Jr. 

Concord, North Carolina 

January 15, 1997 


"But the angel said to the women, 'Do not be afraid, for I know that you 
seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, he has risen!'" 

That glorious event of Christ's resurrection from the dead is the driving 
force for Calvary Church, as well as congregations throughout the land! We 
have been gifted by the great gift of faith. Faith that Jesus Christ came, suffered, 
died and rose again that we might live forever. Frankly, that is the best news 
on the planet. And that is the unique story that Calvary Church has been telling 
since 1913. 

The congregation has beautifully acted out their faith by moving to a 
second location and now planning to move to a third location. Moving a 
congregation from one place to another is not easy. It has been possible through 
the great desire of the family of faith at Calvary Church to "better tell" the story 
and to act out their faith by being as available as possible to witness to that glorious 

As I think about the history of Calvary Church I become excited about 
the future. I reflect, in a personal way, on how the family of Calvary Chuch 
received me as a new pastor in June of 1972, and while I did not know a great 
deal about ministry, only 24 years old, the people at Calvary Church taught me, 
through their love and grace, that God inspires and leads. Calvary Church will 
always be a special place for me! So I thank God for the ministry of Calvary 
Church in the past, I rejoice in the present ministries underway, and I am delighted 
as you look toward the future with a new facility in a growing area telling that 
old, old story that never changes, that we are justified by God's grace through 

May God bless you in these days and thank you for allowing me to be 
a part of this wonderful publication, t 

The Reverend Dr. Leonard H. Bolick, Bishop 

North Carolina Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 
Pastor, Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1972-1984 


Dedicated to 


Charter Members 

• •• 

Lewis O. Blackwelder 
W. W. Carpenter 
Mrs. John Goldston 
Charles A. Isenhour 
Mrs. Charles A. Isenhour 
Mrs. Mertie Petrea Johnston 
Mrs. W. A. Kendrick 
Mrs. Amanda E. Ketner 
Calvin E. Ketner 
Mrs. C. E. Ketner 
J. Claude Ketner 
Mrs. J. C. Ketner 
Charles O. Linker 
Fred H. Linker 
Mrs. M. E. Linker 
J. C. McEachern 
Mrs. J. C. McEachern 
John L. McEachern 

♦ •♦■ 

Mrs. Annie Petrea Meredith 

Mrs. Irene Patterson 

Carrie Petrea 

G. W. Petrea 

Mrs. G. W. Petrea 

Pleasant L. Pless 

Bachman L. Roberts 

Mrs. Bachman L. Roberts 

Juney W. Roberts 

Mrs. J. W. Roberts 

J. R. Shive 

Mrs. J. R. Shive 

John A. Sides 

Mrs. J. A. Sides 

Mrs. Mary Isenhour Sloop* 

Mrs. Mada Petrea Terry 

H. B. Wilkinson 

Mrs. H. B. Wilkinson 

am »H«» ii i 

* Mrs. Sloop was the last survivor of the charter members to maintain 
membership at Calvary. 


Table of Contents 

Preface v 

Foreword vii 

Charter Members ix 

Table of Contents xi 

Roots 1 

Beginnings 2 

Concord Parish 3 

On Our Own 5 

A New Church 8 

Into the Future 15 

Ministers of Calvary 16 

Director of Christian Education 23 

Ordained Sons of the Congregation 23 

Parsonages 26 

Church Secretaries 29 

Church Treasurers 29 

Sunday School 30 

Men's Organizations 35 

Life Members 37 

Women's Organizations 40 

Life Members 42 

Music and Choirs 43 

Organists 43 

Choir (Music) Directors 45 

The Carilloneurs 46 

Youth Tone Chime Choir 46 


Kindergarten 47 

Luther League 48 

Scouting Programs 50 

Benevolence 52 

Baptisms 53 

Confirmations 66 

Marriages 69 

Funerals and Burials 74 

Councils 79 

Beverly Hills Seniors 87 

Trivia 87 

Roll of Members 90 

Guest Ministers 117 

The Chrismon Tree 123 

Appendix 125 

Constitution 125 

Yearly Budgets 144 

Endnotes 146 

Index 149 



When our German forebears arrived in North Carolina, most of them 
after a sojourn in Pennsylvania, they brought with them their 
prayerbooks and bibles, as well as their strong Lutheran heritage. 
Almost immediately, as soon as they could get in some crops and get a roof over 
their heads, they went about establishing schools and churches. By the early 
1740s, along with the German Reformed, Lutherans began their worship in a 
union church which they called the Dutch Creek Meeting House or Dutch Buffalo 
Creek Church. Today these two churches are still extant as Bethel Bear Creek 
United Church of Christ and New Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church. By 1745 
they had formed St. John's Lutheran Church in Cabarrus (then Mecklenburg) 
County and Organ Lutheran Church in Rowan County. For over twenty years 
they had no regular ministers, depending on itinerant ministers passing through 
the area and on layperson services. Shortly before the Revolution, these two 
churches collaborated in sending two men, Christopher Layrle from St. John's 
and Christopher Rintelmann from Organ, to Germany to secure a minister and 
school teacher and bring them back to North Carolina to attend to their scholastic 
and spiritual needs. They were successful in obtaining the services of Reverend 
Adolph Nussmann and Mr. Johann Gottfried Arends. Before much time had 
passed, however, Reverend Nussmann realized that there was more spiritual work 
than could be attended by one minister, so he petitioned and received permission 
from the German diocese to ordain Mr. Arends as a minister as Arends had all 
the training and met all the qualifications for ordination. At that point, Reverend 
Nussmann took over the charge of St. John's and Reverend Arends took over 
Organ. 1 

By the time of the arrival of Rev. Nussmann and Mr. Arends, a Union 
Church had been formed about six miles from St. John's with German Reformed 
and Lutheran members. On August 21, 1768 that congregation had a service 
performed by Reverend Samuel Suther, noted as the founder of the German 
Reformed (Now United Church of Christ). Attending that service was Governor 
Tryon, the King's governor of North Carolina. That congregation is believed 
to have eventually become Cold Water Lutheran Church, to which, in 1772, was 
deeded land by Adam Bowers with Martin Phifer as trustee. About the year 1775, 
"Mr. Nussmann also served, at first, a congregation with an admixture of members 
of the German Reformed, whose church was located six miles southwest of that 
on Buffalo Creek." 2 

On Sunday, June 4, 1843, Reverend W. G. Harter of Cold Water Lutheran 
Church organized a new church in Concord, St. James Evangelical Lutheran with 
"about sixty members", most of whom came from Cold Water. This was the 
first Lutheran Church officially organized in Concord, and from which many 
other Lutheran churches came. A lot was purchased on East Corbin (now Corban) 
Street January 23, 1 845 and a schoolhouse and church were built and a cemetery 
established. By the year 1880, having outgrown these facilities, they purchased 
(October 27, 1 880) the lot at the corner of South Union and Corbin (now Corban) 
Streets and built a new church. 3 From the rapid growth at St. James, a mere thirteen 
years later, their pastor, Rev. W. G. Campbell, started a new church, St. Andrews 
Evangelical Lutheran, to take some of the western city members from the load 
at St James. 4 St. Andrews later became a parish sister church of Calvary, t 

2 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


And when they were come to the place, which 
is called Calvary, there they crucified him, and 
the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the 
other on the left. (Luke 23:33) 5 

By the year 1910 it was very apparent that the Locke Mill area of "North" 
Concord needed a new church. The Reverend Dr. Charles Peter 
MacLaughlin, of St. James Lutheran Church in Concord, began holding 
services in a small frame building on a corner of the Locke Cotton Mills property 
sometime in 1912 every other Sunday afternoon. 

On March 30, 1913, Calvary Lutheran Church was formally organized 
with 36 Charter Members. Charter members are noted with an asterisk in the 
Roll of Members later in this book. 

Morning Service was held at 1 1 o'clock according to arrangements, from 
the records in the original church book. The Liturgical Service was conducted 
by Rev. Silas A. Zimbeck, pastor of St. Andrew's. The sermon was preached 
by Rev. Robert L. Patterson, D.D., pastor of St. Mark's, Charlotte and president 
of the Home Mission Board of the United Synod. 

Sunday School was held at 2:30 P.M., followed by Divine Service at 
3:30. Remarks were made by Dr. Patterson, Pastors Zimbeck and MacLaughlin. 
The Charter Members of Calvary Church were then formally received. 

The Congregation proceeded to elect officers, in accordance with the 
Constitution and resolution of the March 16th meeting. Elected were: Elders, 
G. W. Petrea, one year; H. B. Wilkinson, two years; Deacons, J. Claude Ketner 
and J. W. Roberts, one year; J. R. Shive and B. L. Roberts, two years. These 
elected elders and deacons were duly installed by Pastor MacLaughlin. 

At the first council meeting on March 31, H. B. Wilkinson was elected 
Vice-President, J. R. Shive was elected Recording Secretary, G. W. Petrea was 
elected Benevolence Fund Treasurer and B. L. Roberts was elected Current Fund 

At the May 23, 1913, Regular Council Meeting, Mr. (Later Rev.) Clarence 
E. Norman, a ministerial student, was appointed to assist Rev. MacLaughlin for 
three months at a salary of $25 per month. Norman served intermittently until 
1915 when the Rev. Bergman S. Dasher was called as regular minister. 

At the Regular Council Meeting on October 30, 1913, communications 
with St. Andrews were started initially regarding establishment of a union between 
the two churches into a parish (although the name or tide of "parish" is not used). 
Pastors Silas A. Zimbeck of St. Andrews and C. P. MacLaughlin of Calvary drew 
up By-laws, t 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 3 

Concord Parish 

The Calvary/St. Andrews parish continued as such through Rev. Bergman 
S. Dasher's pastorate as well as through the pastorates of Revs. Charles 
H. Day and M. L. Kester until 1928, when Calvary withdrew from the 
parish and became self-supporting. 

On June 6, 1916 J. R. Shive commented in the minute book that because of the 
fact that the book was not in his hands for the past two years, no regular minutes 
were recorded and the notes to the council meetings had been lost. "But the 
Council Meetings was [sic] well attended and Good Reports all the while, there 
has Been Some Important Business transacted that there is no Account given." 
On June 18, 1916, J. R. Shive was given a certificate of transfer [destination not 
entered] and J. C. McEachern elected to serve out his term. 

The October 15, 1916 note the first council reference to "the lot in 
question," undoubtedly the lot on which their first church was built. Discussion 
continued through all meeting notes for months, and the February, 1917 Council 
actually named the lot on the "N.E. comer of East McGill and Spring Street." 
Finally, at the May 20, 1917 meeting, it is noted that "the Locke Cotton Mills 
Co. have given Calvary E. L. Church the lot and will make the transfer sometime 

In the minute book only the month and year are written, except for 
September, 1917, and with that exception there are no entries from July, 1917 
until April, 1918. In August, 1918 B. L. Roberts, G. W. Petrea and H. B. 
Wilkinson were elected trustees and a building committee was named with the 
same three. 

Finally, in July, 1919, council ordered the building committee and Pastor 
Charles Howard Day to advertise for bids on the new church. 

Charlotte architect Louis Asbury designed two Cabarrus County churches 
built during the 1920s — St. James Evangelical and Reformed in Mt. Pleasant and 
Calvary Lutheran's original church in Concord. Both are brick sanctuaries erected 
by congregations with fewer members than the downtown Concord churches. 
St. James Reformed displays typical Gothic details including buttressed and 
crenelated towers and lancet arched windows, but the bracketed eaves and exposed 
rafters of its gabled side entrance porch introduce a hint of the bungalow style, 
an idiom rarely seen in church architecture. The design for Calvary Lutheran 
Church in Concord lacks the eclectic note Asbury introduced at St. James, but 
exhibits more Gothic details, most notably the facade window, a four-light, four- 
centered-arched opening with intersecting tracery and fine stained glass, and the 
molded wooden trusses that support the roof. 6 

In August, 1919, a bid for $15,200.00 was rejected for the construction 
of the church and new bids were solicited not to exceed $10,000.00. By June 
of 1920, a Mr. B. G. Ratledge and a Mr. Nail appeared before the council with 

4 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

an estimate of $20,000.00 to build the church. Apparently, these men got the 
job, for in subsequent meetings payments were approved to them for work and 

In September, 1920, Pastor Day resigned and the pulpit was vacant until 
January, 1921 when Calvary was successful in obtaining Rev. M. L. Kester. 
At the congregational meeting on November 28, 1920, even a three-month old 
baby held up his hand to make the call to Rev. Kester unanimous. 

Apparently, there was some animosity when Rev. Day left, for in January, 
1921, after Rev. Kester took over, he was instructed to contact President of the 
Synod Rev. J. L. Morgan to try to retrieve some of Calvary's property from Rev. 
Day. By May, 192 1, a previous order was rescinded placing a memorial window 
in the new church in honor of Rev. Day, and the congregation voted to place 
a window in honor of Rev. Kester. 

On July 19, 1921 council motion prevailed to pay Mr. B. G. Ratledge 
in full and release him from his contract on building the church. 

The first service in the new church was held November 20, 1921, with 
the Rev. M. L. Kester presiding, according to the parish register. 

In 1921 Calvary completed its own building at the corner of North McGill 
and Buffalo Streets. In October, 1927, Calvary gave a right-of-way to extend 
Spring St. Northward from Buffalo. Now the church's location became the corner 
of North Spring and Buffalo Streets. 

From the time of its organization until December, 1922, deacons and 
elders were elected on a yearly basis based on the time of organization. In the 
late part of 1922 this was changed to an annual calendar basis and has remained 
since. Sunday School officers were then, and are still appointed in September 
to relate to a regular school year. 

By September, 1923, Calvary evidently was feeling pressure of land needs 
when the congregation authorized council to purchase the J. V. Stiller property 
adjacent to the church. This was promptly done at a price of $3,300.00, which 
the church borrowed from the [Concord] Building and Loan. 

First mention of the Lutheran Brotherhood, the men's organization, was 
made in January, 1925 when they undertook to provide ushers for the services. 
In previous minutes, council had directly "elected" ushers for the services. (See 
section on "Men's Organizations.) t 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 

Original Calvary Church Building 

On Our Own 

On April 15, 1928, Rev. M. L. Kester resigned, and later that month at 
a congregational meeting, it was unanimously agreed to call Rev. F. M. 
Speagle. Fortunately, Rev. Speagle accepted the call and Calvary's pulpit 
was open only until he started his ministry September 15th. 

By 1930, according to council minutes, Calvary was beginning to have 
quite a few problems with the church building, completed in 192 1. References 
were made about roof leaks and floor sleepers and their repair. Even before then, 
the congregation had to replace the furnace with a "parlor heater". 

Apparently, the entire church was not completed for many years after 
occupancy, for even as late as August, 1931, council moved to "finish two more 
of the Sunday School rooms". 

Before July 10, 1932 (during the Great Depression), there were several 
instances when Calvary apparently was not too regular in making its Pastor's 
Salary, even having to borrow the money at one point on a note signed by all 
the council to pay the 1931 salary. It was not too much of a shock, then, when 
in that meeting, Rev. Speagle brought up a call he had received. The council 
left the matter in his hands, assuring him that his services had been entirely 
satisfactory, but the congregation just could not afford to keep up his salary. 
Not surprisingly, on July 15, he resigned, effective August 1. 

6 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Calvary's pulpit was vacant for almost two years, supplied by Rev. J. 
Frank Davis and others. No minutes are available from that time until January, 
1933, when Rev. J. Frank Davis was approved as interim minister. Minutes are 
almost non-existent and are entirely missing from 1934 until 1937. Rev. Glenn 
A. (Razz) Miller came to Calvary in June, 1934 and resigned in May, 1936, and 
no minutes are available during his pastorate. Rev. Gilbert B. Goodman became 
Calvary's pastor on June 11, 1936. 

Furnace and heating problems were still evident. By October, 1937, after 
selling the old furnace for 20$ per one hundred pounds, Council set Sunday, 
October 17th as the day to raise money for the new stove, and, at the next meeting, 
set aside Sunday School offerings on the third Sunday of each month for the 
stove fund. 

By 1944, apparendy the stained glass windows in the church had begun 
to give considerable trouble with leaks, and several council meetings were used 
to address the problem and seek someone to make the cure. 

In May, 1945, Pastor Goodman called a meeting of the council to investigate 
and examine the damage done to the church by termites. This issue and the 
problem of expanding the building to meet the congregation's growing needs 
were the main topics recorded in succeeding months. 

At a congregational meeting on August 5, 1945, the resignation of Rev. 
Gilbert B. Goodman, effective as of August 26th, was accepted. Pastor Goodman 
had served Calvary for over nine years, and had apparently served well with no 
dissension ever noted in council's minutes. He had been given a number of 
increases in salary, almost annually. That same evening the council met with 
Rev. J. L. Morgan, President of the North Carolina Synod, who suggested the 
name of Paul B. Cobb, a student at the Seminary from Greensboro, to succeed 
Pastor Goodman. Mr., (then, Rev.) Cobb accepted the call and was installed 
later the same year so the pulpit was vacant only a short time. During several 
Sundays before Rev. Cobb could assume the pulpit, services were conducted by 
the Rev. W. B. Aull of Landis. 

By December, 1945, not long after Pastor Cobb began his ministry, the 
congregation continued to realize that their facilities were outdated, for the council 
minutes that month remarked that the Building Fund offering was changed from 
a monthly to a weekly basis for the addition to the facilities. 

In October, 1946, at the urging of Pastor Cobb, confirmation age was 
raised from 12 to 14 years of age, as the pastor felt that 12 was not mature enough. 

Also, in December, 1946, a "Rally Day" was set for donations for the 
Building Fund, with each member urged to give a day's wages. 

In February, 1947, building expansion was still on everyone's minds as 
council voted that funds raised during Self -Denial offerings during Lent go to 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 7 

the Church Building Fund. March and April minutes indicate that active negotiation 
was being pursued with Mr. H. C. Craver relating to the construction of an 
Educational Building. In June, Mr. Graver's sketch was approved after minor 

At the May 1, 1949 meeting of council, Rev. Cobb tendered his resignation 
from Calvary's pulpit, effective July 1 5th. His resignation was accepted by the 
congregation on May 15th. At a meeting on June 12, the congregation agreed 
to call the Rev. Glenn L. Barger who accepted in August; and Pastor Barger began 
his ministry at Calvary September 1st. Supply during the brief interval between 
Rev. Cobb and Rev. Barger's ministries was done by Mr. Oscar Kenneth Knight, 
a theological student, later ordained a Lutheran minister. 

In December, 1949, council voted to give $50.00 from the Sunday School 
treasury to the Concord schools to help support a Bible teacher. 

In September, 1950, Pastor Barger notified Calvary that he felt obligated 
to offer his services to the Navy when the number of Lutherans in service warranted 
it. The time was not long in coming; early in October he announced that he had 
been ordered to report as a Chaplain, and tendered his resignation as of October 

In January, 1951, Calvary agreed to pay $200.00 annually in quarterly 
payments to its sons that were studying at the seminary to become ministers. 

The pulpit was vacant from October 15, 1950 until June 1, 1951, when 
the Rev. Walter N. Yount became pastor. 

One of Pastor Yount's first requests, and the council concurred, was that 
a previous action be rescinded and that persons be allowed to be confirmed at 
the age of 12 years instead of 14. 

By August of 1951, the building fund was active again, to the point that 
council approved that most Vesper offerings be placed there, t 

8 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

A New Church 

By the fifties, Calvary's congregation and services had so over-crowded 
the original location that it had to relocate. The city of Concord had also 
grown considerably Northward. At a called meeting of the council on 
February 17, 1952, a motion was made and approved to relocate Calvary Lutheran 
Church to North Concord. This was apparently done again a week later at another 
called meeting at 10:30 a.m. on February 24th, and, at a congregational meeting 
following the 1 1:00 a.m. service, the congregation voted unanimously in favor. 

At this same congregational meeting, Pastor Yount brought forth the 
question of Reorganization of the Congregation and opening the books for Charter 
Members. A motion was made and carried to this effect. 

Rather immediately, interest was shown by a prospect in purchasing the 
church's property at Spring and Buffalo. In the minutes of March, 1952, the 
pastor and property committee were instructed to price the property, less the hut, 
at $40,000.00. 

By May, Calvary was talking to architects and beginning to plan the new 
edifice and the price was cut to $35,000.00 for the present facility. 

Congregation voted in July and September to approve plans presented 
by the church committee. 

In January, 1953, council voted to have a "For Sale" sign erected on the 
Buffalo Street church. In February, Rev. Yount reported to council that the Church 
of God and the Church of the Nazarene were interested in the church. 

After much search and debate, a new location was chosen in the area 
between Wilmar Park and Beverly Hills, near the Hospital, on Lake Concord 

On May 3, 1953 the congregation voted to award the construction contract 
for the new church to Bumgarner Construction Co., and the plumbing, heating 
and electrical contract to the L. R. Wensil Co. Enough progress had been made 
by June 15 that council authorized the first progress payment to Bumgarner, subject 
to the architect's approval, of $12,242.06, and on July 20th an additional $9,710.46. 

About this time, H. B. Wilkinson, charter member, and long-time council 
member, leader and honorary life member of the council died and left $2,000.00 
to Calvary in his will. This money was set aside by the council in August, 1953, 
until appropriate use for it could be determined. By October, the decision was 
made to purchase a Baldwin No. 5 Electronic Organ for the new church with 
these funds, and Mr. Wilkinson's son and daughter, James Wilkinson and Virginia 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 9 

Wilkinson Studdert agreed to pay the difference in memory of their father. 

In September, 1953, apparently for the first time, an Altar Guild was 
set up with Miss Dora Barnhardt as chairperson. 

Calvary's New Home on Lake Concord Road 

During the building of the new church, it was discovered that the 38-inch 
bell in the old church would not fit into the new steeple. Reverend Yount 
remembered the old bell at then-defunct Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute where 
he had been a student thirty years before and obtained that bell for installation 
in the new Calvary building. M.P.C.I. was originally established by the North 
Carolina Synod previous to the War Between the States as Western Carolina Male 
Academy, which later became North Carolina College, then Mount Pleasant 
Collegiate Institute, all under support and direction of the North Carolina Synod. 
The bell, originally installed in the bell tower in Mount Pleasant in the 1850s 
was made by the Webster and Webb Company in Baltimore, Md. and its braces 
were made by Menally Company of West Troy, N.Y. Efforts made by Pastor 
Yount in 1953 to contact those companies were unfruitful, so they are presumed 
to have gone out of business. Financially, Calvary lost money on the deal, as 
the old M.P.C.I. bell was valued at $250.00 while the newer bell removed from 
Buffalo Street and traded was valued at $400.00, but the historic value was 

The new church, completed early in 1954 had their first services February 
28, 1954. The first recorded activity in the new church, however, occurred on 
Thursday, February 25th when Miss Miriam Teal became the bride of Mr. Ralph 

10 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Drury, Jr. three days before the official opening. Calvary received thirty-nine 
new members at that dedication service; twenty-four by letter, three by confirmation, 
two by adult baptism and ten by infant baptism. The "new" church had already 
begun to grow. 

Free Will Baptist Church held a two-week revival in the old church 
beginning April 11, 1954, and expressed some interest in renting the facility. 
Subsequently, the old church was rented to Free Will through August, and St. 
James Catholic church rented it in September. St. James Catholic church, near 
Cold Water Lutheran Church, had burned, and the congregation was at that time 
building a new church on North Union Street, two blocks away. Finally, in 
December, Calvary agreed to sell the facility to the Church of God for $ 15,000.00, 
and their old church, which they valued at another $15,000.00. The following 
June the old Church of the Valley was sold to the Church of the Nazarene for 

In February, 1955, council rescinded the action taken in February, 1952 
to reorganize the congregation. In April the council continued this thought, agreeing 
to take it to the congregation. 

In March, 1955, approval was given by council to organize a kindergarten 
if details could be worked out. 

Because the North Carolina Synod maintained a Beneficiary Aid Fund 
for ministerial students, in April, 1955, council decided to rescind previous practice 
of sending $200.00 per year to Calvary's ministerial students. 

First mention of a regular church secretary was made in the September, 
1959 council minutes, when the pastor was authorized to employ a secretary to 
be paid $1.00 per hour as needed. Apparently, all previous secretarial work had 
been done on a volunteer basis. 

Mrs. Johnsie Scott became the first woman to be nominated for the council 
of Calvary Church at the November 12, 1961 congregational meeting when she 
was nominated from the floor. It would be ten years before minutes noted the 
nomination of another woman to council, when Johnsie Scott would again be 
nominated along with Ruby St. John. 

At a cost of approximately $2,860.00, it was approved by the congregation 
in April, 1962 to have A. W. Widenhouse pave the parking lot [on the East side 
of the church], 

September 21, 1964, E. R. McKay reported to council that the parking 
lot debt had been paid in full. 

During the period 1963-65 Calvary's pastor, Rev. Walter N. Yount, also 
served as Vice-Pastor to Cross of Christ at Rimer and Trinity Churches while 
their pulpits were vacant. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 11 

At the congregational meeting on November 12, 1967, council was increased 
from 12 to 15 members. 

In January, 1971, Calvary contracted with the Keasler Company to air- 
condition the church nave. Previously, the pastor's office had been air-conditioned 
with a through-the-wall room unit. 

The first mortgage on the church was paid in full during March, 1971. 

Mrs. Johnsie Scott was elected in November, 1971 to be the first woman 
to serve on Calvary's Church Council. 

Also, in the same month, council was read a letter of resignation from 
Pastor Walter N. Yount, effective December 31, 1971. He was appointed by 
the synod as Vice-Pastor until a new pastor could be secured. Permission was 
given Vice-Pastor Yount to remain in the parsonage until the Younts' new home 
was completed. He left his tenure at Calvary with the church in very good financial 
shape. In a statement to council in January, 1972, Pastor Yount reported a total 
church indebtedness of $7,320.26. Of this, $ 1 ,50 1 .92 was on the church, $2,8 1 8. 84 
on the parsonage and the rest on church improvements. 

At the end of January, 1972, Rev. Lonnie Karriker was appointed Vice- 
Pastor by the North Carolina Synod. 

On May 7, 1972 the congregation unanimously voted to call Leonard 
H. Bolick, a recent graduate of the Southern Seminary at Columbia as their pastor. 
Rev. Bolick accepted the call and began serving Calvary very shortly afterwards. 

On September 10, 1972, Council approved that a monthly newsletter be 
issued and mailed to all member families. 

In December, 1972 Rev. Dr. Walter N. Yount was appointed Pastor 
Emeritus of Calvary Church. 

In November, 1973, Rev. Bolick reported a net gain in membership of 
30 persons and a gain of 17 per Sunday in attendance over last year. 

In 1975, at least two significant things happened. After some twelve 
years of operation, the Calvary Kindergarten was discontinued because of the 
arrival in the public school system of a kindergarten system and discussion was 
begun on the selling of Calvary's parsonage and giving the pastor a living allowance 
to provide his own home other than a church-provided parsonage which may 
or may not suit his requirements. This was accomplished the next year, 1976. 

In May, 1979, after several years of discussion, the Organ Task Force 
proposed installing a Zimmer Pipe Organ to take the place of the organ used 
since the new church was built in 1953 that was donated by the Wilkinson family. 
At the Congregational Meeting on June 17th it was voted 87 to 7 to arrange 

12 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

for the installation and financing of the organ, which was then estimated at 
$44,500.00. Immediately afterward, in August, the congregation approved the 
expenditure of an additional $6,718.74 to do extensive remodeling including 
dropping ceilings, painting, papering, and carpeting. These repairs were adjudged 
needed by the congregation by a vote of 81 to 5. 

In late 1979 lay Lectors started being used to read the lessons during 
the services, first for a three-month trial period, then permanently, and has continued 
to the present day. 

In early 1980 Social Ministry reported on the need for an emergency 
care facility (for children) and its being set up on South Spring Street. In short 
order, Calvary became one of the sponsoring congregations. In June, Covenant 
Presbyterian Church expressed interest in buying the organ to be replaced by 
the Zimmer pipe organ, but in August it was suggested that it be donated to them. 
Council approved the gift of the old organ to Covenant in March, 1981. 

On May 24, 1981 a dedicatory recital was held for the new Zimmer pipe 
organ with Dr. Stanley Scheer of Pfeiffer College as guest organist. On August 
23 the Congregation elected the first board of trustees for the Endowment Fund 
of Calvary Lutheran Church. Initial board consisted of E. R. McKay, Tom 
Ramseur, Ann Ridenhour, Brad Schiele and Richard Shaw. 

By 1982 it was known that there were serious needs not being addressed 
because of space and design limitations of the facilities, so in January, 1983 a 
"Building and Renovation" committee was established under the chairmanship 
of Leroy Coffee to forge forward with such renovation as possible. It was during 
1983 that Hospice, a program to council and aid families undergoing the terminal 
illness of one of its members, was started in Concord and originally used Calvary's 
facilities for their meetings and offices, then used these facilities through 1984, 
when they obtained space at the hospital. 

Also in 1983, Calvary purchased a long-awaited hand bell set and added 
a hand bell choir. 

After at least a year and a half of planning and fact-finding, the "Building 
and Renovation" Committee's efforts were rewarded at a June congregational 
meeting that approved a $125,000 plan for renovation. Sadly, at that same meeting, 
Pastor Leonard H. Bolick's resignation was accepted, effective Sunday, August 
19, 1984. In August the Rev. James L. Dougherty, Associate Pastor at St. James, 
was asked to serve as interim pastor for Calvary. 

Good things happened before the middle of 1985 in that all the renovations 
were completed and dedicated March 17th, and only a month later, Rev. John 
E. Boyd, Jr. was called and accepted Calvary's call to their pulpit to preach for 
the first time on June 9th. On September 7th, a surprise 80th birthday party was 
held in the Fellowship Hall and at that time it was announced that the Fellowship 
Hall would be named after Pastor Emeritus The Rev. Dr. Walter N. Yount. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 13 

The following day, September 8th, Calvary Congregation voted to purchase 
the property on the West side of the church from Cabarrus Pediatric Clinic for 
$95,000.00 and rent them 30 parking spaces there as long as CPC remained in 
their location to the rear of that lot. 

In March, 1990, a check for $73,352.84 was presented to Calvary by 
Ralph Barnhardt, a bequest from the Frank and Carrie Barnhardt estate. Carrie 
Petrea Barnhardt, one of the Charter Members of Calvary, served for many years 
as church treasurer. Her husband Frank came to Calvary in May, 1926 and served 
on Calvary's council most of the thirty-three years between 1927 and 1959. After 
due consideration, it was decided that a portion of the principal be set aside to 
fund a Calvary Scholarship Fund for college-bound students. 

In early 1990, Council recognized the need for a Director of Christian 
Education. After several months' discussion, a job description was drawn up 
and an active search begun. However, since this was to be a part-time position, 
difficulty was encountered in finding the right person. Mrs. Debbie Wilkinson, 
then the part-time church secretary, became a full-time Lay Associate, along with 
her secretarial duties. Her duties continued as secretary and Director of Christian 
Education and Youth Ministry until August, 1995 when she left Calvary Church. 
It was not until September, 1996 when a Director of Christian Education, Mrs. 
Joyce Dayvault Williams was finally found and employed. 

In 1991 a trial was started to have youth members without voting privileges 
of the congregational council. A young lady and a young man, rising seniors 
in high school, were elected as "youth members". This experiment did not work 
out well, as these folks were obviously too occupied with school activities, so 
after only two years, it was abandoned. 

By the nineties, Calvary had become absolutely "land-locked" on its one 
and two-thirds acres on Lake Concord Road. Cramped for space for the size 
of its congregation, the church had no room to move into other ministries urgently 
needed and desired. At a called council meeting April 6, 1992, Mr. Robert Wall 
of the Cabarrus Hospital told council about the hospital's plans to build a parking 
mall, essentially around the church. He indicated that the hospital would be 
interested in acquiring the property if Calvary were ever inclined to relocate. 
By September, 1992, council was actively engaged in getting property appraisals 
and seeking information on costs of further renovations of the existing building, 
trying to cover any contingencies. In may, Pastor Boyd asked council for a May 
meeting of the congregation to approve looking for a new site for Calvary and 
come back with a decision on renovating or moving. 

In making plans to further the renovation or relocation of the church, 
it was felt by all that Calvary needed to become debt-free in order to expedite 
those plans. August 21, 1993 was designated as kick-off date for a debt 
elimination drive. By using available funds in various funds and special gifts 
from all congregational members and other various fund raisers, including a 
"FUN(d) FEST" yard sale, this was accomplished in only two months by December 

14 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

29, 1993. Calvary was now prepared to move forward with a plan that was to 
become "Venture in Faith." 

At the 1994 Annual Congregational meeting, by a vote of 106 for to 28 
opposed, the congregation voted to forge ahead with investigating relocation of 
the church. 

Calvary was proud and excited to accept a gift from the Love sisters (Betty 
L. Baker and Martha L. Cline) of 5.65 acres of land at the corner of Branchview 
(NC Rte. 136) and Bradley, who made the offer to sell another seven adjoining 
acres to the church in December 1995. At a congregational meeting on December 
31st congregation agreed to ratify an agreement to purchase the seven- acre tract 
for $700,000.00. 

As noted on page 9, at the time that the new church was built on Lake 
Concord Road, they obtained and installed the bell that originally was in the tower 
at Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute in Mount Pleasant. Hearing of the plans 
of Calvary to possibly relocate, in April, 1996, the Eastern Cabarrus Historic 
Association, now owners of the old MPCI premises and operators of the Eastern 
Cabarrus History Museum, contacted Calvary to ask that if they had plans to 
dispose of that bell, to please give them first chance on obtaining it to restore 
it to its original location. 

Great things were happening during 1996. At a congregational meeting 
on May 19, Council was authorized to exercise the option on the additional seven 
acres of land at the proposed new church site, arranging whatever financing might 
be necessary. To show solidarity, the vote was 92 for and only 1 1 against. Then 
only three weeks later, congregation voted to extend a call for part-time Director 
of Christian Education, Joyce Dayvault Williams. Here, again, congregation 
demonstrated its solidarity in a vote of 89 for and only 8 against. Mrs. Williams 
began her work July 3rd and was commissioned at the Fall Festival (Annual 
Homecoming) October 29th by Assistant to the NC Lutheran Bishop and former 
Calvary pastor Rev. Dr. Leonard H. Bolick. 

A number of committees were set up to carefully investigate apace and 
other requirements for a new church to assist Griffin and Associates, Architects, 
in preparing plans for such a new church. This information will also be helpful 
in negotiating with any prospective buyer of the old property in assessing a fair 
cost of relocation. 

In addition to all the activity with plans for a new church building, adding 
a DCE and all the other things in 1996, the congregation was thoroughly delighted 
when, on November 2, their former minister, Rev. Dr. Leonard H. Bolick was 
elected to a six-year term as Bishop of the North Carolina Synod, ELCA. t 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 15 

Into the Future 

by David Harold Black 

The Future Committee was formed in 1995 to assist the Long Range 
Planning Committee and Church Council in the investigation and evaluation of 
various scenarios concerning further renovation and/or relocation of the Church 

The committee identified numerous potential sites for relocation, and 
after extensive study and deliberation, recommended the purchase of a 12.65 acre 
tract on Branchview Drive so as to insure that the congregation would have a 
site to build on. The committee recommended relocation as opposed to renovation 
primarily due to the lack of land at the present site. It was determined that the 
present property should be marketed for sale, and the committee has been involved 
in negotiations with Cabarrus Memorial Hospital since mid- 1995. It is believed 
that the hospital is the most potential purchaser. 

In order to provide the committee with a realistic view of costs associated 
with potential site development and new church construction, a building advisory 
committee was formed in 1996 to plan a new facility on the Branchview Drive 
site. This initial phase of this process has been completed, with costs estimate 
of $4.2 to $4.5 million dollars, including the land. 

It is anticipated that the proposed future church would include a child-care 
facility, a large fellowship area with a stage, outdoor play areas for small children 
as well as an athletic field for older youth, an on-site picnic shelter, and other 
wooded recreational areas. 

The committee believes that relocation is essential to ensure the continued 
growth and vitality of our congregation. We must be in a position to offer programs 
within our rninistry that allow us to meet the needs of both present and potential 
members. We must have room for further growth and expansion in the future, 
and must be able to provide a safe place for our children to play. We believe 
that the proposed structure and site plan will meet these needs in a positive way, 
and when built, will position Calvary so as to be able to expand and build on 
its ministries well into the next century and beyond, t 

Ministers of Calvary 

AULL, WILLIAM BOWMAN, born March 9, 1870, 
at Pomaria, S.C. Parents J. L. and Julia (Haiti wanger) 
Aull. Educated: Newberry College, A.B. 1897; 
Southern Seminary, 1901; Chicago Seminary, B.D. 
1904; Lenoir Rhyne College, D.D. 1954. Married 
Mabel Deal, Landis, sister of the Rev. J. F. Deal, May 
19, 1909. Children: Sara, Eileen, Margaret, Mabel, 
Helen, Rowena, William, Arthur. Ordained 1901 by 
Va. Synod. Churches served: In Va., 1901-3; in S.C. 
1904-07, 1910-13, and at Walhalla, 1915-39, serving 
St. John some years and later as postmaster. In N.C.: 
St. Mark, China Grove, 1907-10; Silver Valley, 
Davidson Co., 1942-43; St. Paul, Iredell Co., 1950 
to death. Retired 1939 at Landis, and supplied for 
varying periods as many as 20 churches in Rowan and adjacent counties, until 
assuming pastorate at St. Paul. Secretary, S.C. Synod, 1912-18. Author of booklet 
Thinking in Theology. Special interest in home missions evidenced by several 
large gifts and a bequest to the Brotherhood Loan and Gift Fund for missions 
in N.C. Synod. Died April 12, 1957, buried at China Grove. 7 

BARGER, GLENN LEROY, born May 26,1905, at 
Faith. Parents: Charles Jacob and Carrie Roxie (Kluttz) 
Barger. Educated: Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. 1929; 
Southern Seminary, B.D. 1932; graduate study Hamma 
Div. Sch., 1949. Married Mary Ethel Fisher, Cabarrus 
Co., Oct. 10, 1933. Children: Charles Glenn, Mary 
Ann, John Michael and Jacob Leroy (twins) died day 
afterbirth. Ordained 1932 by N. C. Synod. Churches 
served: Trinity-St. Enoch, Concord, 1932-37, Trinity 
only, 1937-40; Calvary, Concord, 1949-50; St. Stephen, 
Hickory, 1954-56; St. Andrew, New Bern, 1956-58; 
Friedens, Guilford Co., 1959-64. Also, in S. C. 
1940-42, and in Ind. 1947-49. U. S. Navy chaplain 
in World War II, 1943-47, and Korean Conflict, 
1950-54. While at Camp Lejeune assisted in developing Jacksonville mission, 

Our Saviour, 1952-54. Transferred to Fla. Synod, 1964. 

1965-70; Trinity, New Smyrna, Fla. Retired 1907 

Pompano Beach, Fla., 1970, died October 27, 1990, 

buried Pompano Beach, Fla. 8 

BOLICK, LEONARD HOMER, born July 17, 1946 
at Lenoir. Parents: Homer J. and Naomi F. (Bradshaw) 
Bolide. Educated: Appalachian State Univ., B.S. 1968; 
Southern Seminary, M.Div. 1972; McCormick 
Seminary, D.Min., 1982; Graduate Theological 
Foundation (Notre Dame, Ind.), D.Min, 1989. Married 
Rita Marie Abee, 1974. Children: Joseph Leonard, 
born 1980 and Sarah Rita, born 1988. Ordained June 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


4, 1972byN.C. Synod at First-Greensboro. Churches served: Summer Internships 
while at Southern Seminary at Orangeburg-Orangeburg, S.C. and Attoway in 
Southwest Virginia; One year Internship at Holy Trinity-Hickory; Calvary-Concord, 
1972-84; St James-Fayetteville, 1984-86. Served on North Carolina Bishop's 
Staff 1986-1996. As Assistant to the Bishop, assists congregations in Call Process, 
Pastoral Counseling, conflict management and strategic planning consultant. Related 
services include Outdoor Ministries, Evangelism, Leadership and Specialized 
Pastoral Care committees. Elected North Carolina Synod Bishop on November 
2, 1996 to a six year term beginning February, 1997. Many guest lectures and 
ministries including Evangelism and Christian Mission at Hood Theological 
Seminary (AME Zion), Cook Preaching Mission at St. James-Concord. Honorary 
Member, Lutheran Men In Mission. Notable publications include contributions 
to Light For Today, Pulpit Digest and Graduate Theological Foundation Yearbook. 9 

BOYD, JOHN EBENEZER, JR., born February 7, 
1943 at Statesville. Parents: John Ebenezer and Evelyn 
Walker Boyd Educated: Catawba College, A.B. 1965; 
Southern Seminary, M.Div., 1970; Columbia Theologi- 
cal Seminary, D.Min., 1990. Married: Lynda Strange, 
1967. Children: Kristen Louise, born 1974 and 
Amanda Elizabeth, born 1977. Ordained by S.C. 
Synod 1970. Churches served: Grace-Rock Hill, S.C, 
1970-75; Lutheran Church of the Ascension-Savannah, 
Ga., 1975-76; Holy Trinity-North Augusta, S.C, 1976- 
85; Calvary-Concord, 1985-. Published works include 
D. Min. Dissertation; A Workshop For Training Lay 
Members To Work With The Terminally III 1990. 
Honors include DSA, Rock Hill Jaycees, Honorary 

Life Member, Lutheran Men in Mission. Has served Lutheridge Board of Trustees, 
1972-75, 1977-91, Board President 1983-91, NC Synod Education Committee 
1991-97 and as its Chairman, 1991-97. Has served on the Board of Trustees 
of Hospice of Cabarrus County 1987-93, Board President, 1993. Associate 
Chaplain, Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, 1994-. 10 

COBB, PAUL BRYSON, born Sept. 22, 1922, at 
Greensboro. Parents: A. C and Hyacinth (Mangum) 
Cobb. Educated: Duke Univ., A.B. 1943; Southern 
Seminary, B.D. 1945. Married Edna Louise Bowers, 
of Newberry, S. C, at Concord, Oct. 14, 1947. Chil- 
dren: Rosalyn Louise, Martha Ellen. Ordained 1945 
by N. C Synod. Churches served: Calvary, Concord, 
1945-49; Cold Water, Cabarrus Co., 1946-49; 
Alamance, Alamance, 1949-53; Ascension, Shelby, 
1953-60. Transferred to Va. Synod, 1960. From 
Woman's Memorial, Pulaski, Va., to St. Thomas, 
Charlotte, 1964-1984. Retired 1984 and has since 
fulfilled himself as a "part-time" pastor to the sick 
and aged members of his last pastorate. 11 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

DASHER, BERGMAN S., born Sept. 28,1881, in 
Effingham Co., Ga. Parents: Shadrack E. and Salina 
E. (Nease) Dasher: Educated: Newberry College, A.B. 
1908; Southern Seminary, 1911. Married Beulah 
Vansant Ward, S. C, Oct. 26, 1913. No children. 
Ordained 1911 by Va. Synod. Churches served: In 
Va., 1911-13; in N. C, 1913-24: Friedens-Sharon, 
Gibsonville; Calvary-St. Andrew, Concord; St. Enoch, 
Rowan Co.-Trinity, Cabarrus Co. Transferred to Synod 
of Ga. & Adj. States, 1924. Later served parishes in 
Tenn., Va., and S. C. including Nazareth at Lexington, 
S.C., 1941-49. Retired 1949 in Guyton, Ga. Died 
1968, buried in Guyton, Ga. 12 

DAVIS, JOHN FRANK, born March 2, 1903, in 
Gaston Co. Parents: F. O. and Alice (Jenkins) Davis. 
Educated: Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. 1925, D.D. 
1955; Southern Seminary, B.D. 1929; Univ. S. C, 
M.A. 1929; graduate study, Union Seminary, Yale 
Univ. Married first Mildred Propst, Concord. No 
children. Second marriage to LeRhea Counts, 
Columbia, S. C, 1937. Daughter: Gwendolyn. Ordained 
1929 by N. C. Synod. Churches served: In N. C, 
1929-43: Pastor to Lutheran students, Univ. N. C, 
Chapel Hill; Bethany, Kannapolis; supply, Calvary, 
Concord; Lutheran Chapel, Gastonia; and Ascension, 
Shelby; assistant, Holy Trinity, New York City, 
1943-44; Resurrection, Augusta, Ga., 1944^8; St Paul, 
Wilmington, N. C, 1948-68. After retirement, served as Interim Pastor at Advent- 
Spindale, Resurrection-Augusta, Ga. and Grace-Henderson. While serving as 
Interim Pastor at Grace-Henderson, his untimely death occurred May 9, 1986. 
Buried at Elmwood, Columbia, S.C. Member, Boards of Newberry College, 1944- 
48, and Lenoir Rhyne College, 1953-85. Sermon in This Holy Venture, (Muhlenberg 
Press). Preacher, Protestant Radio Hour. Contributor to Lutheran periodicals. 13 

DAY, CHARLES HOWARD, born Sept. 14, 1863, 
near Baltimore, Md. Parents: Nathaniel and Caroline 
Day. Educated for ministry in Methodist Church; 
ordained 1 886 by that church. Presumably affiliated 
with Lutheran Church about 191 1. Married Charlotte 
Dickie, Blacklick, Pa., Oct. 12,1910. Son: Charles 
William. Lutheran churches served: In Kansas 191 1-14; 
in Va., 1914-17; in N. C: St. Andrew-Calvary, 
Concord 1918-20; supplied Cold Water, Cabarrus Co., 
1919-20; Pilgrim-St. Luke, Davidson Co., 1920-21. 
Transferred 1922 to Central Pa. Synod. Retired 1925 
at Riverside, Calif. Died May 12, 1932; buried at 
Riverside, Calif. 14 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


DOUGHERTY, JAMES LIONEL, born February 25, 
1955, at Norfolk, Virginia. Parents: Edgar Pierce and 
Thelma Viola Hilt Dougherty. Educated: Newberry 
College, A.B. 1976; Southern Seminary, M.Div. 1980; 
graduate study UNCC, M.Ed. 1985. Ordained June, 
1980 by S. C. Synod at Orangeburg. Churches served: 
Reformation, Lancaster, S.C., 1980-81; St. James, 
Concord, 1981-85; Christus Victor, Fayetteville, 1985- 
90; St. Paul, Salisbury, 1990-92; St. Matthews, Kings 
Mountain, 1995- 15 

GOODMAN, GILBERT BROWN, born Jan. 5, 1912, 
at Mt Pleasant. Parents: The Rev. Reuben Alonzo and 
Nena A. (Troutman) Goodman. Educated: Newberry 
College, A.B. 1933; Southern Seminary, B.D. 1936. 
Married Grace Smith, Concord, Nov. 6,1937. Children: 
Clyde Reuben, Mary Lois, Gilbert B., Jr. Ordained 
1936 by N. C. Synod. Churches served: Calvary, 
Concord, 193645; supply, Cold Water, Cabarrus Co., 
1940-45; St. Enoch, Kannapolis, 1945-56: Advent, 
Spindale, 1956-62; Elkin, 1962-66; developer of 
Mission at Elkin, 1966-77. Died May 16, 1977. 
Funeral Mav 18, 1977 and interred at St. Michael's- 

1934 in Rowan Co. Parents Thebas Bernard and 
Blanche (Deal) Karriker. Educated: Lenoir-Rhyne 
Coll.,B.A. 1958; Southern Sem., M.D. 1961. Married 
Bobby Jo Overcash, Rowan Co., Sept. 9, 1956. 
Children: Scott Hamilton, Audrey, Tara. Ordained 
June 1 1, 1961 by N. C. Synod at Holy Trinity-Hickory. 
Churches served: St. Matthew, Rowan Co., 1961-64, 
Center Grove, Kannapolis, 1965-76, Community in 
Christ, Cornelius since June, 1976. 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

KESTER, MOSES LEE, born March 25, 1885, near 

Salisbury. Parents: John Anderson and Frances (Swink) 

Kester. Educated: M. P. C. I., Newberry College, A.B. 

1909, D.D.; Southern Seminary, 1912, B.D. 1925. 

Married Annie Little, Statesville, June 4, 1913. 

Children: Ruth Pauline, Virgil Carl, Mary Elizabeth, 

Carroll Little, John Lee. Ordained 1912 by N. C. 

Synod. Churches served: Haven, Salisbury, 1912-13; 

St. Luke-Pilgrim, Davidson Co. -Reformation, Davie 

Co., 1918-19; St. Stephen-Mt. Olive, Cabarrus Co., 

1919-20; St. Andrew-Calvary, Concord, 1920-28; St. 

Luke, Bear Poplar, 1928-31; Bethany, Kannapolis, 

1931-35; in S. C, 1913-18, 1935-53. Retired 1953 

at Walterboro, S. C. Member, Board of Southern 

Seminary. Died Feb. 18, 1981; buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park, Columbia, 

S. C. 17 

KNIGHT, OSCAR KENNETH, born January 18, 1924, 
in Caldwell Co. Parents: Oscar K. and Lula Kate 
(Beaty) Knight. Educated: U. S. Merch. Mar. Acad., 
King's Point, L. I., N. Y. 1942-44; Lenoir Rhyne 
College, A.B. 1949; Southern Seminary, B.D. 1952. 
Married Jeanne Marie Stengle, Bronx, N. Y. C. July 
18, 1944. Children: Jack Oscar Kenneth, Kate 
Elizabeth Marie, Kevin Douglas Anthony, Carl Karron 
William. Ordained 1952 by N. C. Synod. Churches 
served: Daniel's, Lincoln Co., 1952-55. Transferred 
1956 to Pac. S. W. Synod. Demitted ministry for 
secular employment, December, 1959. 18 

MacLAUGHLIN 19 , CHARLES PETER, bom in 1870, 

in Allegheny Co., Pa. Parents: The Rev. Alexander 

and Emma Sara (Fox) MacLaughlin. Father was born 

in County Kent, Ireland. Educated: Susquehanna Univ., 

A.B. 1898, D.D. 1909; Gettysburg Seminary, 1901. 

Married Annie Phillips, born in Carmarthen, Wales, 

at Selinsgrove, Pa., Jan. 30, 1901. Children: Mary 

Emma, Dorothy Ruth (died in infancy), Charles 

Phillips, Alexander Henry. Ordained 1901 by 111. 

Synod. Churches served: In 111. and Pa., 1901-10; in 

N. C: St. James, Concord, 1910-16; organized and 

supervised student supply, Calvary, Concord, 1913-14; 

supplied Mt. Hermon, Cabarrus Co., 1914-16. 

Transferred to Pittsburgh Synod, serving First, 

Pittsburgh, Pa., 1916-21; Redeemer, Atlanta, Ga., 1924-28. Compiler of a Good 

Friday (three hour) Service long used by St. James, Concord. Died Nov. 13, 1928; 

buried at Atlanta, Ca. 20 

Concord, North Carolina — 1 9 1 3- 1 996 21 

MILLER, GLENN ALLEN, born Nov. 7,1909, at 
Rockwell. Parents: Calvin Middleton and Maggie Lee 
(Bost) Miller. Educated: Lenoir Rhyne Coll., A.B. 
1930; graduate study for "A" grade high school 
principal's certificate; Landis high school teacher and 
coach, 1930-31; Southern Seminary, 1934. Married 
Virjilia Ruth Hollis, Waynesboro, Term., May 25,1941. 
Children: Hollis Allen, Marilyn Lee, Cheryll Jill. 
Ordained 1934 by N. C. Synod. Churches and schools 
served: Calvary, Concord, 1934-36; Southmont High 
School teacher and coach, 1939-43, and principal, 
1943-44; ML Olive-St. Stephen, Cabarrus Co., 1944-50; 
Trinity, Vale, 1950-59; St. Peter, Rowan Co., 1959-75. 
Retired Dec. 31, 1975. Died May 13, 1981; buried 
St. Peter, Rowan Co. Of participation in athletics he writes: "By the name of 
'Razz' Miller it was my pleasure to participate in the three major athletic sports 
at Lenoir Rhyne College. After college graduation it was my good fortune to 
participate in 17 seasons of Semi-Professional and Minor-Professional baseball 
play. With this background for experience I fmd the MINISTRY a joy beyond 
my ability to describe." Has been nominated for both Lenoir Rhyne and North 
Carolina State Sports Halls of Fame. 21 


1 892, at Prosperity, S. C. Parents: Victor Louis and 

Nina Gustelle (WTieeler) Norman. Educated: Univ. 

N. C, A.B. 1912; high school math teacher, two years; 

Southern Seminary, 1917, B.D. 1924. Married Lottie 

Lee Wyse, Columbia, S. C, June 20, 1917. Children: 

Rebecca Wyse, Kathryn Wheeler. Ordained 1917 by 

N. C. Synod. Missionary in Japan for General Council, 

1917-18, then for ULCA 1918-33; managing director, 

interdenominational office of Newspaper and Corres 

pondence Evangelism, Fukuoka, Japan, 1925-31; 

treasurer, Japan Lutheran Mission, several years. 

Churches served in N. C: Holy Trinity, Raleigh, and 

pastor to Lutheran students in Raleigh colleges, 

1933-49; supplied services for Lutherans in Goldsboro before Good Shepherd 

was developed, 1937-38; St. Luke-Morning Star, Monroe, 1949-54; St. Luke only, 

1954-61 . Retired 1961 at Cary. Member and secretary, Board of Southern Seminary, 

1938-47. Contributed sermon, The Secret of Greatness, to Victim or Victor? (Lenten 

sermons, ULPH). In retirement supplied churches from Mt. Holly to Atlantic 

Beach. Compiler, under direction and with co-operation of Committee on Historical 

Work, of most of sketches Life Sketches of Lutheran Ministers, NC-Tenn. Synods, 

1773-1965, (North Carolina Synod of the Lutheran Church in America, 1966). 

Died September 23, 1981, buried Mount Lawn, Raleigh, N.C. 22 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 



Nov. 25,1883, at Henry, Catawba Co. Parents: William 

P. and Mary (Houser) Speagle. Educated: Lenoir Rhyne 

College, A.B. 1911; Southern Sem., 1914. Married 

Maud Ellen Townsend, Hickory, Sept. 8, 1911. 

Children: Paul Cedric, Mary Ellen, one died in infancy. 

Ordained 1914 by Tenn. Synod. Churches served: In 

N. C: St. Martin-Salem-Luthers Chapel, Maiden, 

1914-17; supply, Sardis, Catawba Co., 1915; St. Mary- 

|^^ Solomons, Forestville, Va., 1917-25, also taught in 

high school there, 1920-22; again in N. C: St. Paul, 

Crouse-St. Mark-Bethel, Gaston Co.-Bethphage, 

• Lincoln Co., 1925-28; Calvary, Concord, 1928-32; 

St. Paul, Hardin-Antioch-Philadelphia, Gaston Co., 

; Holy Trinity-Mt. Pleasant-Old Mt. Pleasant-Mt. Zion, Watauga Co., 

, Retired 1951, at Cherryville. Died June 5, 1954; buried at St. Mark 

near Crouse. 23 

YOUNT, WALTER NICHOLAS, born Sept. 7,1905, 

near Conover in Catawba Co., NC. Parents: The Rev. 

Joshua Alonzo and Sarah Lugene (Miller) Yount. An 

older brother is the Rev. Noah D. Yount. In business 

before entering college. Educated: M. P. C. I., Lenoir 

Rhyne College, B.A. 1931-32, D.D., 1982; Southern 

Seminary, 1932-35. Married Virginia Turner, Concord, 

at Boone, June 13, 1928, and after her death, married 

Jessie I. Corl of Gold Hill, NC in 1986. Children: 

Walter N., Jr., Philip Clair, Martha Ann. Ordained 

1935 by N. C. Synod. Churches served: Naza- 

reth-Shiloh, Forsyth Co. -Bethany, Rural Hall, Stokes 

Co., 1935-40; Bethphage-St. Mark-St. Paul, Lincoln 

Co.-Bethel, Crouse, Gaston Co., 1940-42; St. John, 

Asheboro, 1942-5 1 ; Calvary, Concord (new site bought, new church and parsonage 

built), 195 1-82. Member, Board of Lenoir Rhyne College, 1961-74 and received 

the Distinguished Service Award from that Board in 1982. Chmn., Committees 

on Pensions, and on Christian Vocation, N. C. Synod, LCA, 1961-72, member 

of the Board of Trustees of the Quickie Scholarship Foundation, which administers 

scholarships to seminary students from its inception to 1974 and also served as 

a member of the Synod Examining Committee. After retirement from active 

ministry, was elected Executive Director of North Carolina Lutheran Men with 

responsibilities in the area of the Loan and Gift Fund and energizing the work 

throughout the state. Retreat Lodge at Agape Camp named in his honor, 1979. 

Honorary Member, Lutheran Men In Mission. Died Dec. 8, 1996, buried Carolina 

Memorial Park Mausoleum, Kannapolis, NC. 24 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Director of Christian Education 

bom March 31, 1936 in Rowan County. Parents: Alfred 
Chester and Delia Mae (Roberts) Dayvault. Educated: 
Lenoir Rhyne Coll. B.A. 1957; Appalachian State 
Univ. A.B. 1974; Trinity, Columbus, OH 1994. 
Married Owen Vernon Williams 1957. Children: 
Cheryl Lynn, Leah Faith; Grandchildren: Kelly Marie, 
William Wesley Owens. Commissioned by N. C. 
Synod September 29, 1996 at Calvary, Concord. 
Served before commissioning as D.C.E. St. Luke's, 
Monroe and Mt Hermon, Concord, January- June, 1996; 
after commissioning at Calvary, Concord since July, 
1996. Has published numerous articles for educational 
journals. Teacher in Union County Schools, 1957-96. 
Honors include Salutatorian, Lenoir Rhyne, 1957; Teacher of the Year, 1988, 
Most Creative Teacher, 1984, Woman of the Year, Monroe Bus. & Prof. Women's 
Club, 1986; Fellow, Mellon, Babcock, Reynolds, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1985-6. 

Ordained Sons of the Congregation 

EDSELL, ROBERT WILLIAM, born May 16,1932, 
at Concord. Parents: Roy Lee and Blanche (Cress) 
Edsell. Educated: Lenoir Rhyne Coll., A.B. 1955; 
Southern Sem., B.D. 1958. Married Martha Rose Mil- 
ler, Mt. Pleasant, June 25, 1955. Children: Maria 
Elizabeth, (twins) Amy Louise and Anna Linnett, 
Robert W., Jr. Ordained June 8, 1958 by N. C. Synod 
at Trinity-Vale. Churches served: Peace, Gibsonville, 
1958-60; mission developer, later first pastor, Messiah, 
Burlington, 1960-68; Lutheran Church of Our Father- 
Greensboro, 1968-71; St Mark's-Mooresville, 1971-77; 
Our Savior-Dallas, 1978-80; Mt. Gilead-Mt. Pleasant 
(Interim), 1982-87; Amity-Cleveland (Interim), 1987- 
95. Retired May, 1995/ 5 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

FAGGART, BRADY YOUNG, JR., born April 17, 

1930, at Concord Parents: Brady Young, Sr. and Annie 

Lee (Aycock) Faggart. Educated: Lenoir Rhyne Coll., 

A.B. 1952, D.D. 1972; Chicago Sem., B.D. 1956. 

Married Lois Barrier McEachern, Concord, Aug. 1, 

1952. Children: Laura Beth Zahran, Lois Anne 

Brouillette, Luther Brady. Ordained 1956 by N. C. 

Synod at Holy Trinity, Gastonia. Churches served: 

Mission developer, later pastor, Good Shepherd, 

Hickory, 1956-59; St. Mark, China Grove, 1960-63; 

Synodical secretary, Christian Education, Salisbury, 

1964-66; Executive Director at Lutheridge, 1967-68; 

LCA Assistant to President, 1969-75; First, Greensboro, 

1975-93; Retired April 17, 1993; Interim ministry at 

Prince of Peace, Greensboro, 1995-96. Received Donald H. Larsen Award from 

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, 1972. Management Committee, Division 

for Professional Leadership, 1976-78; Lenoir Rhyne College Board of Trustees, 

1977-80, 1983-92; ELCA Committee on Appeals, 1991- 26 

TRULL, BILLY GENE, born Oct. 15, 1932, at 
Concord. Parents: L. C. and Tessie Lee (Underwood) 
Trull. Educated: Lenoir Rhyne Coll., A.B. 1956; 
Southern Sem., B.D. 1959. Married Sara Nancy 
Carpenter, Concord, Aug. 18, 1956. Children: Virginia 
Anne, Alicia Lynne. Ordained 1959 by N. C. Synod. 
Churches served: St. Mark-St. John, Caldwell Co., 
1959-61; St. Mark, Gaston Co., 1961-64; St. Martin, 
Maiden, 1964-70. Demitted from active ordination 
December 31, 1970. 27 

1924, at Faith. Parents: Robert Lee and Geneva 
Lorraine (Hess) Weddington. Educated: Lenoir Rhyne 
Coll., B.A. 1949; Southern Sem., B.D. 1952. Married 
Naomi Hettie Steinmetz, native of Baltimore, Md., 
at Guntur, Andhra Prades, India, April 17, 1953. She 
had gone to India in Oct. 1952 as business manager 
of Kugler Hospital at Guntur, India. Children: Sarah 
Ruth (1954), Mary Martha (1955), Raymond Steinmetz 
(1958). Ordained and commissioned by N. C. Synod 
January 1 1, 1953 at old Calvary Church (home church) 
in Concord. Churches served: While awaiting ordina- 
tion, supplied Mt. Tabor- West Columbia, S.C., 1949- 
50; Cold Water- Concord, Summer 1950; Friedens- 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 25 

Gibsonville, Summer 1951; Lutheran Chapel, Gastonia, Sept. 1952-Jan. 1953. 
LCA missionary in India, serving in Andhra Evang. Luth. Church, 1952-74. While 
on furlough from his Indian ministry, served as vice pastor, St. Mark, Gaston 
Co., 1965, served as Interim Pastor at St. Mark's-Crouse, 1965-66, St. Paul's- 
Baltimore, MD, 1970. After resigning Mission Board in 1974, served Edenburg 
Parish, Edenburg, Va., Jan. 1974-Aug. 1979; Amity, Iredell County, March, 1980- 
July, 1985; Amity-Taylorsville, Reformation, Taylorsville, Aug. 1985 to retirement 
Feb. 1989. Since retirement Interim at St. David's, Kannapolis, Aug. 1989-May 
1990 and Christ, Elkin, Oct. 1990-May 30, 1993. 28 

26 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Calvary has owned at least four parsonages during its eighty -odd years of 
service. In the council minutes of April 14, 1916, there is a note that 
"In regard to lot for parsonage", was laid over. Due to lack of minutes 
for some time thereafter, we do not know where that lot was or what became 
of it. Calvary must have had a parsonage, however, for during 1917 and 1918 
are mentions of "our part" of a "garage account", which was paid off in the report 
of August 1 8, 19 1 8. It is possible the church shared a parsonage with St. Andrews. 
It is also obvious that a parsonage was owned in 1920. When Rev. Day resigned 
and Calvary was looking for a new pastor, Day was to be offered free use of 
the parsonage. Also noted is that the called meeting of the council and building 
committee meeting of May 4, 192 1 was held at the parsonage. The next parsonage 
purchased in 1923, the J. V. Stiller property, was next door to the original church 
on Buffalo Street. From council minutes, it is evident that this house was aged 
and inadequate; eventually the pastor moved to a rented home on Georgia Avenue 
in November, 1947, until the church purchased another home at 163 N. Church 
St. The final parsonage owned by Calvary was built on Scenic Drive, near the 
church, in late 1955 and used through the tenure of Pastor W. N. Yount and into 
the pastorate of Rev. L. H. Bolick, when it was sold and funds invested to provide 
a "Living Allowance" to Calvary's pastors to provide their own home. 

During the period before construction of the original church building 
of 1920 and 192 1, it was obvious from the minutes existing that Calvary did have 
a parsonage, possibly the one on Buffalo Street. Particularly noted from extant 
minutes is the fact that the congregation built a garage at the parsonage. 

Again, in November, 1923, for probably this same building, Mr. John 
Query was paid $417.66 for some repairs, and in December, the congregation 
bought a range and installed it in the parsonage. 

In August, 1928, during the vacancy between Rev. Kester and Rev. Speagle, 
the parsonage was painted "insides and out". 

From time to time after that, various problems came before council, such 
as roof repair, water pipe leaks, etc. 

The only accounting available for 1936 was noted in the February, 1937 
minutes in which there were repairs made during 1936 on the church and parsonage. 
$13.05 was paid in church repairs from the current fund and $42.31 on the 
parsonage, paid by the "Parsonage Rent Account". The reader is to draw his 
own conclusion as to whether the pastor was still living in the church's parsonage. 
Also noted in the April, 1937 minutes that the council decided to "let the financial 
secretaries look after repairing the parsonage". 

On September 2, 1940, it was agreed to install hot water in the parsonage. 

Almost no mention was further made relating to the parsonage until July, 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 27 

1947 when it is noted in council minutes that "There was no report from any 
member as to getting a new parsonage". In August J. M. Ridenhour was charged 
with looking into selling the old parsonage. In September, Pastor Cobb announced 
that he had found an available, suitable house on Georgia Avenue, and council 
agreed to rent it as soon as renovations had been made for a parsonage. 

September 28, 1947 the congregation voted against selling the old parsonage 
by 56 to 27. Accordingly, in November, council voted to let the property committee 
rent the old parsonage. At the same time, they recommended to the congregation 
that they buy or build a new parsonage and that the funds be taken from the 
building fund. Meanwhile, it was agreed to rent Miss Eugenia Lore's house on 
Georgia Avenue for a parsonage. Transferring building funds to a parsonage 
fund was defeated by a congregational vote. However, in a December meeting 
of the congregation, a slim majority of 22 to 17 voted for the resolution. Council 
decided that this was too slim a margin, in consideration that there were some 
70 voting members present at the meeting, and called for another vote at a future 
meeting. At the subsequent meeting later in the month, congregation first voted 
34 to 11 to build or buy a new parsonage, then voted 38 to 6 to transfer building 
funds to a parsonage fund. By this time, the fund was at $4,632.15. 

At the congregational meeting on February 27, 1949, a house was accepted 
for #7,300.00 at 163 North Church Street (From the Williams Estate). In April 
council acted to advise Miss Lore that Pastor Cobb would vacate her house on 
May 1st, but at a council meeting on May 1st, Pastor Cobb resigned the pastorate 
and lived in the new parsonage but briefly. 

Troubles were not over yet with the old parsonage. Even after the coming 
of Rev. Glenn Barger, it is noted in the September, 1949 minutes that the rent 
was past due on that building and needed looking into. 

Finally, in March, 1951 it was proposed by the property committee that 
the old parsonage be sold for removal and the lot leveled and planted in grass. 
In April it was decided to turn the sale over to E. Johnston Irvin, an attorney. 

Meanwhile, trouble was developing at the "new" parsonage on Church 
Street It developed that Mrs. Walter P. Ritchie, a neighbor on Union Street 
might either desire to purchase it or close a driveway through it to the rear of 
her property. By August 1951, council made her an offer of $250.00 for the 
right of way and were given authority to go as high as $500.00. When approached, 
Mrs. Ritchie asked them what they would take for the property, and when Calvary 
offered it to her for $12,000.00, she said she would think about it. In March, 
1954, she came back expressing interest in buying the parsonage, but no agreement 
was reached at that time, but later that month it was offered to her for $ 1 1 ,000.00. 
She came back with an offer of $8,000.00. Council decided to let "Lawyer Cruse" 
[Bernard W. Cruse, Sr.] go and find out what could be done about the driveway. 
In April "Miss" Ritchie agreed to sell the right-of-way for $500.00. Council 
recommended to the congregation that we buy, and they concurred, but at that 
point she refused to sell at any price and appointed "Lawyer Blackwelder" [Buford 

28 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Blackwelder] to handle any legal action concerning the driveway. At a called 
meeting of the congregation on May 9, she had agreed to sell her right-of-way 
for $750.00. The congregation agreed to pay it, whereupon Spencer Atwell, who 
was serving as chairman of the negotiating committee, immediately went over 
and gave her $5.00 before she could change her mind. Evidently "Lawyer 
Blackwelder" felt some remorse over the whole deal, for he made a $50.00 donation 
to the church [which was probably his fee]. In September, 1955 the property 
was sold to a Mrs. Ollie Brantley for $7,000.00. 

At the same time that the parsonage was on North Church Street, the 
property Committee was told to look for a lot on which to build a new parsonage. 

Shortly afterward, the Property Committee found a lot that was suitable 
to council on Scenic Drive, not too far from Calvary. Mr. Frank M. Cline was 
chosen as builder to build the new parsonage. Finally, in late 1955, Pastor and 
Mrs. Yount moved into the new parsonage. The parsonage at 308 Scenic Drive 
was finished and occupied by Rev. and Mrs. Yount in January, 1956. 

In November, 1958 the odd 60'x75' lot behind the parsonage was purchased 
and added to the original lot. After a complaint from the neighbor to the rear 
of the parsonage, Mr. Irvin, about water runoff onto his property from the 
parsonage, Calvary offered to sell him the 60'x75' lot for $200.00. 

At the conclusion of Rev. Yount's pastorate at the beginning of 1972, 
since the pulpit was vacant, he and Mrs. Yount were given permission to remain 
in the parsonage until their new home was completed. After they moved, a survey 
was made of the parsonage and a complete redecorating, re-roofing, replacing 
the sidewalk and installing central air conditioning was done before the arrival 
of Rev. Bolick. 

At a Congregational Meeting on May 16, 1976, it was voted to sell the 
parsonage and place any funds received into a fund to provide a "Living Allowance" 
for the pastor rather than provide a pasonage for his use. This was regarded as 
a much more viable arrangement for both the congregation and the pastor, as 
it would reduce somewhat the expense of furnishing and maintaining a home 
for the pastor while allowing the pastor to provide and acquire equity in his own, 
more suitable, home, t 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Church Secretaries 

Margaret Johnson (Mrs. Donnie) 

Johnsie Scott (Mrs. Van) 

Jenny Fogleman (Mrs. Carl W.) 

Miss Alice Ray Sloop 

Susan Norris (Mrs. Gary) 

Debbie Wilkinson (Mrs. Johnny M.) 

Bette Parnell (Mrs. Davey Lee) 

October, 1959- 



1974- September, 1982 

October, 1982-January, 1986 

February, 1986-August, 1995 

September, 1995-Present 

Church Treasurers 

G. W. Petrea (Benevolence) 
Bachman L. Roberts (Current) 

F. H. Linker (Current) 
John H. Linker (Current) 

G. W. Petrea (Current) 

H. B. Wilkinson (Building) 

G. W. Petrea (Building) 

B. L. Roberts (Current) 

(Miss) Carrie Petrea (Benevolence) 

Carrie Petrea Barnhardt 

March, 1913-April 15, 1928 

March, 1913-(Apparently) Apr. 14, 1916 

April 14, 1916-September, 1917 (death) 

September 16, 1917-April 14, 1919 

April 14, 1919-January, 1923 

1919-June, 1920 

June, 1920-(Undetermined) 

January, 1923-January 24, 1932 

Apr. 15, 1928-January 24, 1932 

Jan.24, 1932-Jan. 29, 1967 

Jan. 29, 1967-Sept. 1, 1979 

Vernice A. (Mrs. Ben) Cline 
Johnsie (Mrs. Van) Scott (Assistant)January 19, 1976-October, 1986 
Maxine Cress Hatley (Mrs. Jay Lee)Sept. 19, 1979-Oct., 1986 
Maxine Cress Hatley (Assistant) November, 1986-November, 1996 
Don Wagstaff Nov., 1986-Nov., 1992 

Terry Austin Nov. 16, 1992-Dec. 31, 1995 

Keith and Gerry Gehl Jan. 1, 1996-Nov. 1, 1996 

Tom Nielsen and Margaret Noblitt Nov. 1, 1995-Present 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Sunday School 

From the beginning, Calvary has had a strong Sunday School. Condensed 
from the writings of the original organization of Calvary "The success of 
the Sunday School was assured from the start. The attendance was fine; 
the teachers and officers were enthusiastic; the whole school evinced an earnestness 
and devotion that was inspiring. A goodly number of Sunday School Hymnals 
of the United Synod were received, Augsburg Lesson Helps provided; and every 
effort made to equip the school with whatever working material was needed. 
The following were the first teachers in the school: Primary Department, Mrs. 
C. A. Isenhour, Mrs. H. B. Wilkinson and Mrs. J. W. Roberts; Intermediate 
Department, G. W. Petrea, C. A. Isenhour, Miss Zula Patterson, James C. 
McEachern; Adult Classes, W. A. Welshman 29 and Lewis O. Blackwelder". 

On December 15, 1918 council decided to let the Sunday School elect 
its own officers. 

Following are names of some of the officers, teachers and musicians gleaned 
from existing council minute books and annual directories. Admittedly, they 
are not all here, f 

Arey, Ava 
Arey, Iris 
Arey, Reid 
Atwell, Agnes 
Atwell, Spencer 
Austin, Linda 
Austin, Terry 

Baglio, Teresa 

Ballard, Betty (Mrs. Garnet F.) 

Ballard, Garnette F. 

Ballard, Howard 

Barger, Charles Glenn 

Barger, Glenn, Mrs. 

Barger, Cynthia 

Barger, Troy 

Barnhardt, Dora 

Barnhardt, Lori 

Barnhardt, Robert 

Barnhardt, Steve, Jr. 

Barnhardt, Vicki 

Barrier, David 

Barrier, Frank A. 

Officers and Teachers 

Barrier, Frank A., Mrs. 
Barrier, H. F., Jr. 
Barrier, Jerry, Mrs. 
Barrier, Louise 
Barrier, Sarah 
Basinger, Sidney S. 
Basinger, Sidney S., Mrs. 
Beaver, Betty 
Beaver, C. A. 
Benton, Wanda B. 
Berry, John L. 
Black, Barbara Katherine 
Black, Betty 
Black, Catherine Anne 
Black, David 
Black, H. D. 
Black, Janice 
Black, Mary 
Black, Starr 
Blackwelder, Elaine 
Blackwelder, Lewis O. 
Blume, Bette 
Blume, Harry 
Blume, Kim 
Bolick, Leonard 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Bolick, Rita 
Boone, Dan 
Boone, Teena 
Bost, John S. 
Boyd, John 
Boyd, Lynda 
Boykin, Betty 
Broome, Leona 
Brown, Annie 
Brown, Brenda 
Brown, T. S. 
Brown, T. S., Mrs. 
Bruton, Vandry 
Burgess, Boyce 
Burleson, Leon 
Burleson, Peggy 
Burnette, Hazel 
Byrum, Nancy 

Cagle, Linda 

Canup, Jane, Mrs. 

Carter, Barbara 

Clayton, Henry 

Clayton, Henry, Mrs. 

Cline, Banks 

Cline, Ben 

Cline, Carolyn 

Cline, John, Mrs. 

Cline, Vernice (Mrs. Ben) 

Cobb, Louise B. (Mrs. Paul) 

Coffey, Angela 

Coffey, Leroy 

Craver, Harlen Craig 

Craver, Harlen Craig, Mrs. 

Crawford, Sherry 

Cress, Mabel 

Crowell, Hugh 

Crowell, Hugh, Mrs. 

Cruse, Alex 

Cruse, B. W., Jr. 

Cruse, Juanita (Mrs. B. W., Sr.) 

Cruse, Susan 

Day vault, Jack A. 
Dayvault, Martha (Mrs. Jack) 
DeLargy, Beth 
Dobbs, Stephanie Diane 
Doll, Andrew C. 

Doll, Robert H. 

Doll, Carolyn 

Drury, Buddy 

Drury, Janice, Mrs. 

Drury, Ralph Rollen 

Drury, Nina (Mrs. R. R., Sr.) 

Drury, Vivian 

Drury, Walter Lee 

Dry, Irvin L. 

Earl, Laura 
Earnhardt, Carl 
Earnhardt, Carol Morton 
Eckenrhode, Joanne June 
Edsell, Roy 
Edsell, Roy, Mrs. 
Erwin, Teresa 
Ewart, Beckie 
Ewart, Mary Kathryn 

Faggart, Annie Lee 
Faggart, B. Y., Sr. 
Faggart, Edna 
Fero, Novalene 
Fisher, S. C. 
Fisher, Mrs. 
Fogleman, Carl W. 
Fogleman, Jenny 
Fogleman, Jimmy, Mrs. 
Fogleman, Nora (Mrs. H. F.) 
Fortune, Patricia Ann 
Foster, Elaine (Mrs. J. T.) 
Foxx, David 
Fridlund, Anne 
Fritz, Deb 

Funderburke, Cecil B. 
Funderburke, Cecelia Ann 
Funderburke, Janie Sloop 

Gardner, Ovid Brown 
Gehl, Gerry 
Gehl, Keith 
Gettman, Bob 
Gibson, Carmen 
Goodnight, Joe 
Goodnight, Madge 
Goodnight, Maria 
Goodnight, Nancy 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Goodson, Cathy 
Gordon, Stella 
Graeber, C. H., Mrs. 

Hagee, Donna 

Haney, Kelley LeAnn 

Haney, Nancy 

Harrington, Nell 

Harrington, Stephen 

Hartsell, Angie 

Hartsell, Joyce 

Hartsell, Mary Ruth 

Hadey, Deb 

Hadey, Doris 

Hadey, Linda Kay 

Hadey, Martha 

Hadey, Mary Alice 

Hatley, Mary Frances 

Hadey, Maxine 

Hadey, W. Carl, Jr. 

Hadey, W. Carl, Sr. 

Hawkins, C. B., Mrs. 

Hissong, Kathi 

Hissong, Quay Lee 

Hogue, Helen 

Howard, Bernice (Mrs. John C.) 

Howard, Clark 

Howard, John C. 

Howard, Judy 

Howard, Vivian 

Hughes, James 

Isenhour, C. A. 
Isenhour, C. A., Mrs. 
Isenhour, William A. 

Jenkins, W. E. 

Jessup, Phyllis 

Johnson, Donnie 

Jones, Carol 

Joyner, Martha (Mrs. C. H.) 

Keller, Angie 
Kendrick, Bessie, Mrs. 
Kester, M. L., Mrs. 
Ketner, C. E. 
King, Cleo 
King, Elizabeth 

Lambert, Evi 

Laney, Mary Ann 

Lentz, C. Wilson, Mrs. 

Lentz, Hazel (Mrs. Charles) 

Link, Ann 

Linker, Catherine 

Linker, Eva 

Linker, F. H. 

Linker, George 

Linker, Helida 

Linker, J. H. 

Linker, John M. 

Linker, Mary 

Lippard, Agnes 

Lippard, Nell (Nellie) 

Lippard, Willie 

Lomax, C. C, Mrs. 

London, Cathy 

Long, Ann 

Long, Ann (Mrs. Boger, Jr.) 

Long, Daphne 

Long, Mary (Dolly) 

Lyons, Mildred 

MacKay, Grant 
MacKay, Sharon 
Martin, Martha 
Mauldin, Janice 
McClamrock, Helen 
McClellan, Nancy 
McCormac, George, Jr., Mrs. 
McCormac, Martha 
McCormac, Millie 
McDonald, Pat 
McEachern, David 
McEachem, David, Mrs. 
McEachern, Fred 
McEachern, Hazel 
McEachem, Harold 
McEachern, James C. 
McEachern, Leonard 
McEachern, Reba (Mrs. Harold) 
McKay, E. R. 
McKay, Edith (Mrs. E. R.) 
McLain, Sherylle 
McManus, J. W., Jr. 
McManus, Linda 
Milam, Patsy 

Concord, North Carolina — 1 9 1 3- 1 996 


Miller, B. A. 

Miller, B. A., Mrs. 

Miller, Fisher 

Miller, Louise 

Moore, Alvin 

Moore, Cecelia (Mrs. Alvin) 

Moose, Gerry 

Moose, Paul 

Moose, Paul, Mrs. 

Moretz, Earl 

Moretz, Libby 

Moretz, Ruby 

Nain, Karen 

Nash, Gerri 

Nielsen, Edith 

Nielsen, Tom 

Noblitt, Margaret (Mrs. Don) 

Norris, Karen 

Norris, Mickey 

Norris, Susan 

Nussman, A. R., Mrs. 

O'Neal, Gwyn 
Orlic, Bobbi 

Parker, Beth 

Parker, Delma H. 

Parker, Louise (Mrs. D. H.) 

Pamow, Maria 

Patterson, Zula 

Penninger, H. M. 

Penninger, Mamie (Mrs. L. A.) 

Perry, Ann 

Perry, Sidney 

Petrea, Carrie 

Petrea, Mertie 

Petrea, Sam 

Petty, Robert 

Petty, Hilda (Mrs. Robert) 

Petty, Sherylle 

Pittman, Connie 

Pope, Martha 

Radcliffe, Jim 
Ramseur, Diane 
Ramseur, Helen 
Ramseur, Jim 

Ramseur, Mary 
Ramseur, Tom 
Remkus, Phyllis 
Ridenhour, Ann 
Ridenhour, Elaine 
Ridenhour, F. H. 
Ridenhour, Grace 
Ridenhour, J. R., Mrs. 
Ridenhour, James M. 
Ridenhour, Mary 
Ridenhour, T. H. 
Ridenhour, Wayne 
Roberts, B. L., Mrs. 
Roberts, Bertha 
Roberts, Gilbert 
Roberts, J. W. 
Roberts, J. W., Mrs. 
Roberts, Dorothy 
Rogers, W. D. 
Rogers, W. D., Mrs. 
Rommelmann, Dave 

St. John, Catherine 

St. John, Pat 

St. John, Ruby (Mrs. Philip) 

Schaening, Pat 

Schieber, Leta 

Schiele, Brad 

Schiele, Kathy 

Scott, Johnsie (Mrs. Van) 

Scott, Louise 

Sehorn, E. E., Mrs. 

Shaw, Becky 

Shaw, Richard 

Shive, J. R. 

Shoe, Grady C. 

Shoe, Grady, Mrs. 

Shue, Erika Lorstadt 

Shue, Helen 

Sides, Edith 

Sides, Sylvester 

Simmons, Graham H., Jr. 

Simpson, Richard 

Sloop, Alice Ray 

Sloop, Fred 

Sloop, H. H., Mrs. 

Sloop, J. O. 

Sloop, Janie 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Sloop, Jonnie 

Sloop, Kale 

Sloop, Lucille 

Sloop, Mary 

Sloop, Nell 

Sloop, Sylvia 

Smith, Boyce A., Mrs. 

Smith, Harold L. 

Smith, Janice 

Smith, Jean 

Smith, Marianna 

Smith, Mike 

Smith, Rick 

Smith, Roger 

Smith, Sharyn Lynn 

Speagle, Paul Cedric 

Starnes, Julie 

Stearns, Tammy 

Stikeleather, George 

Stikeleather, Trudy 

Stiller, Dolly 

Stokes, Deane (Mrs. Ken) 

Stokes, Ken 

Stroud, Jack 

Stroud, Jack, Mrs. 

Strube, Ray B. 

Talbert, Paul R, Mrs. 

Tarlton, Linda Nell 

Taylor, James 

Teal, Diana 

Terry, Madeline Hightower 

Troutman, Zona Kay 
Trull, Billy 
Trull, Eleanor 
Trull, Saundra 

Upright, W. A. 

Wagstaff, Peggy 
Watkins, C. D. 
Weddington, R. L., Mrs. 
Wensil, Helen 
West, Ray 
Williams, Carolyn 
Williams, Cheryl 
Whisnant, Norm 
White, Grady 
Whitley, Marian 
Whidey, William, Mrs. 
Wilkinson, H. B. 
Wilkinson, H. B., Mrs. 
Winecoff, Hope, Mrs. 
Wise, Barbara 
Wyatt, Jackie 

Yates, J. L., Mrs. 
Yost, Harold 
Yost, Hope 
Young, Connie 
Young, Jan 
Young, Ken 
Young, Terry 
Yount, Martha Ann 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Men's Organizations 

Existing are microfilm records and a minute book covering the period from 
August, 1924 through August, 1931 of the Lutheran Brotherhood, the 
men's organization previous to the present-day Lutheran Men in Mission. 
On the local level, this was a group devoted to raising funds for purposes not 
ordinarily taken care of through offerings and regular budget; providing ushering 
and maintenance duties and such, and on the Synodical level, raising funds toward 
the extension of God's Kingdom, such as helping to finance new churches and 
helping churches in need, t 

Members of the Brotherhood, 1924-1931 

Frank Barnhardt 
J. A. Barnhardt 
Marvin Barnhardt 

F. A. Barrier 
E. C. Beaver 

L. O. Blackwelder 
J. S. Bost 
Bruce Conrad 
Claud Cook 
W. C. Cook 
L. V. Elliott 
W. C. Goodman 
C. H. Graeber 
C. A. Isenhour 
W. A. Isenhour 
W. M. Isenhour 
M. L. Kester 
C. E. Ketner 
M. L. Ketner 
R. W. Krimminger 
B. L. Roberts 
J. H. Linker 

G. J. Lippard 
L. M. Lowder 
Fred McEachern 
J. C. McEachern 
J. L. McEachern 
J. R. McEachern 
B. A. Miller 

Fisher Miller 

A. R. Nussman 
H. M. Pemberton 
G. W. Petrea 
Baxter Phillips 

B. L. Roberts 
Carl Roberts 
J. W. Roberts 
J. F. Robinson 
Floyd Richardson 
J. M. Ridenhour 
(Miss) Mary Ridenhour 

T. H. Ridenhour 
B. L. Ritchie 

B. L. Roberts 
Carl O. Roberts 
J. W. Roberts 

J. F. Robinson 
A. L. S(?) 

William Shandick(?) 
J. A. Sharpe 
Sylvester Sides 
J. O. Sloop 
Rev. F. M. Speagle 
W. A. Upright 

C. D. Wadkins 
W. M. Wilhelm 

The first minutes reported that a meeting was held on August 17, 1924 
for the purpose of "Organizing a Brotherhood". Initial officers are recognized 
below. The first group had 2 1 members. 

36 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

In the Brotherhood report for 1946, president Sidney Basinger reported 
that they had a very good and active year. They had meetings honoring the 
servicemen in the organization, a ladies' night, and a special meeting recognizing 
the Boy Scouts, whom they sponsored. That year they responded 100% to the 
Loan and Gift Fund, with contributions from every member amounting to $1 15.00, 
ending the year in helping some needy people with gifts of food and so on. 

On May 25, 1947, council approved the transfer of $750.00 from the 
Sunday School Treasury to the Brotherhood to complete the construction of a 
Boy Scout Building. 

In 1958 the Brotherhood became The Men of the Church, but in 1959 
they were termed "United Lutheran Church Men." 

Resolution of the council at their meeting January 20, 1964: Now therefore, 
be it resolved that the Church Council of Calvary Lutheran Church, approve of 
the Lutheran Church men soliciting funds for the Loan and Gift Fund from members 
of the congregation on an individual basis, in such a way that it does not conflict 
with the regular budget of the church. 

Sometime between 1964 and 1971 the organization name was changed 
from the Lutheran Brotherhood to Lutheran Church Men. 

The Southern District of Lutheran Church Men held a supper meeting 
at Calvary October 17, 1971. 

No minutes are presently available from the above time until January 
27th, 1985 when 14 members met at the home of Herb Eckenrhode. Evidently 
until about that time it was common practice to hold meetings either at one of 
the men's homes or at one of the local restaurants. At least by August, they started 
regularly holding their meetings in the Yount Fellowship Hall at the church. 

From available minutes, the first annual fish fry was sponsored September 
28, 1985 and has been a regular event since that time. Profits from this event 
have been used to sponsor annual trips of the Confirmand Classes to Lutheridge 
and to make regular contributions to the North Carolina Lutheran Men Loan and 
Gift Fund. Through this regular event, Calvary has remained in the top three 
among North Carolina congregations in donations to the Loan and Gift Fund. 
Some of the most active "Fish fryers" over recent years have been Harold Black, 
Odell Garmon, Dave Ireland, Bill Wiles, Paul Wynnk and Harold Yost. Another 
contributing factor to Calvary's standing in the gifts to the Loan and Gift fund 
is the "Extra Miler" program started in the late 80s and early 90s. An "Extra 
Miler" is a member who contributes an extra $ 100 annually just for this purpose. 
Of approximately 40 Extra Milers in the State, 8 are from Calvary. The fish 
fry also has sponsored at least thirty-three life memberships from Calvary men 
in the North Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission. The date for the annual fish 
fry was changed to May in 1987 and was held annually in the spring until 1996 
when it was changed back to the fall because in the meantime several noteworthy 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 37 

In November, 1985 the annual convention of the North Carolina Lutheran 
Men was held at the Parkwood Baptist Church, sponsored by Calvary's Lutheran 
Men. Calvary youth made a NCLM banner for this occasion, and the ladies 
prepared a lunch for the Executive Board. 

Harry Blume, long active in Calvary's and the state Lutheran Men and 
Lutheran Men in Mission was installed as the North Carolina state Lutheran Men 
in Mission President in late 1988 and served two terms in that capacity. 

In 1988, through the principal efforts of Ray Dobelstein, Calvary Men 
in Mission took over the Adopt-A-Highway project to help keep a mile of NC 
136 (Branchview Drive) cleaned up and that project has continued to this day. 

In the April, 1989 minutes is the first notation of a Picnic Outing sponsored 
by the Lutheran Men which has become an annual event held at Frank Liske 
Park. This continues and extends their tradition of golf and fishing outings and 
the annual fish fry and highway cleanup. 

During 1994 Calvary's Men in Mission raised over $3,000 and participated 
in the building of Cabarrus County's 15th Habitat for Humanity house. Another 
house was completed in November, 1996. These houses were joint efforts of 
most of the Lutheran churches in Cabarrus County. 

In latter 1996, Harold Yost was elected State President of North Carolina 
Lutheran Men in Mission, t 

Men honored with Life Memberships in Calvary's Lutheran Men in Mission 
through 1996 are: 

Dr. Walter N. Yount, 1981 John C. Howard, 1990 

Herbert E. Eckenrhode, 1984 William W. Wiles, 1990 

Dr. Leonard H. Bolick, 1984 Raymond A. Dobelstein, 1991 

Cecil B. Funderburke, 1985 Homer F. Black, 1991 

Harry W. Blume, 1986 Thomas W. Ramseur, 1991 

E. R. McKay, 1986 Charles G. Tarlton, 1991 

Harold D. Black, 1987 David H. Black, 1992 

Spencer C. Atwell, 1987 Banks R. Cline, 1992 

Sidney S. Basinger, 1987 Tracy A. Cruse, Sr., 1992 

C. H. Joyner, 1988 Thomas A. Howard, 1992 

Leroy C. Coffey, 1989 Delma H. Parker, 1993 

Harold W. Yost, 1989 Gary D. Norris, 1993 

Henry L. Faggart, 1989 Jack A. Day vault, 1994 

Clive W. Wilhelm, 1989 Robert K. Smith, 1994 

Dr. John E. Boyd, Jr., 1990 Robert A. Haney, Jr. 1995 

William R. Arey, Jr., 1990 Bernard W. Cruse, Jr., 1995 

W. Carl Hatley, Sr., 1990 Thomas B. Nielsen, Jr., 1996 

Terry B. Austin, 1996 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Officers of the Lutheran Brotherhood, Lutheran Church Men and Lutheran 
Men in Mission, as gleaned from available minutes, were: 

1924: B. A. Miller, President 

C. D. Wadkins, Vice-President 
T. H. Ridenhour, Treasurer 1954: 
(Resigned in September, re- 
placed by F. A. Barrier) 
J. W. Roberts, Secretary. 

1926: H. M. Penninger, President, 1955: 
(resigned in February, replaced 
by C. D. Watkins) 
C. D. Wadkins, Vice-President 

F. A. Barrier, Treasurer 1957: 
J. W. Roberts, Secretary 

(Resigned in February, elected 1959: 

Vice-President and L. M. 

Lowder elected Secretary) 
1927: J. O. Sloop, Sec/Treas. 
1928: B. A. Miller, President 1960: 

B. L. Roberts, Vice-President 

J. O. Sloop, Sec/Treas. 

Frank Barnhardt, Asst. Secre 
tary and Treasurer. 
1929: L. M. Lowder, President (re- 1961: 

signed in August and replaced 

by J. W. Roberts) 

B. L. Ritchie, 1st Vice-Pres. 

W. A. Isenhour, 2nd Vice- 1962: 


J. O. Sloop, Sec/Treasurer 
1930: J. W. Roberts, President 

T. H. Ridenhour, Vice Pres. 1963: 

J. O. Sloop, Secretary 

G. J. Lippard, Treasurer 
1931: J. W. Roberts, President; (June 

minutes refers to B. L. Roberts 1964 

as President) 

T. H. Ridenhour, Vice-Pres. 

W. E. Cook, Secretary 

G. J. Lippard, Treasurer. 1965: 

1932-1950 officers not available. 
1950: F. E. Ramseur, President 

David McEachern, Vice-Pres. 

James Ridenhour, Secretary 1966: 

L. A. Penninger, Treasurer. 
1951: Ralph R. Drury, President 

Sidney S. Basinger, Vice Pres. 

Floyd E. Ramseur, Secretary 
Roy Edsell, Treasurer 
Vernon Teal, President 
A. M. Stone, Vice President 
C. B. Funderburke, Secretary 
Earl Smith, Treasurer 
A. M. Stone, President 
R. R. Drury, Sr., Vice Pres. 
Ben Cline, Secretary 
C. H. Joyner, Treasurer 
R. R. Drury, President 
Vernon Teal, Treasurer 
Robert L. Petty, President 
Harold Black, Vice-President 
Ben Cline, Secretary 
E. R. McKay, Treasurer. 
S. C. Atwell, President 
Graham H. Simmons, Jr., 
Banks Cline, Secretary 
W. A. Isenhour, Treasurer 
S. C. Atwell, President 
H. D. Black, Vice-President 
Banks Cline, Secretary 
E. R. McKay, Treasurer 
H. D. Black, President 
Banks Cline, Vice-President 
J. R. Ridenhour, Secretary 
E. R. McKay, Treasurer. 
Harold Black, President 
Banks Cline, Vice-President 
J. R. Ridenhour, Secretary 
E. R. McKay, Treasurer 
Earl D. Moretz, President 
H. F. Barrier, Jr., Vice-Pres. 
Ben Cline, Secretary 
E. R. McKay, Treasurer 
Earl D. Moretz, President 
H. F. Barrier, Jr., Vice-Pres. 
Ben Cline, Secretary 
E. R. McKay, Treasurer. 
S. C. Atwell, President 
C. B. Funderburke, Vice-Pres. 
Banks Cline, Secretary 
E. R. McKay, Treasurer 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


1967: Ben Cline, President 1988: 

Banks Cline, Vice-President 

Earl Moretz, Secretary 

E. R. McKay, Treasurer. 
1969: C. B. Funderburke, President 1989: 

S. C. Atwell, Vice-President 

Earl Moretz, Secretary 

E. R. McKay, Treasurer 
1969: Leroy Coffey, President 

H. D. Black, Vice President 

Ben Cline, Secretary 1990: 

E. R. McKay, Treasurer. 
1970: Leroy Coffey, President 

H. D. Black, Vice-President 

Ben Cline, Secretary 1991: 

E. R. McKay, Treasurer 
1972: Carl W. Fogleman, Treasurer 
1973: Harold Black, President 

Carl W. Fogleman, Treasurer 1992: 
1974: George Stikeleather, President 

Robert Doll, Treasurer 
1975: Steve Bamhardt, President 

Jim Ramseur, Treasurer 1993: 

1976: Cecil Funderburke, President 

Jim Ramseur, Treasurer 
1977: Cecil Funderburke, President 

Jim Ramseur, Treasurer 1994: 

1978: Tom Ramseur, President 
1 979 : Stephen Harrington, President 
1980: Jim Ramseur, President 

Stephen Harrington, Secretary 1 995 : 
1981: Harry Blume, President 
1982: Herb Eckenrhode, President 
1983: Henry Faggart, President 
1984: Henry Faggart, President. 1996: 

1985: Harold W. Yost, President 

Stephen Harrington, Secretary 
1986: Harold W. Yost, President 

Stephen Harrington, Secretary 1 997 : 

E. R. McKay, Treasurer 
1987: Leroy Coffey, President 

Andy Howard, Vice-President 

Steve Harrington, Secretary 

Bob McKay, Treasurer 

Andy Howard, President 
David Black, Vice-President 
Gary Norris, Secretary 
Bob McKay, Treasurer 
David Black, President 
Ray Dobelstein, Vice President 
Bob McKay, Treasurer re- 
signed in August and suc- 
ceeded by Harold Yost 
Gary Norris, Secretary. 
Ray Dobelstein, President 
Tom Ramseur, Vice President 
Gary Norris, Secretary 
Harold Yost, Treasurer 
Terry Austin, President 
Ed Eubanks, Vice President 
Gary Norris, Secretary 
Harold Yost, Treasurer 
Ed Eubanks, President 
Leon Burleson, Vice President 
Gary Norris, Secretary 
Harold Yost, Treasurer 
Rick Erwin, President 
Leon Burleson, Vice President 
Gary Norris, Secretary 
Harold Yost, Treasurer 
Leon Burleson, President 
Barry Laney, Vice President 
Ray Dobelstein, Treasurer 
Gary Norris, Secretary. 
Barry Laney, President 
Steve Williams, Vice President 
Ray Dobelstein, Treasurer 
Gary Norris, Secretary. 
Barry Laney, President 
Steve Williams, Vice President 
Ray Dobelstein, Treasurer 
Gary Norris, Secretary. 
Dave Ireland, President 
Bill Staton, Vice President 
Gary Norris, Secretary 
Ray Dobelstein, Treasurer 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Women's Organizations 

he council minutes of a called meeting on May, 6, 1930 mentions the 
Ladies Aid Society and their request (which was apparently accepted) 
to furnish the Chancel of the Church. In August, 1933, the Ladies Aid 
Society was approved to have painting done on the outside of the church. 

By 1946, it was the Ladies Aid and Missionary Societies. In their report 
for that year they reported 34 members in the Missionary Society and 39 in the 
Ladies Aid. 

According to the annual 1956 report and 1957 directory, The United 
Lutheran Church Women had four circles meeting monthly in the homes of the 
members. In 1958 Mrs. Van Scott was Treasurer. 

With Doris Smith as Circle Leader, the Morning Circle began meetings 
in 1984. And with Pat Schaening as Circle Leader, the Evening Circle began 
meeting in 1985. for "younger women." During 1985 the Morning Circle took 
the name "Mary Martha Circle" and the Monday Evening Circle became the 
"Shepherdess Circle" and the Tuesday Evening Circle became the "Friendship 
Circle." Friendship disbanded in 1995. 


1946: President, Mrs. L. A. 

Life Members: Mrs. J. C. 

McEachern and Mrs. P. L. 

Christy. Member in Memor- 

ium [sic]: Bessie Roberts 
1956: President, Mrs. F. E. 

Treasurer, Mrs. C. B. 

Building Fund Treasurer, 

Mrs. Van Scott 
1957: President, Mrs. Charles Tarlton 
Vice President, Mrs. H. F. Black 
Statistical Secretary, Mrs. C. 

Wilson Lentz 
Recording Secretary, Mrs. 

Margaret Noblitt 
General Treasurer, Mrs. Janie 

Special Funds Treasurer, Mrs. 

Johnsie Scott 
1958: President, Mrs. H. F. Black 

Vice President, Mrs. C. L. 

Secretary, Mrs. Miriam Drury 
Statistical Secretary, Mrs. 

Wilbur Lentz 
Treasurer, Mrs. C. B. 

Special Funds Treasurer, Mrs. 

Johnsie Scott 
1959: President Mrs. Johnsie Scott 
Vice-President; Mrs. J. R. 

Secretary, Mrs. Robert Petty 
Treasurer: Mrs. Walter L. Drury 
1960: President, Mrs. Johnsie Scott 
Vice-President, Mrs. J. R. 

Secretary, Miss Betty 

Treasurer: Mrs. John Cline, Jr. 
1961: President, Mrs. Johnsie Scott 
Vice-President, Mrs. Sidney 
Perry, Jr. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Secretary, Mrs. H. F. Black 
Treasurer, Mrs. H. F. Barrier, 

1962: President, Miss Alice Ray Sloop 
Vice-President, Mrs. J. R. 

Secretary, Mrs. Paul F. Talbert 
Treasurer, Mrs. H. F. Barrier 
1963: President, Miss Alice Ray Sloop 
Vice-President, Mrs. Paul F. 

Secretary Mrs. J. R. Ridenhour 
Secretary, Mrs. Harold Black 
1964: President, Miss Alice Ray Sloop 
Vice-President, Mrs. B. W. 

Cruse, Sr. 
Secretary, Mrs. Don Noblitt 
Treasurer Mrs. Harold Black 
1965: President, Miss Alice Ray Sloop 
Vice-President, Mrs. B. W. 

Cruse, Sr. 
Secretary, Mrs. Don Noblitt 
Treasurer Mrs. Harold Black. 
1966: President, Mrs. J. R. 

Vice-President, Mrs. Don Nob- 

Secretary, Mrs. Carl Fogleman 
Treasurer, Mrs. Harold Black 
1967: President, Mrs. D. E. Noblitt 
Vice-President, Mrs. J. R. 

Secretary Mrs. Carl Fogleman 
Treasurer Mrs. H. D. Black 
1968: President, Mrs. D. E. Noblitt 
Vice-President, Mrs. Pansy 

Secretary Mrs. Carl Fogleman 
Treasurer Mrs. H. D. Black 
1969: President, Mrs. Don Noblitt 
Vice-President, Mrs. H. F. Black 
Secretary, Mrs. Carl Fogleman 
Treasurer, Mrs. Harold Black. 
1970: President, Mrs. Edith Sides 
Vice President, Mrs. Paul F. 

Secretary, Mrs. C. B. 


Treasurer, Mrs. Harold Black 

1971: President, Mrs. Alvin Sides 
Vice-President, Mrs. Paul F. 

Secretary, Mrs. H. D. Black 
Treasurer, Mrs. Jay L. Hatley 

1981 and 1982: President, Hilda Petty 

1983: President, Hilda Petty 

Vice President, Joan Brines 
Secretary, Doris Smith 
Treasurer, Nancy Haney 

1984: President, Millie Staton 

Vice-President, Margaret Noblitt 
Secretary, Carole Hines 
Treasurer, Bette Blume 

1985: President, Millie Staton 

Vice-President, Margaret Noblitt 
Secretary, Carole Hines 
Treasurer, Alice Ray Sloop 

1986: President, Millie Staton 

Vice-President, Susan Norris 
Secretary, Nell Tarlton 
Treasurer, Martha Dayvault 

1987: President, Millie Staton 

Vice-President, Susan Norris 
Secretary, Nell Tarlton 
Treasurer, Martha Dayvault 

1988: President, Bette Parnell 

Vice-President, Starr Black 
Secretary, Grace Dobelstein 
Treasurer, Colene Perry 

1989: President, Bette Parnell 

Vice-President, Starr Black 
Secretary, Grace Dobelstein 
Treasurer, Colene Perry 

1991: President, Edith Sides 

Vice-President, Anne Hough 
Secretary, Millie Staton 
Treasurer, Margaret Noblitt 

1992: President, Iris Arey 

Vice President, Millie Staton 
Secretary, Colene Perry 
Treasurer, Margaret Noblitt 

1993: President, Iris Arey 

Vice President, Millie Staton 
Secretary, Edith Sides 
Treasurer, Margaret Noblitt 

1994: President, Anne Hough 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Vice President, Kathi Hissong 
Secretary, Edith Sides 
Treasurer, Pat Schaening 
1995: President, Anne Hough 

Vice President, Kathi Hissong 
Secretary, Edith Sides 
Treasurer, Pat Schaening 

1996: President, Iris Arey 

Vice-President, Leta Schieber 
Secretary, Nancy Haney 
Treasurer, Maxine Hadey 

1997: President, Iris Arey 

Vice-President, Leta Schieber 
Secretary, Nancy Haney 
Treasurer, Maxine Hadey 

We find these ladies (and men) recorded as Women of the Church Life 
Members, along with their sponsors, for the years 1950-1962. The names are 
listed here. For their sponsors, please consult extant microfilm, t 

Mrs. William Arey 
Mrs. Spencer Atwell 
Mrs. Glenn L. Barger 
Mrs. Carrie P. 

Miss Dora Barnhardt 
Mrs. J. A. Barnhardt 
Mrs. Mary Barger 

B. L. Burnette 
Mrs. P. L. Christy 
Mrs. Ben Cline 
Mrs. John I. Cline, 

Mrs. Ralph Drury 
Mrs. Hattie M. 

Robert Edsell 
Mrs. Robert Edsell 
Mrs. Roy Edsell 
Mrs. B. Y. Faggart 
Brady Y. Faggart, Jr. 

Mrs. H. F. Fogleman 
Mrs. K. C. Fry 
Mrs. Cecil 

Mrs. Carl Hadey 
Mrs. Clifford Hadey 
Mrs. Sarah Herbert 
Mrs. John C. Howard 
Mrs. C. A. Isenhour 
Mrs. C. H. Joyner 
Mrs. Ida M. Leazer 
Mrs. Mary E. Linker 
Mrs. G. J. Lippard 
Mrs. David 

Mrs. J. C. McEachern 
Mrs. Paul Moose 
Mrs. L. A. Penninger 
Mrs. Robert Petty 
Mrs. James R. 


Mrs. Ann Miller Scott 
Mrs. Van Scott 
Mrs. Lillie Means 

Miss Alice Ray Sloop 
Mrs. George A. Sloop 
Mrs. J. Olin Sloop 
Mrs. A. M. Stone 
Mrs. Paul F. Talbert 
Mrs. G. M. Troutman 
Mrs. White Troutman 
Billy Gene Trull 
Mrs. Billy Gene Trull 
Mrs. Charles D. 

Guion Thomas 

Mrs. R. L. Weddington 
Mrs. Walter N. Yount 
Rev. Walter N. Yount 

(Information for this section was contributed by Millie Staton, Iris Arey, 
Janie Funderburke and others.) 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 43 

Music and Choirs 


irst noted mention in the council minutes of a Choir Leader was at their 
meeting in February, 1930, when Miss Grace Ridenhour was appointed 
to serve out the remainder of 1930, making it evident that there was a 
choir leader before then. 

Paul B. Cobb, as director of the Church Choirs, presented a report at the 
end of 1946 in which he mentioned the formation of a Junior Choir in the latter 
part of 1945 which made great progress during 1946, consisting of 15 high school 
people. The Junior Choir received beautiful new robes during 1946 from the 
ladies of the church which were used for the first time at Easter. Well received 
were two programs by the Senior Choir during the year, one on Good Friday; 
a musical setting to our Lord's Words on the Cross and the other on the last Sunday 
before Christmas of various Christmas music. Martha Lou Faggart was organist 
at that time. 

After several attempts to sell the old pump organ in the assembly room 
it was finally sold in June, 1970 and funds applied to painting the parsonage. 

At a called meeting of the council in September, 1971, Miss Becky Untz 
was engaged as organist and Mrs. George L. Barrier as choir director. 

Due to incomplete existing records, there are obviously many who have 
served the church as organists who have not been picked up in a search of those 
records existing, f 


Petrea, Annie (Organist) March 31-1913-(unk) 

Wilkinson, Virginia (Assistant) April 14, 1916-(unk) 

Lena Belle Cress (Organist) 1922 

Dorothy Roberts (Assistant) 1922, 1924, 1927 

Dorothy Roberts (Organist) 1923, 1926 

Mary Ridenhour (Assistant) 1923 

Mary Ridenhour (Organist) 1924-1925, 1927-1939 

Bertha Roberts (Assistant) 1925 

Nora Lippard (Assistant) 1926 

Mrs. C. H. Graeber (Assistant) 1928 

Louise Miller (Assistant) 1929, 1932 

Mrs. R. A. Nussman (Assistant) 1930 

Mabel Cress (Assistant) 1931 

Mrs. Roy Deboe (Assistant) 1932 

Mrs. Jack Nussman (Assistant) 1933 

Sarah Weddington (Assistant) 1938-1939 

Sarah Weddington 1 940- 1 942 

Hazel McEachern (Assistant) 1940 

Mrs. W. D. Rogers (Assistant) 1941 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Mrs. G. B. Goodman (Assistant) 

Mrs. G. B. Goodman 

Mrs. James Taylor (Assistant) 

Martha Lou Faggart 

Louise B. Cobb (Mrs. Paul) 

Mrs. G. L. Barger 

Miss Rachel Dayvault (Guest) 

Mrs. C. Wilson Lentz 

Miss Martha Lou Faggart (Guest) 

Zona Kay Troutman (Guest) 

Zona Kay Troutman (Assistant) 
Mrs. James R. Scuffham (Guest) 
Martha Simpson (Assistant) 
Mrs. Tim Bricker (Guest) 
Mrs. Leonard Ketner (Guest) 
Martha Ann Yount (Guest) 
Mrs. Martha Simpson (Guest) 
Martha Ann Yount (Assistant) 
Mrs. Richard Shaw (Assistant) 
Mrs. Martha Simpson (Assistant) 
Miss Barbara Black (Guest) 
Mr. J. B. Faggart (Guest) 
Mrs. E. Ray King (Guest) 

Mr. J. B. Faggart (Guest) 


Mrs. L. B. McEachern, Jr. (Guest) 

Ann Perry (Guest) 

Ann Perry (Assistant) 

Mrs. George L. Barrier (Guest) 

Mrs. George L. Barrier 

Miss Joyce Yount (Guest) 

Mrs. Joyce Y. Durgin (Guest) 

Becky Untz 

Mrs. George L. Barrier (Guest) 

Miss Joanne Love (Guest) 

Miss Catherine Anne Black (Guest) 

Patricia Ann Fortune (Interim) 
Mrs. C. Wilson Lentz (Guest) 
Jane (Mrs. William)Patterson 
Patricia Ann Fortune (Guest) 




1946-47, 1949 



July, 1951 

July 1951-Nov. 1970 

July 19, 1953 

December 27, 1953, May 15, June 12, 

October 23, 1955 

1956, 1958-60 

April 15, 1956 


October 11, 1959 

April 24, 1960 

June 12, 1960; July 3, 1960 

July 10, 1960 




July 12, 1964 

October 11, 1964 

December 27, 1964, February 12, 26, 

November 19, 1967, May 5, 12, 1968, 

June 1, October 19, 1969, January 4, 

11, 1970, March 28, 1971, September 

1, 1972 

September 12, 19, October 3, 10, 17, 

September 26, 1965, September 4, 1966 

July 14, 1968 


April 5, 12, June 28, July 5, 1970 

October 11, 1970-August 29, 1971 

July 4, 1971 

September 5, 12, 19, 26, 1971 

October, 1971 -February 22, 1976 

October 29, 1972, January 14,21, 1973 

April 20, 1973 

June 2, August 11, 1974, January 26, 

May 11, July 13, 1975, February 29, 

1976, July 4, 11, 18, 1976, March 6, 

September 13, 1977, June 15, 1980 

March 3, - August, 1976 

May 9, June 6-27, 1976 

September, 1976-September 26, 1982 

January 2, June 26, 1977 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Ben A. Shue (Guest) 

Mr. Alex Mills, Jr. (Guest) 

Mrs. Lou Finger (Guest) 
Miss Lynette Parnell (Guest) 
Ben A. Shue (Guest) 
Mrs. Lou Finger (Guest) 
Mrs. Patsy Milam (Interim) 
Ms. Anne Cline (Interim) 
Ron Mercer 
Anne Cline (Guest) 

Mrs. Nancy Forgang 

Anne Cline Johnson (Interim) 

Henry A. Garmon, Jr. 

Anne Cline Johnson (Guest) 

Jan Colberg (Harp) 

Vivian Howard (Early Service) 

Donna Hagee (Early Service) 

Betty Kluttz (Guest) 
Vivian Howard (Guest) 

Kristina Williams (Early Service) 

Ben A. Shue (Interim) 

Vivian Howard (Assistant Interim) 

Jane G. Hutchinson 

Amy Pittard (Guest) 

June 19, 1977, June 11, 18, December 

31, 1978, June 21, Otober 11, 1981, 

August 17, 1986, August 2, 1987, April 

30, July 9, September 3, 1989, January 

28, February 1 1, 1990, May 5, 12, 1991, 

April 22, August 26, September 2, 9, 

1979, May 25, 1980 

January 18, 1981 

May 17, 1981 

June 21, October 11, 1981 

March 21, June 13, 1982 

October, 1982 

November, December, 1982 

January, 1983-July, 1984 

May 8, August 21, 1983, February 5, 


August 5, 1984 

August-September, 1984 

October, 1984-November 12, 1992 

January 12, 1986, July 12, 1987 

December 20, 1987, July 2, 1989 

July 9, August 13, 1989, August 13, 


August 20, 27, September 10, 17, 1989, 

May-August, 1990, May-September, 


May 6, July 8, 1990 

December 30, 1990, February 24, July 

7, 1991, September 15, 1996 

June 23, 1991 

October, 1992 -February, 1993 

November, 1992-Febmary. 1993 

February, 1993-Present 

July 21, 1996 

Choir (Music) Directors 

Frank Barr, Jr. 

Pearl Lentz (Mrs. William) 

Mrs. Robert Cookson 

Mrs. C. Wilson Lentz 

Pearl Barrier (Mrs. George L.) 

Jim Wilhelm 

Michael Fisher 

Ken W. Young 

Henry A. Garmon, Jr. (Interim) 

Michael L. Pittard 

November, 1949 — 

Dates unknown 

April, 1959- 

Dates Unknown 

July, 1970-August, 1972 

October, 1972-February, 1973 

March, 1973-Feb., 1974 

OctoberB, 1974-January 26, 1992 

February-April, 1992 

May, 1992-Present 

46 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

"The Carilloneurs" 

Handbells were ordered from Malmark in May, 1983. In September the 
first Handbell Choir was organized under the direction of Ken Young. 
Initially, there were eleven members: Susan Meyer, Nell Tarlton, Deb 
Hatley, Kathy Schiele, Ric Stames, Julie Starnes, Vicki Bamhardt, Carolyn 
Doll, Kathi Hissong, Goldia Cruse and Nancy Haney. 

The first performance was given during the Christmas Cantata December 
18, 1983. 

In February, 1992 Vivian Howard became the interim director after Ken 
Young's resignation. She served until May, 1992 when Mike Pittard became 

In November, 1996 the new name of the Adult Handbell Choir became 
"The Carilloneurs." t 

The Youth Tone Chime Choir 

The Youth Tone Chime Choir was organized in April, 1995 after a three - 
octave set of chimes were given to Calvary Church by Robert and Nancy 
Haney. The first choir was comprised of six youths in grades two through 
eight who first performed in May, 1995 before the congregation after 
only four practices. 

In September, 1995 practice resumed for the school year with ten players 
in grades three through eight. They performed several times during that year. 

By the fall of 1996 the choir had grown to twenty members and an extra 
octave of chimes had to be ordered to accomodate the size of the group, t 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 47 



he 1957 Annual Report to the congregation stated that during 1956, under 
the able direction of Mrs. J. R. Shive, the kindergarten had an enrollment 
of eight, meeting Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. 

In March, 1955, approval was given by council to organize a kindergarten 
if details could be worked out. 

The 1956 Congregational Report and 1957 Directory reported that the 
kindergarten was maintained under the able direction of Mrs. J. R. Shive with 
an enrollment of 8 children. 

In its third year in 1958 and its fourth year in 1959, the Kindergarten was 
still under the direction of Mrs. J. R. Shive. 

In August, 1961, Mrs. Shive, Kindergarten director was given permission 
to erect, at her own expense, a chain-link fence on the lawn at the back side of 
the church next to the parking lot. 

Calvary Lutheran Kindergarten began in September of 1963 with Mrs. 
Betty Black as director. Prior to that time, a community kindergarten was operated 
in the church building. The director of this kindergarten moved it to her home 
beginning with the school year of 1963. 

The first year's enrollment consisted of one class in the five year old age 
group. A four year old group was added the next year. Due to the large number 
of applicants a second five year old age group was added. The teaching staff 
consisted of the director and three assistants and extra help as needed. The peak 
enrollment was forty-eight students. 

The kindergarten was absolutely self -supported, even from time to time 
making then substantial contributions to the church current fund, as noted in a 
number of Sunday bulletins during the mid sixties. 

March 21, 1966, Mrs. Harold (Betty) Black was again appointed teacher 
of the Calvary Kindergarten for the school year 1966-67 and Mrs. Carl Hatley 
as assistant. Then on July 27, 1967, when Mrs. Harold Black was again appointed 
teacher, Mrs. Betty Boykin was named as her assistant. 

Mrs. Carrie Bamhardt and Mrs. Margaret Noblitt served as kindergarten 
treasurers. This was a self-supporting kindergarten that made a monthly contribution 
to the church budget. Supplies used were purchased with money generated by 
the kindergarten. In addition, kindergarten funds provided for the carpeting on 
both stairways, cabinets in the class rooms and playground equipment. 

In January, 1972, council approved the re-appointment of then-existing 
officers and teachers of the kindergarten and continued its work for another year. 

48 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

By 1974, Pastor Leonard Bolick reported in the annual directory that the 
kindergarten had forty-eight pupils in the hands of four capable teachers. Director 
was Mrs. Betty Black. 

The kindergarten closed in 1975 when the state of North Carolina began 
a compulsory kindergarten program in the public schools, t 

Luther League 

At the end of 1946, the first report was officially presented on the Luther 
League, reporting on the "Luther League Review" Campaign. During 
the year Leaguers attended the Annual District Meeting and a Musical 
Festival, had 5 guest speakers, presented 4 public programs, conducted the annual 
"Penny Drive" and sent two representatives to the 25th Annual Convention of 
the Luther League of North Carolina. 

In August, 1951 Walter Drury appeared before council to ask that the 
Luther League be allowed to paint the hut, also that the Luther League be allowed 
to have square dances in the hut. The council approved painting the hut, and 
disapproved holding square dances. 

Officers for the Luther League listed in the July 29, 1951 Bulletin were 
President Walter Lee Drury, Vice President Barbara Blackwelder, Secretary Billy 
Williams, Treasurer Charles Glenn Barger. 

Listed in the Sunday Bulletin for June 7, 1953, officers elected were Louise 
Scott, President; Betty Funderburke, Vice President; Zona Kay Troutman, Secretary; 
and Phil Yount, Treasurer. 

1957 President of the Luther League was Miss Zona K. Troutman; Treasurer 
was Betty Funderburke and for the Intermediate Luther League, President was 
Miss Martha Ann Yount and Treasurer was Miss Diana Teal. At that time, there 
were 25 active members. In 1958, Intermediates and the League were combined 
into one unit. Jerry Barrier was Treasurer. 

1959 sponsors for the Luther League were Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Barrier, 
Jr., and officers were Miss Cecelia Funderburke, President; Jerry Barrier, Vice- 
President; Miss Martha Ann Yount, Secretary; and Miss Pat St. John, Treasurer. 

In November, 1959 the Luther league was granted permission to paint 
the upstairs assembly room, paint to be furnished by others. 

Senior advisors for the Luther League in 1960 were Mr. and Mrs. E. R. 
McKay and Junior advisors were Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ridenhour and Mr. and Mrs. 
Robert Cookson. Officers were President Miss Pat St. John, Vice-President Miss 
Linda Cagle, Secretary Miss Barbara Blackwelder and Treasurer Larry Brown. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 49 

Mrs. C. H. Joyner and Mrs. Charles Tarlton were advisors for the Luther 
League in 1961 and their officers were: President Miss Pat St. John, Vice-President 
Miss Linda Cagle, Secretary Miss Barbara Blackwelder and Treasurer Larry Brown. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hawkins were advisors for the Luther League in 1962 
and officers were: President Miss Marian Black, Vice-President Clark Howard, 
Secretary Miss Martha Ann Yount and Treasurer Larry Brown. 

In December, 1962, council approved as officers for the Luther League 
for 1963 President Clark Howard, Vice-President Tamera Hatley, Secretary Carolyn 
Jean Cline, Treasurer Tony Basinger and Advisors Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shaw 
and Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Funderburk. 

Officers in 1964 were President Miss Tamara Hatley, Vice-President Miss 
Linda Tarlton, Secretary Miss Ann Perry, Treasurer Tommy Ramseur. Advisors 
were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cline and Mrs. Iris Arey. 

Officers in 1965 were President Larry Brown, Vice-President Reid Arey, 
Secretary Miss Barbara Black, Treasurer Miss Ann Perry. Advisors were Mr. 
and Mrs. Sidney Perry and Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Ezzell. 

April 18, 1966, council gave permission to the Luther League to prepare 
the room above the chapel as a meeting and reception area for youth. Loose 
offering for November 27, 1966 amounting to $9.42 was given to the Luther 
League. Apparently this was not enough, for the council voted at their next meeting 
to give them a check for $25.00. 1966 officers were Reid Arey, President; Winston 
Ezzell, Vice-President; Betsy Arey, Secretary; Susie Linker, Treasurer. 

1967 officers were Reid Arey, President; Daphne Long, Vice-President; 
Betsy Arey, Secretary and Susie Linker, Treasurer. 

1968 officers were Betsy Arey, President; Susie Linker, Vice-Ptresident; 
Daphne Long, Secretary and Gerri Faggart, Treasurer. Advisors were Mr. and 
Mrs. W. Boger Long, Jr. 

Officers in 1969 were Benny Cline, President; Janice Black, Vice-President; 
Beverly Black, Secretary; Daphne Long, Treasurer. The January, 1969 council 
gave Luther League the loose offering on Youth Sunday, January 26, 1969. 

1970 officers were Daphne Long, President; Mark Steven Fogleman, Vice- 
President; Leah Hatley, Secretary and Janice Black, Treasurer. Advisors were 
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cline and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stroud. 

1971 officers were Mark Sreven Fogleman, President; Vivian Drury, Vice- 
President, Beverly Black, Secretary; Janice Black, Treasurer. Advisors were Mr. 
and Mrs. Ben Cline. 

1972 officers were Phil Brown, President; Jeff Howard, Vice-President; 

50 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Janice Black, Secretary; and Cindy Drury, Treasurer. All loose offering on Palm 
Sunday, 1972 was given to Luther League for its Penny Parade. 

1986 officers of the Senior Group were Stephanie Dobbs, President; Sylvia 
Ridenhour, Vice-President; Kenny Nash, Secretary; and Angie Hartsell, Treasurer. 
Junior Group officers were Janet Ridenhour, President; Stevie Barnhardt, Vice- 
President; Sharyn Smith, Secretary; and Kristen Boyd, Treasurer. 

1989 officers were Elizabeth King, President; Matthew King, Vice-President; 
Janet Ridenhour, Secratary; and David Schiele, Treasurer, f 


Scouting Programs 

irst mention of the Boy Scouts in council minutes was May 5, 1946 when 
D. L. McEachern requested $50.00 be transferred from the Sunday school 
treasury to the Scout program. 

D. L. McEachern's report to the congregation at the beginning of 1947 
reported that: "On August 31, 1945, our Boy Scout troop was organized, and 
chartered under the laws of Congress with 8 Scouts, 5 Troop Committeemen, 
and 2 Scoutmasters. Of these 8 Charter Scouts 1 was registered as 1st. class, 
3 as 2nd. class and 4 as tenderfoot. When our charter was renewed on August 
31, 1946, we registered 16 Scouts, 5 Troop Committeemen, and 3 Scoutmasters. 
Of the 16 Scouts re-registered at the beginning of our second year 2 have now 
attained the rank of Star Scout, 8 have reached 2nd. class and the remaining 6 
are still in the tenderfoot rank" 

In February, 1949, Cecil Funderburke was mentioned as an Assistant 
Scoutmaster of the troop. 

In August, 1950, it was agreed to let the Boy Scouts assist in ushering 
to earn credits on their Pro Deo Et Patria award (highest scouting award). 

David L. McEachern was mentioned in the July 8, 1951 Bulletin as 
Scoutmaster. He was still serving according to the Bulletin of January 27, 1952. 

A Pro Deo Et Patria application was filed for Wayne Ridenhour at the 
council meeting May 23, 1954. 

In the 1957 Church Directory, we note that Scouting was still active, for 
the treasurer's reports shows a total of receipts and prior balance total of $80.02 
and they ended up the year with a balance reported by Treasurer S. C. Atwell 
of $23.02 on hand. Scoutmaster was C. B. Funderburke and T. S. Brown was 
assistant. S. C. Atwell was Treasurer. In Cub Scout activities, the Sunday Bulletin 
of August 19, 1956 reported that Mr. H. L. Grimmett had accepted the position 
of Cub Master. 

The page with Boy Scout activities is missing from the 1958 Directory 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 51 

that we used, but the financial report for that year (1957) shows that they had 
eight registrations and seven subscriptions to Boys Life, the Boy Scout official 
magazine and ended up the year with a small balance of $6.69 in the treasury. 

In the Directory for 1959, Pastor Yount reported that the Boy Scout Troop, 
the Cub Scout Troop and a Girl Scout Troop were active, but we had lost our 
Brownie Troop due to lack of a leader, but in 1960 he reported that the Boy Scout 
Troop and the Brownies were both active. In Sunday's Bulletin of September 
6, 1959, Mrs. William R. Arey and Mrs. Robert Bailey were named leaders of 
the Brownies. 

In the Sunday Bulletin of May 22, 1960, it was reported that Walter 
Goodnight was elected Scoutmaster and T. S. Brown as Assistant of the Boy 

The Sunday, March 12, 1961 Bulletin reported that Mrs. T. C. Honeycutt 
and Mrs. John Boger, Jr. were leader and assistant leader of the Girl Scout Troop 
and Mrs. Robert E. Barnhardt and Mrs. Johnsie Scott leader and assistant of the 

There is no mention of Scouting in the 1961 Directory, but in 1962 (for 
1961) S. C. Atwell reported eight Mens' Registrations, nine Scout Magazines 
and ten Boys' Registrations. In the June 17, 1962 Sunday Bulletin, it was reported 
that Richard Shaw was elected Scoutmaster and Jack Stroud assistant. 

In the Sunday bulletin of November 1 1, 1962, with leadership by Mrs. 
T. C. Honeycutt, Mrs. Buell Little, Mrs. Wallace Early, Mrs. Sidney Perry and 
Mrs. Kent Prewitt, Calvary boasted the largest Girl Scout Troop in the city with 
32 members in No. 1 and 21 in No. 2, for a total of 53 members. Also Calvary 
had a Brownie Troop of 17, making a total of 70 girls served in Scouting at Calvary 
with Mrs. David Lockhart and Mrs. Robert Striker as leaders. 

In the 1963 Directory, there is also no report on Scouting other than a 
report by S. C. Atwell of total receipts during 1962 of $34.84 and an ending balance 
of $6.13. There is no indication as to the size of the Troop. 

The Sunday bulletin of November 8, 1964 recognized the leaders then 
of the Brownies as Mrs. R. B. Watkins, Jr. and Mrs. A. W. Widenhouse, Jr. 
Leaders for Troop 23 were Mrs. R. C. Richardson and Mrs. Morris Talton and 
for Troop 77 were Mrs. Ben Flowe and Mrs. David Lockhart. The bulletin for 
March 7, 1965 reported that Mrs. R. B. Rankin, Jr. had joined as leader of the 
Brownies while Mrs. Widenhouse continued and the other leaders of Troop 23 
and Troop 77 continued. March 6, 1966 saw the addition of Mrs. Phylis Andrews. 
On March 10, 1968, the name of Mrs. Robert Sumner was added as another leader 
who had served "through the years". 

In March of 1974 the Boy Scouting program was rejuvenated through 
the efforts of Harold Yost as Scoutmaster with Robert Haney as Assistant 

52 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Scoutmaster, and Clark Howard leading the troop committee. The troop started 
with four boys and eventually grew to a total of 12 boys. 

The troop was very active and participated in many district camporees, 
council camporees, the annual Concord district scout show, and spent a week 
at Camp John J. Barnhardt each summer. In addition they earned troop camping 
awards and patches by camping at historical parks and hiking historical trails. 

However in early 1978 the troop was disbanded due to being reduced 
to a total of four boys and because of the absence of potential scouts in the 
neighborhood and at Calvary. All four of the boys transferred to Troop 600 where 
they all continued their scouting adventures. This included attending National 
Jamborees, going to Philmont (the national scout ranch at Cimmaron, New Mexico) 
and advancing in rank with one, Mark Yost, achieving his Eagle rank and receiving 
the Pro Deo et Patria award on August 20th. The Council at Calvary allowed 
Mark to supervise the painting of several rooms at the church (by other scouts) 
as a part of fulfilling the requirements for earning his Eagle. 

The equipment was turned over to the Concord district to be used by other 
troops that needed it, and the remainder of the funds in the Scout treasury were 
turned over to Youth Ministry. 

Harold Yost and Robert Haney continued in scouting by serving as assistant 
scoutmasters at Troop 600 for many years. In addition both Harold and Robert 
were active in the Order of the Arrow, and both served on many occasions as 
staff members for district and council adult leadership training courses, with Harold 
being the course director for a training course for new scoutmasters. Robert served 
as chapter advisor for the local OA chapter for a number of years. Harold attended 
Woodbadge, and served as assistant scoutmaster for one of the two troops that 
the council sent to the 1982 National jamboree. In addition, both Robert and Harold 
were leaders on council trips to Philmont. Both have served, and Harold still serves, 
on the Concord district Eagle review board. 

Other men in Calvary have served in various capacities with other troops 
in the years after Calvary's troop dissolved, and some of our youth have earned 
their Eagle rank as a member of those troops. It is hoped that sometime in the 
not too distant future that an active scouting program for both boys and girls 
can be reestablished at Calvary, t 

(Information for this section was contributed by Harold Yost.) 



he first note in the minutes of apportionment or benevolence was at the 
meeting of council in April 1913, when Calvary agreed to pay its 
apportionment of $44.20. In 1919, this had increased to $166.00 for the 
N. C. Synod and the United Synod. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 53 

On January 5, 1942 council agreed to transfer $58.50 from the benevolence 
fund to current to start off the year with a clean slate, and also to pay our balance 
to the orphan home, seminary and the Lowman Home. 

In March, 1945 council voted to pay benevolence in full in a lump sum. 

In December, 1949, it was agreed to pay benevolence in full at the first 
of the year, rather than in quarterly installments, as a surplus existed in the current 

The August 5, 195 1 council meeting approved paying benevolence in full. 

The December 1954 council ruled to apply the Christmas Day offering 
and the loose change from the following Sunday, if needed, to finish the 
benevolence payment. The Sunday Bulletin of January 9, 1955 reported that 

Council passed a motion in November, 1955 to have an altar offering on 
Christmas Eve to pay off benevolence. 

At a called meeting on January 6, 1957, there was a balance in the 
Benevolence Treasury of $468.74. It was decided to give $150.00 to Holy Trinity 
Church in Raleigh and give the balance to the emergency appeal of the N. C. 

At a called meeting Sunday, January 5, 1958, council agreed to authorize 
the treasurer to take whatever was necessary from the current fund (not to exceed 
$32.00) to pay our Covenent in full. 

In September, 1960, council earmarked Sunday School offering for the 
second Sunday in October to go to Lutheran Homes. 

In December, 1995, Calvary paid its Benevolence share to the N. C. Synod 
in full ($30,937.00) for the first time in over twenty years, t 


The beginning records are taken from the baptism logs in the existing Parish 
Register. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are entered on a later page, and were 
not done at Calvary, but entered as a record, probably on heresay. The editor 
does not list parents here, but they are available from regular church records, 

Birth Baptism Infant Pastor 

Luther Blackwelder* 

Carl Blackwelder* 


Virginia Wilkinson* 

C. B. Miller 


Eva Hilliard Linker* 

Edw. RiDenwkbr 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 



















































































Catherine Elizabeth Linker* 
George Gibson Linker* 
Myrtle Lee Cress* 
William Adolphus Isenhour* 
Lena Belle Cress* 
James Hope Tarlton* 
James Heilig Wilkinson* 
Ola Mae Cress* 
Joseph Winfield Tarlton* 
Carl Oscar Roberts* 
Leonard Bunn McEachern* 
Fred Hall McEachern* 
Dorothy Arlene Roberts* 
Ophelia Bland Shive* 
Harry Lawson Cress* 
Christine Elizabeth Linker* 
Thelma Vastine Shive* 
Bertha Emma Roberts* 
Mabel Gertrude Cress* 
Clyde Leonard Roberts* 
Chassie Lee McEachern* 
Ruby Christine Barnhardt* 
Mary Rosetta Linker* 
Tony Cliffton Ketner 
Dora Lucile McEachern 
Sara Lorene Penninger 
Frederick Spencer Barnhardt* 
Fred Hilliard Linker, Jr. 
John Michael Linker* 
Nina Elmysia (?) Goldston 
Elmer Luther Scott 
Edith Margaret Patterson 
Mary Janie Sloop 
David Levond McEachern 
Oscar Leon Linker 
Ethel Belle Scott 
Beulah Elizabeth Goldston 
Hedrick Martin Penninger 
Paul Morrison Blackwelder 
Samuel Paul Carpenter 
James Albert Lavel Sloop 
Sarah Diana Petrea 
Joe Lynn Roberts 
Jno. Albert Goldston M. L. 
Margaret Campbell Tyson 
Gladys Virginia Upright 


Jacob Simpson 
Jacob Simpson 

Edw. RjOenwider 

Rev. Morgan 
J. E. Shenk 

J. E. Shenk 
J. E. Shenk 
Rev. (?) Wooten 
Rev. (?) Miller 
J. E. Shenk 
C. I. Morgan 

N. R Rkhatdscn 
C. I. Morgan 
J. E. Shenk 


Jacob Simpson 
C P. Maia#ilin 

B. S. Dasher 
B. S. Dasher 
B. S. Dasher 
B. S. Dasher 
B. S. Dasher 
B. S. Dasher 
B. S. Dasher 

B. S. Dasher 

C. H. Day 
C. H. Day 
C. H. Day 
C. H. Day 
M. L. Kester 
M. L. Kester 

M. L. Kester 
M. L. Kester 

i Caroina — 

■ 1913-1996 






Henry Arthur Linker M. L. 



Mary Elizabeth Kester P. J. Bame 


Virgil Edison Blackwelder 

M. L. Kester 


Helen Irene Cress 

M. L. Kester 


Mary Evelyn Goldston 

M. L. Kester 


Elma Catherine Penninger 

M. L. Kester 


Margie Nell Sloop 

M. L. Kester 


Howard Cook Kendrick 

M. L. Kester 


Gene Elizabeth Cook 

M. L. Kester 


Hazel Maxine McEachern 

M. L. Kester 


Daisy Dean McEachern 

M. L. Kester 


Louise Elizabeth Lowder 

M. L. Kester 


Lula Ethel Beaver 

M. L. Kester 


Maggie Wincy Beaver 

M. L. Kester 


Walter John Beaver 

M. L. Kester 


Warren Everett Beaver 

M. L. Kester 

1 1/8/24 

Fred Henry Scott 

M. L. Kester 


Violet Joyce Sloop 

M. L. Kester 


Carroll Little Kester 

L. A. Thomas 


Dorothy Mary Hatley 

M. L. Kester 


Callie Ruth Scott 

M. L. Kester 


Boyce Junior Cress 

M. L. Kester 


Edith May Alsobrook 

M. L. Kester 


Alice Ray Sloop 

M. L. Kester 


Ruth Geraldine Lowder 

M. L. Kester 


Kate Blondell Linker 

M. L. Kester 


John Lee Kester 

L. A. Thomas 


Madeline Terry 

M. L. Kester 


Adelaide Terry 

M. L. Kester 


Benjamin Terry, Jr. 

M. L. Kester 


Lillian (?) Julius Goldston 

M. L. Kester 


Luther Earl Hadey 

M. L. Kester 


Edna Irene Scott 

M. L. Kester 


Doris Elaine Lowder 

F. M. Speagle 


James Robinson Ridenhour 

F. M. Speagle 

1 1/3/29 

John Wayne Beaver 

F. M. Speagle 

1 1/3/29 

Grover Lee Beaver 

F. M. Speagle 


Wesley Monroe Beaver 

F. M. Speagle 


Billy Gene Nussman 

F. M. Speagle 


Mary Catherine Blackwelder 

F. M. Speagle 


Oscar F. Blackwelder 

F. M. Speagle 


Donald Edward Hatley 

F. M. Speagle 


Margaret Geneva Way 

F. M. Speagle 


Martin Luther Way 

F. M. Speagle 


Betsy Ann Nussman 

F. M. Speagle 


Robert Ray Ridenhour 

F. M. Speagle 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


B aptism 





Fred Olin Sloop 

F. M. Speagle 



Barbara Jean Miller 

J. A. L. Miller 



Catherine Effie Edgerson (?) 

J. F. Davis 



William Alexander Wilkinson 

J. F. Davis 



Charles Lester Wilkinson 

J. F. Davis 



Robert William Edsell 

J. F. Davis 



Jo Carolyn Edsell 

G. B. Goodman 



Helen Christine Edsell 

G. B. Goodman 



Aaron Frances Hargett 

G. B. Goodman 



Bobbie Lane Hadey 

G. B. Goodman 

(?) 18/26 


Frances Stiller 

G. B. Goodman 



Charles S. Talbert 

G. B. Goodman 



Clarence Ray Talbert 

G. B. Goodman 



Barbara Frances Sloop 

G. B. Goodman 



Gary Edward Ridenhour 

G. B. Goodman 



Mary Jane Beaver 

G. B. Goodman 



Billie Ray Beaver 

G. B. Goodman 



Clyde Reuben Goodman 

R. A. Goodman 



Judith Julian 

G. B. Goodman 


1 1/23/38 

Sue Carol Julian 

G. B. Goodman 



Buddy Lee Yates 

G. B. Goodman 



Betty Lou Peacock 

G. B. Goodman 



Morrison Eugene Peacock 

G. B. Goodman 


Betty Sloop 

G. B. Goodman 


L. M. Lowder, Jr. 

G. A. Miller 



Frances Louise Shoe 

G. B. Goodman 



Zeke Bennie Edwards 

G. B. Goodman 



Mary Lois Goodman 

R. A. Goodman 



Philip Wayne Ridenhour 




Sylvia Elaine Ridenhour 

G. B. Goodman 


Sidney Lee Basinger 

G. B. Goodman 


David Levond McEachern 

G. B. Goodman 


James Evans Taylor 




Betty Jean Helms 

G. B. Goodman 



Judith Anne Whelchel 

G. B. Goodman 



Donald Ray Shoe 

G. B. Goodman 



Arnold Ray Summerell 

G. B. Goodman 



Betty Lou Rowland 

G. B. Goodman 



Betty Ann Seaford 

G. B. Goodman 



Bucky Pinky Seaford 

G. B. Goodman 



Betty Jean Helms 



Judith Anne Whelchel 



Cecelia Ann Funderburke 



Nancy Joyce Seagle 



Murl Everdell Seagle 



Margaret Jane Ridenhour 


i Caroina — 

■ 1913-1996 




Jo Ann McEachern 


William Carl Hatley, Jr. 


Linda Kay Hatley 


William Carl Hatley, Sr. 


Anne Lee Lomax 


Claudine Ellen Lomax 


Dorothy Adeline Seagle 


Mary Ruth Hartsell 

1 1/24/44 

James Daniel Hatley 

1 1/26/44 

Jackie Elizabeth Ledwell 


Kenneth Felton Bollinger, Jr. 


Erline Loggans Tarlton 


Martha Boe Estridge 


Elise Nancy Lomax 


Gloria Jeanne Tarlton 


Josephine Wilson 


Nell Wood Mattison 


Burman Owen Walters 


Jimmy Lynn Walters 


Mary Ann Linker 


Martha Lucy Hatley 


James Elliott Ramseur 


Christine Bostian 


William S. Coffey 


Willie Josephine Hegler 


Mazelle Herrin 


Bemice Moose Howard 


William Rodie Lyons 


Floyd Parker 


George Michael Joyner 


Michael Ray Hartsell 


Johnny Dennis Scott 


John Clark Howard, Jr. 


Harold Stevens Barnhardt, Jr. 


William Richard Lyons 


Alfred Roach 


Wesley Roach 


Benny James Moose 


Elizabeth Diana Parker 


Carol Dianne Rusk 


Alfred Pinckney Walters, Jr. 


James Franklin Helms 


Jane Elizabeth Hatley 


Mary Ann Stevens 


Perry Lynn Sides 


Mark Terence Goodman 




Ba ptism 

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Infant Pastor 



Thomas Walter Ramseur 



Van Cletus Scott, Jr. 



Ovid Brown Gardner 



Walter Hartsell Gardner 



Benson Fuller Holcomb, Jr. 



Tony Gene Basinger 



Bruce Gordon Sloop 



Alleia Yvonne Moore 



Susan Ellen Bryant 



Daniel Wayne Hillard 



Walter Neil Hillard 



Larry Wayne Cress 



Judy Sue Garmon 



Delia Dawn Isenhour 

(No dates) 

Philip Wayne McEachern 



Audrey Jean Bost 



Joyce Annetta Johnson 



Novalene Trull 


Joe Addison Goodnight 



Marian Sue Black 



Barbara Katherine Black 



Judy Marlene Cress 



James Henry Craver 



Harlen Craig Craver 



Mary Lou Ewing 



Bobby Gene Scott 



Peggy Valerie Smith 



Joe Addison Goodnight [Jr.] 



Kenneth Lynn Lentz 



Billy Gene Trull 



Ruth Elizabeth Sehorn 



Billy Dean Burnette 



Gerri Lynn Faggart 



Pamela Jean Sehorn 



Sherylle Suzanne Petty 



Rebecca Louise Sloop 



Carolyn Canupp 



Barnard Leonard Burnette 



Patricia Ann Sehorn 



Harold Reginald McClamrock 



Barry Kenneth McClamrock 



Dennis Morgan Cress 



Susan Moore Cruse 



Albert Madison Stone 



Helen C. Stone 



Jones Franklin Talbert 

Concord, North Caroina — 

• 1913-1996 








James Clinton Talbert 



Ellen Marie Lentz 



Ricky Lee McClamrock 



Beverly Irene Stone 



Donnie Worth Johnson 



Claire Annette Bostic 



Robert Lewis Petty 



Janus[?] Allen Garmon 



Sandra Gail Garmon 



Barbara Louise Smith 



Saundra Kay Trull 



Jamie Elise Smith 



Beverly Camille Black 



Carol Annette Sifford 



Rodney Glenn Johnson 



Timothy Lee Faggart 



Angela Ann Flowe 



Donald Luther Scott 



Joseph Alexander Ballard 



Felicia Lynette Drury 



Michael David Goodnight 



Ray B. Strube 



Joyce Strube 



Michael Eric Strube 



Susan Giovanni Strube 



Randy Jo Clayton 


1 1/27/55 

Dabra Jo Mauldin 



Leah Elizabeth Hatley 



Ted Osborne Smith 



Jack Desmond Cook 



Bennett Laine Cook 



Charles Philip Brown 



Donald Ray Trull 

2/12, 1876 


McDaniel Hatley 



Patty Ruth Peacock 



Thomas Andrew Howard 



Vivian Renee Drury 



James Wilson Winecoff 



Gary Stephen Harrington 



Randal Clark Shoe 



Terry Lisa McClamrock 



Ricky Edward Clayton 



Dale Andrew Cline 



Cheryl Ann Faggart 



Ralph Rollen Drury, III 



Shirley Mae Ridenhour 



B aptism 

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Infant Pastor 



Charles Kevin Surner 



Angela Lynn Long 



Debra Ann Ridenhour 



Anthony Lance Smith 



David Ellis Noblitt 



Deborah Kay Hatley 



Larry Dixon Harrington 



Richard Erick Jenkins 



Charles Mark Tarlton 



Cynthia Louise Drury 



Philip Clair Yount, Jr. 



Philip Jeffrey Howard 



Holland Prentis McHorn 



Jeffrey Lars McHorn 



Richard Hale Simpson 



Banks Rudolph Cline 



Dawn Elizabeth Ridenhour 



Patricia Ann Fortune 



William Aaron Galloway 



David Karl Simmons 



Patricia Ann Simmons 



Ina Kay Jenkins 



Jean Carol Harrington 



Frank Measamer, Jr. 



Mark Steven Fogleman 



Sabrina Rene Goodman 



Dorothy Jayne Garmon 

1 1/24/59 


Susan Carol Simmons 



Walter Lee Drury, Jr. 



Patricia Ann Hartsell 



Timothy Ray Ridenhour 



David Walter Yount 



Cathy Deann Talbert 



Edward Berry Barnhardt 



David Wilson Barnhardt 



Frederick Spencer Copeland 



Gina Lynn Flowe 



Heidi Claudette Ballard 



Donna Kern Ballard 



Carla Lea Fogleman 



Timothy Nathan West 



Robin Denise Ridenhour 



Carol Allison Burge 



Catherine Anne Black 


Calvin Livingston Hudson 



Calvin Livingston Hudson, Jr. 


North Caroina — 

- 1913-1996 






Kimberly Ann Breed 



David Andrew Simpson 



Larry Wayne Archie 



Tracy Alexander Cruse, Jr. 



John David Merck 



Lisa Ann[?] Trexler 



Janet Lee Petty 



James Thomas Foster, II 



Melissa Denise West 



Melissa Jeanne Whittington 



Iris Elaine Bollinger 



Earl Coolidge Beaver, Jr. 


Nora Jane Beaver 



Alan Todd Johnson 



Alvin Lennie Moore 



Pamela Annette Hadey 



Trena Ruth Baucom 



Lori Jayne Ridenhour 



Todd David Fogleman 



Lisa Marie Breed 



Marian Lynette Whitley 



Mark Lee Hatley 



Lois Ann Foster 



Robert Lee Cookson, Jr. 


Bill Parks Carriker 



James Evon Taylor, HI 



Kelley LeAnn Haney 



Laura Michaela Moore 



William Scott Hatley 



Kevin Scott Garmon 



Trent Scott Carriker 


Burley[?] Denise Cline 



Timothy Howard Mauldin 



Andy Kyle Moore 



Thomas Randy Mattison, Jr. 



Timothy Ray Kimbrell 



Stuart Dunean McCormac 



Phillip Lee Shaw 



Jon Christopher Hudson 



Eric Royce Baucom 



Christopher Todd McManus 



Gregory Glenn Goodman 



Michael Wayne Cook 



Kenneth Harold Suther 



Mark Healy Sisk 



Martha Jones Sisk 





Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Infant Pastor 



Timothy Dean Canup 



William Acril[?] Ridenhour 



Margaret Karen Ridenhour 



Harold[?] Eugene Foster 



Lana Kathryn Haney 



David Scott Suther 



Kenneth Boland Cruse, Jr. 



Michael Dean Hatley 



Tobie Anthony Whitaker 



Christian Amanda Barnhardt 



Jennifer Lynne Barrier 



David Charles Petty 

1 1/22/69 


Angela Michelle Hartsell 


Trudy Stikeleather 



Sylvia Jean Ridenhour 



Richard Neil Stikeleather 



Stephanie Jane Barnhardt 



Ann Elizabeth Shaw 



Jason Clark Howard 



Angela Marie Moretz 



Jeffrey Wayne Goodman 

1 1/5/70 


Kenneth Ray Nash 



Tonja Mass Carlson 



Jonathon Fredrick Moretz 



Jeffrey Michael Harrison 



John Merlin Howard 


Elizabeth Dianne Thompson 


Deanna Yvette Brown 



Janet Ann Ridenhour 


Berry Lee Stikeleather 


Bonnie Lee Basinger 



Harold Stevens Barnhardt, III 


Robert Earl Moretz 


Timothy Britten Hatley 


Henry Edward Measamer, III 


Quentin Maury Taylor Cline 


Brady Lomax, Jr. 


Andrea Denise Moose 


Sharon Lynn Archie 


Lisa Yvonne Archie 



David Eugene Schiele 


Robert Lee Petty 



Michael Lee Coffey 



Megan Virginia Pope 


Staci Amanda Coleman 


John Carl Smith, Jr. 

Concord, N< 

)rth Caroina — 

• 1913-1996 








Roxanne Kathleen Wise 



Kevin Scott Baucom 


Joshua Ryan Baxter 



Adrienne Dean Measamer 



James Dodson Ramseur 



William Joel Freeman 


Christy Michelle Lomax 



Holly Marie Young 



Steven Wayne Edwards 


Ryan James Danner 



Carolyn Baker Ramseur 



April Lee Peavy 


Daniel Shane Lomax 



Christopher David Goodnight 



Andrew Leroy Coffey 


Scott Daniel Coleman 



Ashley Blair Smith 



Wesley Barrett Jessup 



Kathryn Natalie Barger 


Mary Elizabeth Ramseur 


Michael Lynn McDonald 


Kimberly Marie Peavy 



Brian Justin Norris 



Joseph Leonard Bolick 



Eric Jonathon Cline 



Jayme Elizabeth Freeman 



Brandon Jay Nash 



Constance Michalle Goodnight 



Terry Wade Huneycurt 



Matthew Richard London 

1 1/8/73 


Michelle Dawn Thompson 



Kirsten Katherine Fridlund 



Kenneth Wayne Archie 



Lauren Elizabeth Smith 



Amy Elizabeth Carter 



Quay Lee Hissong, Jr. 



Evan Lavon Benton 



Laura Sue Horton 



Eric Paul Horton 



Julie Diane (Jill) Caudle 



Lisa Renee Caudle 



Catherine Jean Smith 



Keely Nicole Lambert 



Matthew Charlton Jones 



Jonathan Jay Callaway 



Nicholas Chadwick Hudson 



B aptism 

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Infant Pastor 



William Reid Arey, IV 



Holly Nicole Burris 



Hana Lea Barger 



Amy Elizabeth Milam 

1 1/30/82 


Michael Christian Staton 



Jacyln Noelle Cruse 



Joshua Bryant Boone 



Jennifer Christine Staton 



Jessica Rae Correll 



Kenneth Charles McClamrock 



Steven Michael McClamrock 



Thomas Andrew Howard, Jr. 



Jennifer Christine Staton 



Patrick Wayne Knight 



Tiffany Anne Blackwelder 



Brian Joseph Stearns 



Ashlyn Nicole Gledhill 



Raymond White Eudy, Jr. 



Sarah McClamrock Bennett 



Kevin Murry Browder 



Jonathan Robert Smith 



Brenda Kathleen Howard 



Graham Alan Boone 



Bryan Markus Lambert 


1 1/29/87 

Charles Kimball Smith 



Corin Dayvault Smith 



Heidi Elizabeth Ramseur 



Sarah Olivia Sloop 



Elizabeth Marie Faggart 


9/1 1/88 

Michael Patrick Stearns 


Kevin Murry Browder 



Jonathan Franklin Cox 



Nikki Diane Baglio 



Teresa Grace Baglio 



Justin Paul Baglio 



Stephanie Marie Lumpkin 



Heather Rene Lumpkin 



Kara Suzanne Wahunen 



Bradley Robert Milam 



Cody William Varnadore 



William David Black 



Sandra Nichole Thompson 



Shipp Vernon Coleman 



Shane Andrew Coleman 



Jonathan Brian Eudy 



Colin David Barrier 

Concord, N 

orth Caroina — 1 









Ethan Mitchel Barnhardt 



Sebastian Dakota Moncayo 


Christina Moncayo 



Austin Ray Pittman 



Nicole Lindsay Mac Kay 



Carly Lee Varnadore 


Dennis W. Keller 



Joel Dean Woodward, Jr. 



Joseph David Dineen 



Hayden Curtis Link 



Sarah Elizabeth Ormand 


Kayla Lynn Goode 


Whitney Elaine Knight 



Austin Nelson Mangum 



Sydney Lauren Stikeleather 



Samuel Neil Stikeleather 


Janice Neel Mauldin 


Chelsea Jo Mauldin 


Zachary Mauldin 



Diana Nancy Davis 



Susanna Catherine Black 


LeAnna Kim Smith 



Mackenzie Noelle Huneycutt 



Adron Thomas Barrier 



Keith Alan MacKay 


Randy Joe Smith 



Taylor Allison Smith 



Jacob Andrew Keller 



Ronnie Ray McDonald 



Christine Elizabeth DeLargy 



Michael Jones DeLargy 



Jennifer Nicole Cox 



Brent William London 


Alexander Rhyne Hagle 



Travis William Dove 



Courtney Ashton Woodward 



Erica Lane Yost 

66 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Most of the confirmations listed below are duly recorded in the existing Parish 
Register, although some are picked up from such sources as council minutes. 
We cannot find confirmations before Palm Sunday, 1941. t 

Palm Sunday, 1941: J. R. Ridenhour, Ray Talbert, Doris Lowder, Geraldine 

Lowder, Madge Edsell. 
March, 1942: Billy Gene Nussman, Edna Irene Scott, L. R. Wensil, Jr. 
April, 1943: Robert Owen Barnhardt, Harris Adam Crowell, Ralph Rollen 

Drury, Jr., Hilda Lee Edsell, Claudine Ellen Lomax, Anne Lee Lomax, 

Betsy Ann Nussman, Robert Ray Ridenhour, Dorothy Adeline Seagle, 

Charles Samuel Talbert 
April, 1944: Fred Olin Sloop, Robert William Edsell 
April, 1946: Walter Lee Drury, Herbert Eckenrhode, Virgil Bostian, John 

C. Howard, Paul G. Moose, (Mrs.) Peggy C. Whidey 
March, 1947: Jerry Sloop 
April, 1949: Helen Edsell, Jo Carolyn Edsell 
March, 1950: George Lester Stikeleather 
June, 1950: Larry Eugene Wensil 

September, 1950: Joyce Marlene Beaver, Dolores McClellan 
June, 1951: Betty Lou Peacock, Patsy Ann Cress, Harlen Craig Crave r, 

Mary Lou Ewing, Joann June Eckenrhode, William Carl Hadey, Gary 

Edward Ridenhour 
September, 1951: Charles Lentz, Hazel Lentz 
April, 1952: Betty Suzanne Funderburke, Nancy Lou McClellan, Zona Kay 

March, 1953: James Henry Craver 
September, 1953: Earl Smith, Mary Brown Smith, Mary Simpson Stiller, 

Rachel Simpson 
February, 1954: John F. Herbert, Florence J. Herbert 
June, 1954: Sylvia Elaine Ridenhour, David Levond McEachern, Jr., Philip Wayne 

Ridenhour, Ovid Brown Gardner, Sidney Lee Basinger, James Evans Taylor, 

Jr., Jimmy Lynn Walters 
April, 1955: Clifford Lee Hadey, Jr., Jerry Lynn Barrier, Theron Sidney Brown, 

Jr., Linda Kay Hatley, Cecelia Ann Funderburke 
April, 1956: Billie Anne Cline, Martha Lucy Hadey, James Daniel Hadey, Margaret 

Jane Ridenhour, Martha Ann Yount, Mary Ruth Hartsell. 
June, 1957: Linda Jane Cagle, Billie Ann Brett, Burman Oren Walters, 

Jane Elizabeth Hadey 
September, 1957: Burman Owen Walters 
October, 1957 (out of order): Boyce Burgess 
May, 1958: Richard Jenkins, Larry Harrington, Leah Cline, James Elliott Ramseur, 

Larry Joe Brown, Marian Sue Black, Brenda Sue Talbert, Carla Elizabeth 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 67 

Earnhardt, Johnny Leon West, Frank Merle Cline, Jr. 
May, 1959: David Wayne Hillard, Claire Annette Bostic, John Clark Howard, 

II, Benny James Moose, Linda Nell Tarlton, Carolyn Jean Cline, Louise 

Estelle Wyatt, Jean Harrington, Alvas Avery West, Kay Jenkins, Thomas 

Henry Brown, George Michael Joyner, Richard Lyons, Graham H. Simmons, 

Jr., (Mrs.) Charlotte Simmons, (Mrs.) Carl Fogleman, Willard E. Jenkins, 

(Mrs.) Ina Porter Jenkins 
June, 1960: Van Cletus Scott, Jr., Thomas Scott Ballard, Thomas Walter Ramseur, 

Nora Ann St. John, Nancy Moore Wyatt, Tyrone Ballard, Norman B. 

Galloway, Donald Wayne Sisk, Tony Gene Basinger, Michael Ray Hartsell, 

Cornelia Anne Perry. 
(Note in Parish Register: No Confirmations in 1961-62) 
June, 1963: William Reid Arey, HI, Barbara Katherine Black, Billy Dean Burnette, 

Nora Jane Beaver, Luther Steven Cline, Annie Delores McBride, Rebecca 

Ann Moretz, Douglas Burkett Pinder, Elizabeth Marie West, Ann Frances 

Winecoff, Melissa Jeanne Whittington 
May, 1964: Betsy Carol Arey, Earl Coolidge Beaver, Jr., Ben Foy Cline, Jr., Claude 

Michael Deal, Larry Stephen Ezzell, Gerri Lynn Faggart, Joe Addison 

Goodnight, Jr., Robert Charles Hatley, Sherylle Suzanne Petty, Anna Marie 

St. John, Donald Ray Trull, Janis Henderson Winecoff. 
April, 1965: Judy Sue Gannon, Sandra Gail Garmon, Kathy Rebecca Cruse, 

Bernard W. Cruse, III. 
May, 1967: Susan Moore Cruse, Gary Stephen Harrington, Donnie Worth Johnson, 

Jr., Dennis Harold McEachem, Ricky Carroll Miles, Elizabeth Louise Parker, 

Pamela Jean Sehorn, Patricia Ann Sehorn. 
June 1968: Beverly Camille Black, Daphne Anne Long, Sandra Elaine Moretz, 

Robert Lewis Petty, Wendell Lynn Ezzell, Ricky Lee McClamrock. 
July 21, 1968: Dabra Jo Mauldin. 
May, 1969: Janice Alberta Black, Angela Ann Flowe, Mark Steven Fogleman, 

Michael David Goodnight, Patricia Ann Hartsell, Leah Elizabeth Hadey, 

Carol Annette Sifford, Sidney Albert Perry, III. 
May, 1970: David Harold Black, Charles Philip Brown, Vivian Renee Drury, 

Jeffrey Lee Ezzell, Thomas Andrew Howard, William Boger Long, III, 

James Lewis Miller, Jackie Elizabeth Wyatt. 
May, 1971: Dale Andrew Cline, Angela Lynn Long, Teena Marie McEachern, 

Terry Lisa McClamrock. 
January, 1972: Banks Rudolph Cline, Cynthia Louise Drury, Patricia Ann Fortune, 

William Aaron Galloway, Deborah Kay Hatley, Philip Jeffrey Howard, 

Earl David Moretz, David Ellis Noblitt, Dawn Elizabeth Ridenhour, Debra 

Ann Ridenhour, Charles Mark Tarlton, Cathy Ann Hadey. 
March, 1975: Andy Doll, Walter Drury, Jr., Timothy Ray Ridenhour, Kay Annette 

Dayvault, Kim Blume. 
April, 1976: Catherine Anne Black, Tracy Alexander Cruse, Jr., David Kent Cruse, 

Robin Denise Ridenhour. 

68 Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

April, 1977: Larry Wayne Archie, Janet Lee Petty, Bill Yost. 

May, 1978: Pam Hatley, Mark Hatley, Janice Stroud, Lori Jayne Ridenhour. 

May, 1979: Mark Yost, Kelley Haney. 

May, 1980: Tammy Fridlund, Julia Elaine Mauldin, Erika Lorstadt Shue, 

Tim Mauldin. 
June, 1981: Anne Doll, Heidi Kuchenbecker, Phillip Lee Shaw. 
May, 1982: Kelley Haney, Tammy Goodnight, Allison Fridlund, Michael 

June, 1983: Kenneth B. Cruse, Jr., David Petty, Lisa Caudle, Stephanie Dobbs, 

Tonya Wiles, Jeff Yost. 
October, 1983; Christy Barnhardt. 
July, 1984: Angie Hartsell, Stephanie Barnhardt, Ann Elizabeth Shaw, Kim 

Young, Michael Hines, Beverly Canup, Brian Schiele. 
August, 1984: Richard Neil Stikeleather, Sylvia Elaine Ridenhour. 
March, 1986: Kevin Patrick Hines, Kenneth Ray Nash, Amy Michelle Wiles. 
April, 1987: Keith Allen Mercer, Michael Lynn McDonald, Janet Ann Ridenhour, 

Berry Lee Stikeleather, Kristina Marie Williams. 
March. 1988: Harold Stevens Barnhardt, III, Kristen Louise Boyd, Jonathan 

Michael Ewart, William Gaines Ewart, III, Brandon Reid Jessup, Matthew 

Thomas King, Megan Virginia Pope, David Eugene Schiele, Sharon Lynn 

Smith, Tiffany Anne Wagstaff, Roxanne Kathleen Wise. 
March, 1989: Michael Lee Coffey, Erin Melissa Colberg, Kevin Raymond 

Milbredt, Amy Michelle Norris, William David Poindexter, III, Jacquelyn 

Rose Schaening. 
April, 1990: Bradley Stephen Austin, Teresa Grace Baglio, Alison Clare 

Colberg, Stephanie Marie Lumpkin, James Dodson Ramseur, David Hal 

March, 1991; Amanda Elizabeth Boyd, Christopher Hilton, Dennis Hines, 

Wesley Jessup, Heather Lumpkin, Becky Schaening, Holly Marie Young. 
April, 1992: Justin Paul Baglio, Ashlyn Nicole Gledhill, Jennifer Annette 

Helms, Jonathan Lee Orlic, Carolyn Baker Ramseur, Jason Frederick 

April, 1993: Candice Basinger, Andrew Coffey, Karen Early, Keely Lambert, 

Tara Norris, Julia O'Neal, Beth Ramseur, Katie Rommelmann, Megan 

Rommelmann, David Schaening, Ashley Blair Smith, Michael White. 
March, 1994: Emily Susan Austin, Joshua Adam Bowers, Brett Shane Frey, 

Kristin Marie Hissong, Jason William Nain, Brian Justin Norris, Margaret 

Roberta Orlic, Chad Alan Schieber. 
April, 1995: Cullen Michael Greenfield, Matthew Richard London, Lauren 

Elizabeth Smith. 
March, 1996: Jason Matthew Allen, Travis William Dove, John Edward 

Earl, HI, Adam Palmer Erwin, Quay Lee Hissong, Hilary Diane Laney, 

Catherine Jean Smith, Jason Dale Williams. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 



The following marriages are recorded in Calvary's Parish Register. Some 
of these marriages were not held at the church, but at the home of the bride or 
groom or elsewhere, but apparently were all performed by Calvary's Minister. 
They are all in the official register. 





J. Olin Sloop 

Mary Isenhour 

B. S. Dasher 


J. E. Perry 

Beulah B. Ketner 

B. S. Dasher 


L. B. Cress 

(Mrs.) Fannie Blackwelder 

B. S. Dasher 


C. O. Linker 

Beatrice Watson 

C. H. Day 


V. C. Cline 

Cooper Walker 

C. H. Day 


I. N. Luke 

Margaret Sherwood 

C. H. Day 


Geo. W. Stanley 

Betty E. Underwood 

C. H. Day 


Mark Spry 

Mamie G. Spry 

C. H. Day 


J. R. Meredith 

Annie Petrea 

C. H. Day 


J. M. Holshouser 

Ollie Bost 

C. H. Day 

6/1 6/"M 

W K Fnrtiinpi 

Mnv RpIIp Author 

M T Kpi-fpir 30 

\J[ IKJf Si I 

TT . fV. 1 UilullC 

lyiuy ucii© ouuirt 


Rnth Plnrk 

\i T \Cr"^tr*r 

Qf££f£ 1 


r. r. ruunuiuui 

Ausbin Towell 

rvuiii v^iuiiv 

Elma Gordon 

M. L. Kester 


Chas. M. Fun- 

Willie Mae Biggers 

M. L. Kester 


Alton B. Conrad 

Dorothy Arlene Roberts 

M. L. Kester 


J. Y. Johnston 

Mertie Petrea 

L. D. Miller 


V. Fisher Miller 

Jerry Hartshell 

F. M. Speagle 


Leonard McEachern 

Ella Bost 

Dr. J. L. Morgan 


Rev. H. F. Fogleman. 

Nora Lippard 

F. M. Speagle 


Martin L. Ritchie 

Irene B. Crenshaw 

F. M. Speagle 


Joe A. Walters 

Annie Barts 

F. M. Speagle 


Woodly Fisher 

Mior Hunter 

F. M. Speagle 


H. Craig Beam 

Mary Ellen Speagle 

F. M. Speagle 


L. B. Cress 

Brownie Barrier 

G. B. Goodman 


Gilbert B. Goodman 

Grace Smith 

R. A. Goodman 


John M. Linker 

Annie Mae Long 

G. B. Goodman 


Oscar L. Linker 

Minnie Walters 

G. B. Goodman 


Floyd Ramseur 

Helen Faggart 

G. B. Goodman 


William H.Linker 

Ethel Belle Scott 

G. B. Goodman 


C. M. Willard(?) 

Lucille McEachern 

G. B. Goodman 


Roy R. Scott 

Myrtle Page 

G. B. Goodman 


Burris (?) Medlin 

Esther Christy 

G. B. Goodman 


Dale Rogers 

Sarah Petrea 

G. B. Goodman 


Ovid Brown Gardner 

Alice Basinger 

G. B. Goodman 


Sidney Basinger 

Annie Belle Wensil 

G. B. Goodman 


Paul Moose 

Georgi (?) Christy 

G. B. Goodman 


Cecil Funderburke 

Janie Sloop 

G. B. Goodman 


C. H. Joyner 

Martha Troutman 

G. B. Goodman 


Wood Mattison 

Nell Wood 




Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Bride Pastor 


Richard Harrington 

Nell Sloop 


Norman Ballard 

Hazel Shuffler 


Robert Kelley 

Lillie Mae Shue 


Walter Basinger 

Juanita McFalls 


Herman B. T. Kluttz 

Hazel Radde 


Wilbur Wright Harrison 

Mabel Elizabeth Brown 


John C. Howard 

Bernice Lee Moose 


Rufus Helms 

Margie Irene Ritchie 


William Rodie Lyons 

Mildred Weddington Paul B. Cobb 


Harold Rusk 

Pauline Bamhardt 


Floyd M. Parker 

Kate B. Linker 


James S. Rimer 

Inez Black 


Frank E. Bamhardt 

Carrie L. Petrea 


Martin L. Earnhardt 

Zula Vernice Blackwelder 


Dallas E. Wishon 

Lena Elaine Miller 


Otis Bost 

Frances Carroll 


Albert Johnson 

Virgie Lorena Jolly 

1 1/28/48 

Greeley Misenheimer 

Helen Wensil 


Donald Ellis Noblitt 

Margaret Hegler 


William Pressley 

Bernice Peacock 


Ted William Strube 

Katie Bell Herrin 


Robert Lee Petty 

Hilda Lee Edsell 


Floyd James Luck 

Marjorie Jerlion Robbins 


Joe A. Goodnight 

Madge L. Edsell 


Dr. C. J. Wall 

Pearl Goodman 


Luther Earl Hadey 

Audrey Lee Trull 


Vivian Lee Garrison 

Novalene Trull 


R. C. White 

Annie Lee Gaskey 


Henry Cress 

Betty Lowder 


Fred Goodman 

Juanita Dry 


Everette Boling 

Armilda Talvik 


Richard Hale Simpson 

Martha Lou Faggart 


Ralph R. Drury, Jr. 

Miriam Teal 


Walter Archie 

Betty Lou Peacock 

1 1/7/54 

Ralph Smith 

Arlie G. Smith 


Robert Ray Ridenhour 

Shirley Hicks 

Jul. 2/55 

Clarence Ray Talbert 

Jo Ann Campbell 


Harold Peacock 

Ethel Maie Brotherton 


Robert E. Long 

Mary Simpson Bostic 


William Russell Burge 

Joanne June Eckenrhode 


Fred Olin Sloop 

Barbara Ann Staton 


Ray Melvin Isenhour 

Margaret Louise Scott 


Alfred L. Combs 

Frances Lail 


William C. Lyons 

Mildred W. Lyons 


Robert A. Haney, Jr. 

Nancy Lou McClellan 


James Evers Taylor, Jr. 

Mary Temperance Lentz 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 
Married Groom Bride 




Charles H. Troutman 

Patricia A. Hall 


James Thomas Foster 

Sylvia Elaine Ridenhour 


Dallas Bert Breed 

Patricia Deonne Drye 


Ronald Everett Whittaker 

Peggy Valerie Smith 


John Franklin Merck 

Betty Suzanne Funderburke 


Larry Alexander Cauble 

Saundra Kay Trull 


Elton Manning Robeson 

Barbara Louise Smith 


Alvin Walter Moore 

Cecelia Ann Funderburke 


Royce Hampton Baucom 

Diana Ruth Teal 


Charles Watkins 

Carrie M. Beck 


William Lance Whidey 

Marian Sue Black 


Leonard F. Turner 

Helen F. Ramseur 


Gursed(?) Hunter 

Susan Elizabeth Turner 


Ronnie Litde Wagoner 

Brenda Sue Talbert 


Walter Padgett, Jr. 

Gail Goodnight 


Grady A. Stowe 

Sharon Lee Berlino(?) 


Julius W. McManus, Jr. 

Linda Kay Hatley 


Bill Parks Carriker 

Catherine St. John 


Terry Dean Canup 

Jane Elizabeth Hadey 


David Goodman 

Jane Ridenhour 


Lonnie Wilson Seaford 

Brenda Sue Fisher 


William Richard Lyons 

Margarie Jane Trexler 


Andrew G. Sims 

Louise Estelle Wyatt 


Rodney Craig Whitaker 

Judy Sue Garmon 


Larry J. Medford 

Margie Sue Earnhardt 


James E. Ramseur 

Mary (?) Montgomery 


Hugh Dallas Fallen 

Linda Gray Furgonious(?) 


Joseph Allen Goodnight 

Nancy Moore Wyatt 


William Edward Fink 

Willie Gray Wyatt 


Fred Samuel Pope 

Martha Ann Yount 


Marvin Woodrow Childers Ruth Scott Walters 


Hoyle Kenneth Wise, Jr. 

Barbara Katherine Black 


Michael Lentz Hammill 

Ina Kay Jenkins 


William F. Gerrow, III 

Carolyn Jean Cline 


Dennis Glenn Twiggs 

Tamera Jean HaUey 


George Lester Stikeleather Trudy Lorine Johnston 


Henry Edward Measamer, 

Jr. Claire Annette Long 


Robert H. Richardson 

Sandra Gail Garmon 


Larry Wayne Smith 

Teresa Fry Cline 


Terry Lee Sipe 

Anna Marie St. John 


Thomas Hudlow Freeman 

Betsy Carol Arey 


Ralph Morris Thompson 

Patricia Ann Hartsell 


Rickie Brown Walker 

Patricia Ann Sehorn 


Guin(?) Jackson West 

Marian Black Whitley 


Dennis Harold McEachern Martha Blake McGirt 


Brady Lomax, Jr. 

Patty Ruth Peacock 




Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Bride Pastor 


Earl Coolidge Beaver, Jr. 

Vicki Lynn Furr 


Anderson Ray Smith 

Pamela Jean Sehorn 


Robert Lee Brandon 

Sylvia Fay Cline 


Mike Coleman 

Lynette Hudson 


James K. Brown 

Vivian Lee Garrison 


Edgar Llewellyn Drury 

Kathryn Hewitt Perry 


Gary Morrison 

Susan Garrison 


Richard York 

Nina Tucker 


Larry S. Rowland 

Carol Annette Sifford 


Rev. Leonard H. Bolick 

Rita Marie Abee 


Daniel Elgie Lipe 

Susan Joy Linker 


Robert Clay Cook 

Cornelia Anne Perry 

1 1/27/74 

Paul Wayne Bolick 

Nora Ann St. John 


John Wade Honeycutt 

Dabra Jo Mauldin 


Harold L. Smith 

Sharon Jan Dayvault 


Thomas W. Ramseur 

Diane Baker Dobbs 


Michael David Goodnight 

Maria Renee Hartsoe 


Baxter J. Allman, III 

Joyce Marce Davis 


Steve Overcash 

Sandra Gee 


Alex Rhyne 

Rebecca Anne Untz 


Alton Leroy Howell, Jr. 

Daphne Anne Long 


Robert Carter 

Barbara Wise 


Steven Eugene Hartley 

Patty Ann Miller 


Daryl Richard London 

Cathy Ann Hatley 


Michael Estes 

Patricia Tadlock 


Roger Wayne Horton 

Beverly Camille Black 


Keith Love 

Beverly Denise Cline 


Michael Arrowood 

Sharon Bracket! 


Larry Wayne Archie 

Teresa Gail Smith 


James Kirk Utt 

Janice Alberta Black 


John Earl Callaway 

Leah Elizabeth Hatley 


Michael Lynn Drake 

Tammy Lynn Freidlund 


Marion Richard Starnes 

Julia Elaine Mauldin 


Robert M. Solomon, Jr. 

Lorie Anna Taylor 


Randy Doyle Milam 

Patricia Ann Fortune 


Dan Alan Boone 

Teena Marie McEachern 


Walter Padgett, Jr. 

Gail Ballard 


Vance Monroe Faggart 

Robin Denise Ridenhour 


David Kent Cruse 

Janice Ruth Fortson 


Gale Dean Perkins 

Jane Ellen Nielsen 


Marty Robin Rasnake 

Kim Elizabeth Blume 


James Gordon Bennett 

Terry Lisa McClamrock 


Barry Allison Hammill 

Gina Lynn Flowe 


Kevin Dale Crowell 

Debbie Anne Smith 


Andrew C. Doll 

Carole Ann Stone 


Gene Smith 

Sherylle Suzanne Petty 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 
Married Groom Bride 




W. Boger Long, III 

Ellen Jackson 


Dennis Ray Lentz 

Kirsten Lorstadt Shue 


David Harold Black 

Wanda Starr Gledhill 


Barry Keith Blackwelder 

Betty Ann Lane 


Mark William Varnadore 

Pamela Annette Hatley 


Raymond White Eudy 

Patricia Ann Sehom 


Mark Thomas 

Catherine Anne Black 


Michael Dwayne Cruse 

Lisa Ann Blackwelder 


Tom Foster Beck, Jr. 

Cheryl Grace Jones 


Bernard W. Cruse, Jr. 

Marjorie Elizabeth Ceruti 


John Jackson Ormond, Jr. 

Kay Annette Dayvault 


Rev. Walter Yount 

Jessie Isenhour Corl 


Billie Jean Smith 


Marvin B. Lee, Jr. 

Laura Lee Ross 


Cyrus B. Sethna 

Carol Anne Doll 


Lindsay B. Millikin 

Mary Ramseur 


Robert H. Doll 

Wanda B. Benton 


James Austin Graeber 

Judy Sparkman Bumgardner 


Gary Franklin Cox 

Sandra Camille Wiles 


Eric Mitchel Barnhardt 

Lori Jayne Ridenhour 


H. Edward Eubanks, Jr. 

Tara LuAnn Marlow 


Gary Thomas Fritz 

Deborah Kay Hadey 


David William Barrier 

Erika Lorstadt Shue 


Douglas Glenn Huneycutt 

Jill Suzanne Staton 


Gary Ray Kirby 

Angela Denise Adams 


Stephen Andrew Arnall 

Elizabeth Anderson 


William Boger Long 

Jane Barker Gulledge 


Dennis W. Keller 

Angela M. Hartsell 


Horace Andrew Lowder 

Susan Carol Blackwelder 


Robert Brian Mangum 

Ashley Strange King 


Randy Joe Smith 

Lana Kathryn Haney 


Mark Lee Hatley 

Sharon Lanier Goodman 


Richard Neil Stikeleather 

Lauren Carole Curtis 


Charles Patman Holding 

Stephanie Diane Dobbs 


Dennis Judson Phillips 

Martha Ann Pope 


James Derik Cline 

Diana Nancy Davis 


Jerry Wayne Barrett 

Nancy Moore Goodnight 


Charles Edward Workman Carol Morton Earnhardt 


Todd Harrison Barfield 

Lori Ann Miller 


Travis Duane Barbee 

Janelle Lee Harkey 


Charles Ray Saleeby, Jr. 

Sylvia Jean Ridenhour 


Jason Tucker 

Tonya Wiles 


Anthony Dale Carpenter 

Jodi Denise Atwell 


David Edward Settlemyer 

Wendy Dawn Frey 


Michael Lynn McDonald 

Dee Dee Irene Lisk 


Billy Jackson Corzine, Jr. 

Amy Michelle Wiles 































1 1/2/45 














G room 

Brian Keith Sifford 
Keith Stallings 
Jeffery Scott Yost 
Robert Earl Williams 
David Bradford Stroud 
Lt. Daniel Smith 

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Bride Pastor 

Kelly Melinda Finley 
Teresa Baglio 
Michelle Lee Sigel 
Tamara Frances Wyatt 
Roxanne Kathleen Wise 
Shannon Clukey 

Fred H. Linker 
Virginia Patterson 
Ollie M. Sides 
D. W. Corzine 
Isabella Upright 
W. A. Upright 
Clyde Leonard Roberts 
Sloop Infant Son 
Lester Fisher 
B. L. Roberts 
Donnie Edsell 
T. H. Ridenhour 
Mary Ridenhour 
Mrs. Berry Rowland 
Mrs. Jonas Peacock 
R. W. Krimminger 
Ramseur Child 
Mrs. B. L. Roberts 
George M. Troutman 
Jno. A. Sides 
J. A. Sharpe 
Mrs. W. B. Speight 
Barnhardt Infant 
Buddy Lee Yates 
Mrs. G. W. Petrea 
Mrs. T. H. Ridenhour 
Mrs. J. A. Sides 
Mary Ann Linker 
Jonas M. Peacock 
Gideon Jacob Lippard 
Frank A. Mantooth 

Funerals and Burials 


Oakwood, Concord 
China Grove 
China Grove 
Mt. Pleasant 



China Grove 


Cross of Christ 



Baptist Cemetery 

China Grove 

New Gilead 




China Grove 


Stanly Co. 


Carolina Memorial 



China Grove 

Carolina Memorial 

China Grove 


Carolina Memorial 

Carolina Memorial 


C. H. Day 

C. H. Day 


C. H. Day 


J. Frank Smith 

John L. McEachern 

Mrs. Mary Overcash Upright Oakwood 

John W. Felker Davie County 

J. Olin Sloop Oakwood 

Elmer Luther Scott 

Calvin A. Beaver 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 
Deceased Name Burial 




W. W. Carpenter 



Mary W. Linker 


Mrs. Peggy W. Watkins 

Greenlawn, China Grove 


Mrs. C. A. Isenhour 


Mrs. Ann Miller Scott 



Floyd E. Ramseur 



Mrs. Fannie R. Faggart 



Mrs. J. A. Barnhardt 


H. A. Bostian 

Greenlawn, China Grove 


Mrs. Effie P. Lentz 



Pinkney A. Walters 



McDaniel Hatley 

Running Creek .Bapt. Ch. 


Mrs. Lillie Means Sehorn 



Mrs. J. L. McEachern 



Locke A. Penninger 



Mrs. Lula(?) Christy 



Phylo C. Ballard 

Greenlawn, China Grove 


Joseph L. Moose 

Mt. Olive 


Mrs. Amy Watkins 

Greenlawn, China Grove 


George A. Sloop 



Robert L. Weddington 

Carolina Memorial 


Mrs. L. O. Blackwelder 



Mrs. Sara Potts Cookson 

Carolina Memorial 


Alvin Sides 

Carolina Memorial 


Miss Dora Barnhardt 



Mrs. Ida M. Leazer 

Carolina Memorial 


Mrs. Eleanor Trull 

Carolina Memorial 


H. K. McClamrock 



C. D. Watkins 



Jones C. McEachern 



Irvin L. Dry 
A. J. Peacock 



Hayden Wyatt 

Arlington, Va. 


Roy Peacock 

Carolina Memorial 


Mrs. J. C. McEachern 



Mrs. Pinkney Walters 



Mrs. Lizzie Fry 

Hickory, N.C. 


Mrs. Myrtie Troutman 



James Martin Ridenhour 

Carolina Memorial 


Mada P. Terry 


Brady Young Faggart, Sr. 

Carolina Memorial 


Hubert H. Sloop 

Greenlawn, China Grove 


Mrs. Myrtle M. Sloop 



Oscar Leon Linker 


(?) (?) 

Organ Church 

Edna Faggart 


Ruth W. Chu-(?) 

Paul F. Talbert 


Deceased Name 

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 
Burial Minister 

2/3/72 Mrs. Hattie M. Eckenrhode 

1/23/73 Mrs. Mary P. Fisher 

3/27/73 Mrs. Mary Isenhour 

4/24/73 B. B. Faggart 

6/29/73 John I. Cline, Jr. 

1 1/8/73 Edgar B. Sisk 

3/20/76 Mrs. Esther B. Teeter 

4/18/76 Newton B. Teeter 

5/8/76 Carl E. Floyd 

5/18/77 Robert Lee Petty 

11/10/77 Mrs. Mary B. Fortune 

1/12/78 Maj. Larry Eugene Wensil 

1/20/78 Jay Lee Hatley 

3/16/7 8 — Harold S. Barnhardt, Sr. 

Carolina Memorial 

Greenlawn, China Grove 




Cross of Christ 
Carolina Memorial 
Carolina Memorial 
Carolina Memorial 

12/22/78 Eugene E. Sehorn 

3/3/79 Mrs. Juanita B. Cruse 

1/1/80 Mrs. Mary B. Suther 

8/17/80 Mrs. Grace Lippard 

7/25/81 Vernon E. Teal 

8/16/81 Mrs. Ollie C. Berry 

3/7/82 John L. Berry 

10/5/82 Bernard W. Cruse, Sr. 

11/11/82 Mrs. Cleo Lucille Barnhardt 

12/31/82 Mrs. Violet Stikeleather 

1/29/83 Mrs. Ina Jenkins 

6/19/83 Roy Lee Edsell 

6/19/83 Mrs. Elizabeth L. Sehorn 

6/22/83 Sidney Perry, Jr. 

10/1/83 Jacyln Noelle Cruse 

2/21/84 Mrs. Elizabeth Lavell 

4/27/84 C. D. Allmon 

5/8/84 Mrs. Evelyn D. Cruse 

5/1 1/84 Mrs. Barnard Burnette 

6/2/84 Mrs. Bertha Nussman 

8/23/84 Mrs. Virginia Turner Yount 

8/4/85 Mrs. Isla Kate Faggart 

8/17/85 Mrs. Elona Scott Hadey 

8/23/85 Charles Samuel Talbert 

1/23/86 Miss Susan Moore Cruse 

3/15/86 Mrs. Lucille O. Sloop 

10/26/86 Mrs. Carolyn Casey Doll 

1 1/21/86 Robert Ray Ridenhour 

1/17/87 Mrs. Lola Carter Wilhelm 

3/12/87 James L. Miller 

3/23/87 Willard E. Jenkins 

8/7/87 Ralph R. Drury, Sr. 

9/21/87 Thomas Wood Mattison 

10/26/87 Mrs. Deborah Jean Love 

Carolina Memorial 
Carolina Memorial 
Greenlawn, China Grove 

Carolina Memorial 

Carolina Memorial 

Carolina Memorial 


Carolina Memorial 

Carolina Memorial 

Carolina Memorial 

Carolina Memorial 


Carolina Memorial 

Donated to Science 

Carolina Memorial 



Carolina Memorial 




Carolina Memorial 






Greenlawn, China Grove Boyd 

Carolina Memorial 


Carolina Memorial 


Carolina Memorial 


Donated to Science 


Carolina Memorial 


Union-Rowan Co. 


Greenlawn, Kannapolis 


Mt. Pleasant 


Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 
Deceased Name Burial 




Mrs. Annie Belle Basinger 

Carolina Memorial 



Mrs. Ethel T. N. Sisk 

Carolina Memorial 



Geneva Hess Weddington 

Carolina Memorial 



Janet L. Staton 

Carolina Memorial 



Charles Grady Tarlton 

Carolina Memorial 



Robert Lee Brandon 

Carolina Memorial 



Heidi Kuchenbecker 




Bertha Mae Teed 

Litde Mm., SC 


Mary Ella (Dolly) Long 

Carolina Memorial 



William A. Isenhour 




Edith Isenhour McKay 




Daniel Kirk Ewart 




Clive Willard Wilhelm 

Carolina Memorial 



Joyce Hartsell 




Gary Timothy Smith 




S. Marie Ridenhour 

Carolina Memorial 



Joe Addison Goodnight, Sr. 




C. B. Hawkins 

Carolina Memorial 



Marie Love Isenhour 




Maude Estelle Miller 

Carolina Memorial 



Van Cletus Scott 

Carolina Memorial 



W. Carl Hatley, Sr. 

Carolina Memorial 



Martha Blackwelder 




Henry Lee Faggart 




Louise Walker 




Randolph Macon Hester 




Spencer C. Atwell 




Ruth Teal 




Henry A. Gannon, Jr. 

Cremation/All Saints 



Bessie Moose Wensil 




William Gaines Ewart, III 




Sidney Smith Basinger 




Chandler H. Joyner 




Bobbi McKay 



Evelyn Walker Boyd 

Oakwood, Statesville 



Bobby Moore Fisher 

Carolina Memorial 



Colene Perry 

Carolina Memorial 



Nina Drury 




Donald West 




E. R. McKay 




Madge L. Goodnight 




Paul Wynnk 




Geraldine H. Graham 

West Lawn 



Christine Linker Talbert 




Robert A. Haney, Jr. 

Carolina Memorial 



Herman L. Blackwelder 

Carolina Memorial 



Annie Lee Faggart 

Carolina Memorial 



Addie Beaver Talbert 




Calvary Evangelical I 

-utheran Church 










Harry Kluttz Cress 
Ethel Wall Silliman 
Richard A. Kuchenbecker 
Blanche Cress Edsell 
Rev. Dr. Walter N. Yount 

Carolina Memorial 
Carolina Memorial 
Carolina Memorial 


Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 79 


" vc "=Vice Chairman " s "=Secretary " p " = President 

wvp "= Vice- President 

From minutes of council meetings, particularly in the earlier years, it is impossible 
to determine all correct council members. For that reason, some of these names 
until the 1940s may be incorrect, t 

First (1913) Council : H. B. Wilkinson vc , G. W. Petrea, J. R. Strive 5 (Replaced 
by Jas. C. McEachern August 6, 1916), B. L. Roberts, J. Claude Ketner, Juney 
W. Roberts. 

1916 Council : J. C. McEachern, S. C. Fisher, H. M. Penninger 5 , Fred H. Linker, 
B. L. Roberts vc , J. R. Shive (Replaced by Jas. C. McEachern), J. A. Sides, G. 
W. Petrea. 

1917-18 Council : G. W. Petrea, J. R. Shive, B. L. Roberts (Replaced by Fred 
H. Linker* 1 ™^ (succeeded by H. B. Wilkinson), J. C. McEachern s(pr<>ten,) , S. C. 
Fisher, H. M. Penninger 5 , J. W. Roberts. 

1919-1920 Council : G. W. Petrea, L. B. Cress, H. B. Wilkinson vc , B. L. Roberts, 
J. W. Roberts 5 , H. M. Penninger 5 , J. C. McEachern, W. A. Upright. 

1921 Council : G. W. Petrea, L. B. Cress, H. B. Wilkinson, B. L. Roberts, J. W. 
Roberts 5 , J. H. Linker, G. H. Barnhardt, H. M. Penninger, W. A. Upright. 

1922 Council (Through end of year) : G. W. Petrea, H. B. Wilkinson, B. L. Roberts, 
W. A. Upright, T. H. Ridenhour, J. C. McEachern, J. W. Roberts 5 . 

1923 Council : G. W. Petrea, H. B. Wilkinson, B. L. Roberts, W. A. Upright, 
T. H. Ridenhour, J. C. McEachern, J. W. Roberts 5 . 

1924 Council : G. W. Petrea, H. B. Wilkinson vc , B. L. Roberts, W. L. Kluttz, T. 
H. Ridenhour 5 , G. J. Lippard. 

1925 Council : H. B. Wilkinson, C. D. Watkins, F. A. Barrier, Jno. S. Bost, W. 
L. Kluttz, T. H. Ridenhour 5 , G. J. Lippard, (Honorary Member: G. W. Petrea). 

1926 Council : J. C. McEachern, H. B. Wilkinson, W. A. Upright, C. D. Watkins vc&s , 
F. A. Barrier, J. S. Bost 5 (Replaced by J. Olin Sloop), (Honorary Member: G. 
W. Petrea). 

1927 Council : J. C. McEachern, H. B. Wilkinson vc , W. A. Upright (Succeeded 
by H. M. Penninger), B. L. Roberts, L. B. Cress, Frank E. Barnhardt 5 , (Honorary 
Member: G. W. Petrea). 

80 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

1928 Council : B. L. Roberts, L. B. Cress, Frank Earnhardt 5 - 11 *, H. B. Wilkinson™, 
H. M. Penninger, (Replaced by B. L. Ritchie), J. O. Sloop 5 , J. C. McEachern 
(Replaced by Olin Sloop), (Honorary Member: G. W. Petrea). 

1929 Council : J. O. Sloop 5 , B. L. Roberts, B. L. Ritchie, L. B. Cress, Frank 
Barnhardt, J. M. Ridenhour, H. B. Wilkinson™, R. A. Nussman (Replaced by 
B. L. Roberts), F. A. Barrier (Replaced by C. D. Watkins). 

1930 Council : L. B. Cress, T. H. Ridenhour, A. R. Nussman vc , (Replaced by 

B. L. Roberts), C. D. Watkins, J. W. Roberts, J. M. Ridenhour 5 , B. A. Miller, 

F. A. Barrier, Frank Barnhardt. 

1931 Council : J. M. Ridenhour 5 , B. L. Roberts, A. R. Nussman (Replaced by 

C. D. Watkins), T. H. Ridenhour, H. B. Wilkinson™, Lewis O. Blackwelder, 
Sylvester Sides™, L. Maylon Lowder. 

1932 Council : H. B. Wilkinson, Sylvester Sides™, Lewis O. Blackwelder, L. Maylon 
Lowder 5 , T. H. Ridenhour, B. A. Miller, C. D. Watkins, B. L. Roberts. 

1933 Council : L. M. Lowder 5 , T. H. Ridenhour, B. A. Miller, C. D. Watkins, 
Sylvester Sides, H. B. Wilkinson, Frank Barnhardt, B. L. Roberts. 

1934 Council : C. D. Watkins, B. L. Roberts, Frank Barnhardt, Sylvester Sides 5 
(Minutes not available from the middle of 1934 through 1936). 

1937 Council : William A. (Bill) Isenhour, Sidney Basinger 5 , T. H. Ridenhour™, 

G. J. Lippard, Frank Barnhardt and John L. McEachern. Honorary Life Member: 
H. B. Wilkinson. 

1938 Council : A. R. Nussman, C. D. Watkins, T. H. Ridenhour, J. M. Ridenhour, 
George Troutman, J. L. McEachern, G. J. Lippard, Sidney Basinger, W. A. 
Isenhour, Frank Barnhardt, W. D. Rogers, J. M Ridenhour 5 , H. B. Wilkinson, 
Honorary Life Member. 

1939 Council : C. A. Beaver, W. D. Rogers™, Frank Barnhardt, Sidney Basinger, 
J. M. Ridenhour 5 , G. M. Troutman. 

1940 Council : H. C. Craver, G. M. Troutman, J. M. Ridenhour 8 , W. D. Rogers™, 
David McEachern, Paul Talbert, Sidney Basinger, Frank Barnhardt, C. A. Beaver. 

1941 Council : H. C. Craver (Succeeded by H. A. Bostian), G. M. Troutman, J. 
M. Ridenhour, W. D. Rogers, David McEachern 5 , Paul Talbert, C. A. Beaver, 
I. L. Dry™, R. R. Drury. 

1942 Council : L. R. Wensil, S. S. Basinger™, H. A. Bostian, R. R. Drury 5 , David 
L. McEachern, H. A. Bostian. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 81 

1943 Council : David McEachern vc , I. L. Dry 5 , Sidney Basinger, L. R. Wensil, 
H. A. Bostian. 

1944 Council : D. L. McEachern vc , F. E. Ramseur 5 , L. R. Wensil, J. M. Ridenhour, 
I. L. Dry, L. A. Penninger, R. R. Drury. 

1945 Council : J. M. Ridenhour, L. A. Penninger, F. E. Ramseur 5 , Paul Talbert, 
L. R. Wensil and Frank Barnhardt vc . 

1946 Council : Frank Barnhardt, J. M. Ridenhour, L. A. Penninger, F. E. Ramseur 5 , 
L. R. Wensil, D. L. McEachern. 

At the end of 1946, under the new U. L. C. A. Constitution, Council was increased 
from six to nine members. 

1947 Council : J. M. Ridenhour, L. A. Penninger, F. E. Ramseur s , C. D. Watkins, 
D. L. McEachern, L. R. Wensil, Sr., R. R. Drury, Sr., B. Y. Faggart, Sr. vc , Sidney 
S. Basinger. 

1948 Council : C. D. Watkins, D. L. McEachern 8 , L. R. Wensil, Sr., R. R. Drury, 

B. Y. Faggart, Sidney S. Basinger vc , S C. Atwell, Cecil Funderburke, T. W. 

1949 Council : R. R. Drury, Sr., B. Y. Faggart, Sr. vc , Sidney Basinger, S. C. Atwell, 

C. B. Funderburke, T. W. Mattison, L. A, Penninger, J. W. Sides (Replaced by 
F. E. Barnhardt), F. E. Ramseur 5 . 

1950 Council : S. C. AtwelP c , C. B. Funderburke, T. W. Mattison, F. E. Ramseur 5 , 
L. A. Penninger, F. E. Barnhardt, R. L. Edsell, C. B. Hawkins, Paul Moose. 

1951 Council : F. E. Barnhardt, L. A. Penninger, F. E. Ramseur, R. L. Edsell vc , 
C. B. Hawkins, Paul Moose, S. S. Basinger, H. C. Craver 5 , C. H. Joyner. 

1952 Council : R. L. Edsell, C. B. Hawkins (Replaced by John Clark Howard), 
Paul Moose, S. S. Basinger, H. C. Craver, C. H. Joyner vc , David McEachern, 
H. F. Black 5 , Spencer Atwell. 

1953 Council : S. S. Basinger, H. C. Craver, C. H. Joyner, David McEachern, 
H. F. Black, Spencer Atwell vc , F. E. Ramseur, C. B. Funderburke 5 , Carl Hatley, 

1954 Council : David McEachern, H. F. Black, Spencer Atwell vc , F. E. Ramseur, 
C. B. Funderburke, Carl Hadey, Sr., John Howard, Robert Petty 5 and J. M. 

At a congregational meeting in November, 1954, the number of council persons 
was increased from nine to fifteen persons. 

82 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

1955 Council : F. E. Ramseur (Replaced by Frank Barnhardt), C. B. Funderburke, 
Carl Hatley, Sr., A. M. Stone, Roy Edsell, J. M. Ridenhour, Robert Petty 8 , John 
C. Howard, E. R. McKay vc , C. W. Wilhelm, Banks Cline, Vernon Teal. 

1956 Council : Roy Edsell, J. M. Ridenhour, Robert Petty, John Howard 5 , E. R. 
McKay vc , C. W. Wilhelm, Banks Cline, Vernon Teal, Spencer Atwell, Grady 
Shoe, C. D. Watkins, W. R. Arey. 

1957 Council : E. R. McKay, C. W. Wilhelm, Banks Cline, Vernon Teal, Spencer 
Atwell, Grady Shoe vc , C. D. Watkins, W. R. Arey, Henry Clayton, Frank Barnhardt, 
B. Y. Faggart, John Berry 8 . 

1958 Council : Spencer AtwelP, Grady Shoe (Replaced by H. F. Barrier), C. D. 
Watkins, W. R. Arey 8 , Henry Clayton, Frank Barnhardt, B. Y. Faggart, John Berry, 
Hope Winecoff, Ben Cline, S. S. Basinger, John Howard. 

1959 Council : H. F. Barrier, Harold Black, Frank Barnhardt, S. S. Basinger, Banks 
Cline, Ben Cline, B. Y. Faggart vc , C. B. Funderburke, John Howard 8 , C. H. Joyner, 
E. R. McKay, Hope Winecoff. 

1960 Council : H. F. Barrier, S. S. Basinger, Harold Black vc , Banks Cline, Ben 
Cline, Carl Fogleman, C. B. Funderburke 8 , John C. Howard, E. R. McKay, G. 
H. Simmons, Jr. 8 (Replaced by John I. Cline), Hope Winecoff, S. C. Atwell. 

1961 Council : H. F. Barrier, E. R. McKay, H. D. Black 8 , Banks Cline vc , Carl 
Fogleman, S. C. Atwell, C. B. Funderburke, E. B. Sisk, Charles Tarlton, H. F. 
Black, W. E. Jenkins, L. T. Carter (Replaced by C. H. Joyner. In December, elected 
to Honorary Life Members of the Council were C. D. Watkins, I. L. Dry and 
James C. McEachern. 

1962 Council : Paul Moose, C. H. Joyner, C. B. Hawkins, Carl Fogleman vc , Cecil 
Funderburke, Robert Petty 8 , Wilson Lentz, S. C. Atwell, H. F. Black, Charles 
Tarlton, Willard Jenkins, E. B. Sisk. Honorary Life Members: C. D. Watkins, 
I. L. Dry and James C. McEachern. 

1963 Council : Charles Tarlton, H. F. Black, W. E. Jenkins, Banks Cline, C. H. 
Joyner, Wilson Lentz, C. B. Hawkins, Robert L. Petty, E. R. McKay, H. D. Black vc , 
Richard Simpson 8 , Richard E. Shaw. Honorary Life Members: C. D. Watkins, 
I. L. Dry and James C. McEachern. 

1964 Council : C. H. Joyner, C. B. Hawkins, Wilson Lentz, R. L. Petty, H. D. 
Black, E. R. McKay vc , R. E. Shaw 55 , R. H. Simpson, S. C. Atwell, Banks Cline, 
Ben Cline, C. B. Funderburke, H. F. Barrier, John C. Howard. Honorary Life 
Members: C. D. Watkins, I. L. Dry and James C. McEachern. 

1965 Council : H. D. Black, E. R. McKay, R. E. Shaw, S. C. Atwell, Banks Cline vc , 
Ben Cline, C. B. Funderburke, J. C. Howard, Earl Moretz 8 , H. F. Barrier, S. S. 
Basinger, W. L. Ezzell. Honorary Life Members: C. D. Watkins, I. L. Dry and 
James C. McEachern. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1 9 1 3- 1 996 83 

1966 Council : S. C. Atwell, Banks Cline, Ben Cline, Cecil Funderburke, John 
C. Howard* , H. F. Barrier, Jr., Earl D. Moretz, Sidney Basinger, Earl Beaver, 
Walter L. Drury s , Dr. W. L. Ezzell, Carl Fogleman. Honorary Life Member: 
I. L. Dry. 

1967 Council : H. F. Barrier, Jr., Sidney S. Basinger, John C. Howard, Earl D. 
Moretz, Earl Beaver, Walter L. Drury, W. L. Ezzell, Carl Fogleman 5 , Harold D. 
Black vc , Harold B. McEachern, E. R. McKay, Richard E. Shaw. At the February 
20, 1967 meeting, J. M. Ridenhour, F. E. Barnhardt and Mrs. Carrie Petrea 
Barnhardt were elected Honorary Life Members of the council. On November 
12, 1967, by congregation vote, council was increased from 12 to 15 persons. 

1968 Council : Earl Beaver, Walter Drury, W. L. Ezzell, Carl Fogleman, Harold 
Black, Harold McEachern, E. R. McKay, Richard Shaw, Robert Fortune, Larry 
Brown (Replaced by J. R. Ridenhour), Banks Cline vc , Ben Cline 5 , Cecil Funderburke, 
W. Boger Long, Jr., B. Y. Faggart (Replaced by Carl Hatley, Sr.). In November, 

1968 Roy Edsell and C. W. Wilhelm were elected Honorary Life Members of 

1969 Council : Harold Black, Harold McEachern, E. R. McKay, Richard Shaw, 
Robert Fortune, Banks Cline, Ben Cline, Cecil Funderburke, W. Boger Long, 
Jr., Jack Stroud, Carl Hatley, Sr., J. R. Ridenhour, Earl Moretz 5 , Joe Goodnight, 
Spencer Atwell vc . Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary 
Life Member. 

1970 Council : Banks Cline 5 , Ben Cline, Cecil Funderburke, W. Boger Long, Jr., 
Jack Stroud, Spencer Atwell, Joe Goodnight, Carl Hatley, Sr., Earl D. Moretz, 
J. R. Ridenhour, H. F. Black, Walter Drury vc , Carl Fogleman, Robert Fortune, 
James Hughes. Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary 
Life Member. 

1971 Council : Spencer Atwell, Joe Goodnight, Carl Hatley, Sr., Earl Moretz, 
J. R. Ridenhour, H. F. Black, Walter Drury, Carl Fogleman, Robert Fortune 5 , 
James Hughes vc , Harold Black, John Howard, E. R. McKay, Robert Petty, Richard 
Shaw. Roy Edsell, Honorary life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member. 

1972 Council : H. F. Black, Walter Drury vc , Carl Fogleman, Robert Fortune, James 
Hughes, Harold Black, John Howard, E. R. McKay, Robert Petty, Richard Shaw, 
Banks Cline, Ben Cline, Cecil Funderburke, Wayne Ridenhour, Johnsie Scott 5 . 
Ralph R. Drury, Sr. was elected to Honorary Life Membership in the council. 
Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, 
Ralph R. Drury, Honorary Life Member. 

1973 Council : Harold Black, John Howard, E. R. McKay, Robert Petty, Richard 
Shaw vc , Banks Cline, Ben Cline, Cecil Funderburke, Wayne Ridenhour, Johnsie 
Scott, Spencer Atwell, Sidney Basinger, Boger Long, Alice Ray Sloop 5 and George 
Stikeleather. Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary 
Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

84 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

1974 Council : Banks Cline, Ben Cline vc , Cecil Funderburke, Wayne Ridenhour, 
Johnsie Scott, Spencer Atwell, Sidney Basinger, Boger Long, Alice Ray Sloop, 
George Stikeleather, Bill Arey, Steve Barnhardt, Walter Drury s , Robert Fortune, 
Jim Ramseur. Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary 
Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1975 Council : Spencer Atwell, Sid Basinger, Boger Long, Alice Ray Sloop 5 , George 
Stikeleather, Bill Arey, Steve Barnhardt, Walter Drury, Robert Fortune, Jim 
Ramseur, Harold Black, Robert Doll, Clark Howard, E. R. McKay vc and Richard 
Shaw. Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary life Member, 
Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1976 Council : Jim Ramseur, Bill Arey, Reid Arey, Steve Barnhardt, Robert Fortune, 
Harold Black, E. R. McKay, Robert Doll, Clark Howard 5 , Richard Shaw, Cecil 
Funderburke, John Howard, Sr., Ben Cline, Sr., Wayne Ridenhour vc , Banks Cline. 
Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, 
Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1977 Council : Harold Black, E. R. McKay, Robert Doll vc , Clark Howard, Richard 
Shaw s , Cecil Funderburke, Ben Cline, Sr., Wayne Ridenhour, John Howard, Sr., 
Banks Cline, Reid Arey, Robert Haney, Mary Frances Hatley, Tom Ramseur 
and Spencer Atwell. Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary 
Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1978 Council : Cecil Funderburke, Ben Cline, Sr, Wayne Ridenhour, John Howard™, 
Sr., Banks Cline, Reid Arey 5 , Robert Haney, Mary Frances Hatley, Tom Ramseur, 
Spencer Atwell, Bill Arey, Stephen Harrington, Ben A. Shue, Tracy Cruse, Leroy 
Coffey. Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life 
Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1979 Council : Reid Arey, Robert Haney, Mary Frances Hatley, Tom Ramseur, 
Spencer Atwell, Bill Arey, Stephen Harrington, Ben A. Shue, Tracy Cruse, Leroy 
Coffey, Carolyn Doll 5 ^, Maxine Hatley 505 , Roger Smith, Richard Shaw, Harold 
Black vc . Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life 
Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1980 Council : Bill Arey, Stephen Harrington, Ben A. Shue, Tracy Cruse, Leroy 
Coffey, Carolyn Doll, Maxine Hatley, Roger Smith 5 , Richard Shaw vc , Harold Black, 
Harry Blume, Jack Dayvault, Herb Eckenrhode, Cecil Funderburke, Wayne 
Ridenhour. Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life 
Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1981 Council : Carolyn Doll, Maxine Hatley, Roger Smith, Richard Shaw, Harold 
Black, Harry Blume, Jack Day vault 5 , Herb Eckenrhode, Cecil Funderburke, Wayne 
Ridenhour, Reid Arey, Steve Barnhardt, Joe Goodnight, Robert Haney vc , Jim Jessup. 
Roy Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, 
Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 85 

1982 Council : Harry Blume, Jack Dayvault vc , Herb Eckenrhode, Cecil Funderburke, 
Wayne Ridenhour, Reid Arey, Steve Bamhardt, Joe Goodnight, Robert Haney, 
Jim Jessup, Hilda Petty s , Tracy Cruse, Bob Jones, Bill Arey, Banks Cline. Roy 
Edsell, Honorary Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, Ralph 
R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1983 Council : Reid Arey, Steve Bamhardt, Joe Goodnight, Robert Haney vc , Jim 
Jessup, Hilda Petty, Tracy Cruse, Bob Jones, Bill Arey, Banks Cline, Bob Doll, 
Henry Faggart, Tom Nielsen, Brad Schiele 8 , Ben A. Shue. Roy Edsell, Honorary 
Life Member, C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., 
Honorary Life Member. 

1984 Council : Bill Arey, Banks Cline, Tracy Cruse, Bob Jones (left in July and 
replaced in August by Dan Boone), Hilda Petty, Bob Doll, Henry Faggart, Tom 
Nielsen vc , Brad Schiele, Ben A. Shue, Harry Blume, Tom Ramseur 5 , Jack Day vault, 
David Black, Wayne Ridenhour, Leroy Coffey (ex-officio). C. W. Wilhelm, 
Honorary Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1985 Council : Bob Doll, Henry Faggart, Tom Nielsen, Brad Schiele, Ben A. 
Shue, Harry Blume, Tom Ramseur vc , Jack Dayvault, David Black, Wayne 
Ridenhour, Dan Boone, Leroy Coffey, Bob Haney, Andy Howard 51 , Gary Norris. 
C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life 

1986 Council : Harry Blume vc , Tom Ramseur, Jack Dayvault, David Black 8 - after 
Barger , Wayne Ridenhour, Dan Boone, Leroy Coffey, Bob Haney, Andy Howard, 
Gary Norris, Troy Barger 5 (Resigned Aug., 1986, replaced by Deb Hatley), Harold 
McEachern, John Howard, Hilda Petty, Roger Smith. C. W. Wilhelm, Honorary 
Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1987 Council : Dan Boone, Leroy Coffey, Robert Haney, Andy Howard vc , Gary 
Norris, Bill Arey, Harold McEachern, John Howard, Hilda Petty 8 , Roger Smith, 
Harold Black, Bob Doll, Tracy Cruse, Janie Funderburke, Martha Pope. C. W. 
Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, Ralph R. Drury, Sr., Honorary Life Member. 

1988 Council : Bill Arey, Harold McEachern, John Howard s , Hilda Petty, Roger 
Smith, Harold Black, Bob Doll, Tracy Cruse, Janie Funderburke 8 , Martha Pope, 
Ken Young, David Black vc , Tom Ramseur, John King, Harry Blume. C. W. 
Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member. 

1989 Council : Harold Black, Bob Doll, Tracy Cruse, Janie Funderburke, Martha 
Pope vc , Ken Young, David Black, Tom Ramseur, John King, Harry Blume, Terry 
Austin, Ray Dobelstein, Andy Howard, Susan Norris 5 , Jim Radcliffe. C. W. 
Wilhelm, Honorary Life Member, Cecil Funderburke, Honorary Life Member. 

1990 Council : Ken Young, Tom Ramseur vc , John King, Harry Blume, Terry 
Austin 5 , Ray Dobelstein, Susan Norris, Jim Radcliffe, David Black, Andy Howard, 
Ava Arey, Arlen Colberg, Alex Cruse, Mickey Norris, Don Wagstaff. Cecil 
Funderburke, Honorary Life Member. 

86 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

1991 Council : Terry Austin, Andy Howard vc , Jim Radcliffe, Ava Arey, Don 
Wagstaff, Alex Cruse (Resigned in April, replaced by Bill Cruse), Mickey Norris\ 
Leon Burleson, Leroy Coffey, Jack Dayvault, Maxine Hatley, Richard Shaw. 
Cecil Funderburke, Honorary Life Member, John C. Howard, Honorary Life 
Member, Spencer C. Atwell, Honorary Life Member. 

1992 Council : Leon Burleson vc , Leroy Coffey, Jack Dayvault, Maxine Hadey, 
Richard Shaw, Mickey Norris, Don Wagstaff, Ava Arey, Arlen Colberg, David 
Barrier, Dan Boone, Bernard Cruse, Jr. (Bill), Grace Dobelstein, John Howard, 
Claude Whitley 8 , Amanda Boyd 3 ™, Brad Austin ym . Cecil Funderburke, Honorary 
Life Member, John C. Howard, Honorary Life Member, Spencer C. Atwell, 
Honorary Life Member. 

1993 Council : David Barrier 8 , Bernard Cruse, Jr. (Bill), Harry Blume, John Howard, 
Claude Whitley, Maxine Hatley, Leroy Coffey, David Black p , Andy Howard^, 
Ben A. Shue, Tom Ramseur, Leon Burleson, Martha Pope (Resigned in April, 
succeeded by Ed Eubanks), Terry Austin, Rebecca Schaening*™, Ashlyn Nicole 
Gledhill*™. Cecil Funderburke, Honorary Life Member. Charles H. (Bud) Joyner, 
Honorary Life Member (died November, 1993), Cecil Funderburke, Honorary 
Life Member, John C. Howard, Honorary Life Member. 

1994 Council : David Black, John Howard, Iris Arey 8 , David Barrier^, Andy 
Howard p , Harry Blume, Bernard Cruse, Jr. (Bill), Claude Whitley, Dan Boone, 
Tom Ramseur (Resigned, September, 1994), Ben A. Shue, Rick Erwin, Edward 
Eubanks, Wayne Ridenhour. Bill Wiles. Cecil Funderburke, Honorary Life Member. 
John C. Howard, Honorary Life Member. 

1995 Council : David Black, Iris Arey 8 , Andy Howard, Harry Blume p , Ben A. 
Shue, Rick Erwin, Edward Eubanks, Wayne Ridenhour, Bill Wiles^, Bill Staton, 
Don Wagstaff, Terry Austin, Kale Sloop, Ann Link 8 , Jack Dayvault. John C. 
Howard, Council Emeritus, Herb Eckenrhode, Council Emeritus. 31 

1996 Council : Iris Arey, Rick Erwin p , Bill Wiles, Bill Staton, Don Wagstaff, 
Terry Austin, Wayne Ridenhour, Ed Eubanks, Kale Sloop, Ann Link, Keith Gehl, 
Claude Whitley^, Deb Fritz 8 , Cecil Funderburke, Gary Norris, Leroy Coffey 
(replaced Keith Gehl). Cecil Funderburke, Council Emeritus. John C. Howard, 
Council Emeritus, Herb Eckenrhode, Council Emeritus. 

1997 Council : Bill Staton, Don Wagstaff, Terry Austin p , Kale Sloop, Ann Link, 
Claude Whitley, Deb Fritz" 13 , Cecil Funderburke, Gary Norris 8 , Harold Black, Harry 
Blume, Teena Boone, Dave Ireland, Jim Jessup, Leroy Coffey. Cecil Funderburke, 
Council Emeritus, John C. Howard, Council Emeritus, Herb Eckenrhode, Council 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 87 


Beverly Hills Seniors 

t the September, 1971 meeting of council, it was announced that a Senior 
Citizens group would like to meet at our church, and was taken under 

There is not much written history of the Beverly Seniors available. 
By agreement, it is not a function of the church and draws no monetary support 
from Calvary. To the contrary, it is not unusual for the Beverly Seniors to make 
contributions to the church. 

Ruth Wynnk took over active charge of the group in 1987 with the 
assistance of her husband, Paul. With an average attendance of twenty to thirty, 
they introduced a monthly Bingo game for the group with "white elephant" prizes 
for each game. About fifteen people play the average Bingo game. 

On the third Wednesday of each month, the Seniors enjoy video movies 
accompanied with pop corn. Additionally, in recent years they have made many 
day trips to interesting places and events. Some of these trips have been to 
Shackley Springs, the magnificent Calvary Church in Charlotte, J.AA.R.S. Bible 
translators and aviation center in Union County, Old Salem (now Winston-Salem), 
annual WSOC Christmas parties, Lutheridge, annual trips in October to the North 
Carolina mountains for apples, Myrtle Beach and even trekked to Abbeville, GA 
for a play by bus. 

Some of the attendees at Beverly Seniors' meetings included Bill and 
Iris Arey, Agnes and Spencer Atwell, Annie Belle Basinger, John and Ollie Berry, 
Fess and Mary Black, Bill and Marge Cruse, Herb and Hazel Eckenrhode, Roy 
and Blanche Edsell, Annie Lee Faggart, Jones and Marge Freeze, Cecil and Janie 
Funderburke, Joyce Hartsell, Carl Hatley, Bud and Martha Joyner, Edith, Bob 
and Bobbie McKay, Idaline Martin, Del and Louise Parker, Viola Peacock, Colene 
Perry, Lois Ridenhour, Mary Sloop, Christine Talbert, Ruth Teal, Lola and Will 
Wilhelm, Billie Wyatt, Ruth and Paul Wynnk, Virginia, Walter and Jessie Yount, 
and a host of others, t 

Information for this section contributed by Ruth Wynnk, Billie Wyatt, Bette Parnell, 
Iris Arey, Edith Sides and others. 


A meeting was called of the council on July 7, 1919 to discuss the gift 
of a lot "lying near the Gibson Mill". It was agreed to try to sell the 
lot for at least $ 150.00, and more if possible. In the minutes of September 
22, 1919, it was revealed that the lot "in the Wodsworth addition" sold 
for $125.00. 

On May 22, 1927 council met in called session "for the purpose as follows: To 
whom it may concern, We the Pastor and Council of Calvery [sic] Lutheran Church, 
Concord, N. C. do hereby certify that B. A. Miller is a member in good standing 

88 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

and of a good moral character." The minutes were signed by M. L. Kester, Pastor 
and F. E. Barnhardt, Secy. B. A. Miller had been a council person several times 
and was a council person many times after that date. 

Something not shown in Calvary's written records is that Herb and Hazel 
Eckenrhode furnished the cedar Christmas trees to decorate the chancel from 
their back yard for the first three years. 

In the minutes to the regular council meeting of November 22, 1966, it is incorrectly 
stated that mention was made that at the congregational meeting held on November 
1 3 for the first time there were no nominations (for council) from the floor. There 
were in fact at least seven times that no nominations were made from the floor 
by the congregation in previous years as noted in a study of previous minutes. 

The Sunday bulletin of August 27, 1972 announced the first issue of the monthly 
newsletter which became Rejoice was to be published September 6, 1972. 

On September 15, 1980, permission was given to Pastor McLaughlin's [sic] son 
[grandson] to use the fellowship hall for his parent's 50th wedding anniversary. 

At the October 15, 1989 meeting of Lutheran Men in Mission, motion was made, 
seconded and passed that Calvary's LMM would drop out of the state Adopt-A- 
Highway program if the KKK was allowed to participate. 

Herb Eckenrhode started the tradition of presenting all new members a lapel cross 

when he gave all the men at the men's prayer breakfast lapel crosses. Following 

that, he gave them to all the men in Calvary. Not to be out-done, the Women 

of the Church followed 

suit by giving them to all the ladies. Then tha pastor took over to present them 

to all new members. The tradition continues today, and yes, Herb is still furnishing 


Another cross that has been passed out to all Calvary people was started by Charles 
Tarlton when he presented aluminum about VA inches high crosses to everyone 
to be carried in pocket or purse. Many members still have Charles' crosses. 

Through the fifties and sixties frequent contributors to Calvary, in both cash and 
other gifts, were Major and Mrs. Roy Webster of Mt. Pleasant. Although never 
a member of Calvary, Major Webster and Rev. Yount were very close friends 
and Rev. Yount enjoyed the Websters' friendship throughout their lives. 

Interesting comments appear in the regular Sunday Bulletins from time to time 
and particularily during the tenure of Rev. Dr. Yount. For quite a few years after 
the new church was built on Lake Concord Road, the parking lot was not paved 
and then was not marked off into parking spaces. Quite regularily Pastor Yount 
reminded the people to observe some sort of proper parking to allow others to 
move in or out. Don't block the driveways. Don't park three deep, blocking 
the guy in the middle. And on and on. Someone must have stood in a pew at 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 89 

some time, for he regularily remarked that that was a no-no. Another no-no 
was to put books away before final dismissal or to chatter to your neighbors when 
seated in the nave. You must observe reverent silence. 

Our ministers, by and large, have spoiled us trying to get the service over as soon 
as possible after noon, but there was one occassion when Pastor Yount had a 
lot to say. A remark was made from the choir that he overheard like "It's after 
twelve o'clock and he's still preaching." He promptly turned in the pulpit to 
the speaker and retorted "Yes, so-and-so, and I intend to finish!" There was only 
one Pastor Yount, and the mold was destroyed, t 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Roll of Members 

There are probably some duplications and many omissions in this list, for there 
are many records missing in the earlier years of Calvary Congregation. Many 
times it is difficult to determine the given name of women because they were 
not given in the older records; only by "Mrs." and the husband's given name 
or initials. Wherever practical, the editor has used editorial license to replace 
husbands' names or initials with the woman's given name when it is reasonably 
certain. Also, where a person was referred to by several different names and 
it is certain that it is the same person, the editor has combined to the most 
expressive, i. e., Sid Basinger, S. S. Basinger, Sidney Basinger, and Sidney Smith 
Basinger have all been combined under Sidney Smith Basinger, and similarly, 
Frank Barnhardt and F. E. Barnhardt have been combined under Frank E. Barnhardt. 
Names include baptized as well as confirmed members and have been gleaned 
from any available source, such as council minutes, baptism and confirmation 
records, Sunday school records, etc. Many dates of admission and deletion of 
membership are non-existent, so none have been given here as this is not intended 
to be a certification of membership dates. Included here are all names found, 
including cradle rolls and baptisms. There are also possibly names that were 
not actually members, due to uncertainty in the records. Also, where identified, 
ladies' names are followed in parentheses by their married name, causing some 
double-listing, t 

Abee, Rita Marie (Mrs. L. H. 

Adcock, Doris 
Adelson, Cindy 
Alexander, Candice Basinger 
Alexander, Karen 
Allen, Jason Matthew 
Allen, Kimberly Nicole 
Allen, Yvonne (Mrs. Dennis) 
Allison, Regina (Mrs. Scott) 
Allman, C. D 

Allman, Marie (Mrs. C. D.) 
Alsobrook, Charlie 
Alsobrook, Edith May 
Alsobrook, Viola Cress (Mrs. 

Altenburg, Edith 
Archie, Betty Lou (Mrs. Walter) 
Archie, Kenneth Wayne 
Archie, Larry Wayne 
Archie, Lisa Yvonne 
Archie, Sharon Lynn 
Archie, Walter 
Arey, Ava Eagle (Mrs. Reid) 
Arey, Betsy Carol (Mrs. Thomas 

Arey, Iris M. (Mrs. W. R., Jr.) 
Arey, William Reid, Jr. 
Arey, William Reid, III 
Arey, William Reid, IV 
Arrowood, Sharon (Mrs. Michael) 
Atwell, Agnes Faggart (Mrs. 

Atwell, Jodi (Carpenter) 
Atwell, Spencer C. 
Austin, Bradley Stephen 
Austin, Emily Susanne 
Austin, Linda (Mrs. Terry) 
Austin, Terry 

Baglio, Justin Paul 

Baglio, Nikki Diane (Mrs. John) 

Baglio, Teresa Grace 

(Mrs. Keith Stalling) 
Ballard, Betty (Mrs. Garnet F.) 

(Mrs. H. H. Ritchie) 
Ballard, Bryan Louise 
Ballard, Creighton 
Ballard, Donna Kim 
Ballard, Edith S. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Ballard, Garnette F. 

Barnhardt, Lori R. (Mrs. E. M.) 

Ballard, Gayle Goodnight (Mrs. Walter 

Barnhardt, Marvin 


Barnhardt, Mitchel 

Ballard, Heidi Claudette 

Barnhardt, Pauline (Mrs. Harold 

Ballard, Howard C. 


Ballard, Howard C, Mrs. 

Barnhardt, Robert 

Ballard, Joseph Alexander 

Barnhardt, Ruby Christine 

Ballard, Phylo C. 

Barnhardt, Stephanie Jane 

Ballard, Tommy Scott 

Barnhardt, Vickie Lancaster (Mrs. 

Ballard, Tyrone 

Steven) (see Vickie Martin) 

Ballard, Walter 

Barrett, Nancy Goodnight (Mrs. J. 

Ballard, William 

W. Wyatt) 

Barbee, Marie Elizabeth 

Barrier, Adron Thomas 

Barfield, Cathy G. 

Barrier, Ashlyn L. (Mrs. Lewis) 

Barfield, Graham 

Barrier, Bethel (Mrs. H. F., Jr.) 

Barfield, Lori (Mrs. Todd H.) 

Barrier, Carl 

Barfield, Todd Harrison 

Barrier, Colin David 

Barger, Charles 

Barrier, David William 

Barger, Cynthia (Mrs. Troy) 

Barrier, Dottie (Mrs. Jerry) 

Barger, Glenn L., Rev. 

Barrier, Erika (Mrs. David W.) 

Barger, Hana Lea 

Barrier, Frank A. 

Barger, Kathryn Natalie 

Barrier, Frank A., Mrs. 

Barger, Mary Ethel (Mrs. G. L.) 

Barrier, George F. 

Barger, Natalie 

Barrier, H. F. 

Barger, Troy 

Barrier, H. F., Jr. 

Barnett, Robert E., Mrs. 

Barrier, Jennifer Lynne 

*Barnhardt, Carrie Petrea (Mrs. 

Barrier, Jerry 

Frank E.) 

Barrier, Lewis F. 

Barnhardt, Charla [Charles?] 

Barrier, Louise 


Barrier, Lucile 

Barnhardt, Christian Amanda 

Barrier, Mary Louise 

Barnhardt, Geo Lucille King, Mrs. 

Barrier, Pearl (Mrs. George) 

Barnhardt, Daisy (see Daisy 

Barrier, Sarah Lelia (Lee) 


Barringer, Catherine Crowell 

Barnhardt, David Wilson 

Barringer, J. J., Mrs. 

Barnhardt, Dora, Miss 

Basinger, Annie Belle (Mrs. 

Barnhardt, Edward Berry 

Sidney S.) 

Barnhardt, Eric Mitchell 

Basinger, Bonnie Lee 

Barnhardt Ethan Mitchel 

Basinger, Candice 

Barnhardt, Frank E. 

Basinger, Karen 

Barnhardt, Frederick Spencer 

Basinger, Sandra (Mrs. Lee) 

Barnhardt, George H. 

Basinger, Sidney Lee 

Barnhardt, George H., Mrs. 

Basinger, Sidney Smith 

Barnhardt, Harold Steven 

Basinger, Tony Gene 

Barnhardt, Harold Steven, Jr. 

Baucom, Ann 

Barnhardt, Harold Steven, III 

Baucom, Brenda (Mrs. George) 

Barnhardt, J. A. 

Baucom, Diana T. (Mrs. Royce H.) 

Barnhardt, J. A., Mrs. 

Baucom, Eric Royce 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Baucom, George 

Beer, Thomas 

Baucom, Kenneth Scott 

Bell, Brian 

Baucom, Kevin Scott 

Bennett, Sarah McClamrock 

Baucom, Kristin 

Bennett, Sharon M. 

Baucom, Royce Hampton 

Bennett, Teri Lisa McClamrock (Mrs. 

Baucom, Diana Ruth Teal 

James G.) 

Baucom, Trena Ruth 

Benton, Evan Levon 

Baxter, Belva (Mrs. Terry) 

Benton, Wanda B. (Mrs. R. H. Doll) 

Baxter, Joshua Ryan 

Berry, John L. 

Baxter, Terry 

Berry, Ollie (Mrs. John L.) 

Baxter, Travis 

Berry, Oliver 

Beaver, Ben 

Biegel, Louise L. (Mrs. Robert) 

Beaver, Betty (Mrs. Earl C, Sr.) 

Black. A. F., Mrs. 

Beaver, Billie Ray 

Black, Ann 

Beaver, Calvin A. 

Black, Barbara Katherine (Mrs. Robert 

Beaver, Calvin A., Mrs. 


Beaver, Charles William 

Black, Betty P. (Mrs. Harold D.) 

Beaver, Cheryle Ann Faggart 

Black, Catherine Anne (Mrs. Mark 

(see Hudson) 


Beaver, Earl Coolidge, Jr. 

Black, David Harold 

Beaver, Earl Coolidge, Sr. 

Black, Harold D. 

Beaver, Elma G. (Mrs. H. M. 

Black, Homer Fess 


Black, Janice Alberta (Mrs. James 

Beaver, Erica 

Kirk Utt) 

Beaver, Everett C. 

Black, Marion Sue (Mrs. Jack West) 

Beaver, Grover Lee 

Black, Mary Barger (Mrs. H. Fess) 

Beaver, H. F., Jr. 

Black, Stan 

Beaver, James Howard 

Black, Starr (Mrs. David) 

Beaver, Janie (Mrs. Frank Miller, 

Black, Suzanna Catherine 


Black, William David 

Beaver, John Wayne 

Blackwelder, Ada F. 

Beaver, Lex Deberry 

Blackwelder, Agnes (Mrs. Fetzel) 

Beaver, Lula Ethel 

Blackwelder, Barbara 

Beaver, Lula Mae 

Blackwelder, Barry Keith 

Beaver, Maggie Wincy 

Blackwelder, Brian E. 

Beaver, Mary Jane 

Blackwelder, Carl Brice 

Beaver, Nona Jane 

Blackwelder, Carrie Ellen (Mrs. 

Beaver, Rick 

Lewis 0.) 

Beaver, Roy 

Blackwelder, Catherine 

Beaver, Susan J. (Mrs. Everett) 

Blackwelder, Clay 

Beaver, Walter John 

Blackwelder, Don 

Beaver, Warren Everett 

Blackwelder, Elaine (Mrs. Don) 

Beaver, Wesley Monroe 

Blackwelder, Eunice (Mrs. Herman) 

Beaver, William Havanna 

Blackwelder, Fetzel 

Beer, Kristen Urvan 

Blackwelder, Herman 

Beer, Lisa Louise 

Blackwelder, Lisa 

Beer, Orvan 

Blackwelder, J. M., Mrs. 

Beer, Sandra (Mrs. Thomas) 

Blackwelder, Jon 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Blackwelder, Keith 
*Blackwelder, Lewis O. 
Blackwelder, Lisa Ann (Mrs. 

Michael D. Cruse) 
Blackwelder, Luther 
Blackwelder, Martha (Mrs. Ralph) 
Blackwelder, Mary Catherine 
Blackwelder, Oscar F. 
Blackwelder, Paul Morrison 
Blackwelder, Ralph N. 
Blackwelder, Tiffany Anne 
Blackwelder, Virgil Edison 
Blume, Bette B. (Mrs. Harry) 
Blume, Harry 
Blume, Kim Elizabeth (Mrs. M. R. 

Boger, John, Jr., Mrs. 
Bolick, Joseph Leonard 
Bolick, Leonard H., Rev. 
Bolick, Nora (Mrs. Wayne) 
Bolick, Rita Abee (Mrs. Leonard) 
Bollinger, Iris Elaine 
Bollinger, Kenneth Felton, Jr. 
Bollinger, Nealia (Mrs. K. F., Jr.) 
Bolton, Johnny, Mrs. 
Boone, Dan Alan 
Boone, Graham Alan 
Boone, Joshua Bryant 
Boone, Teena McE. (Mrs. Dan) 
Bost, Audrey Jean 
Bost, John S. 
Bostic, Clair Annette 
Bostian, Christine 
Bostian, Henry Albert 
Bowers, Brandon 
Bowers, Calvin 
Bowers, Carita (Mrs. Calvin) 
Bowers, Edna Louise (Mrs. P. B. 

Bowers, Joshua Adam 
Bowers, Justin 
Boyd, Amanda Elizabeth 
Boyd, John E., Jr., Rev. 
Boyd, Kristin Louise 
Boyd, Lynda S. (Mrs. J. E., Jr.) 
Brackett, Sharon (Mrs. Michael 

Breed, Dallas B. 

Breed, Kimberly Ann 

Breed, Lisa Marie 

Breed, Patricia Deonne Dry(e), 

(Mrs. Dallas) 
Bricker, Zona K. (Mrs. Tim) 
Bridges, Kathryn Lea 
Brines, Douglas 
Brines, Joan (Mrs. Douglas) 
Britt, Billie Ann 
Broome, Leona (Mrs. Fred 

Browder, Karen (Mrs. Steve) 
Browder, Kevin Murry 
Brown, Annie V. 
Brown, Brenda (Mrs. Thomas S.) 
Brown, Charles Philip 
Brown, Chris 
Brown, Deanna Yvette 
Brown, Kristin 
Brown, Larry Joe 
Brown, Leona 

Brown, Martha (Mrs. Theron) 
Brown, Mary Lois 
Brown, Sidney, Jr. 
Brown, Theron Sidney 
Brown, Thomas H. 
Brown, Thomas S. 
Brown, Vickie (Mrs. Jimmy) 
Brown, William Havanna 
Bruton, Grace Ridenhour (Mrs. V. 

Bruton, Vaudry Y. 
Bryant, Susan Ellen 
Bumgarner, Dennis 
Bumgarner, Judy (Graeber) 
Bumgarner, Lori 
Bumgarner, Mart 
Bundy, Frank Lee 
Bunn, Cleone (Mrs. John L. 

Burge, Carol Allison (Mrs. W. R.) 
Burge, Jo Ann Eckenrhode (Mrs. 

Burge, William R. 
Burgess, Boyce 
Burgess, Ray Bost 
Burleson, Jennifer Helms (see 

Jennifer Annette Helms) 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Burleson, Leon 
Burleson, Peggy (Mrs. Leon) 
Burnette, Arlie (Mrs. B. L.) 
Burnette, Barnard Leonard 
Burnette, Billie Dean (Mrs. Larry 

Burnette, Hazel M. (Mrs. Barnard 

Burrage, Daisy Barnhardt 
Burrage, Wilborne R. 
Burrage, Wilborne R., Mrs. 
Burris, Holly Nicole 
Burris, Mamie A. 
Byrum, Jennifer 
Byrum, Matthew 
Byrum, Nancy (Mrs. Tony) 
Byrum, Tony 

Cagle, Linda Jane (Mrs. William 

R. Heilig) 
Callaway, Jonathan Jay 
Callaway, Leah Hatley (Mrs. J. E.) 
Campbell. Jane and daughter 
Campbell, Worth, Mrs. 
Canipe, Billie Dean (Mrs. Larry) 
Canup, Beverly 
Canup, Carolyn 
Canup, Dean 
Canup, Henry L. 
Canup, Jane (Mrs. T. Dean) 
Canup, Timothy Dean 
Canupp, Pat 
Canupp, Terry Dean 
Carlson, Tonya Moss 
Carpenter, Anthony 
Carpenter, Carrie A. (Mrs. 

W. W.) 
Carpenter, Jodi (Mrs. Anthony) 
Carpenter, Samuel Paul 
*Carpenter, W. W. 
Carriker, Billy Parks 
Carriker, Catherine (Mrs. Bill) 
Carriker, Trent Scott 
Carter, Amy Elizabeth (m. Yow) 
Carter, Barbara Yow (Mrs. 

Carter, Lawrence T. 
Carter, Lawrence T., Mrs. 

Carver, Betty Lou (Mrs. Harry) 

Carver, Dawn 

Carver, Derek Alan 

Carver, Dianne Michele 

Carver, Harry 

Cauble, Saundra K. (Mrs. Larry) 

Caudle, Jenny (Mrs. Tom) 

Caudle, Jill 

Caudle, Julia Diane (Jill) 

Cauble, Larry, Mrs. (Saundra 

K. Trull) 22 
Caudle, Lisa Renee 
Caudle, Tom 
Ceruti, Marjorie E. (Mrs. B. W. 

Cruse, Jr.) 
Childers, Ruth S., Mrs. 
Christy, Delia, Mrs. 
Christy, Esther 
Christy, Eula, Mrs. 
Christy, F. L., Mrs. 
Christy, Faye Elizabeth 
Christy, P. L., Mrs. 
Clayton, Henry 
Clayton, Henry, Mrs. 
Clayton, Jon Paul 
Clayton, Judy Lee 
Clayton, Randy Jo 
Clayton, Ricky Edward 
Clayton, Shelly Ann 
Cline, Banks Rudolph, Jr. 
Cline, Banks Rudolph, Sr. 
Cline, Ben Foy, Jr. 
Cline, Ben Foy, Sr. 
Cline, Beverly Denise (Mrs. Keith 

Cline, Billie Ann 
Cline, Carolyn (Mrs. W. F. Gerrow, 

Cline, Curlee F. (Mrs. Frank. M.) 
Cline, Dale Andrew 
Cline, Diana Nancy (Mrs. J. D.) 
Cline, Eric Jonathan 
Cline, Frank M. 
Cline, John I., Jr. 

Cline, Mavis C. (Mrs. John Ivey, Jr.) 
Cline, Quintin Maury Taylor 
Cline, Ronald 
Cline, Ruby M. (Mrs. Banks R.) 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Cline, Sandra (Mrs. Ronald) 

Cline, Sharon Lee 

Cline, Steven 

Cline, Teresa Fry (Mrs. Larry 

Wayne Smith) 
Cline, Vernice A. (Mrs. Ben F., Sr.) 
Clukey, Daniel 
Clukey, Jason 
Clukey, Robert 

Clukey, Shannon (Mrs. Brad Smith) 
Clukey, Susan (Mrs. Robert) 
Cobb, Paul B., Rev. 
Cobb, Louise (Mrs. Paul) 
Coffey, Andrew Leroy 
Coffey, Angela S. (Mrs. Leroy) 
Coffey, Leroy 
Coffey, Michael Lee 
Coffey, Nell E. (Mrs. William S.) 
Coffey, William S. 
Colberg, Allison Clare 
Colberg, Arlen 
Colberg, Erin Melissa 
Colberg, Jan (Mrs. Arlen) 
Coleman, Lynette H. (Mrs. Michael) 
Coleman, Michael 
Coleman, Scott Daniel 
Coleman, Shane Andrew 
Coleman, Shipp Vernon 
Coleman, Staci Amanda 
Conrad, Dorothy Roberts (Mrs. 

Cook, Anne (Mrs. Robert) 
Cook, Beatrice 
Cook, Bennett Laine 
Cook, Claude 
Cook, E. G. 

Cook, Essie (Mrs. E. G.) 
Cook, Jack Desmond 
Cook, Jack Desmond, Mrs. 
Cook, Katie, Mrs. 
Cook, Michael Wayne 
Cook, W. E. 

Cooke, Dortha (Mrs. Jack) 
Cooke, Jack 
Cooke, William Eddie 
Cookson, Robert Lee 
Cookson, Robert Lee, Jr. 
Cookson, Robert Lee, Mrs. 

Cookson, Sara Potts, Mrs. 

Coon, Robert 

Copeland, Frederick Carson 

Copeland, Frederick Spencer 

Copeland, Frederick S., Mrs. 

Cormier, Guy 

Cormier, Peggy Cress (Mrs. Guy) 

Correll, Debby Smith 

Correll, Jessica Rae 

Corzine, David William 

Corzine, Amy (Mrs. David W.) 

Cox, Gary 

Cox, Jennifer Nicole 

Cox, Jonathan Franklin 

Cox, Sandra (Mrs. Gary) 

Craig, Dottie (Mrs. William) 

Craig, William 

Cranford, Effie 

Craven, Annie Martha 

Craver, Harlan Craig 

Craver, Rebecca (Mrs. Harlan 

Craver, James Henry 
Crawford, Chase 
Crawford, Lewis 
Crawford, Megan 
Crawford, Sherry (Mrs. Lewis) 
Cress, Baxter 
Cress, Boyce Junior 
Cress, Dennis Morgan 
Cress, Fanny M. 
Cress, Harry Kluttz 
Cress, Harry Lawson 
Cress, Helen Irene 
Cress, Joe 
Cress, Joe, Mrs. 
Cress, Judy Marlene 
Cress, L. B. 
Cress, Larry Wayne 
Cress, Laura (Mrs. Robert Lee) 
Cress, Lena Belle 
Cress, Mable Gertrude 
Cress, Myrtle Lee 
Cress, Ola May 
Cress, Patsy Anne 
Cress, Robert Lee 
Cress, Sophia C, Mrs. 
Cress, Tanny, Mrs. 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Cress, Vicky Elaine 

Cress, Viola Elizabeth 

Crowell, Catherine (m. Barringer) 

Crowell, Debbie (Mis. K. D.) 

Crowell, Evelyn (Mrs. Hugh) 

Crowell, Hugh 

Crowell, S. H. 

Crowell, S. H., Mrs. 

Cruse, Barbara (Mrs. Kenneth) 

Cruse, Bernard W., Ill 

Cruse, Bernard W., Jr. 

Cruse, Bernard W., Sr. 

Cruse, David Kent 

Cruse, Evelyn D. (Mrs. B. W., Jr.) 

Cruse, Goldia (Mrs. Tracy) 

Cruse, Jaclyn Noelle 

Cruse, Juanita (Mrs. B. W., Sr.) 

Cruse, Kathy (Mrs. W. F. Harrison) 

(Mrs. Larry Parnell) 
Cruse, Kenneth Boland 
Cruse, Kenneth Boland, Jr. 
Cruse, Lisa Blackwelder (Mrs. 

Cruse, Marjorie (Mrs. B. W., Jr.) 
Cruse, Portia Beth (Mrs. Ricky 

Cruse, Sarha Thompson 
Cruse, Susan Moore 
Cruse, Tracy Alexander, III 
Cruse, Tracy Alexander, Jr. 
Cruse, Tracy Alexander, Sr. 
Cruse, Trevor Eli 

Danner, Chad Warren 
Danner, Cliff 
Danner, Michael 
Danner, Ruth (Mrs. Cliff) 
Danner, Ryan James 
Danner, Ty Matthew 
Dasher, B. S., Rev. 
Davis, Debbie F. (Mrs. Ed) 
Davis, Diana Nancy (Mrs. J. D. 

Davis, Dollie 
Davis, John Frank, Rev. 
Day, Chas. H., Rev. 
Dayvault, Jack 
Dayvault, Kay Annette (Mrs. 

J. J. Ormand, Jr.) 
Dayvault, Martha K. (Mrs. Jack) 
Dayvault, Sharon Jan (Mrs. Harold 

L. Smith) 
Deal, Claude Michael 
Deal, James F. 
Deboe, Roy, Mrs. 
DeLargy, Beth (Mrs. Jimmy) 
DeLargy, Christine Elizabeth 
DeLargy, Jimmy 
DeLargy, Michael Jones 
Dempsey, Daisy Hope, Mrs. 
Dennis, Steve 
Dineen, Joseph David 
Diskin, Mike 

Dobelstein, Grace (Mrs. Ray) 
Dobelstein, Ray 
Dobbs, Diane Baker (Mrs. Thomas 

W. Ramseur) 
Dobbs, Stephanie Diane (Mrs. C. P. 

Doll, Andrew C. 
Doll, Ann (Mrs. John Wagner) 
Doll, Carolyn Anne (Mrs. Cyrus B. 

Doll, Carolyn Casey (Mrs. Robert H.) 
Doll, Robert H. 
Doll, Wanda (Mrs. Robert) 
Dove, Bill 

Dove, Bonnie (Mrs. Bill) 
Dove, Heather 
Dove, Holly 
Dove, Travis William 
Drake, Rosanne (Mrs. C. G.) 
Drake, Tammy (Mrs. Mike) 
Drewry, Kathiyn P. (Mrs. E. L.) 
Drury, Cynthia Louise 
Drury, Felicia Lynette 
Drury, Janice Allen (Mrs. Walter, 

Drury, Miriam (Mrs. Ralph R., Jr.) 
Drury, Nina (Mrs. Ralph R., Sr.) 
Drury, Ralph Rollen, III 
Drury, Ralph Rollen, Jr. 
Drury, Ralph Rollen, Sr. 
Drury, Vivian Renee 
Drury, Walter Lee, Sr. 
Drury, Walter Lee, Jr. (Butch) 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Dry, Diane 
Dry, Fred L. 
Dry, Fred L., Jr. 
Dry, Fred L., Mrs. 
Dry, Irvin L. 

Dry(e), Patricia Deonne (Mrs. 
Dallas B. Breed) 

Earl, Christie (Mrs. John) 

Earl, John 

Earl, John Edward, III 

Early, Amy Lynn 

Early, Karen Susan 

Early. Kristin Leigh 

Early, Michael 

Early, Susan (Mrs. Michael) 

Earnhardt, Anna (Mrs. Ed) 

Earnhardt, Ashley 

Earnhardt, Brian Christopher 

Earnhardt, Carl 

Earnhardt, Carla Elizabeth 

Earnhardt, Carol Morton (Mrs. 

C. E. Workman) 
Earnhardt, Margie Sue (Mrs. L. J. 

Earnhardt, Patricia (Mrs. Carl) 
Earnhardt, Steven 
Eckenrhode, Hazel Click (Mrs. H. 

Eckenrhode, Hattie M., Mrs. 
Eckenrhode, Herbert E. 
Eckenrhode, Joann June (Mrs. W. 

R. Burge) 
Edgerson, Catherine Effie 
Edgerson, Doelie (?) )Wife of 

S(?). A. 
Edgerson, S(?). A. 
Edsell, Blanche C. (Mrs. Roy L.) 
Edsell, Helen Christine (m. 

Edsell, Hilda Lee (Mrs. R. L. Petty) 
Edsell, Jo Carolyn (Mrs. Ira H. 

Edsell, Madge Louise (Mrs. J. A. 

Goodnight, Sr.) 
Edsell, Martha Miller (Mrs. R. W.) 
Edsell, Nell (Mrs. W. S. Coffey) 
Edsell, Robert William, Rev. 

Edsell, Roy L. 

Edward, Zeke Bennie 

Edwards, Angela Ann Flowe (Mrs. 

Edwards, Martha Lee 
Edwards, Steven Wayne 
Elliot, Jean (Mrs. L. C.) 
Elliot, Margie 
Elwood, Floyd 
Elwood, Lillie (Mrs. Floyd) 
Elwood, Zeke Bennie 
Erwin, Adam Palmer 
Erwin, Andrew R. 
Erwin, Richard 
Erwin, Teresa (Mrs. Richard) 
Estes, Patricia S. (Mrs. Michael) 
Estridge, Martha Boe 
Eubanks, Horace Edward 
Eubanks, LuAnn Marlow (Mrs. 

H. E.) 
Eudy, Jonathan Brian 
Eudy, Patricia S. (Mrs. Raymond) 
Eudy, Raymond White, Jr. 
Evans, Becky 
Evans, Steve 
Evans, Steve, Mrs. 
Ewart, Becky (Mrs. Daniel Kirk) 
Ewart, Daniel Kirk 
Ewart, Jonathan 
Ewart, Mary Kathryn 
Ewart, William Gaines, HI 
Ewing, Mary Lou 
Ezzell, Jeffrey Lee 
Ezzell, Larry Stephen 
Ezzell, Sue (Mrs. W. L.) 
Ezzell, Wendell L., Dr. 
Ezzell, Wendell Lynn 

Faggart, Agnes Louise (Mrs. 
Spencer C. Atwell) 
Faggart, Annie Lee ( Mrs. B. Y., Sr.) 
Faggart, B. B. 

Faggart, Brady Young, Jr., Rev. 
Faggart, Brady Young, Sr. 
Faggart, Cheryl Ann (m. Hudson) 
Faggart, Cleo Lucile (see Barnhardt) 
Faggart, Edna, Miss 
Faggart, Edna D. (Mrs. Henry Lee) 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Faggart, Elizabeth Marie 
Faggart, Fannie R. (Mrs. B. B.) 
Faggart, Gerri Lynn 
Faggart, Helen Marie (Mrs. Floyd 

Ramseur) (Mrs. Leonard 

Faggart, Henry Lee 
Faggart, Isla Kate (Mrs. Robert L.) 
Faggart, Jerri Lynn (m. Nash) 
Faggart, Martha Lou (Mrs Richard 

Simpson)(Mrs. John Kelly) 
Faggart, Robert L. 
Faggart, Robin Ridenhour (Mrs. V. 

Faggart, Timothy Lee 
Fairchild, Cole 
Fairchild, Dave 
Fairchild, Karen (Mrs. Dave) 
Fairchild, Luke 
Fero, Charles 

Fero, Novalene (Mrs. Charles) 
Fesperman, Ada (Mrs. J. M. Fisher, 

Fink, Jackie Elizabeth Wyatt 
Fink, Willie Gray (Mrs. W. E. Fink) 
Fisher, Adam 

Fisher, Aubra (Mrs. Bobbi) 
Fisher, Bobbi Moore 
Fisher, Brenda Sue (Mrs. Lonnie 

Fisher, Lester 
Fisher, Lester, Mrs. 
Fisher, Mary P., Mrs. 
Fisher, Michael L. 
Fisher, Michael L., Jr. 
Fisher, S. Calvin 
Fisher, Terry (Mrs. Michael L.) 
Fisher, Woodley 
Flowe, Angela Ann (Mrs. Danny 

Flowe, Gina Lynn (Mrs. B. A. 

Flowe, Harold L. 
Flowe, Patsy C. (Mrs. Harold L.) 
Floyd, Carl E. 

Floyd, Willene (Mrs. Carl E.) 
Fogleman, Anthony Lance 
Fogleman, Carl W. 

Fogleman, Carta Lea 

Fogleman, H. F. 

Fogleman, Jenny (Mrs. Carl W.) 

Fogleman, Mark Steven 

Fogleman, Nora (Mrs. H. F.) 

Fogleman, Todd David 

Fogleman, Tony 

Fortune, Mary B., Mrs. 

Fortune, Patricia Ann (Mrs. R. D. 

Fortune, Robert 
Fortune, Ruth N. (Mrs. Robert) 
Foster, Ann 

Foster, Elaine Ridenhour (Mrs. J. T.) 
Foster, Harold Eugene 
Foster, James Thomas 
Foster, James Thomas, II 
Foster, Lois Ann 
Foxx, David M. 
Freeman, Betsy A. (Mrs. Thomas 

Freeman, Thomas H. 
Freeman, William Joel 
Frey, Brett Shane 
Frey, Wendy Dawn (Mrs. D. E. 

Frey, Bret Shue 
Frey, Windy 
Fridlund, Allison 
Fridlund, Anne C. (Mrs. Stanley) 
Fridlur.d, Debbie (Mrs. Ed Davis) 
Fridlund, Kirstin Katherine 
Fridlund, Melanie 
Fridlund, Tammy Lynn (Mrs. 

Michael L. Drake) 
Fritz, Deb (Mrs. Gary) 
Fritz, Gary Thomas 
Fry, Lizzie (Mrs. K. C.) 
Funderburke, Betty (Mrs. John F. 

Funderburke, Cecil B. 
Funderburke, Cecelia Ann (Mrs. A. 

W. Moore) 
Funderburke, Era Linker (Mrs. 

Stallee E.) 
Funderburke, Janie Sloop 

(Mrs. Cecil B.) 
Furr, Pam 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Galloway, Leona S. (Mrs. Norman 

Galloway, Martha Speight 
Galloway, Norman Benton 
Galloway, Norman Clinton 
Galloway, William Aaron 
Gardner, Alice B. (Mrs. O. B.) 
Gardner, Ovid Brown 
Gardner, Walter Hartsell 
Garmon, Allen 

Garmon, Dorothy H. (Mrs. Odell) 
Garmon, Dorothy Jayne 
Garmon, Henry Alexander, Jr. 
Garmon, James Allen 
Garmon, Jane 
Garmon, Judy Sue (Mrs. Rodney 

Garmon, Kevin Scott 
Garmon, Odell 
Garmon, Sandra Gayle 
Garrison, Cathy (m. Barfield) 
Garrison, Novaline (Mrs. Charles 

Garrison, Susan (Mrs. Gary 

Garrison, V. A. 
Garrison, V. A., Mrs. 
Garrison, Vivian Lee (Mrs. J. K. 

Gehl, Gerry (Mrs. Keith) 
Gehl, Keith 
Gerrow, Carolyn Cline (Mrs. W. F., 

Getteman, Alana 
Getteman, Katrina Alma Compton 

(Mrs. Robert) 
Getteman, Laurel Elise 
Getteman, Robert Warren 
Gettman, Alana 
Gettman, Katrina 
Gettman, Laurel 
Gettman, Robert 
Gibson, Brandon 
Gibson, Carmen 
Gledhill, Ashlyn Nicole 
Goins, Joyce 

Goldston, Beulah Elizabeth 
*Goldston, Cora Esther (Mrs. John 


Goldston, John Albert 

Goldston, John S. 

Goldston, Lillian(?) Julius 

Goldston, Mary Evelyn 

Goldston, Nina Elmysia[?] 

Goode, Kayla Lynn 

Goode, Marian Lynette Whitley (Mrs. 

Goodison, Lillian 
Goodman, Bill, Mrs. 
Goodman, Cheryl (Mrs. Gerald) 
Goodman, Clyde Reuben 
Goodman, Cresswell 
Goodman, David W. 
Goodman, Erica 
Goodman, Gilbert B. 
Goodman, Grace S. (Mrs. Gilbert 

Goodman, Gregory Glenn 
Goodman, Jane R. (Mrs. David W.) 
Goodman, Jeffrey Wayne 
Goodman, Mark Terrence 
Goodman, Mary Lois (m. Brown) 
Goodman, Pearl 
Goodman, Sabrina Rene 
Goodman, Thomas Cresswell 
Goodman, Wayne 
Goodman, Wayne, Mrs. 
Goodnight, Christopher David 
Goodnight, Constance Michelle 
Goodnight, Gail (Mrs. Walter 

Padgett, Jr.) 
Goodnight, Joe Addison, Jr. 
Goodnight, Joe Addison, Sr. 
Goodnight, Madge Edsell (Mrs. Joe 

A., Sr.) 
Goodnight, Maria H. (Mrs. Michael) 
Goodnight, Michael David 
Goodnight, Nancy Moore (Mrs. 

J. W. Barrett) (Mrs. J. A., 

Goodnight, Tammy 
Goodrich, Janet 
Goodson, Cathy (Mrs. David) 
Goodson, David 
Goodson, Drew 
Goodson, Whitney 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Gordon, Elina 

Gordon, Elma 

Gordon, Estelle 

Gordon, Ruby C. 

Gordon, Ruth M. 

Gordon, Sallie, Mrs. 

Gordon, Stella 

Gottberg, Jackie E. Wyatt 

Graeber, Clarence H. 

Graeber, Clarence H., Mrs. 

Graeber, Judy Sparkman (Mrs. 

James A.) 
Graeber, Margaret Louise 
Graeber, Pearl 
Greenfield, Cullen Michael 
Greenfield, Patrice 
Greenfield, Stephen 
Gulledge, Jane Barker (Mrs. W. B. 

Gwyn, Becky 
Gwyn, Karen 
Gwyn, W. K. 
Gwyn, W. K., Mrs. 
Gwyn, William 

Hagee, Donna (Mrs. Michael) 
Hagee, Jeremy Michael 
Hagee, Mandy 
Hagee, Michael 
Hagle, Alexander Rhyne 
Hall, Gene 
Hall, Kirsten 
Hall, Marget (Mrs. Gene) 
Hall, Robert 
Halsey, Leon, Mrs. 
Halsey, Robert 
Hammill, Gina (Mrs. Barry) 
Hammill, Kay Jenkins, Mrs. 
Hammond, Jennifer 
Hammond, Jerry 
Hammond, Kathy 
Hanes, Charles 
Hanes, Charles, Mrs. 
Hanes, Marion 
Hanes, Michael 
Haney, Kelly LeAnn 
Haney, Lana Katherine (Mrs. R. J. 

Haney, Nancy (Mrs. Robert A., Jr.) 
Haney, Robert Allander, Jr. 
Hargett, Aaron Frances 
Hargett, Evelyn Odessa 
Hargett, Fred H. 

Hargett, Lennie A. (Mrs. Fred H.) 
Harrington, Gary Stephen 
Harrington, Larry Dixon 
Harrington, Mary S. (Mrs. James) 
Harrington, Nell (Mrs. Richard) 
Harrison, Jeffrey Michael 
Harrison, Kathy Cruse (Mrs. 

Hartsell, Angela Michelle (Mrs. 

Dennis Keller) 
Hartsell, Hubert 
Hartsell, Mary Ruth 
Hartsell, Michael Ray 
Hartsell, Patricia Ann (Mrs. Ralph 

M. Thompson) 
Hartsell, Ray 
Hartsell, Violet Joyce S. (Mrs. 

Hartsoe, Maria Renna (Mrs. 

Michael Goodnight) 
Hatley, Bobbie Lane 
Hatley, Brit 
Hatley, C. Lee, Jr. 
Hatley, Cathy Ann (Mrs. D. R. 

Hatley, Clifford Lee, Sr. 
Hatley, Clifford Lee, Jr. 
Hadey, Daniel 
Hadey, Deborah Kay (Mrs. Gary 

Hadey, Donald Edward 
Hadey, Doris A. (Mrs. James 

Hatley, Dorothy Mary 
Hatley, Elona Scott (Mrs. James 

Hadey, James Daniel 
Hadey, James L. 
Hadey, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs. Terry 

Dean Canup) 
Hadey, Jay Lee 
Hadey, Leah Elizabeth (Mrs. J. E. 


Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Hatley, Lee 

Herbert, Sarah 

Hatley, Linda Kay (Mrs. J. W. 

Herrin, Mazelle 

McManus, Jr.) 

Hester, Corine 

Hadey, Lucy 

Higinson, Dave 

Hadey, Luther Earl 

Higinson, Don 

Hadey, M. D. 

Higinson, Donna (Mrs. Don) 

Hadey, Mark Lee 

Higinson, Donnie 

Hadey, Martha E. (Mrs. W. Carl, Jr.) 

Hillard, David Wayne 

Hadey, Martha Lucy 

Hillard, Walter Neil 

Hadey, Mary Alice (Mrs. W. Carl, 

Hilton, Chris 


Hilton, Christine (Mrs. Tony) 

Hadey, Mary Frances (Mrs. Clifford 

Hilton, Emily 

L., Sr.) 

Hilton, Tony 

Hadey, Maxine Cress (Mrs. Jay Lee) 

Hines, Carole (Mrs. Frank) 

Hadey, McDaniel 

Hines, Dennis Matthew 

Hadey, Michael Dean 

Hines, Frank 

Hadey, Pamela Annette (Mrs. M. 

Hines, Kenny 

W. Varnadore) 

Hines, Kevin Patrick 

Hadey, Robert Charles 

Hines, Michael 

Hadey, Scott 

Hinson, Jane Hadey 

Hadey, Thomas Britten 

Hissong, Kathi (Mrs. Quay) 

Hadey, Tamara Jean (Mrs. Dennis 

Hissong, Kristin Marie 


Hissong, Quay Lee 

Hadey, Timothy Britten 

Hissong, Quay Lee, Jr. 

Hadey, William A. 

Holcomb, Benson Fuller, Jr. 

Hadey, William Carl, Jr. 

Holding, Charles Harrison 

Hadey, William Carl, Sr. 

Holding, Stephanie (Mrs. C. P) (see 

Hadey, William Scott 

Stephanie Dobbs) 

Hauswirth, Alton, Jr. 

Honeycutt, Arthur, Mrs. 

Hawkins, Clinton Barringer 

Honeycutt, Gary 

Hawkins, Mary Alice (Mrs. C. B.) 

Honeycutt, Kathi (Mrs. Gary) 

Heafner, Nora Jane 

Honeycutt, Scott 

Hegler, Margaret (Mrs. Don Noblitt) 

Honeycutt, T. C, Mrs. 

Hegler, Willie Josephine 

Hope, Daisy A. (see Dempsey) 

Heilig, Linda C. (Mrs. William R.) 

Hopkins, John 

Helms, Betty Jean 

Horton, Adelaide Eugean, Mrs. 

Helms, F. J. 

Horton, Bealie Marie 

Helms, Franklin 

Horton, Beverly Black (Mrs. Roger) 

Helms, J. P., Mrs. 

Horton, Eric Paul 

Helms, Jennifer Annette (m. 

Horton, Laura Sue 


Horton, Murial Eugean 

Helms, Madeline Terry 

Hough, Anne (Mrs. Barry) 

Helms, Nora W. (Mrs. F. J.) 

Hough, Barry 

Hendrick, Bessie (Mrs. John 

Howard, Bernice Moose (Mrs. John, 



Herbert, Florence (Mrs. John F.) 

Howard, Brenda Kathleen 

Herbert, Joan Florence 

Howard, Jason Clark 

Herbert, John F. 

Howard, John Clark, Jr. 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Howard, John Clark, Sr. 

Howard, John Merlin 

Howard, Judy Carden (Mrs. J. C, 

Howard, Philip Jeffrey 
Howard, Thomas Andrew, Jr. 
Howard, Thomas Andrew, Sr. 
Howard, Vivian (Mrs. T. A.) 
Howell, Bessie (Mrs. John) 
Howell, Daphne L. (Mrs. A. L., Jr.) 
Howell, John 
Howell, Mary Belle 
Howie, Danielle Hayley 
Howie, Gwendolyn (Mrs. Michael) 
Howie, Michael Wade 
Howie, Shannon Michelle 
Hudson, Buddy 
Hudson, Butch 
Hudson, Calvin Livingston 
Hudson, Calvin Livingston, Jr. 
Hudson, Cheryle Ann Faggart 
Hudson, Frances 
Hudson, Joe, Mrs. 
Hudson, Jon Christopher 
Hudson, Lynette 

Hr.dson, Mtirian Teal (Mrs. Calvin) 
Hudson, Nicholas Chadwick 
Hughes, Beth Jeanette 
Hughes, Carolyn (Mrs. James) 
Hughes, James K., Jr. 
Hughes, Jeanette 
Hull, Gretchen (Mi~s. Gary) 
Hull, Jeffrey 
Humbke, Rebecca Moretz (Mrs. 

Huneycutt, Dabra Jo M. (Mrs. J. H.) 
Huneycutt, Douglas Glenn 
Huneycutt, Jill (Mrs. Doug) 
Huneycutt, Mackenzie Noelle 
Huneycutt, Madison 
Huneycutt, Tony Wade 
Hunsucker, B. W. 
Hunsucker, B. W., Mrs. 
Hunsucker, Bobby 
Hunsucker, Bobby, Mrs. 
Hunsucker, Gwendolyn Marie 
Hurlbut, John, Mr. and Mrs. 
Hutchinson, Jane G. 

Ireland, David 
Ireland. Heidi Milbredt 
Ireland, Kevin Milbredt 
Ireland, Sue (Mrs. David) 
Isenhour, Ben 
*Isenhour, Charles A. 
*Isenhour, Charles A., Mrs. 
Isenhour, Delia Dawn 
Isenhour, Gilbert 
Isenhour, Louise Scott (Mrs. Ray 

Isenhour, Marie Love (Mrs. 

William A.) 
Isenhour, Mary (Mrs. Gilbert) 
*Isenhour, Mary E. (Mrs. J. Olin 

Isenhour, Ray Melvin 
Isenhour, William Adolphus 

Jackson, Dana 

Jackson, J. B. 

Jackson, Lois (Mrs. J. B.) 

Jackson, Stephen 

Jackson, Verna (Mrs. Stephen) 

Jenkins, Ina Kay (Mrs. W. E.) 

Jenkins, Kay (Mrs. Mike Hammill) 

Jenkins, Richard Frick 

Jenkins, Willard E. 

Jessup, Brandon Reid 

Jessup, Jim 

Jessup, Phylis (Mrs. Jim) 

Jessup, Wesley Barrett 

Johnson, Alan Todd 

Johnson, Dennis 

Johnson, Donnie Worth 

Johnson, Donnie Worth, Jr. 

Johnson, Floyd 

Johnson, Floyd, Mrs. 

Johnson, Joyce Annetta 

Johnson, Margaret (Mrs. Donnie) 

Johnson, Rodney Glenn 

Johnson, Todd 

*Johnston, Mertie Petrea 

Jones, Carol (Mrs. Robert) 

Jones, Matthew Carlton 

Jones, Robert, Dr. 

Jordan, Emma Belle, Mrs. 

Jordan, Lottie Helen Louise (Mrs. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


John Summerell) 
Joyner, Bonnie, (Mrs. George M.) 
Joyner, Chandler Hendrickson 
Joyner, Martha Troutman 

(Mrs. C. H.) 
Joyner, Michael 
Joyner, Tracy 
Julian, Judith 
Julian, Sue Carol 

Kane, Anita Christine 

Kane, Kathleen Eleanor 

Kane, Kenneth Ernst 

Kane, Kimberly Marie 

Kane, Kristen mizabeth 

Karriker, Bill 

Karriker, Catherine ( Mrs. Bill) 

Karriker, Debbie 

Karriker, Jessica 

Karriker, Lonnie, Rev. 

Karriker, Rae 

Keene, Heather 

Keene, Jennifer 

Keene, Joseph 

Keene, Steven 

Keller, Andrew 

Keller, Angie (Mrs. Dennis) 

Keller, Dennis W. 

Keller, Jacob Andrew 

Kelly, Martha F. (Mrs. John) 

*Kendrick, Bessie (Mrs. W. A.) 

Kendrick, Howard Cook 

Kendrick, W. A. 

Kester, Carroll Litde 

Kester, John Lee 

Kester, Annie M. (Mrs. M. L.) 

Kester, M. L., Rev. 

Kester, Mary Elizabeth 

Kester, Ruth Pauline 

*Ketner, Amanda E., Mrs. 

Ketner, Annie Lee 

Ketner, Arthur 

Ketner, Arthur, Mrs. 

*Ketner, Calvin E. 

Ketner, Gilbert Lawson, Mrs. 

*Ketner, J. Claude 

*Ketner, J. Claude, Mrs. 

Ketner, M., Mrs. 

*Ketner, Mary Belle (Mrs. Calvin 

Ketner, Robert 
Ketner, Tony Cliffton 
Ketner, Trilby Inez 
Kimbrell, Joann Danker 
Kimbrell, Max Leroy (Roy) 
Kimbrell, Max Leroy (Roy), Mrs. 
Kimbrell, Timothy Roy 
Kimbrell, Timothy Roy, Mrs. 
King, Cleo Lucille (m. Barnhardt) 
King, Elizabeth 
King, Janice (Mrs. John A.) 
King, John Arthur 
King, Matthew Thomas 
Kluttz, Buddy 
Kluttz, Coy 

Kluttz, Debbie (Mrs. K. D. Crowell) 
Kluttz, Eula (PennyXMrs. George) 
Kluttz, Roy 
Kluttz, W. L. 
Kluttz, W. L., Mrs. 
Knight, Patrick Wayne 
Knight, Whitney Elaine 
Krimminger, R, L. 
Krimminger, R. W. 
Krimminger, Rufus 
Knight, Oscar Kenneth, Rev. 
Knight, Patrick Wayne 
Kuchenbecker, Heidi 
Kuchenbecker, Joan (Mrs. Richard) 

Lambert, Brian Markus 

l^mbert, Eric 

Lambert, Evi (Mrs. Robert) 

Lambert, Eric, Mrs. 

Lambert, Keely Nicole 

Lambert, Markus 

Lambert, Robert 

Lambert, Tammy 

Laney, Amanda Marjorie 

Laney, Barry 

Laney, Hillary Diane 

Laney, Mary Anne (Mrs. Barry) 

Laney, Petty P. 

Lapish, Ola Mae 

Laughlin, Lucille 

Laughter, Sarah P. 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Lazer[?], Callie 

Leach, Portia Cruse (Mrs. Ricky) 

Leazer, Ida M., Mrs. 

Ledwell, Daisy Dean (Mrs. Alton) 

Ledwell, Jackie Elizabeth 

Lentz, C. C. 

Lentz, C. C, Mrs. 

Lentz, C. Wilson 

Lentz, Catherine L. (Mrs. Ralph) 

Lentz, Charles 

Lentz, Ellen Marie 

Lentz, Harry Phipher 

Lentz, Hazel (Mrs. Charles) 

Lentz, Kenneth Lynn 

Lentz, Kirsten S. (Mrs. S. Hall) 

Lentz, Lillian P. 

Lentz, Mary Temperance (Tempe) 

(Mrs. James E. Taylor, Jr.) 

(m. also Talbert) 
Lentz, Virginia Kathryn (Mrs. 

Lentz, Wilbur H. (Mrs. C. Wilson) 
Link, Ann (Mrs. Tom) 
Link, Hayden Curtis 
Link, Tom 

Linker, Ann (Mrs. John Michael) 
Linker, Bessie T. Cook (Mrs. Fred 

Linker, Catharine Elizabeth (Mrs. 

Ralph Lentz) 
*Linker, Charles O. 
Linker, Christine Elizabeth - see 

Christine Talbert 
Linker, Era (Mrs. Stallee E. 

Linker, Ethel Scott, Mrs. 
Linker, Fannie (Mrs. John H.) 
*Linker, Fred Hilliard 
Linker, Fred Hilliard, Jr. 
Linker, Fred Hilliard, Mrs. (Mrs. W. 

A. Kendrick) 
Linker, Helida 
Linker, Henry Arthur 
Linker, Fannie (Mrs. John Henry) 
Linker, George Gibson 
Linker, Henry Arthur 
Linker, John Henry 
Linker, John Michael 

Linker, Kate Blondell (Mrs. Floyd 

M. Parker) 
Linker, Katherine (m. Lentz) 
Linker, Mary Ann 
* Linker, Mary E., Mrs. 
Linker, Mary Rosetta 
Linker, Mary W. 
Linker, Oscar Leon 
Linker, Susan Joy (Mrs. D. E. Lipe) 
Lipe, Susan Linker (Mrs. Daniel E.) 
Lippard, Agnes 

Lippard, Annie Belle (m. Robinson) 
Lippard, Charles 
Lippard, Clyde 
Lippard, Gideon Jacob 
Lippard, Grace (Mrs. G. J.) 
Lippard, Hoy Welker 
Lippard, Nell (Nellie) (m. 

Lippard, Nora (Mrs. H. F. 

Lippard, Willie 

Lomax, Annie Lee (m. Ketner) 
Lomax, Betty Ruth Peacock 
Lomax, Brady, Jr. 
Lomax, Buddy 
Lomax, C. C, Mrs. 
Lomax, Christy Michele 
Lomax, Claudine Ellen (Mrs. 

Lonnie Sistar) 
Lomax, Daniel Shane 
Lomax, Elise Nancy 
Lomax, John Harold 
Lomax, Patty (Mrs. Brady, Jr.) 
London, Brent William 
London, Cathy Hatley (Mrs. Daryl) 
London, Daryl Richard 
London, Matthew Richard 
Long, Angela Lynn 
Long, Ann (Mrs. W. B., Jr.) 
Long, Anne S. (Mrs. Barry Hough) 
Long, Carol (Mrs. Robert B., Ill) 
Long, Daphne Anne (Mrs. A. L. 

Howell, Jr.) 
Long, Ellen 

Long, Jane Q. (Mrs. W. Boger, Jr.) 
Long, Lynne (Mrs. Jerry Peavy) 
Long, Mary S., (Dolly) 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


(Mrs. Robert E.) 
Long, Robert E. 
Long, William Boger, Jr. 
Long, William Boger, III (Chuck) 
Lovell, Elizabeth 
Lowder, Doris Elaine 
Lowder, Geraldine 
Lowder, Harvey, Mrs. 
Lowder, J. H., Mrs. 
Lowder, L. Mahlon 
Lowder, L. Mahlon, Jr. 
Lowder, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. 

L. Mahlon) 
Lowder, Louise Elizabeth (Mrs. 

Robert H. Biegel 
Lowder, Vemon P. 
Lowder, Vernon Samuel 
Lumpkin, Clifton H. 
Lumpkin, Heather Rene 
Lumpkin, Patricia E. (Mrs. Clifton) 
Lumpkin, Stephanie Maria 
Lyons, Mildred W. (Mrs. W. R.) 
Lyons, William Richard 
Lyons, William Rodie 

MacKay, Grant L. 
MacKay, Keith Alan 
MacKay, Nicole Lindsay 
MacKay, Sharon (Mrs. Grant) 
MacRae, Gene (Mrs. Cameron) 
Mangum, Austin Nelson 
Mann, Darlton, Mrs. 
Mann, Adelaide Terry 
Mantooth, Alice Bernice 
Mantooth, Esther, Mrs. 
Mantooth, Imo Cline 
Marlow, Tara LuAnn (Mrs. H. E. 

Martin, Vickie L. 
Masney, John 

Masney, John, Mr. and Mrs. 
Mattison, Nell (Mrs. T. W.) 
Mattison, Thomas Rodney 
Martison, Thomas Rodney, Jr. 
Mattison, Thomas Rodney, Mrs. 
Mattison, Thomas Wood 
Mattucci, Erika 
Mauldin, Chelsea Jo 

Mauldin, Dabra Jo (Mrs. J. J. 

Mauldin, Ira H. 
Mauldin, Janice Neil (Mrs. 

Mauldin, Jo Carolyn (Mrs. Ira H.) 
Mauldin, Julie Ekine (Mrs. M. R. 

Mauldin, Samuel Neil 
Mauldin, Timothy Howard 
Mauldin, Zachary 
McBride, Delores 
McBride, Kate 
McClamrock, Barry Kenneth 
McClamrock, George P., Jr. 
McClamrock, H. K. 
McClamrock, Harold Reginald 
McClamrock, Helen E. 
McClamrock, Kenneth Charles 
McClamrock, Ricky Lee 
McClamrock, Steven Michael 
McClamrock, Terri Lisa (Mrs. J. G. 

McClellan, Dolores (Mrs. A. L. 

McClellan, Nancy Lou (Mrs. R. A. 

Haney, Jr.) 
McCormac, George P., Jr. 
McCormac, Kevin 
McCormad, Martha 
McCormac, Stuart Duncan 
McDonald, Michael Lynn 
McDonald, Pat (Mrs. Ronnie) 
McEachern, Annie L. (Mrs. David 

McEachern, Chassie Lee 
*McEachern, Cleone Bunn (Mrs. 

John Leonard) 
McEachern, Daisy Dean (Mrs. 

Alton Ledwell) 
McEachern, David Levond 
McEachern, David, Jr. 
McEachern, Dennis Harold 
McEachern, Dora Lucile (Mrs. 

C. M. Whelchel) 
McEachern, Fred Hall 
McEachern, Harold B. 
McEachern, Hazel Maxine (Mrs. J. 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

*McEachern, James C. 
McEachem, JoAnn 
*McEachern, John Leonard 
McEachern, Leona (Mrs. Fred) 
McEachern, Leonard Bunn 
*McEachern, Lou (Mrs. James C.) 
McEachern, Philip Wayne 
McEachern, Reba F. 

(Mrs. Harold B.) 
McEachern, Teena Marie (Mrs. Dan 

McHorn, Holland Prentis 
McHorn, Jeffrey Lars 
McKay, E. R. 

McKay, Edith Isenhour (Mrs. E. R.) 
McManus, Christopher Todd 
McManus, Julius W., Jr. 
McManus, Linda H. (Mrs. J. W. 

Stiller, Jr.) 
McManus, Michael Dean 
Measamer, Adrienne Dean 
Measamer, Anne L. (Mrs. H. E.) 
Measamer, Frank, Jr. 
Measamer, Henry Edward, III 
Measamer, Trip 
Measmer, Edward, Jr., Mrs. 
Medford, Margie Sue (Mrs. L. J.) 
Meinus, Lucky 
Meictner, Frank 
Mercer, Keith Allen 
Mercer, Ronald W. 
Merck, Betty Funderburke (Mrs. 

John Franklin Merck) 
*Meredith, Annie Petrea 
Meyer, Marge (Mrs. Robert) 
Meyer, Robert 
Meyer, Susan 
Milam, Amy Elizabeth 
Milam, Bob 
Milam, Bradley Robert 
Milam, Marge 
Milam, Patricia Ann Fortune (Mrs. 

Milbredt, Kevin Raymond 
Miles, Ricky Carroll 
Milikin, Jeannie 
Milikin, Lindsay 

Milikin, Mary Emily (Mrs. J. E. 

Milikin, Richard 
Miller, Anna Louise 
Miller, Barbara Jean 
Miller, Bernard Alonzo 
Miller, Bernard Alonzo, Jr. 
Miller, Bernard Alonzo, Mrs. 
Miller, Fisher 
Miller, Hannah 
Miller, James Lewis, III 
Miller, James Lewis, Jr. 
Miller, Janie B. (Mrs. Frank, Jr.) 
Miller, Jennifer 

Miller, Jessie Leon (Mrs. V. F.) 
Miller, Lori Ann (Mrs. T. H. 

Miller, Louise 
Miller, V. F. 

Miller, Wanda (Mrs. James L., Jr.) 
Millsap, Nellie Sides 
Misenheimer, Bertie 
Misenheimer, Helen Wensil (Mrs. 

Misenheimer, Lewis 
Misenheimer, Ruby 
Moncayo, Chris 
Moncayo, Christina 
Moncayo, Kristen 
Moncayo, Sebastian Dakota 
Monroe, Elizabeth Mary 
Monroe, James Alexander 
Monroe, Kathy (Mrs. James) 
Moon, Starla 
Moon, Vanessa 
Moore, Alleia Yvonne 
Moore, Alvin Lennie 
Moore, Alvin Walter 
Moore, Andy Kyle 
Moore, Cecelia (Mrs. A. W.) 
Moore, Laura Michaela 
Moose, Andrea Denise 
Moose, Ben James 
Moose, Gerri (Mrs. Ben J.) 
Moose, Joseph L. 
Moose, John B., Dr. 
Moose, Paul Gurley 
Moose, Paul Gurley, Mrs. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Moretz, Angela Marie 

Moretz, David 

Moretz, Earl D. 

Moretz, Jonathan Frederick 

Moretz, Libby (Mrs. Steven T.) 

Moretz, Robert Earl 

Moretz, Ruby (Mrs. Earl D.) 

Moretz, Sandra Elaine 

Moretz, Steven T. 

Morgan, Stephanie 

Morrison, Susan G. (Mrs. Gary) 

Mosny, John 

Mosny, Polly ( Mrs. John) 

Moss, Chad 

Murphy, James Francis 

Nain, Jason 

Nain, John William 

Nain, Karen (Mrs. John) 

Nain, Nicole 

Nash, Brandon 

Nash, Gerri F. (Mrs. Raymond N.) 

Nash, Kenneth Ray 

Newberry, Patricia St. John (Mrs. R. 

Newberry, Robert, Jr. 
Newberry, Sara 
Niblock, F. C. 
Nielsen, Brenda 
Nielsen, Chris 
Nielsen, Edith (Mrs. Tom) 
Nielsen, Gunnar 
Nielsen, Inger (Mrs. Gunnar) 
Nielsen, Jane Ellen (Mrs. G. D. 

Nielsen, Tom 
Nielsen, Wendy 
Noblitt, David Ellis 
Noblitt, Donald E. 
Noblitt, Margaret H. 

(Mrs. Donald E.) 
Norman, Clarence R., Rev. 
Norris, Amy Michelle 
Norris, Brian Justin 
Norris, Gary 

Norris, Karen T. (Mrs. Mickey) 
Norris, Mickey A. 
Norris, Susan C. (Mrs. Gary) 

Norris, Tara Marie 

North, Dane 

North, Dane, Mrs. 

Nussman, A. R. 

Nussman, Bertha (Mrs. A. R.) 

Nussman, Betsy Ann (m. 

Nussman, Betty 
Nussman, Billie Gene 
Nussman, Jack, Mrs. 
Nussman, R. A. 
Nussman, R. A., Mrs. 

O'Neal, Bryan 

O'Neal, Dave 

O'Neal, Gwen (Mrs. Dave) 

O'Neal, Julia 

Oberst, Lynda (Mrs. Steve) 

Oberst, Stacia 

Oberst, Steve 

Orlic, Bobbi (Mrs. Lee) 

Orlic, Jonathan Lee 

Orlic, Lee 

Orlic, Margaret Roberta 

Ormand, Kay (Mrs. J. J., Jr.) 

Ormand, Sarah Elizabeth 

Overcash, Hoyt 

Overcash, Hoyt, Mrs. 

Overcash, Tempe 

Padgett, Brian 

Padgett, Gail Goodnight (Mrs. 

Walter, Jr.) 
Padgett, Walter, Jr. 
Pair, Louise 

Parker, Beth (Elizabeth?) 
Parker, Delma H. 
Parker, Elizabeth Diana (Mrs. 

Elizabeth Peeler) 
Parker, Elizabeth Louise (Mrs. 

Delma H.) 
Parker, Floyd N. 

Parker, Kate Linker (Mrs. Floyd N.) 
Parnell, Bette 

Pamell, Kathy, see Kathy Cruse 
Parnow, Jennifer Mary 
Parnow, Mark 
Parnow, Maria (Mrs. Mark) 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Parnow, Stephen 
Patterson, Edith Margaret 
*Patterson, Irene (Mrs. J. W.) 
Patterson, J. Robert 
Patterson, J. Virginia 
Patterson, J. W. 
Patterson, Jane 
Patterson, Mary (Mrs. Lester 

Patterson, Mary Virginia 
Patterson, Ruth Mary (Mrs. J. 

Peacock, A. J. 
Peacock, A. J., Mrs. 
Peacock, Betty Lou (Mrs. Walter 

Peacock, Callie (Mrs. A. J.) 
Peacock, Eugene 
Peacock, Floyd 
Peacock, Floyd, Mrs. 
Peacock, Harold 
Peacock, Harold, Mrs. 
Peacock, Jonas M. 
Peacock, Jonas M., Mrs. 
Peacock, Lillian, Mrs. (Mrs. Lentz) 
Peacock, Morrison Eugene 
Peacock, Patty Ruth (Mrs. Brady 

Lomax, Jr.) 
Peacock, Roy 
Peacock, Viola (Mrs. Roy) 
Peavy, April Lee 
Peavy, Kimberly Marie 
Peavy, Lynne Long (Mrs. Jerry) 
Peeler, Beth P. (Mrs. Jerry) 
Pender, D. B. Family 
Penninger, Elma G. Beaver (Mrs. 

Hedrick M.) 
Penninger, Elma Catherine 
Penninger, Hedrick Martin 
Penninger, Locke A. 
Penninger, Mamie (Mrs. Locke A.) 
Penninger, Sara Lorene 
Percy, Craig Michael 
Percy, Elfriede 
Percy, Scott Robert 
Percy, Sharyn Joy 
Perkins, Jane N. (Mrs. G. D.) 
Perry, Colene (Mrs. S. A., Jr.) 

Perry, Cornelia Ann (Mrs. Robert 

Clay Cook)(Mrs. Vernon 

Perry, Katheryn Hewitt (Mrs. E. L. 

Perry, Sidney Albert, III 
Perry, Sidney Albert, Jr. 
*Petrea, Annie A. (m. Meredith) 
Petrea, Annie J. (Mrs. S. W.) 
*Petrea, Carrie L. (Mrs. Frank E. 

Petrea, Frances (Mrs. Christy) 
*Petrea, G. W. 
*Petrea, G. W., Mrs. 
Petrea, Maida L. (Mrs. Terry) 
*Petrea, Myrtie M. (m. Johnston) 
Petrea, Pleasant J. 
Petrea, Samuel Wilson 
Petrea, Samuel Wilson, Mrs. 
Petrea, Sarah Diana (m. Laughter) 
Petty, David Charles 
Petty, Janet Lee 

Petty, Hilda E. (Mrs. Robert L.) 
Petty, Robert, Jr. 
Petty, Robert Lee 
Petty, Robert Lewis 
Petty, Sherylle Suzanne (Mrs. Gene 

Philips, B. L. 
Phillips, Bascom 
Phillips, Clarence 
Phillips, Martha Y. Pope (Mrs. D. 

Phillips, Mary, Mrs. 
Pickard, Candice Jean 
Pickard, Jean 

Pickard, Kathryn McDonald 
Pickard, Robert 
Pickard, Sherrill (Mrs. Robert) 
Pierce, Leslie 

Pinder, Douglas Burkett, Jr. 
Pinder, Douglas Burkett, Sr. 
Pinder, Douglas Burkett, Sr., Mrs. 
Pinder, George 
Pinder, Gregory 
Pittman, Adam 
Pittman, Austin Ray 
Pittman, Don 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Pittman, Don, Mrs. 

*PIess, Pleasant J. 

Pless, [?], Miss 

Pless, [?], Mr. and Mrs. 

Plummer, Jo (Mrs. Tony) 

Plummer, Justin. 

Plummer, L. A. 

Plummer, Tony 

Poindexter, Pam (Mrs. William, II) 

Poindexter, Stacy 

Poindexter, William D., II 

Poindexter, William D., Ill 

Pope, Fred Samuel 

Pope, Martha Yount (Mrs. Fred) 

Pope, Megan Virginia 

Poplin, G. A. 

Poplin, James 

Poplin, L. A. 

Poplin, Mary Magdalene 

Poplin, Myrtle Fay 

Poulus, Kelly H. 

Pressley, Bernice, Mrs. 

Pressley, William 

Pressley, William, Mrs. 

Propst, George 

Propst, Joyce (Mrs. George) 

Radcliffe, Alice (Mrs. James) 
Radcliffe, James 
Radcliffe, Kathryn Lynn 
Ramseur, Caroline Baker 
Ramseur, Diane (see Diane Dobbs) 

(Mrs. Thomas W.) 
Ramseur, Elizabeth 
Ramseur, Floyd E. 
Ramseur, Heidi Elizabeth 
Ramseur, Helen F. (Mrs. Floyd 

E.)(Mrs. Leonard 

F. Turner) 
Ramseur, James Dodson 
Ramseur, James Elliott 
Ramseur, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. J. E.) 
Ramseur, Mary M. (Mrs. L. B. 

Ramseur, Thomas Walter 
Rasnake, Kim (Mrs. Marty R.) 
Rasnake, Marty Robin 
Remkus, Audrey 

Remkus, Phyllis 
Remkus, Ryan 
Rhinehardt, Virginia, Mrs. 
Richardson, Gail Garmon 
Ridenhour, Ann Barnhardt (Mrs. 

Ridenhour, Billie Williams (Mrs. J. R.) 
Ridenhour, Dawn Elizabeth 
Ridenhour, Debra Ann 
Ridenhour, G. H. 
Ridenhour, G. H., Mrs. 
Ridenhour, Gary Edward 
Ridenhour, Grace (Mrs. V. Y. 

Ridenhour, James M. 
Ridenhour, James Robinson 
Ridenhour, Jane (Mrs. David 

Ridenhour, Janet Ann 
Ridenhour, James Martin 
Ridenhour, James Robinson 
Ridenhour, Karen 
Ridenhour, Kim 
Ridenhour, Lois Ruth Trexler 

(Mrs. J. M.) 
Ridenhour, Lori Jayne (Mrs. E. M. 

Ridenhour, Margaret Jane 
Ridenhour, Margaret Karen 
Ridenhour, Marie Piccard (Mrs. Gary) 
Ridenhour, Mary 
Ridennour, Opal (Mrs. Robert) 
Ridenhour, Philip Wayne 
Ridenhour, Robert Ray 
Ridenhour, Robin Denise (Mrs. V. 

M. Faggart) 
Ridenhour, S. Marie 
Ridenhour, Shirley Mae 
Ridenhour, Sylvia Elaine (Mrs. J. T. 

Ridenhour, Sylvia Jean (Mrs. C. R. 

Saleeby, Jr. 
Ridenhour, T. H. 
Ridenhour, T. H., Mrs. 
Ridenhour, Timothy Ray 
Ridenhour, William Acree 
Ridenhour, William C. 
Ritchie, Bachman L. 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Ritchie, Bachman L., Mrs. 

Ritchie, Helen 

Ritchie, Irene 

Roach, Alfred 

Roach, Louise Bostian 

Roach, Wesley 

Roberson, Elton, Mrs. 

*Roberts, Bachman L. 

Roberts, Bertha Emma (Mrs. Jack 

*Roberts, Bessie (Mrs. Bachman L.) 
Roberts, Bobbie Wyrick 
Roberts, Carl Oscar 
Roberts, Clyde Leonard 
Roberts, Dorothy Arlene (Mrs. 

Bruce Conrad) 
Roberts, F. W., Mrs. 
Roberts, Gilbert Clinton 
Roberts, Gilbert W. 
Roberts, Gilbert, Mrs. 
Roberts, Joe Lynn 
*Roberts, Juney W. 
* Roberts, Juney W., Mrs. 
Roberts, Mamie Penninger (Mrs. 

Roberson, Barbara Smith 
Robinson, Annie Belle Lippard 
Rogers, W. D. 
Rogers, W. D., Mrs. 
Rommelmann, David 
Rommelmann, Katie 
Rommelmann, Megan 
Rommelmann, Pat (Mrs. David) 
Rommelmann, Shelley 
Rommelmann, Vanessa 
Rowland, Berry 
Rowland, Betiy Lou 
Rowland, Carol (Mrs. Steve) 
Rowland, James L., Mrs. 
Rowland, Myrtle Mc. (Mrs. Berry) 
Rudisill, Kathryn 
Rudisill, Robert 
Rudisill, Rudy 

Rudisill, Shelia (Mrs. Robert) 
Rusk, Carol Dianne 
Rusk, Pauline B. (Mrs. Harold) 
Russell, Bessie 
Russell, Wanda 

St. John, Ann Marie (Mrs. Terry Lee 

St. John, Catherine (Mrs. Bill 

St. John, Nora Ann (Mrs. Paul 

Wayne Bolick) 
St. John, Philip 
St. John, Ruby (Mrs. Philip) 
St. John, Sarah Patricia (Mrs. R. D. 

Saleeby, Sylvia (Mrs. C. R.) 
Schaening, David Michael 
Schaening. Jacquelyn Rose 
Schaening. Pat (Mrs. Stan) 
Schaening, Rebecca Rae 
Schaening. Stan 
Schieber, Chad Allen 
Schieber, Jason Frederick 
Schieber, Leta Konemann 
Schiele, Brian 
Schiele, David Eugene 
Schiele, F. Brad 

Schiele, Kathy L. (Mrs. F. Brad) 
Scott, Ann M. (Mrs. John F., Jr.) 
Scott, Bobby Gene 
Scott, Callie Ruth (m. Childers, m. 

Scott, Charles F. 
Scott, Craige 
Scott, Dennis 
Scott, Donald Luther 
Scott, Edna Irene 
Scott, Efride Percy, Mrs. 
Scott, Elmer Luther 
Scott, Elona (Mrs. J. A. Hadey) 
Scott, Ethel Belle (m. Linker) 
Scott, Fred Henry 
Scott, Jimmy 
Scott, John F., Jr. 
Scott, Johnsie (Mrs. Van C, Sr.) 
Scott, Justin 
Scott, M. Luther 
Scott, Margaret Louise (Mrs. Ray 

M. Isenhour) 
Scott, Mary Belle (Mrs. M. 

Scott, Myrtle (Mrs. Roy R.) 
Scott, Orm(?), Mrs. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Scott, Roy Reuben 

Scott, Van Cletus, Jr. (Butch) 

Scott, Van Cletus, Sr. 

Scott, Warren Henry 

Seaford, Betty Ann 

Seaford, Brenda S. (Mrs. Lonnie) 

Seaford, Bucky Pinky 

Seaford, Lula C. (Mrs. Sperge) 

Seaford, Sperge 

Seagle, Bryte, Mrs. 

Seagle, Dorothy Adeline 

Seagle, Murl Everdell 

Seagle, M. E., Mrs. 

Seagle, Nancy Joyce 

Sehorn, Eugene E. (Gene) 

Sehom, Lily Means, Mrs. 

Sehorn, Pamela Jean (Mrs. A. R. 

Sehorn, Patricia Ann (Mrs. Rickie 

Walker)(Mrs. R. W. 

Sehom, Ruth Elizabeth L. (Mrs. E. E.) 
Sethna, Carolyn Anne (Mrs. C. B.) 
Settlemyer, Wendy (Mrs. D. E.) 
Shanaghy, Mary Anne 
Sharpe, J. A. 
Shaw, Ann Elizabeth 
Shaw, Philip Lee 
Shaw, Rebecca F. (Mrs. Richard) 
Shaw, Richard E. 
Shehand, Ophy W. 
Sherrill, M. L., Mrs. 
Sherrill, Thelma 
*Shive, J. R. 
*Shive, J. R., Mrs. 
Shive, Ophelia Bland 
Shive, Thelma Vastine 
Shoe, Alma L. (Mrs. Marvin L.) 
Shoe, Donald Ray 
Shoe, Donald Roy 
Shoe, Frances Louise (Mrs. G. C.) 
Shoe, Grady C. 
Shoe, Marvin L. 
Shoe, Randal Clark 
Shue, Ben A. 
Shue, Erika Lorstadt (Mrs. D. W. 

Shue, Gretchen 

Shue, Helen H. (Mrs. Ben) 

Shue, Kirsten (Mrs. Dennis Lentz) 

Shue, Marvin 

Shue, Marvin, Mrs. 

Sides, Abbie Davis 

Sides, Alvin 

Sides, Edith (Mrs. Alvin) 

Sides, J. W. (Johnnie) 

Sides, James Coleman 

* Sides, John A. 

* Sides, John A., Mrs. 
Sides, Johnny 
Sides, Johnny, Mrs. 

Sides, Nellie (Mrs. Millsap) 

Sides, Ollie M. 

Sides, Perry Lynn 

Sides, S. H. 

Sides, Sylvester O. 

Sides, Thelma 

Sifford, Ailene (Mrs. Howard) 

Sifford, Brian Keith 

Sifford, Carol Annette (Mrs. Larry 

Sifford, Howard W. 
Silliman, Ethel Wall 
Simmons, David Karl 
Simmons, Charlotte (Mrs. G. H., 

Simmons, Graham H., Jr. 
Simmons, Patricia Ann 
Simmons, Susan Carol 
Simpson, David Andrew 
Simpson, Martha Lou (Mrs. 

John Kelly) 
Simpson, Richard Hale 
Sims, Andy 

Sims, Louise (Mrs. Andrew) 
Sipe, Marie St. John (Mrs. Terry) 
Sisk, Donald Wayne 
Sisk, Edgar B. 

Sisk, Ethel Texas Nixon (Mrs. E. B.) 
Sisk, Mark Healy 
Sisk, Martha Jones (Mrs. Thomas) 
Sisk, Robert A. 
Sisk, Thomas E. 
Sisk, Thomas, Mrs. 
Sistar, Claudine Lomax (Mrs. 



Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Sistar, Lonnie 


Christopher Hudson 

Sloop, Alice Ray 


David Hal 

Sloop, Barbara Frances 


Debbie Anne (Mrs. K. D. 

Sloop, Betty 


Sloop, Bruce Gordon 


Doris C. (Mrs. Robert) 

Sloop, Frank Morrison 


E. Ray 

Sloop, Fred Olin 


Earl * 

Sloop, George A. 


Earl, Jr., Mrs. 

Sloop, Hubert Harvey 


Gary T. 

Sloop, J. Olin 



Sloop, James 



Sloop, James Albert Lavel 


J. Franklin 

Sloop, Jerry L. 


James H. 

Sloop, Kale 


James H., Mrs. 

Sloop, Lillie (Mrs. Frank) 


Jamie Elise 

Sloop, Lucille 0., Mrs. 


Jan D. (Mrs. Harold) 

Sloop, Margie Nell (Mrs. Richard 


Janice G. (Mrs. Roger) 



Jean (Mrs. Richard) 

Sloop, Martha Adeline 



* Sloop, Mary Isenhour (Mrs. J. 


John Carl, Jr. 




Sloop, Mary Janie (Mrs. C. B. 


Jon Hudson 



Jonathan Robert 

Sloop, Mary Talitha (Mrs. James 


Kathy (Mrs. Randy) 



Lauren Elizabeth 

Sloop, Myrtle M. (Mrs. George A.) 


LeAnna Kim 

Sloop, Nell (Mrs. Richard 


, Lottie Mae 



, Marianna (Mrs. Michael D.) 

Sloop, Rebecca Louise 


, Mary Brown, Mrs. 

Sloop, Sarah Olivia 


, Michael D. 

Sloop, Sylvia Barbee (Mrs. Kale) 


, Miriam Teal (Mrs. John C.) 

Sloop, Violet Joyce (Mrs. Hubert 


, Pamela (Mrs. A. Ray) 



, Pansy (Mrs. Boyce) 

Smith, Ann Louise 


, Peggy Valerie (m. Whitaker) 

Smith, Anthony Lance 


, Randy Joe 

Smith, Arlie G. (Mrs. Bill Burnette) 


, Ralph 

Smith, Ashley Blair 


, Richard 

Smith, Barbara Louise (m. 


, Robert 



, Roger 

Smith, Boyce 


, Shannon (Mrs. Brad) 

Smith, Brian Joseph 


, Sharyn Lynn 

Smith, Calvin, Jr. 


, Shawn 

Smith, Carol 


, Sherylle (Mrs. Gene) 

Smith, Catherine "Katie" (Mrs. E. 


, Taylor Alyson 



, Ted Osborne 

Smith, Catherine Jean 


, Teresa Fry (Mrs. Larry 

Smith, Charles Kimball 


Smith, Corin Dayvault 


r, Jessica 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Snyder, Mark 

Snyder, Mark, Mrs. 

Speagle, F. M., Rev. 

Speagle, Mary Ellen 

Speagle, Maude Ellen (Mrs. F. M.) 

Speagle, Paul Sedrick 

Speight, Nelia Irene (m. Bollinger) 

Speight, Martha Leona (Mrs. 

Norman C. Galloway) 
Speight, W. B. 
Speight, W. B., Mrs. 
Spreague, Mary Ann 
Stallings, Barbara 
Stallings, Gary 
Stallings, Keith 
Stallings, Lisa 

Stallings, Teresa (Mrs. Keith) 
Starnes, Julie (Mrs. Richard) 
Starnes, Richard 
Staton, Bill 
Staton, Janet Lea 
Staton, Jennifer Christine 
Staton, Jill Suzanne (Mrs. D. G. 

Staton, Laura (Mrs. Trent Wilhelm) 
Staton, Michael Christian 
Staton, Millie (Mrs. Bill) 
Stearns, Brian Joseph 
Stearns, Michael Patrick 
Stearns, Ron 

Stearns, Tammy (Mrs. Ron) 
Steff, Darrell 

Steff, Mary (Mrs. Darrell) 
Steff, Robert Joseph 
Stevens, Mary Ann 
Stewart, Stella E. 
Stikeleather, Berry Lee 
Stikeleather, George 
Stikeleather, Richard Neil 
Stikeleather, Samuel Neil 
Stikeleather, Sydney Lauren 
Stikeleather, Trudy (Mrs. George) 
Stikeleather, Violet 
Stiller, Frances 
Stiller, Linda H. 
Stiller, Mary Simpson "Dolly" (Mrs. 

Robert E. Long) 
Stirewalt, Jeremy Stults 

Sure wait, Sandra 

Stokes, Deane (Mrs. Kenneth B.) 

Stokes, Kenneth B. 

Stokes, Kenneth Wesley 

Stokes, Nancy Elizabeth 

Stone, Albert Madison 

Stone, Albert Madison, Mrs. 

Stone, Beverly Irene 

Stone, Helen C. 

Stroud, Brad 

Stroud, E. Jack 

Stroud, Janice Marie 

Stroud, Jeanlee (Mrs. E. Jack) 

Stroud, Roxanne Wise (Mrs. Brad) 

Strube, Joyce (Mrs. Ray B.) 

Strube, Michael Eric 

Strube, Ray B. 

Strube, Susan Giovanni 

Studdert, Virginia Wilkinson 

Stults, Jeremy 

Summerell, Arnold Ray 

Summerell, John 

Summerell, Lottie (Mrs. John) 

Surner, Charles 

Surner, Charles, Mrs. 

Sumer, Charles Kevin 

Surner, Miriam Suther 

Suther, Betty (Mrs. Harold) 

Suther, Christopher 

Suther, David Scott 

Suther, David Scott, Jr. 

Suther, Harold 

Suther, Kenneth Harold 

Suther, Laura 

Suther, Mary B., Mrs. 

Suther, Tamara Lee 

Tadlock, Patricia S. (Mrs. Raymond 

Talbert, Addie Beaver (Mrs. Willie) 
Talbert, Brenda Sue (Mrs. R. L. 

Talbert, Cathy Dianne 
Talbert, Charles S. 
Talbert, Christine Linker (Mrs. 

Paul F.) 
Talbert, Clinton 
Talbert, Debbie 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Talbert, Jo Ann (Mrs. Ray) 

Talbert, Jones Franklin 

Talbert, Joyce (Mrs. Charles S.) 

Talbert, Joyce C. (m. Goins) 

Talbert, Paul F. 

Talbert, Ray 

Talbert, Rosanne (Mrs. C. J. 

Talbert, Tempe L. (Taylor) 
Talbert, Willie 
Tarlton, Charles Grady 
Tarlton, Charles Mark 
Tarlton, Erline Loggans, Mrs. 
Tarlton, Gloria Jeannie 
Tarlton, James Hope 
Tarlton, James Hope, Mrs. 
Tarlton, Joseph Winfield 
Tarlton, Linda Nell 
Tarlton, Nell C. (Mrs. Charles G.) 
Taylor, Hazel McE. (Mrs. James 

Evans, Jr.) 
Taylor, James Evans, Jr. 
Taylor, James Evans, III 
Taylor, Jimmy 
Taylor, Lori Anna 
Taylor, Tempe Lentz, (Mrs. 

James E., Jr.) (Talbert) 
Teal, Diana Ruth (Mrs. Royce 

Teal, Miriam (Mrs. R. R. Drury, Jr.) 
Teal, Ruth (Mrs. Vernon E.) 
Teal, Vernon E. 
Teed, Bertha Mae 
Teed, Cynthia Leanne 
Teed, Jennifer Christine 
Teed, Karen B. (Mrs. Ronald) 
Teed, Ronald E., Rev. 
Teeter, Esther B. (Mrs. N. B.) 
Teeter, Newton B. 
Terry, Adelaide Petrea 
Terry, Benjamin Franklin 
Terry, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 
*Terry, Mada Petrea (Mrs. B. F.) 
Terry, Madeline Hightower 
Thomas, Catherine Anne (Mrs. 

Thompson, Elizabeth Diane 
Thompson, Michelle Dawn 

Thompson, Nicole 
Thompson, Patricia H. 
Thompson, Sarha 
Thornberg, Nell Lippard 
Towell, Elina 
Trexler, Floyd, Mrs. 
Trexler, Lisa Ann[?] 
Trexler, Lois Ruth (Mrs. J. M. 

Tritt, E. S., Mrs. 
Troutman, George M. 
Troutman, Martha (Mrs. C. H. 

Troutman, Myrtie (Mrs. George M.) 
Troutman, Zona Kay (Mrs. Tim 

Trull, Billy Gene 
Trull, Donald Ray 
Trull, Eleanor (m. Treece) 
Trull, Novalene (Mrs. Chas. Fero) 
Trull, Sara Carpenter (Mrs. B. G.) 
Trull, Saundra Kay (Mrs. Larry 

A. Cauble) 
Trull, Treece 
Tucker, Julia Mae 
Tucker, Nina (Mrs. Richard York) 
Tucker, Tonya (Mrs. Jason Leonard) 
Turner, Helen F. (Mrs. Leonard F., 

Sr.) (see Helen Ramseur) 
Turner, Miriam (Mrs. Chas. Surner) 
Twiggs, Jason Scott 
Twiggs, Tamara Jean Hadey (Mrs. 

Tyson, Beulah (Mrs. George F.) 
Tyson, George F. 
Tyson, Margaret Campbell 

Untz, Becky 

Upright, Etta (Mrs. William A.) 

Upright, Gladys Virginia (m. 

Upright, Isabella 
Upright, Mary Overcash, Mrs. 
Upright, William A. 
Utt, Janice B. (Mrs. James) 
Urvans, Kristin 

Varnadore, Carley Leigh 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Varnadore, Cody William 
Varnadore, Mark William 
Varnadore, Pamela (Mrs. M. W.) 
Vaughn, Bonnie 
Vaughn, Bret Frey 
Vaughn, Robin 
Vaughn, Rodney 
Vaughn, Rodney, Mrs. 
Vaughn, Windy Frey 
Vickers, Dolores McClellan (Mrs. 
A. L.) 

Wagner, Ann Doll (Mrs. John) 
Wagoner, Brenda Tracy (Mrs. 

Wagoner, Dianne 
Wagoner, Tracy 
Wagstaff, Don, Jr. 
Wagstaff, Peggy (Mrs. Don) 
Wagstaff, Tiffany Anne 
Wahunen, Kara Suzanne 
Wahunen, Wendy 
Walker, Rickie, Mrs. 
Walker, Sarah 
Walter, Alfred Pinkney 
Walter, Alfred Pinkney, Mrs. 
Walter, Alfred Pinkney, Jr. 
Walter, B. W., Mrs. 
Walter, Burman Owen 
Walter, Jimmy Lynn 
Walter, Ruth Scott (Mrs. M. W. 

Watkins, Amy, Mrs. 
Watkins, C. D. 
Watkins, C. D., Jr. 
Watkins, C. D., Mrs. 
Watkins, Charles 
Watkins, Peggy Winecoff, Mrs. 
Wattunen, Kara Suzanne 
Wattunen, Kelsie 
Wattunen, Wendy (Mrs. Frank) 
Way, Bessie Jane (Mrs. G. W.) 
Way, G. W. 
Way, Margaret Geneva 
Way, Martin Luther 
Weddington, Geneva Hess (Mrs. 

Robert L.) 
Weddington, Guion Thomas 

Weddington, Mildred Ann Mrs. W. 

R. Lyons) 
Weddington, Robert L. 
Weddington, Sarah Philetus 
Weddington, Sarah Christine 
Wensil, Bessie Moose (Mrs. L. R., 

Wensil, Helen (Mrs. Greeley 

Wensil, Idell Ruby 
Wensil, Jarrett (Mrs. Larry, Jr.) 
Wensil, Jeffrey Eugene 
Wensil, Larry R., Jr. 
Wensil, Larry R., Sr. 
Wensil, Lee R., Jr. 
Wensil, Pamela Lucille 
West, Alvas Avery 
West, Avery 
West, Dallas Ray 
West, Dallas Ray, Jr. 
West, Elizabeth 
West, Helen (Mrs. Dallas Ray) 
West, Jimmy 
West, Johnny Leon 
West, Marian Black (Mrs. Jack) 
West, Melissa Denise 
West, Ray 

West, Timothy Nathan 
Whelchel, C. M. 
Whelchel, Judith Ann 
Whelchel, Lucille M. (m. Laughlin) 
Whisnant, Kathryn (Mrs. Norman) 
Whisnant, Norman 
Whitaker, Judy Garmon (Mrs. R. C.) 
Whitaker, Peggy Smith 
Whitaker, Tobie Anthony 
White, Eddie 
White, Grady 
White, Grady, Mrs. 
White, Jeffery Ryan 
White, Michael Curtis 
White, Patsy (Mrs. Ray) 
White, Raymond Curtis 
White, Steven 
Whitley, Alex 
Whitley, Claude A. 
Whitley, Helen (Mrs. Claude) 
Whitley, Judy (Mrs. Rodney) 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Whitley, Toby 
Whitley, William Lance 
Whittington, Gladys Upright 
Whittington, Melissa Jeanne 
Widenhouse, Betsy Ann 
Wiles, Amy Michelle (Mrs. B. J. 

Corzine, Jr.) 
Wiles, Brad 
Wiles, Bryan 

Wiles, Helen (Mrs. William) 
Wiles, Kenneth 

Wiles, Sandra (Mrs. Gary Cox) 
Wiles, Tonya (Mrs. Jason Tucker) 
Wiles, Wes 
Wiles, William W. 
Wilhelm, Clive Willard 
Wilhelm, Laura S. (m. Trent) 
Wilhelm, Lola Carter (Mrs. C. W.) 
Wilhelm, Jim 
Wilkinson, C. D., Mrs. 
Wilkinson, Charles Lester 
*Wilkinson, H. B. 
* Wilkinson, H. B., Mrs. 
Wilkinson, J. W. 
Wilkinson, James Heilig 
Wilkinson, Lillie (Mrs. J. W.) 
Wilkinson, Virginia (m. Studdert) 
Wilkinson, William Alexander 
Williams, Carolyn (Mrs. Steve) 
Williams, Cheryle (Mrs. Dale) 
Williams, Dale 
Williams, Jason Dale 
Williams, Hazel McEachern 
Williams, Joyce Dayvault (Mrs. Owen) 
Williams, Kristina Marie 
Williams, Lester Lloyd 
Williams, Stephanie 
Williams, Steve 
Willis, Emma Maria 
Willis, Mary Ladora 
Wilson, Albert 
Wilson, Albert, Mrs. 
Wilson, Josephine 
Winecoff, Hope 
Winecoff, James Wilson 
Winecoff, Janis Henderson 
Winecoff, Mary Anna (Mrs. Hope) 
Winecoff, Mary Lucinda 

Wise, Roxanne Kathleen (Mrs. Brad 

Woodward, Courtney Ashton 
Woodward, Joel Dean, Jr. 
Workman, Ashley Earnhardt 
Workman, Bryan Earnhardt 
Workman, Carol (Mrs. C. E.) 
Workman, Steven Earnhardt 
Wyatt, Billie M. (Mrs. Hayden) 
Wyatt, Jackie Elizabeth (Mrs. Cliff 

Wyatt, Louise Estelle (Mrs. Andrew 

G. SimmsXMrs. G. L. 

Wyatt, Nancy Moore (Mrs. J. A. 

Wyatt, Willie Gray (see Billie M.) 
Wynnyk, Paul 
Wynnyk, Ruth (Mrs. Paul) 

Yates, Annie (Mrs. J. L.) 
Yates, Buddie Lee 
Yates, Doris Louise 
Yates, J. L. 

York, Nina (Mrs. Richard) 
Yost, Bill 
Yost, Erica Lane 
Yost, Michele Siegle (Mrs. J. S.) 
Yost, Harold 

Yost, Hope (Mrs. Harold) 
Yost, Jeffery Scott 
Yost, Mark 

Yost, Michelle (Mrs. Jeff) 
Young, Connie (Mrs. Terry) 
Young, Hoily Marie 
Young, Jan (Mrs. Ken) 
Young, Ken 
Young, Kimberly Lynn 
Young, Lindsay 
Young, Ron 
Young, Terry 
Yount, David Walter 
Yount, Martha Ann (Mrs. F. S. 
Pope)(Mrs. D. J. Phillips) 
Yount, Philip 
Yount, Philip Clair, Jr. 
Yount, Virginia (Mrs. W. N., Sr.) 
Yount, Walter N., Sr., Rev. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


Yount, Walter N., Jr. 

Yow, Amy Carter 

Yow, Barbara Black (Mrs. Robert) 

Yow, Roxanne Wise (see also 

Zeigler, Ken 
Zeigler, Pat 

Guest Ministers 

Editor's Note: In the case of certain ministers serving as "Vice-Pastors" during 
the vacancy of the pulpit or "Pastor Emeritus" such as the Reverend Dr. Walter 
Yount, their service has not been enumerated on a complete basis in the following 
list. There are obviously guest ministers who have not been listed due to the 
incompleteness of existing records, but every effort has been made to get as many 
as possible from extant Council Minutes, Sunday Bulletins, Annual Directories 
and other records, f 

October 3, 1920 
October 3, 1920 

May, 1942 
September 28, 1947 
August, 1948 
October 9, 1949 
Decembe 4, 1949 
July 2, 1950 
September 17, 1950 
October 22, 1950 
November 19, 1950 
March 4, 1951 
April 1, 1951 
April 8, 1951 
April 15, 1951 
August 12, 1951 
October 28, 1951 
February 3, 1952 
April 20, 1952 
August 24, 1952 
January 11, 1953 


May 17, 1953 

July 19, 1953 
August 30, 1953 

Rev. J. L. Morgan — President, N. C. Synod 

Rev. M. L. Stirewalt 

Rev. C. P. Fisher 

Rev. L. C. Bumgarner 

Rev. Hoke Ritchie 

Rev. Albert Henry Keck, Jr. 

Rev. W. B. Aull 

Rev. W. B. Aull 

Rev. Dr. F. L. Conrad — President of Synod 

Mr. G. Thomas Weddington — Ministry Student 

Guy C. Cruse — Ministry Student 

Rev. Raymond M. Bost — Supply 

Harold E. Rhoads — Ministry Student 

Mr. G. Thomas Weddington — Ministry Student 

Rev. Raymond M. Bost — Supply 

Rev. A. H. Keck, Jr. — Supply 

Rev. J. B. Moose — Supply 

Mr. Earl McCombs — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. F. L. Conrad — President of Synod 

Mr. G. Thomas Weddington — Ministry Student 

Prof. M. Craig Yoder — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Mr. G. Thomas Weddington — Seminary Graduate 

Rev. Gilbert B. Goodman — Former Pastor 

Rev. Dr. F. L. Conrad — President of Synod 

Rev. Dr. Karl W. Kinard — President, South Carolina 

Rev. J. Willeford Lyerly — Sec, N. C. Synod 
Rev. W. David Wise — Pastor, St. Andrews 
Rev. Dr. F. L. Conrad — President of Synod 
Mr. Brady Y. Faggart, Jr. — Ministry Student 
Mr. Robert Edsell — Ministry Student 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

May 16, 1954 
June 27, 1954 
August 22, 1954 
September 12, 1954 
October 10, 1954 
November 14, 1954 
November 15, 1954 
November 16, 1954 
November 17, 1954 
November 18, 1954 
November 24, 1954 
July 31, 1955 
October 16, 1955 
January 22, 1956 
April 15, 1956 

May 27, 1956 
August 12, 1956 
September 30, 1956 
November 21, 1956 
December 15, 1956 
February 10, 1957 
August 11, 1957 
Reformation, 1957 

June 1, 1958 
June 8, 1958 

August 24, 1958 
October 12, 1958 
November 2, 1958 
November 26, 1958 
January 8, 1959 
June 14, 1959 
August 9, 1959 
September 20, 1959 
October 18, 1959 
October 25, 1959 
July 17, 1960 
August 28, 1960 
October 16, 1960 
September 17, 1961 
September 24, 1961 
October 15, 1961 
October 29, 1961 
July 1, 1962 
Sep., 30-Oct. 4, 1962 

Rev. Dr. D. P. Rudisill — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Mr. Brady Y. Faggart, Jr. — Ministry Student 

Mr. Robert Edsell — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. Harold L. Creager — Lutheran Seminary 

Mr. Billy G. Trull — Ministry Student 

Rev. Clarence E. Norman — Former Pastor 

Rev. Glenn L. Barger — Former Pastor 

Rev. Paul B. Cobb — Former Pastor 

Rev. Gilbert B. Goodman — Former Pastor 

Rev. Glenn A. Miller — Former Pastor 

Rev. Hoy Whitlow — A. R. P. Church 

Mr. Brady Y. Faggart, Jr. — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. F. L. Conrad — President of Synod 

Rev. Dr. B. E. Petrea — N. C. Synod 

Miss Margaret Ridenhour — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Mr. Robert Dasher, Student — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Mr. Brady Y. Faggart, Jr. — Ministry Graduate 

Mr. Billy G. Trull — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. B. E. Petrea — N. C. Synod 

Rev. Robert L. Trexler — Wilmar Baptist Church 

Rev. Thomas Eugene Bollinger — Messiah, Salisbury 

Rev. Dr. Carl A. Honeycutt — Ebenezer, Columbia, SC 

Mr. Dan Brown — Ministry Student 

Rev. David Johnson — Secretary, ULCA 

Rev. Richard C. Hoefler — Professor, LTS, Columbia, 


Rev. Robert Edsell — Son of Calvary 

Rev. Thomas Weddington — Son of Calvary 

Rev. Robert Edsell — Son of Calvary 

Mr. Billy G. Trull — Ministry Student 

Mr. Billy G. Trull — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. Lester D. Keasey — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Rev. John U. Garner — Wilmar Baptist Church 

Rev. Brady Young Faggart, Jr. — Son of Calvary 

Rev. Billy G. Trull — Son of Calvary 

Rev. Lester D. Keasey, PhD — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Rev. Dr. S. W. Hahn — Southern Theological Seminary 

Rev. Lethco C. Bumgarner — Augsburg, Winston Salem 

Rev. Dr. Carl A. Honeycutt — Ebenezer, Columbia, SC 

Rev. R. Bruce Sigmon — Newton, NC 

Mr. Maurice A. Stale y — Ministry Student 

Mr. Donald Safrit — Ministry Student 

Rev. Wade D. Yount — Conover, NC 

Rev. Reuben J. Swanson — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Rev. Dr. S. W. Hahn — Southern Seminary 

Rev. David F. Johnson — Kimball, Kannapolis 

Rev. Q. O. Lyerly — Salisbury, NC 

Rev. C. R. Patterson — Preaching Mission 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


November 21, 1962 
March 31, 1963 

August 25, 1963 
September 8, 1963 
October 27, 1963 
November 10, 1963 
January 19, 1964 
May 31, 1964 
October 4, 1964 
May 30, 1965 
August 8, 1965 
October 24, 1965 
October 31, 1965 
June 26, 1966 
August 7, 1966 
October 23, 1966 
April 9, 1967 
August 13, 1967 
October 29, 1967 
August 11, 1968 
October 6, 1968 
November 24, 1968 
July 6, 1969 
June 14, 1970 
July 5, 1970 
July 19, 1970 
August 9, 1970 
May 16, 1971 
July 4, 1971 
September 26, 1971 
February 6, 1972 
February 13, 1972 
March 5, 26, 1972 
March 19, 1972 
April 9, 23, 1972 
April 16, 1972 
April 30, 1972 
May 7, 1972 
May 14, 1972 
May 21, 1972 
June 4, 1972 
June 11, 1972 
August 27, 1972 
December 10, 1972 
May 27, 1973 
June 3, 1973 
September 2, 1973 

Rev. A. C. Kennedy — Epworth Methodist Church 

Rev. Dr. George R. Whittecar — President of Synod 

Rev. Brady Y. Faggart, Jr. — Son of Calvary 

Rev. George G. Robertson — Trinity, Concord 

Rev. Robert L. Swygert — Cross of Christ, Rimer 

Rev. C. Jack Martin — Bethany, Kannapolis 

Rev. J. Willeford[sp] Lyerly — NC Synod Office 

Mr. Wm. Earle Stone — Ministry Student 

Unknown — Pastor at Columbia 

Mr. Floyd Sides — Kimball Memorial (Vicar) 

Rev. G. Thomas Weddington — Son of Calvary 

Rev. Lonnie Karriker — Center Grove 

Rev. C. Ross Ritchie — St. Andrews, Columbia, SC 

Mr. Wayne Wood — Duke Divinity School Student 

Rev. Brady Y. Faggart, Jr. — Son of Calvary 

Rev. Robert W. Yount — Trinity 

Rev. Charles R. Patterson — Messiah (and others), Hickory 

Miss Barbara Allran — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Mr. Rufus Moreta — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. A. Kenneth Hewitt — Columbia, SC 

Rev. Dr. J. Frank Davis — Former Pastor of Calvary 

Rev. Austin P. Shell — Southern Seminary 

Rev. Donald Woolly — St. John, Asheboro 

Rev. Douglas Stowe 

Mr. Tony Jackson — Ministry Student 

Rev. Wayne M. Daubenspeck 

Rev. Terry W. Agner — N.C. Synod 

Rev. G. Thomas Weddington — Son of Calvary 

Mr. James Hughes, Jr. — Lay Member of Calvary 

Mr. Carl M. Pope, Jr. — Ministry Student 

Rev. Terry W. Agner — Missioner 

Mr. David Misenheimer — Ministry Student — Supply 

Rev. Dr. Robert Nau — Supply 

Rev. Roy B. Setzer — Alamance, Alamance, NC 

Mr. Robert H. Shoffher — Ministry Student 

Mr. Leonard H. Bolick — Ministry Student 

Mr. Charles M. Zimmerman — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. Voight R. Cromer — Retired Pres., NC Synod 

Rev. Dr. Ernest L. Misenheimer — NC Synod 

Mr. Dwayne Westerman — Ministry Student 

Rev. C. F. Kyles — Retired 

Rev. Terry W. Agner — Missioner 

Rev. Michael McDaniel — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Rev. Dr. George R. Whittecar — President of Synod 

Mr. Paul Black — Ministry Student 

Rev. Dr. George R. Whittecar — President of Synod 

Mr. Harold Black — Lay Member of Calvary 

Rev. Earl K. Bodie — Elon College 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

October 28, 1973 
Thanksgiving, 1973 
February 9, 1975 
June 8, 1975 
April 25, 1976 
September 11, 1977 
June 11, 1978 
September 24, 1978 
September 23, 1979 
April 20, 1980 
May 18, 1980 
September 28, 1980 

Rev. Robert Troutman — Director of Lutheridge 
Rev. John Miller — Epworth 
Rev. Brady Y. Faggart — Son of Calvary 
Mr. George Stikeleather — Lay Member 
Mr. Charles Jeffers — Lenoir Rhyne College 
Rev. Paul B. Cobb — Former Pastor 
Mr. Andy Doll — Lay Member 
Rev. Dr. Ernest L. Misenheimer — President, NC Synod 
Rev. Robert H. Shoffner — NC Synod 
Rev. Christine Bohr — St. David's, Kannapolis 
Mr. J. Otho Moose — NC Luthern Men 
Rev. Glenn Miller — Former Pastor 
Thanksgiving Eve, 1980 

Rev. Bill Osborne, Jr. — Epworth Methodist; Rev. Z. T. 
Piephoff — Flow-Karris Presbyterian; Rev. Willard Jenkins 
— Wilmar Park Baptist; Rev. Richard Jarrett — Mt. Olivet 
Methodist; Rev. Kenneth Edwards — White Park Baptist 
Miss Alice Ray Sloop — Lay Member 
Rev. David L. Martin — NC Synod 
Miss Tammy Goodnight — Lay Member 
Mr. Norm Whisnant — Lay Member 
Rev. Dr. Michael C. D. McDaniel — Bishop, NC Synod 
Phillip Shaw — Lay (Youth) Member 
Rev. Robert L. Sessum — All Saints Episcopal 
Mrs. Edith Sides — Lay Member 
Rev. Thomas Weddington — Son of Calvary 
Rev. Dr. J. Larry Yoder — Lenoir Rhyne College 
Rev. Ike Pope — Charlotte 

Rev. Dr. Harry H. Robinson — Lutheran Family Services 
Rev. Hoke Ritchie — Retired Minister 
Rev. Donald Deal — Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleasant 
Rev. Hoke Ritchie — Retired Minister 
Rev. F. Curtis Morehead — Salisbury 
Rev. Robert Edsell — Son of Calvary 
Rev. Russell Eckert — Hickory 
Rev. C. P. Fisher, II — Rockwell 
Rev. Wilbur Newby — Salisbury 
Rev. Hoke Ritchie — Retired Minister 
Edward H. Orinson — Salisbury 
Dr. Jacob Lackey — Charlotte 
Paul B. Cobb — Charlotte, Former Pastor 
Dr. J. Larry Yoder — Lenoir Rhyne College 
Rev. John N. Woodard — Whittenburg, Granite Quarry 
Rev. R. W. Seaman — Salisbury 
Curtis Morehead — Salisbury 
Paul B. Cobb — Charlotte, Former Pastor 
Edward Grinson — Salisbury 
Dr. Jacob Lackey — Charlotte 

May 17, 1981 
September 20, 1981 
February 14, 1982 
June 6, 1982 
September 19, 1982 
February 27, 1983 
February 27, 1983 
May 1, 1983 
September 18, 1983 
April 29, 1984 
July 8, 1984 
July 29, 1984 
August 12, 1984 
August 26, 1984 
September 9, 1984 
September 16, 1984 
September 23, 1984 
September 30, 1984 
October 7, 1984 
October 14, 1984 
October 21, 1984 
November 4, 1984 
November 18, 1984 
November 25, 1984 
December 16, 1984 
December 24, 1984 
December 30, 1984 
January 6, 1985 
January 13, 1985 
January 20, 1985 
February 3, 1985 



Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


February 10, 1985 Rev. Dr. Carveth Mitchell — Charlotte 

February 17, 20, 1985 

Rev. Hoke Ritchie — Retired Minister 
Rev. Paul B. Cobb — Charlotte, Former Pastor 
Rev. Dr. Walter N. Yount — Former Pastor 
Mrs. Laura Hunter Heavner — Seminarian 
Rev. Dr. Richard Smyth — Lincolnton 
Mr. Brad Schiele — Lay Member 
Rev. Hoke Ritchie — Retired Minister 
Rev. Hoke Ritchie — Retired Minister 

February 24, 1985 
March 3, 17, 1985 
March 10, 1985 
March 24, 1985 

March 31, 1985 
April 4, 5, 7, 1985 
April 7, 1985 (6 a.m.) 

Rev. Dr. Walter N. Yount — Former Pastor 

Rev. Dr. Jacob Lackey — Charlotte 

Rev. Dr. Walter N. Yount — Former Pastor 

Rev. Dr. Ernest Misenheimer — Former Bishop, NC Synod 

Mrs. Laura Hunter Heavner — Seminarian 

Rev. Dr. Steve Duncan — N. Wilkesboro 

Rev. Raymond Petrea — NC Lutheran Homes 

Rev. Dr. Jacob Lackey — Charlotte 

Mrs. Laura Hunter Heavner — Seminarian 

April 14, 1985 

April 21, 1985 

April 28, 1985 

May 5, 1985 

May 12, 1985 

May 19, 1985 

May 26, 1985 

June 2, 1985 

June 30, 1985 (4 p.m.) 

Rev. Dr. Michael C. D. McDaniel — Bishop, NC Synod 
Rev. Robert Q. Beard — NC Lutheran Homes 
Rev. Brady Y. Faggart — Son of Calvary 
Mrs. Edith Sides — Lay Member 
Mr. Harry Blume — Lay Member 
Rev. Hoke Ritchie — Retired Minister 
Rev. John F. Merck — Faith, Faith 
Rev. Dr. Joe Griffin — NC Lutheran Homes Chaplain 
Rev. Robert M. Smith — Epworth United Methodist 
Rev. Z. T. Piephoff — Flow-Harris Presbyterian 
Rev. Weldon T. Madren — New Gilead UCC 
Mrs. Edith Sides — Lay Member 

February 21-22, 1987 Rev. David Misenheimer — Christ, Charlotte 

May 31, 1987 Dan Boone — Lay preacher, Member 

Rev. Guy Shealy — Lutheran Family Servies 

Rev. Dr. Leonard Bolick — Former Pastor 

Rev. Dr. Leonard Bolick — Former Pastor 

Rev. Guy Shealy — Lutheran Family Servies 

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Troutman — Ex. Dir., Lutheridge 

Hon. James C. Davis — Superior Court Judge 

Rev. Dr. Robert F. Shelby, Jr. — Retired, Belmont, NC 

Rev. Dr. Walter N. Yount — Former Pastor 

Mrs. Martha Pope — Lay Member 

Oct. 30, 1988 (Evening) 

Rev. Dr. Robert W. Stackel — Stanly Co. 

November 30, 1988 Chaplain Tony Biles — Cabarrus Memorial Hospital 

August 18, 1985 
September 15, 1985 
February 9, 1986 
June 1, 1986 
August 17, 1986 
September 21, 1986 
November 2, 1986 
November 23, 1986 

February 8, 1987 

August 16, 1987 
September, 27, 1987 
February 14, 1988 
March 13, 1988 
May 8, 1988 
June 5, 1988 
July 17, 1988 
September 18, 1988 
October 23, 1988 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

April 30, 1989 
October 1, 1989 
November 5, 1989 
March 8, 1990 
March 15, 1990 
March 22, 1990 
March 29, 1990 
April 29, 1990 

June 10, 1990 
October 7, 1990 
January 20, 1991 
January 27, 1991 
June 9, 1991 
July 7, 1991 
October 13, 1991 
November 27, 1991 

March 29, 1992 
July 19, 1992 
October 11, 1992 
February 21, 1993 
March 28, 1993 
May 23, 1993 
October 10, 1993 
October 2, 1994 
October 29, 1995 
February 19, 1995 
June 11, 1995 
August 6, 1995 
August 20, 1995 
October 22, 1995 
November 12, 1995 
October 29, 1995 
July 28, Nov 17, 1996 

August 4, 1996 
September 29, 1996 
November 10, 1996 

Rev. Ron Teed 

Rev. John Propst — Spirit of Joy Mission Developer 

Rev. John Cobb — Retired Minister 

Rev. Dr. Hollis A. Miller — St. James, Concord 

Rev. Thomas B. Smith — Mt. Hermon, Concord 

Rev. Mark Beebe — Family of Faith, Concord 

Rev. Paul Milholland — St. John's 

Rev. Dr. John F. Merck — Faith, Faith 

At Lutheridge 

Mr. Tom Ramseur — Lay Member 

Rev. Paul Cobb — Former Pastor 

Mrs. Martha Pope — Lay Member 

Calvary Youth — Lay Youth Members 

Mr. Dan Boone — Lay Member 

Rev. William Smith — Retired at Crouse, NC 

Rev. Dr. Leonard Bolick — Former Pastor 

Rev. Robert M. Smith — Epworth UMC 

Rev. Marilyn Alexander — Flow Harris Presbyterian 

Rev. Wes Judy — Mt. Olivet UMC 

Rev. Paula Judy — Mt. Olivet UMC 

Rev. Larry Bolick — New Gilead UCC 

Mr. Dan Boone — Lay Member 

Rev. Stephen Rhodes — Resurrection, Greensboro 

Rev. Dr. Mark Menees — Bishop, NC Synod, ELCA 

Rev. Stephen Rhodes — Resurrection, Greensboro 

Ms. Jane Hutchinson — Lay Member and Organist 

Rev. Dr. Robert Delp — Retired Elon College Professor 

Rev. Harvey L. Blume — Sardis, Hickory 

Rev. Dr. J. Larry Yoder — Grace, Newton 

Rev. Dr. Leonard Bolick — Former Pastor 

Rev. Keith Johnson — Lutheridge/Lutherock Ministries 

Rev. Gilmer Boggs — China Grove, NC 

Rev. John Sell — NC Synod — On Call 

Mr. Dan Boone — Lay Member 

Rev. Dr. William Milholland — Lenoir Rhyne College 

Rev. Mary Hinkle — NC Synod 

Rev. Dr. Robert Troutman — Lutheran Family Services 

Mrs. Joyce Williams — Director of Christian Education 
Rev. Mark Beebe — NC Synod Supply 
Rev. Dr. Leonard Bolick — Former Pastor 
Mrs. Peggy Wagstaf f — Lay Member 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 


The Chrismon Tree 

CHRISMON is a combination of parts 
of two words: CHRISt and 
MONogram. Chrismons were invented 
by Frances K. Spencer and were first used 
in the Lutheran Church of the Ascension, 
Danville, Virginia in 1957, who holds the 
Trade Mark and Copyright for them. All 
Chrismon ornaments are made in white and 
gold to symbolize the purity and majesty of 
the Son of God. We point to the Christ as 
the Light of the World by using tiny white 
lights on the tree. 32 

The Calvary Chrismon tree dates from its first erection in the chancel in 1969 
and has been proudly displayed every year since then, often with additional 
ornaments each year. All who participated in the first Chrismon tree are not 
remembered at this time, but they included Alice Ray Sloop, and Annie Belle 
Basinger as the co-ordinators. Each ornament is designed to portray a certain 
biblical reference, and Chrismons are not limited to the Christmas season. 
Chrismons are designed for Easter, Advent, Trinity and other seasons, as well 
as for such events as baptism and the Lord's Supper. 

Real trees were used for Calvary's Chrismon Tree until 1992 when an artificial 
fourteen foot high tree was purchased and used for the first time at the 
recommendation of the Fire Marshall, t 


Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Tail Cross Cross in Glory 

Cross Trefle'e 



Passion Cross Cross of Constantine 

Anchor Cross 



Cross Flamant 

St. Andrew's Cross Cross Crosslet 

Some of Calvary's Chrismons 




AUGUST 20, 1991 


We, baptized members of the Church of Christ, responding in faith to the call 
of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel, desiring to unite together to preach the 
Word, administer the sacraments, and carry out God's mission, do hereby adopt 
this constitution and solemnly pledge ourselves to be governed by its provisions. 
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 

Chapter 1. 


C1.01. The name of this congregation shall be Calvary Evangelical Lutheran 

Church of Concord, North Carolina. 
CI. 02. For the purpose of this constitution and the accompanying bylaws, the 
Calvary congregation is hereinafter designated as "this congregation." 
CI. 03. This congregation shall be incorporated under the laws of the State of 
North Carolina. 

Chapter 2. 


C2.01. This congregation confesses the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

C2.02. This congregation confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Gospel 

as the power of God for the salvation of all who believe. 

a. Jesus Christ is the Word of God incarnate, through whom everything 

was made and through whose life, death, and resurrection God 
fashions a new creation. 

b. The proclamation of God's message to us as both Law and Gospel 

is the Word of God, revealing judgment and mercy through 
word and deed, beginning with the Word in creation, continuing 
in the history of Israel, and centering in all its fullness in the 
person and work of Jesus Christ. 

c. The canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the 

written Word of God. Inspired by God's Spirit speaking through 

their authors, they record and announce God's revelation 

centering in Jesus Christ. Through them God's Spirit speaks 

to us to create and sustain Christian faith and fellowship for 

service in the world. 

C2.03. This congregation accepts the canonical Scriptures of the Old and New 

Testaments as the inspired Word of God and the authoritative source 

and norm of its proclamation, faith, and life. 

C2.04. This congregation accepts the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds 

as true declarations of the faith of this congregation. 
C2.05. This congregation accepts the Unaltered Augsburg Confession as a true 
witness to the Gospel, acknowledging as one with it in faith and doctrine 

126 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

all churches that likewise accept the teachings of the Unaltered Augsburg 

C2.06. This congregation accepts the other confessional writings in the Book 
of Concord, namely, the Apology of the Augsburg Confession, the 
Smalcald Articles and the Treatise, the Small Catechism, the Large 
Catechism, and the Formula of Concord, as further valid interpretations 
of the faith of the Church. 

C2.07. This congregation confesses the Gospel, recorded in the Holy Scriptures 
and confessed in the ecumenical creeds and Lutheran confessional 
writings, as the power of God to create and sustain the Church for 
God's mission in the world. 

Chapter 3. 

C3.01. All power in the Church belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ, its head. All 
actions of this congregation are to be carried out under his rule and 

C3.02. The Church exists both as an inclusive fellowship and as local 
congregations gathered for worship and Christian service. Congregations 
find their fulfillment in the universal community of the Church, and 
the universal Church exists in and through congregations. The 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, therefore, derives its character 
and powers both from the sanction and representation of its 
congregations and from its inherent nature as an expression of the 
broader fellowship of the faithful. In length, it acknowledges itself 
to be in the historic continuity of the communion of saints; in breadth, 
it expresses the fellowship of believers and congregations in our day. 

Chapter 4. 

C4.01 . The Church is a people created by God in Christ, empowered by the Holy 
Spirit, called and sent to bear witness to God's creative, redeeming, 
and sanctifying activity in the world. 

C4.02. To participate in God's mission, this congregation as a part of the Church 

a. Worship God in proclamation of the Word and administration of 

the sacraments and through lives of prayer, praise thanksgiving, 
witness, and service. 

b. Proclaim God's saving Gospel of justification by grace for Christ's 

sake through faith alone, according to the apostolic witness in 
the Holy Scripture, preserving and transmitting the Gospel 
faithfully to future generations. 

c. Carry out Christ's Great Commission by reaching out to all people 

to bring them to faith in Christ and by doing all ministry with 
a global awareness consistent with the understanding of God 
as Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier of all. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 127 

d. Serve in response to God's love to meet human needs, caring for 

the sick and the aged, advocating dignity and justice for all 
people, working for peace and reconciliation among the nations, 
and standing with the poor and powerless, and committing itself 
to their needs. 

e. Nurture its members in the Word of God so as to grow in faith and 

hope and love, to see daily life as the primary setting for the 
exercise of their Christian calling, and to use the gifts of the 
Spirit for their life together and for their calling in the world. 

f. Manifest the unity given to the people of God by living together 

in the love of Christ and by joining with other Christians in 
prayer and action to express and preserve the unity which the 
Spirit gives. 
C4.03. To fulfill these purposes, this congregation shall: 

a. Provide services of worship at which the Word of God is preached 

and the sacraments are administered. 

b. Provide pastoral care and assist all members to participate in this 


c. Challenge, equip, and support all members in carrying out their 

calling in their daily lives and in their congregation. 

d. Teach the Word of God. 

e. Witness to the reconciling Word of God in Christ, reaching out to 

all people. 

f . Respond to human need, work for justice and peace, care for the 

sick and the suffering, and participate responsibly in society. 

g. Motivate its members to provide financial support for the 

congregation's ministry and the ministry of other parts of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 
h. Foster and participate in interdependent relationships with other 
congregations, the synod, and the churchwide organization of 
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 
i. Foster and participate in ecumenical relationships consistent with 
churchwide policy. 
C4.04. This congregation shall develop an organizational structure to be described 
in the bylaws. The Congregation Council shall prepare descriptions 
of the responsibilities of each committee, task force, or other 
organizational groups and shall review their actions. 
C4.05. This congregation shall adopt a mission statement and review annually 
which will provide specific direction for its programs. 

Chapter 5. 

C5.01 . The powers of this congregation are those necessary to fulfill its purpose. 
C5.02. The powers of this congregation are vested in the Congregation Meeting 

called and conducted as provided in this constitution and bylaws. 
C5.03. Only such authority as is delegated to the Congregation Council or other 

organizational units in this congregation's governing documents is 

128 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

recognized. All remaining authority is retained by the congregation. 
The congregation is authorized to: 

a. call a pastor as provided in Chapter 9; 

b. terminate the call of a pastor as provided in Chapter 9; 

c. appoint or terminate the appointment of associates in ministry in 

conformity with the applicable policy of the Evangelical Lutheran 
Church in America; 

d. approve the annual budget; 

e. acquire real and personal property by gift, devise, purchase, or other 

lawful means; 

f. hold title to and use its property for any and all activities consistent 

with its purpose; 

g. sell, mortgage, lease, transfer, or otherwise dispose of its property 

by any lawful means; 
h. elect its Congregation Council, board(s), and require them to carry 

out their duties in accordance with the constitution, bylaws, 

and continuing resolutions; and 
i. terminate its relationship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 

America as provided in Chapter 6. 

Chapter 6. 

C6.01. This congregation shall be an interdependent part of the Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in America or its successor, and of the North Carolina 
Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This 
congregation is subject to the discipline of the Evangelical Lutheran 
Church in America. 

C6.02. This congregation accepts the Confession of Faith and agrees to the 
Purposes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and shall 
act in accordance with them. 

C6.03. This congregation acknowledges its relationship with the Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in America in which: 

a. This congregation agrees to be responsible for its life as a Christian 


b. This congregation pledges its financial support and participation 

in the life and mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 

c. This congregation agrees to call pastoral leadership from the clergy 

roster of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 
accordance with its call procedures except in special 
circumstances and with the approval of the bishop of the synod. 

d. This congregation agrees to consider associates in ministry for 

appointment to other staff positions in the congregation according 
to the procedures of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

e. This congregation agrees to file this constitution and any subsequent 

changes to this constitution with the synod for review to ascertain 
that all of its provisions are in agreement with the constitution 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 129 

and bylaws of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 
and with the constitution of the synod. 
C6.04. Affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America may be 
terminated as follows: 

a. This congregation takes action to dissolve. 

b. This congregation ceases to exist. 

c. This congregation is removed from membership in the Evangelical 

Lutheran Church in America according to the procedures for 
discipline of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

d. This congregation follows the procedures outlined in C6.05. 
C6.05. This congregation may terminate its relationship with the Evangelical 

Lutheran Church in America by the following procedure: 

a. A resolution indicating the desire of this congregation to terminate 

its relationship must be adopted at a legally called and conducted 
special meeting of this congregation by a two-thirds majority 
of the voting members present. 

b. The secretary of this congregation shall submit a copy of the 

resolution to the synodical bishop and shall mail a copy of the 
resolution to voting members of this congregation. This notice 
shall be submitted within 10 days after the resolution has been 

c. The bishop of the synod shall consult with this congregation during 

a period of at least 90 days. 

d. If this congregation, after consultation, still desires to terminate its 

relationship, such action may be taken at a legally called and 
conducted special meeting by a two-thirds majority of the voting 
members present, at which meeting the bishop of the synod 
or an authorized representative shall be present. Notice of the 
meeting shall be mailed to all voting members at least 10 days 
in advance of the meeting. 

e. A certified copy of the resolution to terminate its relationship shall 

be sent to the synodical bishop, at which time the relationship 
between this congregation and ELCA shall be terminated. 

f. Notice of termination shall be forwarded by the synodical bishop 

to the secretary of this church and published in the periodical 
of this church. 

g. If this congregation was a member of the Lutheran Church in 

America it shall be required, in addition to the foregoing 

provisions in C6.05., to receive synodical approval before 

terminating its membership in the Evangelical Lutheran Church 

in America. 

h. Congregations that are established by the Evangelical Lutheran 

Church in America shall be required, in addition to the foregoing 

provisions in C6.05., to receive synodical approval before 

terminating their membership in this church. 

C6.06. If this congregation is considering relocation, it shall confer with the bishop 

of the synod in which it is territorially located before any steps are 

taken leading to such action. The approval of the Synod Council shall 

130 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

be received before any such action is effected. 

Chapter 7. 

C7.01. If this congregation ceases to exist, title to undisposed property shall pass 
to the North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 

C7.02. If this congregation is removed from membership in the Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in America according to its procedure for discipline, 
title to property shall continue to reside in this congregation. 

C7.03. If a two-thirds majority of the voting members of this congregation present 
at a regularly called and conducted special meeting of this congregation 
vote to transfer to another Lutheran church body, title to property shall 
continue to reside in this congregation. Before this congregation takes 
action to transfer to another Lutheran church body, it shall consult 
with representatives of the North Carolina Synod. 

C7.04. If a two-thirds majority of the voting members of this congregation present 
at a regularly called and conducted special meeting of this congregation 
vote to become independent or relate to a non-Lutheran church body, 
title to property of this congregation shall continue to reside in this 
congregation only with the consent of the Synod Council. The Synod 
Council, after consultation with this congregation by the established 
synodical process, may give approval to the request to become 
independent or to relate to a non-Lutheran church body, in which case 
title shall remain with the majority of this congregation. If the Synod 
Council fails to give such approval, title shall remain with those 
members who desire to continue as a congregation of the Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in America. 

Chapter 8. 

C8.01. Members of this congregation shall be those baptized persons on the roll 
of this congregation at the time that this constitution is adopted and 
those who are admitted thereafter and who have declared and maintain 
their membership in accordance with the provisions of this constitution 
and its bylaws. 

C8.02. Members shall be classified as follows: 

a. Baptized members are those persons who have been received by 

the Sacrament of Holy Baptism in this congregation, or, having 
been previously baptized in the name of the Triune God, have 
been received by certificate of transfer from other Lutheran 
congregations or by affirmation of faith. 

b. Confirmed members are baptized persons who have been confirmed 

in this congregation, those who have been received by adult 
baptism or by transfer as confirmed members from other 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 131 

Lutheran congregations, or baptized persons received by 
affirmation of faith. 

c. Voting members are confirmed members. Such confirmed members 

shall have communed and made a contribution of record during 
the current or preceding year. 

d. Associate members are persons holding membership in other 

Christian congregations who wish to retain such membership 
but desire to participate in the life and mission of this 
congregation. They have all the privileges and duties of 
membership except voting rights and eligibility for elected offices 
or membership on the Congregation Council of this 

C8.03. All applications for confirmed membership shall be submitted to and shall 
require the approval of the Congregation Council. 

C8.04. It shall be the privilege and duty of members of this congregation to: 

a. make regular use of the means of grace, both Word and sacraments; 

b. live a Christian life in accordance with the Word of God and the 

teachings of the Lutheran church; and 

c. support the work of this congregation, the synod, and the churchwide 

organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 
through contributions of their time, abilities, and financial support 
as biblical stewards. 
C8.05. Membership in this congregation shall be terminated by any of the 

a. death; 

b. resignation; 

c. transfer or release; 

d. disciplinary action by the Congregation Council; or 

e. removal from the roll due to inactivity as defined in the bylaws (By- 

Laws, Congregation Council, Section 1, d.). 
Such persons who have been removed from the roll of members shall remain 
persons for whom the church has a continuing pastoral concern. 

Chapter 9. 

C9.01. Authority to call a pastor shall be in this congregation by at least a 
two-thirds majority ballot vote of members present and voting at a 
meeting regularly called for that purpose. Before a call is issued, the 
officers, or a committee elected by this congregation to recommend 
the call, shall seek the advice and help of the bishop of the synod. 

C9.02. Only a member of the clergy roster of the Evangelical Lutheran Church 
in America or who has been recommended for it by the synodical bishop 
may be called as a pastor of this congregation. 


a. Consistent with the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran 
Church in America, every ordained minister shall: 
1) preach the Word; 

132 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

2) administer the sacraments; 

3) conduct public worship; 

4) provide pastoral care; and 

5) speak publicly to the world in solidarity with the poor and 

oppressed, calling for justice and proclaiming God's 
love for the world. 

b. Each ordained minister with a congregational call shall, within the 


1) offer instruction, confirm, marry, visit the sick and distressed, 

and bury the dead; 

2) supervise all schools and organizations of this congregation; 

3) install regularly elected members of the Congregation 

Council; and 

4) with the council, administer discipline. 

c. Every pastor shall: 

1) seek out and encourage qualified persons to prepare for the 

ministry of the Gospel and strive to extend the Kingdom 
of God in the community, in the nation, and abroad; 

2) impart knowledge of this church and its wider ministry 

through distribution of its periodicals and other 
publications; and 

3) endeavor to increase the support given by the congregation 

to work of the ELCA churchwide organization and of 
the North Carolina Synod of the ELCA. 
C9.04. The specific duties of the pastor, compensation, and other matters pertaining 
to the service of the pastor shall be included in a letter of call, which 
shall be attested by the bishop of the synod. 

a. TTie call of a congregation, when accepted by a pastor, shall constitute 

a continuing mutual relationship and commitment which, except 
in the case of the death of the pastor, shall be terminated only 
following consultation with the synodical bishop and for the 
following reasons: 

1) mutual agreement to terminate the call or the completion 

of a call for a specific term; 

2) resignation of the pastor; 

3) inability to conduct the pastoral office effectively in the 

congregation in view of local conditions, without 
reflection on the competence or the moral and spiritual 
character of the pastor; 

4) the physical or mental incapacity of the pastor; 

5) disqualification of the pastor through discipline on grounds 

of doctrine, morality, or continued neglect of duty; or 

6) the dissolution of the congregation. 

b. In the case of alleged physical or mental incapacity of the pastor 

or ineffective conduct of the pastoral office, it shall be the 
responsibility of the bishop of the synod, when such difficulties 
are personally known or have been brought to the synod's 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 133 

attention by an official recital of allegations by the Congregation 
Council, or by a petition signed by at least one-third of the 
voting members of the congregation, to investigate such 
conditions personally in company with a committee of two 
ordained ministers and one layperson. 

c. In case of alleged physical or mental incapacity competent medical 

testimony shall be obtained. When such disability is evident, 
the bishop of the synod with the advice of the committee shall 
declare the pastorate vacant. Upon the restoration of a disabled 
pastor to health, the bishop of the synod shall take steps to enable 
the pastor to resume the ministry, either in the congregation 
last served or in another field of labor. 

d. In the case of alleged local difficulties which imperil the effective 

functioning of the congregation, all concerned persons shall 
be heard, after which the bishop of the synod together with the 
committee described in C9.05.b. shall decide on the course of 
action to be recommended to the pastor and the congregation. 
If they agree to carry out such recommendations, no further 
action shall be taken by the synod. If either party fails to assent, 
the congregation may dismiss the pastor by a two-thirds majority 
vote of the voting members present at a regularly called meeting 
after consultation with the bishop. 

e. The foregoing procedure shall never be invoked when questions 

of doctrine, morality, or continued neglect of duty are involved, 
all such cases being treated as disciplinary matters. 

f . If in the course of the proceedings, it should become apparent that 

the pastoral office cannot be conducted effectively in the 

congregation being served by the ordained minister due to local 

conditions, the bishop of the synod may temporarily suspend 

the pastor from service in the congregation without prejudice 

and with pay provided through a joint churchwide/synod fund 

and with housing provided by the congregation. 

C9.06. At a time of pastoral vacancy, an interim pastor may be appointed by 

the bishop of the synod with the consent of this congregation or the 

Congregation Council. 

C9.07. During the period of service, an interim pastor shall have the rights and 

duties in the congregation of a regularly called pastor and may delegate 

the same in part to a supply pastor with the consent of the bishop of 

the synod and this congregation or Congregation Council. The interim 

pastor and any ordained pastor providing assistance shall refrain from 

exerting influence in the selection of a pastor. 

C9.08. This congregation shall make satisfactory settlement of all financial 

obligations to a former pastor before calling a successor. A pastor shall 

make satisfactory settlement of all financial obligations to this 


C9.09. When a pastor is called to serve in company with another pastor or pastors, 

the privileges and responsibilities of each pastor shall be specified in 

documents to accompany the call and to be drafted in consultation 

134 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

involving the pastors, the Congregation Council, and the bishop of 
the synod. As occasion requires, the documents may be revised through 
a similar consultation. 

C9. 10. With the approval of the bishop of the synod, the congregation may depart 
from C9.05.a. and call a pastor for a specific term of years. Details 
of such calls shall be in writing setting forth the purpose and conditions 
involved. Prior to the completion of a term, the bishop or a designated 
representative of the bishop shall meet with the pastor and 
representatives of the congregation for a review of the call. Such call 
may also be terminated before its expiration in accordance with the 
provisions of C9.05.a. 

C9.ll. The pastor shall keep accurate parochial records of all baptisms, 
confirmations, marriages, burials, communicants, members received, 
members dismissed, or members excluded from the congregation, and 
shall submit a summary of such statistics annually to the synod. The 
pastor shall be a member of the congregation that has extended the 
letter of call. In a parish of multiple congregations, the pastor shall 
hold membership in one of the congregations. 

C9.12. The pastor(s) shall submit a report of his or her ministry to the bishop 
of the synod at least 90 days prior to each regular meeting of the Synod 

Chapter 10. 

C10.01. The annual meeting of this congregation shall be held at a time specified 
in the by-laws. 

CI 0.02. A special Congregation Meeting may be called by the pastor, the 
Congregation Council, or the president of this congregation, and shall 
be called at the written request of 33.3 percent voting members. The 
call for each special meeting shall specify the purpose for which it 
is to be held and no other business shall be transacted. 

C 10.03. Notice of all meetings of this congregation shall be given at the services 
of worship on the preceding two consecutive Sundays and by mail 
to all [voting] members at least 10 days in advance of the date of the 
meeting. The posting of such notice in the regular mail, with the regular 
postage affixed or paid, sent to the last known address of such members 
shall be sufficient. 

CI 0.04. The voting members present shall constitute a quorum. 

CI 0.05. Voting by proxy ballot shall not be permitted. Absentee ballots shall 
be permitted by permission of the Congregation Council. A voting 
member requesting absentee ballot shall make application to 
Congregation Council at least seven days prior to the congregational 
meeting stating his/her need. 

CI 0.06. All actions by the congregation shall be by majority vote except as 
otherwise provided in this constitution. 

C 10.07. Robert's Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern parliamentary 
procedure of all meetings of this congregation. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 135 

Chapter 11. 

CI 1.01. The officers of this congregation shall be a president, vice-president, 
secretary, and treasurer. 

a. Duties of the officers shall be specified in the bylaws. 

b. The officers shall be voting members of the congregation. 

CI 1.02. The Congregation Council shall elect its officers and they shall be the 
officers of the congregation. The officers shall be elected by written 
ballot and shall serve for one year or until their successors are elected. 
Their terms shall begin at the close of the Congregation Council meeting 
at which they are elected. 

CI 1.03. No officer shall hold more than one office at a time. No elected officer 
shall be eligible to serve more than one term in the same office with 
the exception of the Treasurer. 

Chapter 12. 

CI 2.01. The voting membership of the Congregation Council shall consist of 
the pastor(s) and not more than fifteen members of the congregation. 
Any voting member of the congregation may be elected, subject only 
to the limitation on the length of continuous service permitted in that 
office. A member's place on the Congregation Council shall be declared 
vacant if the member a) ceases to be a voting member of this 
congregation or b) is absent from two successive regular meetings of 
the Congregation Council without cause. 

C 12.02. Each year the congregational council shall nominate and elect by written 
ballot twice the number of council persons to be elected and present 
names to the congregation at its annual meeting. The congregation 
has the privilege of nominating up to the number of council persons 
to be elected. A simple majority shall constitute an election. 

C12.03. At the first meeting in each calendar year the Congregation Council 
shall elect a President, Vice President, and a Secretary for a term of 
one year, neither shall immediately succeed him/herself in office. 

CI 2.04. The members of the Congregation Council except the pastor(s) shall 
be elected by written ballot to serve for three years or until their 
successors are elected. Their terms shall begin January 1 following 
Annual Congregational Meeting at which they are elected and shall 
not be eligible to commence another term until the expiration of twelve 
months after the completion of the prior term. 

C 12.05. Should a member's place on the Congregation Council be declared vacant, 
the Congregation Council shall elect, by majority vote, a successor 
until the next annual meeting. 

CI 2.06. The Congregation Council shall have general oversight of the life and 
activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to 

136 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God 
and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 
America. The duties of the Congregation Council shall include the 

a. To lead this congregation in stating its mission, to do long-range 

planning, to set goals and priorities, and to evaluate its activities 
in light of its mission and goals. 

b. To seek to involve all members of this congregation in worship, 

learning, witness, service, and support. 

c. To oversee and provide for the administration of this congregation 

to enable it to fulfill its functions and perform its mission. 

d. To maintain supportive relationships with the pastor(s) and staff 

and help them annually to evaluate the fulfillment of their calling, 
appointment, or employment. 

e. To be examples individually and corporately of the style of life and 

ministry expected of all baptized persons. 

f. To promote a congregational climate of peace and goodwill and, 

as differences and conflicts arise, to endeavor to foster mutual 

g. To arrange for pastoral service during the sickness or absence of 

the pastor. 

h. To emphasize partnership with the synod and churchwide units of 
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as well as 
cooperation with other congregations, both Lutheran and 
non-Lutheran, subject to established policies of the synod and 
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

i. To recommend and encourage the use of program resources produced 
or approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

j. To nominate voting members of the congregation for Congregation 
Council as set forth in the By-Laws. 
C 12.07. The Congregation Council shall be responsible for the financial and 

property matters of this congregation. 

a. The Congregation Council shall be the board of trustees of this 

congregation, and as such shall be responsible for maintaining 
and protecting its property and the management of its business 
and fiscal affairs. It shall have the powers and be subject to 
the obligations that pertain to such boards under the laws of 
the State of North Carolina, except as otherwise provided herein. 

b. The Congregation Council shall not have the authority to buy, sell, 

or encumber real property unless specifically authorized to do 
so by a meeting of the congregation. 

c. The Congregation Council may enter into contracts of up to $2500.00 

for items not included in the budget. 

d. The Congregation Council shall prepare an annual budget for 

adoption by this congregation, shall supervise the expenditure 
of funds in accordance therewith following its adoption, and 
may incur obligations in excess of the anticipated receipts only 
after approval by a Congregation Meeting. The budget shall 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 137 

include this congregation's full indicated share in support of 
the wider ministry being carried on in partnership with the synod 
and churchwide organization. 

e. The Congregation Council shall ascertain that the financial affairs 

of this congregation are being conducted efficiently, giving 
particular attention to the prompt payment of all obligations 
and to the regular forwarding of benevolence monies to the 
synodical treasurer. 

f . The Congregation Council shall be responsible for this congregation's 

investments and its total insurance program. 

C 12.08. The Congregation Council shall see that the provisions of this constitution 
and its bylaws and the continuing resolutions are carried out. 

CI 2.09. The Congregation Council shall conduct an annual review of the 
membership roster in furthance of section 8.05 e. 

C12. 10. The Congregation Council shall be responsible for the appointment and 
supervision of the salaried lay workers of this congregation. 

CI 2.1 1. The Congregation Council shall submit a comprehensive report to this 
congregation annually. 

C12.12. The Congregation Council shall normally meet once a month. Special 
meetings may be called by the pastor or the president, and shall be 
called at the request of at least one-half of its members. Notice of each 
special meeting shall be given to all who are entitled to be present. 

C12.13. A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of a majority 
of the members of the Congregation Council, including the pastor or 
interim pastor, except when such person requests or consents to be 
absent and has given prior approval to an agenda of routine matters 
which shall be the only business of the meeting. 

Chapter 13. 

CI 3.01. The officers of this congregation and the pastor shall constitute the 

Executive Committee. 
CI 3.02. When a pastoral vacancy occurs, a Call Committee of at least six voting 

members shall be elected by the Congregation Council. Term of office 

will terminate at installation of the newly-called pastor. 
CI 3.03. Other congregation committees may be formed as the need arises, by 

decision of the Congregation Council and set forth in the By-Laws. 

Chapter 14. 

CI 4.01. All organizations within the congregation shall exist to aid it in 
ministering to its members and to all whom it can reach with the Gospel 
of Christ. As outgrowths and expressions of the congregation's life, 
the organizations are subject to its oversight and direction. The 
congregation at its meetings or the Congregation Council shall determine 
their policies, guide their activities and receive reports concerning their 

138 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

membership, work and finances. 
CI 4.02. Special interest groups, other than the congregational units of the official 
auxiliaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, may be 
organized only after authorization has been given by the Congregation 

Chapter 15. 

CI 5.01. Denial of the Christian faith as described in this constitution, conduct 
grossly unbecoming a member of the Church of Christ, or persistent 
trouble-making in this congregation are sufficient cause for discipline 
of a member. Prior to disciplinary action, reconciliation will be 
attempted following Matthew 18:15-17, proceeding through these 
successive steps: a) private admonition by the pastor, b) admonition 
by the pastor in the presence of two or three witnesses, and c) citation 
to appear before the Congregation Council. 

CI 5.02. A member charged with the offense shall appear before the Congregation 
Council having received a written notice, specifying the exact charges 
that have been made against the member, at least 10 days prior to the 

CI 5.03. Should the allegations be sustained by a two-thirds majority vote of the 
members of the Congregation Council and renewed admonition prove 
ineffectual, the council shall impose one of the following disciplinary 

a. censure before the council or congregation; 

b. suspension from membership for a definite period of time; 

c. exclusion from membership in this congregation. 
Disciplinary actions b. and c. shall be delivered to the member in 


CI 5.04. The member against whom disciplinary action has been taken by the 
Congregation Council shall have the right to appeal the decision to 
the Synod Council. Such right may not be abridged and the decision 
of the Synod Council shall be final. 

CI 5.05. Disciplinary actions may be reconsidered and revoked by the 
Congregation Council upon receipt of a) evidence that injustice has 
been done or b) evidence of repentance and amendment. 

Chapter 16. 

C 1 6.0 1 . Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by at least 33 % voting 
members or by the Congregation Council. Proposals must be filed in 
writing with the Congregation Council 60 days before formal 
consideration by this congregation at its regular or special meeting 
called for that purpose. The Congregation Council shall notify the 
members of the proposal with their recommendations at least 30 days 
in advance of the meeting. 

Concord, North Carolina — 1 9 1 3- 1 996 1 39 

CI 6.02. A proposed amendment to this constitution shall: 

a. be approved at a properly called meeting according to this 

constitution by a majority vote of those present and voting; 

b. be ratified without change at the next annual meeting by a two-thirds 

majority vote of those present and voting; and 

c. have the effective date included in the resolution and noted in the 

CI 6.03. Any amendments to this constitution shall be sent by the secretary of 
this congregation to the synod. The amendment shall become effective 
within 120 days from the date of the receipt of the notice by the synod 
unless the synod informs this congregation that the amendment is in 
conflict with the constitution and bylaws of the Evangelical Lutheran 
Church in America, or the constitution of the N.C. Synod. 

Chapter 17. 

CI 7.01. The Congregation Council may enact continuing resolutions which 
describe the function of the various committees or organizations of 
this congregation. 
C17.02. Continuing resolutions shall be enacted or amended by a two-thirds vote 
of all voting members of the Congregation Council. 
Chapter 18 

CI 8.01. This congregation may adopt bylaws. No bylaw may conflict with this 

CI 8.02. Bylaws may be adopted or amended at any legally called meeting of 
this congregation with a quorum present by a majority vote of those 
voting members present and voting. 

CI 8.03. Changes to the bylaws may be proposed by any voting member provided, 
however, that such additions or amendments be submitted in writing 
to the Congregation Council at least 60 days before a regular or special 
Congregation Meeting called for that purpose and that the Congregation 
Council notify the members of the proposal with its recommendations 
at least 30 days in advance of the Congregation Meeting. 

CI 8.04. Approved changes to the bylaws shall be sent by the secretary of this 
congregation to the synod. 


Section 1. The annual meeting of the congregation as required by the constitution 

shall be conducted during the 11:00 service on the 3rd Sunday in 

November of each year. 
Section 2. At the annual meeting members of the Congregation Council shall 

be elected, and any other business authorized by the council shall be 


140 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Section 3. Annual reports of pastor, treasurers, and auxiliaries shall be made 
once each year and presented. 

Section 4. The Lay President or Vice President of the congregation shall preside 
over said annual meeting, which shall be called to order at 11:00 a.m. 
for the purpose of placing names in nomination for the election of 
Congregation Council members and other elections for office on the 
agenda for such meeting. Upon the closing of all nominations, ballots 
shall be recessed and collected by the duly appointed tellers. Upon 
the collection of said ballots, the meetings shall be adjourned until 
the conclusion of worship, unless prior thereto the chief teller shall 
report to the Lay President or Vice-President that a run-off election 
is required. The Lay President or Vice-President shall as soon as 
practical upon receiving such notice resume the meeting for the purpose 
of distributing and collecting such additional ballot or ballots as are 
required. All other matters of business shall be conducted immediately 
subsequent to the conclusion of the worship service, which shall be 
structured by the pastor in such fashion so that the general business 
session of the meeting commences not later than 12:00 noon. 


Section 1. The responsibilities of the Congregation Council for fostering faithful 
membership shall include: 

a. proper instruction in the Word of God and the teaching of the 

Lutheran Church prior to reception as confirmed members; 

b. transfer of membership to another Lutheran congregation or the 

issuing of a certificate of standing and/or release to another 
evangelical congregation at the request of the confirmed member; 
[Such release of baptized but un-confirmed children should be 
at the request of their parents or legal guardians.] 

c. encouraging members who move from the community which the 

congregation serves to transfer to a Lutheran congregation which 
can serve them effectively and in which they can participate 

d. continuing concern and conscientious pastoral care for members, 

in an effort to encourage fulfillment of their duties and 
responsibilities, when they do not partake of Holy Communion, 
support the church with their offerings, or appear to desire to 
participate in the life and worship of the congregation. When 
such members have failed to receive Holy Communion or to 
make a contribution of record for a period of one calendar year, 
they may be removed from the roll of members by the 
Congregation Council. This procedure will take place after 
such members have been counseled about the matter, if possible. 
Such persons who have been removed from the roll of members 
shall remain persons for whom the church has a continuing 
pastoral concern. 
Section 2. The congregation may elect two confirmed youth members to the 

Concord, North Carolina — 1 9 1 3- 1 996 1*4 1 

Congregation Council ex officio with voice and no vote to serve a 
term of one year. One female and one male confirmed member may 
be elected each year subject only to the ability to serve a full year, 
January 1 to December 31, and not be eighteen years of age before 


Section 1. The president and the vice-president shall be chosen from the 
membership of the Congregation Council. The other officers, if not 
members of the council, shall be accorded the privilege of voice without 
vote in its meetings. 

Section 2. All officers shall be voting members of the congregation. If any 
of them ceases to be such, that office shall at once be declared vacant 
by the council, which shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. 

Section 3. The president shall preside at meetings of the congregation and the 
Congregation Council, except as otherwise provided herein. In the 
event of the president's inability to serve, the vice-president shall preside. 

Section 4. The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the 
congregation and of the council in a volume provided by the 
congregation, which shall be preserved permanently in its archives. 

Section 5. The treasurers) shall keep the books of account of the congregation; 
and shall receive all funds and disburse them on proper orders, making 
remittance of benevolence receipts to the treasurer of the synod. 

Section 6. The treasure r(s) shall make written report of all financial transactions 
to the Congregation Council monthly and to the congregation, together 
with a satisfactory audit, annually. All financial officers shall give 
corporate surety, in amounts determined by the Congregation Council, 
for which the premium shall be paid by the congregation. Fidelity 
coverage provided by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 
shall be deemed a fulfillment of this requirement. 


Section 1. The Worship Committee shall assist the Congregation Council in 
seeing that the services of God's house are conducted regularly and 
in accordance with the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church 
in America, that competent ushers are recruited and trained, and that 
hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and properly cared 
for. It shall supervise and strive to advance the welfare and effective 
service of the choirs of the congregation. It shall arrange for the care 
of paraments, vestments, and musical instruments, and, in consultation 
with the pastor, the organist, and the choir director, it shall furnish 
music supplies appropriate for use in the worship of a congregation 
of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 

Section 2. The Christian Education Committee in association with the pastor, 
shall oversee the conduct and promotion of the school (s) and the 
activities of all organizations within the congregation. It shall encourage 

142 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

the use of teaching and worship materials published or approved by 
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and to seek to introduce 
the Church's periodicals and books of family devotion into the homes 
of the congregation. One of the primary aims of the Christian Education 
Committee shall be to bring the call to the ministry of the Gospel and 
to other full-time church vocations to the attention of qualified youth 
of the congregation. 

Section 3. The Youth Ministry Committee shall promote and oversee the 
programs of the church which minister to the needs and activities of 
the youth members of the church. This committee shall specifically 
provide and supervise advisors for the youth organization of the church. 

Section 4. The Nursery Committee shall supervise the nursery and its use within 
the congregation. It shall recommend the needs of the nursery and 
shall provide a safe, clean environment for nursery age children. 

Section 5. The Witness Committee shall stimulate and lead all members of the 
congregation to reawaken the spiritually indifferent, to reach others, 
and to witness to others who are as yet unwon with the Gospel and 
attach them to Christ's Church. To this end, the committee shall devote 
itself to deepening spiritual life and shall periodically study the 
congregation in the context of its surrounding community. 

Section 6. The Service Committee shall be to extend Christian compassion and 
helpfulness to the ill, the aged, the orphaned, the underprivileged, and 
the imprisoned, and, in general, to persons of all ages in need of aid 
in body or soul. It shall strive to enlist in these efforts as many as 
possible of the individual members and organization of the congregation. 
This committee shall further have the duty to study social conditions, 
primarily in the local community, in order to bring the cleansing and 
healing light of Christian truth to bear upon critical problems through 
thoughtful Christian discussion of facts and issues. 

Section 7. The Finance and Stewardship Committee, of which the Treasurer 
shall be a member, ex-officio, shall prepare a draft budget for the 
succeeding year, including this congregation's full benevolence share 
in support of the wider ministry being carried on in its behalf by the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Synod and shall submit 
such a draft budget to the Congregation Council for its action and later 
presentation to a congregational meeting. The committee shall exercise 
oversight of all the financial affairs of the congregation. It shall, subject 
to the approval of the Congregation Council, be responsible for the 
congregation's investments and its total insurance program. It shall 
provide for annual audits of the congregational accounts, schools, and 
organizations of the church, unless said requirement shall be waived 
as to any congregational organization by the Congregation Council. 
It shall further be the duty of the committee to evoke and promote 
the expression of Christian faith in daily living; to uplift the need for 
involvement of the Christian use of time; to promote the use of personal 
God-given talents; to teach the Christian use of money; to diffuse 
knowledge of the congregation's local, national, and worldwide 
ministries; and to lead all its members to higher levels of proportionate 

Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 143 

giving for the Lord's work. This committee shall also be responsible 
for the annual Every Member Response and other congregational efforts 
which lead to informed and grateful giving. 

Section 8. The Memorial Committee promotes and receives special gifts given 
in honor or memory of individuals or for special purposes. It will 
receive such gifts, place monetary gifts into an appropriate savings 
account, and from time to time recommend to the Congregation Council 
plans for the use of undesignated gifts. With respect to designated 
gifts, it will report to the Congregation Council the receipts of such 
gifts and upon approval of the Congregation Council, will accept such 
designated gifts and implement the designated purpose of a gift. 

Section 9. The Property Committee shall see to the proper maintenance and 
protection of all property of the congregation and shall take care that 
the same is kept in good repair. 

Section 10. The Personnel Committee shall continuously assess the requirements 
for staff support for the congregation, develop job descriptions and 
recommend positions to be authorized by the Congregation Council 
or the congregation, interview prospective employees for vacant 
positions, and recommend qualified applicants to the Congregation 
Council. Annually to report to the Congregation Council on the 
performance of duties of each employee of the congregation, making 
such recommendations as to continuation of employment, salary or 
wages, and changes to job descriptions as may be appropriate. Counsel 
with employees of the congregation regarding any matter pertinent 
to their employment with Calvary Lutheran Church, offering whatever 
support and advice may be appropriate to the situation. Specifically, 
the duties of this committee include personnel matters related to the 
Pastor or Pastors of the congregation, as well as to all others employed 
by Calvary Lutheran Church, either full or part-time. 

Section 11. The Endowment Board consisting of five voting members of the 
congregation shall be elected for the purpose of overseeing such funds 
as may be contributed to the church endowment fund as defined by 
and governed by The Endowment Constitution adopted by the 
congregation on December 9, 1990. 

144 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Yearly Budgets 

Figures prior to 1943 not available. 

Year Total 


1943 $1,875.00 

1944 2,077.00 

1945 2,548.70 

1946 3,101.00 

1947 3,500.00 

1948 4,500.00 

1949 5,000.00 

1950 5,348.00 

1951 6,200.00 

1952 n/a 

1953 n/a 

1954 n/a 

1955 n/a 

1956 11,090.99* 

1957 12,438.25* 

1958 12,343.94* 

1959 12,927.53* 

1960 19.616.76 1 

1961 20,285.60 

1962 20,743.60 

1963 20,969.40 

1964 21,486.60 

1965 22,086.60 

1966 22,612.00 

1967 24,633.00 

1968 26,783.00 

1969 26,783.00 

1970 26,525.00 

1971 27,482.00 

1972 28,107.00 

1973 31,900.00 

1974 40,191.00 

1975 42,851.00 

1976 39,512.00 

1977 41,428.00 

1978 47,111.00 

1979 n/a 

1980 n/a 

1981 n/a 

End of Year 


























































512 2 


























Concord, North Carolina — 1913-1996 




End of Year 













134,930.OO 3 


140,832.00 3 


146,677.00 3 


153,291.00 3 


177,576.00 3 


192,839.00 3 


187,129.00 3 













379 4 









*Figures from Annual Financial Report 

1 Includes $6,242.80 Debt Reduction 

2 After correcting past errors. 

3 Includes renovation. 

4 After purging inactive members. 

146 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 


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148 Calvery Evangelical Lutheran Church 

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31. In April, 1995 Council voted to change the term "Life Member" to "Council 
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Members and became Council Emeritus. 

32. Thanks are given to Ascension Evangelical Lutheran Church in Danville, 
Virginia for permission to use their copyrighted material in this publication. 

Concord, North Carolina 



This index contains persons, places and other things not contained in the Roll of Members. 
The Roll of Members, being alphabetical, is not indexed to avoid duplications. This 
index has been consolidated by the author wherever possible to the best of current 


Stephen Andrew 73 

Michael 72 

Louis 3 
Ascension, Shelby 17, 18 

Agnes (Mrs. Spencer C.) 30, 42, 

Jodi Denise 73 

Spencer C. 28, 30, 37-39, 50, 51, 
77, 81-84, 86, 87 


Rita Marie 16, 72 

Angela Denise 73 
Adopt- A-Highway 37, 88 
Advent, Spindale 18, 19 

Terry W., Rev. 119 
Alamance, Alamance 17 

Marilyn, Rev. 122 

Jason Matthew 68 

Baxter J., in 72 

C. D. 76 

Barbara 119 

Edith May 55 
Amity, Cleveland 23 

Elizabeth 73 

Phylis, Mrs. 51 
Annual fish fry 36 

Kenneth Wayne 63 

Larry Wayne 61, 68, 72 

Lisa Yvonne 62 

Sharon Lynn 62 

Walter 70 

Johann Gottfried, Rev. 1 


Ava (Mrs. W. R., HI) 30, 85, 86 

Betsy Carol 49, 67, 71 

Iris (Mrs. W. R., Jr.) v, 30, 42, 

49, 51, 86, 87 
William Reid, III 30, 49, 67, 84, 

William Reid, IV 64 
William Reid, Jr. 37, 82, 84, 85, 



Arthur 16 

Eileen 16 

Helen 16 

J. L. 16 

Mabel 16 

Margaret 16 

Rowena 16 

Sara 16 

William 16 

William Bowman, Rev. 6, 16, 117 

Bradley Stephen 68, 86 

Emily Susan 68 

Linda (Mrs. Terry) 30 

Terry 29, 30, 39, 85, 86 

Justin Paul 64, 68 

Nikki Diane 64 

Teresa Grace 30, 64, 68, 74 

Robert, Mrs. 51 

Betty L. 14 

Betty (Mrs. Garnet F.) 30 

Donna Kern 60 

Gail 72 

Garnet F. 30 

Heidi Claudette 60 

Howard 30 

Joseph Alexander 59 

Norman 70 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Phylo C. 75 

Thomas Scott 67 

Tyrone 67 

Paul Jonas, Rev. 55 

Travis Duane 73 

Todd Harrison 73 

Charles Glenn 16, 30, 48 

Charles Jacob 16 

Cynthia 30 

Glenn Leroy, Mrs. 42 

Glenn Leroy, Rev. 7, 16, 27, 118 

Hana Lea 64 

Jacob Leroy 16 

John Michael 16 

Kathryn Natalie 63 

Mary Ann 16 

Mary Ethel (Mrs. G. L.) 30, 44 

Troy 30, 85 

Carrie Petrea (Mrs. F. E.) 13, 29, 
33, 42, 47, 70, 83 

Christian Amanda 62 

Christy 68 

Cleo Lucille, Mrs. 76 

David Wilson 60 

Dora 9, 30, 42, 75 

Edward Berry 60 

Eric Mitchel 73 

Ethan Mitchel 65 

Frank and Carrie Estate 13 

Frank E. 13, 35, 38, 70, 79-83, 


Frederick Spencer 54 

George H. 79 

Harold Stevens, III 62, 68 

Harold Stevens, Jr. 57 

Harold Stevens, Sr. 76 

Infant 74 

J. A. 35 

J. A., Mrs. 42, 75 

John J., Camp 52 

Lori 30 

Marvin 35 

Pauline 70 

Ralph 13 

Robert 30 

Robert E., Mrs. 51 

Robert Owen 66 

Stephanie Jane 62, 68 

Steve 39, 84, 85 

Steve, Jr. 30, 50 

Vicki 30, 46 

Jerry Wayne 73 

Adron Thomas 65 

Brownie 69 

Colin David 64 

David William 30, 73, 86 

Frank A. 30, 35, 38, 79, 80 

Frank A., Mrs. 30 

George L., Mrs. 43, 44 

H. F. 82 

H. F., Jr. 30, 38, 48, 83 

H. F., Jr., Mrs. 41, 48 

H. F., Mrs. 41 

Jennifer Lynne 62 

Jerry Lynn, Mrs. 30, 48, 66 

Louise 30 

Pearl (Mrs. George L.) 45 

Sarah 30 

Annie 69 

Alice 69 

Annie Belle (Mrs. S. S.) 30, 77, 

87, 123 

Bonnie Lee 62 

Candice 68 

Sidney Lee 56, 66 

Sidney Smith 30, 36-38, 69, 77, 


Tony Gene 49, 58, 67 

Walter 70 

Eric Royce 61 

Kevin Scott 63 

Royce Hampton 71 

Trena Ruth iv, 61 

Joshua Ryan 63 

H. Craig 69 


Robert Quincy, Rev. 121 

Lula Kate 20 

Betty 30 

Billie Ray 56 

Calvin A. 30, 74, 80 

Earl Coolidge 35 

Earl Coolidge, Jr. 61, 67, 72, 83 

Concord, North Carolina 


Grover Lee 55 

John Wayne 55 

Joyce Marlene 66 

Lula Ethel 55 

Maggie Wincy 55 

Mary Jane 56 

Nora Jane 61, 67 

Walter John 55 

Warren Everett 55 

Wesley Monroe 55 

Carrie M. 71 

Tom Foster, Jr. 73 

Mark A., Rev. 122 
Bell 9, 14 

Beneficiary Aid Fund 10 

James Gordon 72 

Sarah McClamrock 64 

Evan Lavon 63 

Wanda B. 30, 73 

Sharon Lee 71 

John L. 30, 76, 82, 87 

Ollie C. (Mrs. John L.) 76, 87 
Bethany, Kannapolis 18, 20 
Bethany, Rural Hall, Stokes Co. 22 
Bethel Bear Creek United Church of 

Christ 1 
Bethel, Crouse, Gaston Co. 22 
Bethphage, Lincoln Co. 22 
Bethphage-St. Mark-St. Paul, Lincoln 

Co. 22 
Beverly Hills 8 

Willie Mae 69 

Tony, Chaplain 121 


Barbara Katherine 30, 44, 49, 58, 

Betty (Mrs. H. D.) v, 30, 41, 47, 

Beverly Camille 49, 59, 67, 72 
Catherine Anne 30, 44, 60, 67, 73 
David Harold 15, 30, 37, 39, 67, 

73, 85, 86 
Harold D. v, 30, 36-39, 82-86, 

Homer Fess v, 37, 81-83, 87 

Inez 70 

Janice Alberta 30, 49, 50, 67, 72 

Marian Sue 49, 58, 66, 71 

Mary Barger (Mrs. H. F.) v, 30, 
40-42, 87 

Starr (Mrs. David H.) 30, 41 

Susanna Catherine 65 

William David 64 

Barbara 48, 49 

Barry Keith 73 

Buford 27, 28 

Carl 53 

Elaine 30 

Fannie 69 

Herman L. 78 

Lewis O. ix, 30, 35, 75, 80 

Lewis O., Mrs. 75 

Lisa Ann 73 

Luther 53 

Martha 77 

Mary Catherine 55 

Oscar F. 55 

Paul Morrison 54 

Susan Carol 73 

Tiffany Anne 64 

Virgil Edison 55 

Zula Vernice 70 

Bette (Mrs. Harry) v, 30, 41 

Harry W. v, 30, 37, 39, 84-86, 


Harvey Ludwick, Rev. 122 

Kim Elizabeth 30, 67, 72 

Earl K., Rev. 119 

John, Jr., Mrs. 51 

William Gilmer, Rev. 122 

Christine, Rev. 120 

Homer J. 16 

Joseph Leonard 16, 63 

Larry, Rev. 122 

Leonard Homer, Rev. Dr. vii, 11, 
12, 14, 16, 26, 30, 37, 
48, 72, 76, 78, 119, 121, 122 

Paul Wayne 72 

Rita Marie (Mrs. L. H.) 31 

Sarah Rita 16 

Everette 70 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Iris Elaine 61 

Kenneth Felton, Jr. 57 

Thomas Eugene, Rev. 1 18 

Dan Alan 31, 72, 85, 86, 121, 122 

Graham Alan 64 

Joshua Bryant 64 

Teena (Mrs. Dan A.) 31, 86 

Audrey Jean 58 

John S. 31, 35, 79 

Maggie Lee 21 

Ollie 69 

Otis 70 

Raymond Morris, Rev. Dr. 117 

Christine 57 

H. A. 75, 80, 81 

Virgil 66 

Claire Annette 59, 67 

Mary Ella Stiller (Dolly)(Mrs. R. 
E. Long) 70 

Adam 1 

Edna Louise 17 

Joshua Adam 68 
Boy Scouts 36 

Amanda Elizabeth 17, 68, 86 

Evelyn Walker 77 

John Ebenezer, Jr., Rev. Dr. 12, 
13, 17, 31, 37, 76-78 

John Ebenezer, Sr. 17 

Kristen Louise 17, 50, 68 

Lynda 31 

Boy kin 

Betty 31, 47 

Sharon 72 

Naomi F. 16 

Robert Lee 72, 77 

Ollie, Mrs. 28 

Dallas Bert 71 

Kimberly Ann 61 

Lisa Marie 61 

Billie Ann 66 


Tim, Mrs. 44 

Joan 41 

Leona 31 

Ethel Maie 70 

Kevin Murry 64 

Annie 31 

Brenda 31 

Charles Philip 49, 59, 67 

Dan 118 

Deanna Yvette 62 

James K. 72 

Larry Joe 48, 49, 66, 83 

Mabel Elizabeth 70 

Theron Sidney 31, 50, 51 

Theron Sidney, Jr. 66 

Theron Sidney, Mrs. 31 

Thomas Henry 67 
Brownie Troop 51 

Vandry 31 

Susan Ellen 58 

Judy Sparkman 73 

Lethco C, Rev. 74, 117, 118 
Bumgarner Construction Co. 8 

Carol Allison 60 

William Russell 70 

Boyce 31, 66 

Leon 31, 39, 86 

Peggy (Mrs. Leon) 31 

Barnard Leonard 42, 58 

Billy Dean 58, 67 

Hazel (Mrs. Barnard Leonard) 31, 


Holly Nicole 64 

Nancy 31 
Cabarrus Pediatric Clinic 13 

Linda Jane 31, 48, 49, 66 

Concord, North Carolina 



John Earl 72 

Jonathan Jay 63 
Calvary Scholarship Fund 13 
Calvary, Concord 17-22, 24 
Calvary-St. Andrew, Concord 3, 18 

Jo Ann 70 

Wright Gate wood, Rev. 1 

Beverly 68 

Jane, Mrs. 31 

Terry Dean 71 

Timothy Dean 62 

Carolyn 58 

Tonja Mass 62 

Anthony Dale 73 

Samuel Paul 54 

Sara Nancy 24 

W. W. ix, 75 

Bill Parks 61, 71 

Trent Scott 61 

Frances 70 

Amy Elizabeth 63 

Barbara 31 

Lawrence T. 82 

Robert 72 

Larry Alexander 71 

Julie Diane (Jill) 63 

Lisa Renee 63, 68 
Center Grove, Kannapolis 19 

Marjorie Elizabeth (Mrs. B. W. 

Cruse, Jr.) 73 
Charter Members of Calvary Church 2 
Chicago Seminary 16 

Marvin Woodrow 71 
Chrismons 123 

Christus Victor, Fayetteville 19 

Esther 69 

Georgi (?) 69 

Lula(?), Mrs. 75 

P. L., Mrs. 40, 42 


Ruth W. 76 
Church of God 8, 10 
Church of the Nazarene 8, 10 
Church of the Valley 10 

Henry 31, 82 

Henry, Mrs. 31 

Randy Jo 59 

Ricky Edward 59 

Anne 45 

Banks Rudolph 31, 37-39, 60, 67, 


Ben Foy 31, 38, 39, 49, 82-84 

Ben Foy, Jr. 67 

Benny 49 

Beverly Denise 72 

Billie Anne 66 

Burley[?] Denise 61 

Carolyn Jean 31, 49, 67, 71 

Dale Andrew 59, 67 

Eric Jonathon 63 

Frank Merle 28 

Frank Merle, Jr. 67 

James Derik 73 

John Ivey, Jr. 76, 82 

Leah 66 

Luther Steven 67 

Martha L. 14 

Maury Taylor 62 

Mavis (Mrs. John Ivey, Jr.) 31, 

40, 42 

Sylvia Fay 72 

Teresa Fry 71 

V. C. 69 

Vernice A. (Mrs. Ben Foy) 29, 

31, 42, 49 

Shannon 74 

A. C. 17 

John William, Rev. 122 

Louise B. (Mrs. Paul B.) 31, 44 

Martha Ellen 17 

Paul Bryson, Rev. 6, 7, 17, 27, 

43, 70, 118, 120-122 

Rosalyn Louise 17 

Andrew Leroy 63, 68 

Angela (Mrs. Leroy C.) 31 

Leroy C. 31, 37, 39, 84-86 

Michael Lee 62, 68 

William S. 57 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Alison Clare 68 

Arlen 85, 86 

Erin Melissa 68 

Jan (Mrs. Arlen) 45 
Cold Water, Cabarrus Co. 1, 10, 17-19, 


Mike 72 

Scott Daniel 63 

Shane Andrew 64 

Shipp Vernon 64 

Staci Amanda 62 

Alfred L. 70 
Community in Christ, Cornelius 19 

Alton B.(?) 69 

Bruce 35 

Flavius Leslie, Rev. Dr. 117, 118 

Bennett Laine 59 

Claud 35 

Gene Elizabeth 55 

Jack Desmond 59 

Michael Wayne 61 

Robert Clay 72 

W. C. 35 

W. E. 38 

Robert Lee 48 

Robert Lee, Jr. 61 

Robert Lee, Mrs. 45, 48 

Sara Potts (Mrs. R. L., Jr.) 75 

Frederick Spencer 60 
Copyright notice iv 

Jessie Isenhour (Mrs. W. N. 

Yount) 22, 73 

Jessica Rae 64 

Billy Jackson, Jr. 73 

D. W. 74 

LeRhea 18 
Covenant Presbyterian Church 12 

Gary Franklin 73 

Jennifer Nicole 65 

Jonathan Franklin 64 

Harlen Craig 7, 31, 58, 66, 80, 81 

Harlen Craig, Mrs. 31 

James Henry 58, 66 

Sherry 31 

Harold L, Rev. Dr. 118 

Irene B. 69 

Boyce Junior 55 

Dennis Morgan 58 

Harry Kluttz 78 

Harry Lawson 54 

Helen Irene 55 

Henry 70 

Judy Marlene 58 

L. B. 69, 79, 80 

Larry Wayne 58 

Lena Belle 43 

Mabel Gertrude 31, 43 

Myrtle Lee 54 

Ola Mae 54 

Patsy Ann 66 

Voight Rhodes, Rev. Dr. 119 
Cross of Christ at Rimer 10 

Harris Adam 66 

Hugh 31 

Hugh, Mrs. 31 

Kevin Dale 72 

Bernard W., in 67 

Bernard W., Jr. v, 31, 37, 73, 86, 


Bernard W., Sr. 27, 76 

David Kent 67, 72 

Evelyn D. (Mrs. B. W., Jr.) 76 

Goldia Cranford (Mrs. T. A., Sr.) 


Guy Calvin, Rev. 117 

Jacyln Noelle 64, 76 

Juanita B. (Mrs. B. W., Sr.) 31, 


Kathy Rebecca 67 

Kenneth B., Jr. 68 

Kenneth Boland, Jr. 62 

Marjorie E. (Mrs. B. W., Jr.) v, 


Michael Dwayne 73 

Susan Moore 31, 58, 67, 76 

Tracy Alexander, Jr. 31, 61, 67, 


Tracy Alexander, Sr. 37, 84, 85 

Concord, North Carolina 




Lauren Carole 73 

Grace (Mrs. R. A.) 41, 86 

Daniel's, Lincoln Co. 20 

Raymond A. 37, 39, 85 



Ryan James 63 

Andrew C. 31, 67, 72, 120 


Anne 68 

Bergman S., Rev. 2, 3, 18, 

54, 69 

Carol Anne 73 

Robert Lewis, Rev. 118 

Carolyn Casey 31, 46, 76, 84 

Shadrack E. 18 

Robert H. 31, 39, 73, 84, 85 



Wayne M., Rev. 119 

Edgar Pierce 19 


James Lionel, Rev. 12, 19 

Diana Nancy 65, 73 


F. O. 18 

Travis William 65, 68 

Gwendolyn 18 


James C, Hon. 121 

Michael Lynn 72 

John Frank, Rev. Dr. 6, 18, 




Buddy 31 

Joyce Marce 72 

Cynthia Louise 50, 60, 67 


Edgar Llewellyn 72 

Caroline 18 

Felicia Lynette 59 

Charles Howard, Rev. 3, 4, 


Janice 31 

26, 54, 

69, 74 

Miriam (Mrs. R. R., Jr.) 40 

Charles William 18 

Nina (Mrs. R. R., Sr.) 31, 42, 77 

Nathaniel 18 

Ralph Rollen, III 59 


Ralph Rollen, Jr. 10, 66, 70 

Jack A. v, 31, 37, 84-86 

Ralph Rollen, Sr. 31, 38, 77, 80, 

Kay Annette 67, 73 

81, 83-85 

Martha K. (Mrs. Jack A.) v 


Vivian Renee 31, 59, 67 


Walter L., Mrs. 40 

Rachel 44 

Walter Lee 31, 48, 66, 83, 84 

Sharon Jan 72 

Walter Lee, Jr. 60, 67 



Blanche 19 

Irvin L. 31, 75, 80-83 

Claude Michael 67 

Juanita 70 

Donald Ray, Rev. 120 


James Francis, Rev. 16 

Patricia Deonne 71 

Mabel 16 

Rev. 76 



Roy, Mrs. 43 

S. Steven, Rev. Dr. 121 



Beth 31 

Joyce Y., Mrs. 44 

Christine Elizabeth 65 

Dutch Buffalo Creek Church 1 

Michael Jones 65 

Dutch Creek Meeting House 1 



Robert, Rev. Dr. 122 

John Edward, III 68 


Laura 31 

Charlotte 18 



Karen 68 

Joseph David 65 

Wallace, Mrs. 51 

Director of Christian Education 13, 14 



Carl 31 

Diane Baker 72 

Carla Elizabeth 66 

Stephanie Diane 31, 50, 68 


Carol Morton 31, 73 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Margie Sue 71 

Martin L. 70 
Eastern Cabarrus Historic Association 

Eastern Cabarrus History Museum 14 

Hattie M., Mrs. 42, 76 

Hazel (Mrs. H. E.) v, 87, 88 

Herbert E. v, 36, 37, 39, 66, 


Joanne June (Mrs. W. R. Burge) 
31, 66, 70 

Russell, Rev. 120 
Edgerson (?) 

Catherine Effie 56 

Amy Louise 23 

Anna Linnett 23 

Blanche Cress (Mrs. R. L.) 23, 

31, 42, 78, 87 

Donnie 74 

Helen Christine 56, 66 

Hilda Lee (Mrs. R. L. Petty) 66, 


Jo Carolyn 56, 66 

Madge L. (Mrs. J. A. Goodnight, 
Sr.) 66, 70 

Maria Elizabeth 23 

Martha Rose (Mrs. R. W.) 42 

Robert William, Rev. 23, 42, 56, 
66, 117, 118, 120 

Roy Lee 23, 31, 38, 76, 81-85, 87 

Kenneth, Rev. 120 

Steven Wayne 63 

Zeke Bennie 56 

L. V. 35 
Endowment Fund 12 

Adam Palmer 68 

Rick 39, 86 

Teresa 31 

Michael 72 

Martha Boe 57 

Horace Edward, Jr. 39, 73, 86 

Jonathan Brian 64 

Raymond White 73 

Raymond White, Jr. 64 

Beckie 31 

Daniel Kirk 77 

Jonathan Michael 68 

Mary Kathryn 31 

William Gaines, III 68, 77 

Mary Lou 58, 66 
Extra Miler 36 

Jeffrey Lee 67 

Larry Stephen 67 

W. L, Dr. 82, 83 

W. L., Dr. and Mrs. 49 

Wendell Lynn 67 

Winston 49 

Annie Lee (Mrs. B. Y., Sr.) 24, 

31, 42, 78, 87 

B. B. 76 

Brady Young, Jr., Rev. 24, 42, 


Brady Young, Sr. 24, 31, 75, 


Cheryl Ann 59 

Edna (Mrs. H. L.) 31, 76 

Elizabeth Marie 64 

Fannie R., Mrs. 75 

Gerri Lynn 49, 58, 67 

Helen (Mrs. Floyd E. Ramseur) 


Henry Lee 37, 39, 77, 85 

Isla Kate (Mrs. Robert) 76 

J. B. 44 

Laura Beth Zahran 24 

Lois Anne Brouillette 24 

Luther Faggart Brady 24 

Martha Lou 43, 44, 70 

Timothy Lee 59 

Vance Monroe 72 

Hugh Dallas 71 

John W. 74 

Novalene 31 

Lou, Mrs. 45 

William Edward 71 

Kelly Melinda 74 
First, Greensboro 17, 24 

Concord, North Carolina 


First, Pittsburgh, Pa. 20 

Bobby Moore 77 

Brenda Sue 71 

Clifford Paul, Rev. Dr. 117 

Lester 74 

Mary Ethel 16 

Mary P., Mrs. 76 

Michael 45 

Mrs. 31 

S. C. 31, 79 

Woodly 69 

Angela Ann 59, 67 

Ben, Mrs. 51 

Gina Lynn 60, 72 

Carl E. 76 

Carl W. 31, 39, 82, 83 

Carla Lea 60 

H. F., Rev. 69 

Jenny (Mrs. Carl W.) 29, 31, 41, 


Jimmy, Mrs. 31 

Mark Steven 49, 60, 67 

Nora Lippard (Mrs. H. F.) 31, 42 

Todd David 61 

Nancy 45 

Janice Ruth (Mrs. D. K. Cruse) 72 

Mary B., Mrs. 76 

Patricia Ann 31, 44, 60, 67, 72 

Robert 83, 84 

W. K. 69 

Haroldf?] Eugene 62 

James Thomas 71 

James Thomas, II 61 

James Thomas, Mrs. 31 

Lois Ann 61 

Emma Sara 20 

David 31 
Free Will Baptist Church 10 

Jayme Elizabeth 63 

Thomas Hudlow 71 

William Joel 63 

Cecil 87 

Jones 87 

Tammy Lynn 72 

Brett Shane 68 

Wendy Dawn 73 

Allison 68 

Anne 31 

Kirsten Katherine 63 

Tammy 68 
Friedens, Guilford Co. 16, 24 
Friedens-Sharon, Gibsonville 18 
Friendship Circle 40 

Deborah Hatley (Mrs. G. T.) 31, 


Gary Thomas 73 

K. C, Mrs. 42 

Lizzie, Mrs. 75 

Edward, Rev. 53 

Betty Suzanne (Mrs. J. F. Merck) 
40, 48, 66, 71 

Cecelia Ann (Mrs. A. W. Moore) 
31, 48, 56, 66, 71 

Cecil B. 31, 37-39, 49, 50, 69, 


Janie Sloop (Mrs. Cecil B.) 31, 

40-42, 49, 85, 87 

Linda Gray 71 

Vicki Lynn 72 

Norman B. 67 

William Aaron 60, 67 

Ovid Brown 31, 58, 66, 69 

Walter Hartsell 58 

Dorothy Jayne 60 

Henry A., Jr. 45, 77 

Janusf?] Allen 59 

Judy Sue 58, 67, 71 

Kevin Scott 61 

Odell 36 

Sandra Gail 59, 67, 71 

John U., Rev. 118 

Susan 72 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Vivian Lee 70, 72 

Annie Lee 70 
Gastonia Mission Developer 24 

Sandra 72 

Gerry 29, 31 

Keith 29, 31, 86 
German Reformed 1 

William R, HI 71 

Bob 31 

Carmen 31 
Girl Scout Troop 51 

Ashlyn Nicole 64, 68, 86 

Wanda Starr 73 
Goldsboro, N.C. 

Pastor before Good Shepherd 21 

Beulah Elizabeth 54 

John Albert 54 

John, Mrs. ix 

Lillian (?) Julius 55 

Mary Evelyn 55 

Nina Elmysia (?) 54 
Good Shepherd, Hickory 24 

Kayla Lynn 65 

Clyde Reuben 19, 56 

David 71 

Fred 70 

Gilbert B., Jr. 19 

Gilbert Brown, Rev. 6, 19, 56, 69, 
117, 118 

Grace Smith (Mrs. G. B.) 44 

Gregory Glenn 61 

Jeffrey Wayne 62 

Mark Terence 57 

Mary Lois 19, 56 

Pearl 70 

Reuben Alonzo, Rev. 19, 56 

Sabrina Rene 60 

Sharon Lanier 73 

W. C. 35 

Christopher David 63 

Constance Michalle 63 

Gail 71 

Joe 31 

Joe Addison, Jr. 58, 67 
Joe Addison, Sr. 77 
Joseph Addison, Sr. 58, 70, 83-85 
Joseph Allen 71 

Madge L. (Mrs. Jos. Addison) 31, 

Maria 31 

Michael David 59, 67, 72 
Nancy Moore 31, 73 
Tammy 68, 120 
Walter 51 


Cathy 32 


Stella 32 
Grace, Henderson 18 
Grace, Rock Hill, S.C. 17 

C. H. 35 

C. H., Mrs. 32, 43 

James Austin 73 

Judy Sparkman Bumgardner(Mrs. 
J. A.) 73 

Geraldine H. 78 

Cullen Michael 68 

Joseph Leroy, Rev. Dr. 121 
Griffin and Associates, Architects 14 

Edward, Rev. 120 

Jane Barker 73 
Habitat for Humanity 37 

Donna 32 

Alexander Rhyne 65 

Samuel Waightstill, Rev. Dr. 118 

Patricia A. 71 

Julia 16 

Barry Allison 72 

Michael Lentz 71 
Hand bell choir 12 
Hand bell set 12 

Kelley LeAnn 32, 61, 68 

Concord, North Carolina 


Lana Kathryn (Mrs. Randy Joe 

Smith) 62, 73 

Nancy Lou McLellan (Mrs. R. A., 
Jr.) v, 32, 41, 42, 46 

Robert Allander, Jr. 37, 51, 52, 

70, 78, 84, 85 

Aaron Frances 56 

Janelle Lee 73 

Gary Stephen 32, 39, 59, 67, 84 

Jean Carol 60, 67 

Larry Dixon 60, 66 

Nell 32 

Richard 70 

Jeffrey Michael 62 

Wilbur Wright 70 

W. G., Rev. 1 

Steven Eugene 72 

Angela Michelle 32, 50, 62, 68, 


Joyce 32, 77, 87 

Mary Ruth 32, 57, 66 

Michael Ray 57, 67 

Patricia Ann 60, 67, 71 

Jerry 69 

Maria Renee 72 

Bobbie Lane 56 

Cathy Ann (Mrs. D. R. London) 


Clifford Lee, Jr. 66 

Deborah Kay (Mrs. G. T. Fritz) 

32, 46, 60, 67, 73, 85 

Donald Edward 55 

Doris (Mrs. J. A.) 32 

Dorothy Mary 55 

Elona Scott (Mrs. J. A.) 76 

James Daniel 57, 66 

Jane Elizabeth 57, 66, 71 

Jay Lee 76 

Leah Elizabeth (Mrs. J. E. 

Callaway) 49, 59, 67, 72 

Linda Kay 32, 57, 66, 71 

Luther Earl 55, 70 

Mark Lee 61, 68, 73 

Martha Lucy (Mrs. W. C, Jr.) 32, 

57, 66 

Mary Alice (Mrs. W. C, Sr.) 32, 

42, 47 

Mary Frances (Mrs. C. L., Sr.) 32, 
40, 42, 84 

Maxine Cress (Mrs. Jay Lee) v, 

29, 32, 41, 42, 84, 86 

McDaniel 59, 75 

Michael Dean 62, 68 

Pamela Annette (Mrs. M. W. 

Varnadore) 61, 68, 73 

Robert Charles 67 

Tamera Jean (Mrs. D. G. Twiggs) 

49, 71 

Timothy Britten 62 

William Carl, Jr. 32, 57, 66 

William Carl, Sr. 32, 37, 57, 77, 
81-83, 87 

William Scott 61 
Haven, Salisbury 20 

C. B. 77, 81, 82 

C. B., Mr. and Mrs. 49 

C. B., Mrs. 32 

Laura Hunter 121 

Margaret 70 

Willie Josephine 57 

Betty Jean 56 

James Franklin 57 

Jennifer Annette 68 

Rufus 70 

Florence J. 66 

John F. 66 

Sarah, Mrs. 42 

Katie Bell 70 

Mazelle 57 

Geneva Lorraine 24 

Randolph Macon 77 

A. Kenneth, Rev. Dr. 119 

Shirley 70 

Daniel Wayne 58 

David Wayne 67 

Walter Neil 58 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Thelma Viola 19 

Christopher 68 

Carole (Mrs. Frank) 41 

Dennis 68 

Kevin Patrick 68 

Michael 68 

Kathi 32, 46 

Kristin Marie 68 

Quay Lee 32, 68 

Quay Lee, Jr. 63 

Richard C, Rev. 118 

Helen 32 

Benson Fuller, Jr. 58 

Charles Patman 73 

Virjilia Ruth 21 

J. M. 69 
Holy Trinity, Hickory 17 
Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleasant 22 
Holy Trinity, New York City 18 
Holy Trinity, North Augusta, S.C. 17 
Holy Trinity, Raleigh 21 

Carl A., Rev. Dr. 118 

John Wade 72 

T. C, Mrs. 51 

Eric Paul 63 

Laura Sue 63 

Roger Wayne 72 
Hospice 12 

Mary 22 

Bernice Moose (Mrs. J. C, Sr.) v, 
32, 42, 57 

Brenda Kathleen 64 

Jason Clark 62 

John Clark, II 32, 49, 52, 57, 67 

John Clark, Jr. 84 

John Clark, Sr. v, 32, 37, 66, 70, 


John Merlin 62 

Judy 32 

Philip Jeffrey 49, 60, 67 

Thomas Andrew, Jr. 64 

Thomas Andrew, Sr. 37, 39, 59, 
67, 85, 86 

Vivian (Mrs. T. A., Sr.) 32, 45, 


Alton Leroy, Jr. 72 

Calvin Livingston 60 

Calvin Livingston, Jr. 60 

Jon Christopher 61 

Lynette 72 

Nicholas Chadwick 63 

James H., Jr. 32, 83, 119 

Douglas Glenn 73 

Mackenzie Noelle 65 

Terry Wade 63 

Gursed(?) 71 

Mior 69 

Jane G. 45, 122 

David 36, 39, 86 

E. Johnston 27 

Mr. 28 

Charles A. ix, 30, 32, 35 

Charles A., Mrs. ix, 30, 32, 42, 


Delia Dawn 58 

Marie Love 77 

Mary 69, 76 

Ray Melvin 70 

W. M. 35 

William Adolphus 32, 35, 38, 77, 


Ellen 73 

Tony 119 

Richard, Rev. 120 

Charles 120 

Alice 18 

Ina Kay Porter (Mrs. W. E.) 60, 
67, 71, 76 

Richard Erick 60, 66 

Willard E. 32, 67, 77, 82 

Willard, Rev. 120 

Concord, North Carolina 



Brandon Reid 68 

Jim 84-86 

Phyllis 32 

Wesley Barrett 63, 68 

Alan Todd 61 

Albert 70 

Anne Cline 45 

David Frontis, Rev. 118 

Donnie Worth 32, 59 

Donnie Worth, Jr. 67 

Joyce Annetta 58 

Keith, Rev. 122 

Margaret 29 

Rodney Glenn 59 

J. Y. 69 

Mertie Petrea, Mrs. ix 

Trudy Lorine 71 

Virgie Lorena 70 

Bob 85 

Carol 32 

Cheryl Grace 73 

Matthew Charlton 63 

Chandler Hendrickson 37, 38, 69, 
77, 81, 82, 86, 87 

George Michael 57, 67 

Martha Troutman (Mrs. C. H.) 32, 
42, 49, 87 

Paula, Rev. 122 

Wes, Rev. 122 

Judith 56 

Sue Carol 56 

Audrey 19 

Lonnie William, Rev. 11, 19, 119 

Scott Hamilton 19 

Tara 19 

Thebas Bernard 19 

Lester D., Rev. Dr. 118 
Keasler Company 11 

Albert Henry, Jr., Rev. Dr. 117 

Angie 32 

Dennis W. 65, 73 

Jacob Andrew 65 


Robert 70 

Bessie 32 

Howard Cook 55 

W. A., Mrs. ix 

A. C, Rev. 119 

Annie Little (Mrs. M. L.) 32 

Carroll Little 20, 55 

John Anderson 20 

John Lee 20, 55 

Mary Elizabeth 20 

Moses Lee, Rev. 3-5, 20, 26, 35, 
54, 69, 88 

Ruth Pauline 20 

Virgil Carl 20 

Amanda E. ix 

Beulah B. 69 

Calvin E. ix, 32, 35 

J. C, Mrs. ix 

J. Claude ix, 2, 79 

Leonard, Mrs. 44 

M. L. 35 

Mary Belle (Mrs. C. E.) ix 

Tony Cliffton 54 

Timothy Ray 61 
Kindergarten 10, 11 

Ashley Strange 73 

Cleo 32 

Elizabeth 32, 50 

John 85 

Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. E. Ray) 44 

Matthew Thomas 50, 68 

Gary Ray 73 
KKK 88 

Carrie Roxie 16 

Herman B. T. 70 

W. L. 79 

Carl Karron William 20 

Jack Oscar Kenneth 20 

Kate Elizabeth Marie 20 

Kevin Douglas Anthony 20 

Oscar K. 20 

Oscar Kenneth, Rev. 7, 20 

Patrick Wayne 64 

Whitney Elaine 65 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


R. W. 35, 74 

Heidi 68, 77 

Richard A. 78 

Charles Fay, Rev. 119 

Jacob Lafayette, Rev. Dr. 120, 

Ladies Aid and Missionary Societies 40 
Ladies Aid Society 40 

Frances 70 

Bryan Markus 64 

Evi 32 

Keely Nicole 63, 68 

Betty Ann 73 

Barry 39 

Hilary Diane 68 

Mary Ann 32 

Elizabeth, Mrs. 76 
Lay Associate 13 
Lay Lectors 12 

Christopher 1 

Ida M., Mrs. 42, 75 

Jackie Elizabeth 57 

Marvin B., Jr. 73 
Lenoir Rhyne College 16 

C. Wilson 82 

Charles 66 

Dennis Ray 73 

Effie P., Mrs. 75 

Ellen Marie 59 

Hazel 66 

Hazel (Mrs. Charles) 32 

Kenneth Lynn 58 

Mary Temperance 70 

Pearl (Mrs. William) 45 

Wilbur (Mrs. C. W.) 32, 40, 44, 


Ann 32, 86 

Hayden Curtis 65 


Catherine Elizabeth 32 

Charles O. ix, 69 

Christine Elizabeth 54 

Eva Hilliard 32, 53 

Fred Hilliard ix, 29, 32, 74, 79 

Fred Hilliard, Jr. 54 

George Gibson 32 

Helida 32 

Henry Arthur 55 

John H. 29, 32, 35, 79 

John Michael 32, 54, 69 

Kate Blondell 55, 70 

Mary 32 

Mary Ann 57, 74 

Mary E., Mrs. ix, 42 

Mary Rosetta 54 

Mary W. 75 

Oscar Leon 54, 69, 75 

Susan Joy 49, 72 

William H. 69 

Daniel Elgie 72 

Agnes 32 

G. J., Mrs. 42 

Gideon Jacob 35, 38, 74, 79, 80 

Grace, Mrs. 76 

Nell 32 

Nora 43, 69 

Willie 32 

Dee Dee Irene 73 

Annie 20 

Buell, Mrs. 51 
Locke Cotton Mills 2, 3 
Locke Mill area 2 

David, Mrs. 51 

Anne Lee 57, 66 

Brady, Jr. 62, 71, 104 

C C, Mrs. 32 

Christy Michelle 63 

Claudine Ellen 57, 66 

Daniel Shane 63 

Elise Nancy 57 

Brent William 65 

Cathy 32 

Daryl Richard 72 

Matthew Richard 63, 68 

Concord, North Carolina 



Angela Lynn 60, 67 

Ann 32 

Ann (Mrs. Boger, Jr.) 32 

Annie Mae 69 

Claire Annette 71 

Daphne Anne 32, 49, 67, 72 

Mary Ella Stiller (Dolly)(Mrs. R. 
E.) 32, 77 

Robert E. 70 

William Boger 73 

William Boger, III 67, 73 

William Boger, Jr. 49, 83, 84 

William Boger, Jr., Mrs. 49 

Eugenia, Miss 27 

Deborah Jean, Mrs. 77 

Joanne 44 

Keith 72 
Love sisters 14 

Doris Elaine 55, 66 

Geraldine 66 

Horace Andrew 73 

L. Maylon 35, 38, 80 

L. Maylon, Jr. 56 

Louise Elizabeth 55, 70 

Ruth Geraldine 55 

Floyd James 70 

I. N. 69 

Heather Rene 64, 68 

Stephanie Marie 64, 68 
Lutheran Brotherhood 4 
Lutheran Chapel, Gastonia 18, 25 
Lutheran Church of Our Father, 

Greensboro 23 
Lutheran Church of the Ascension, 

Danville, Virginia 123 
Lutheran Church of the Ascension, 

Savannah, Ga. 17 
Lutheran Men Loan and Gift Fund 36 

JohnWilford, Rev. 119 

Quincy Oscar, Rev. 118 

Mildred W. 32, 70 

William C. 70 

William Richard 57, 67, 71 

William Rodie 57, 70 


Grant 32 

Keith Alan 65 

Nicole Lindsay 65 

Sharon 32 

Alexander Henry 20 

Alexander, Rev. 20 

Charles Peter, Rev. Dr. 2, 20, 54 

Charles Phillips 20 

Dorothy Ruth 20 

Mary Emma 20 

Weldon T., Rev. 121 

Austin Nelson 65 

Hyacinth 17 

Robert Brian 73 

Frank A. 74 

Tara LuAnn 73 

Claude Jackson, Rev. 119 

David L., Rev. 120 

Idaline 87 

Martha 32 
Mary Martha Circle 40 

Nell Wood 57 

Thomas Randy, Jr. 61 

Thomas Wood 69, 77, 81 

Chelsea Jo 65 

Dabra Jo 59, 67, 72 

Janice Neel 32, 65 

Julia Elaine 68, 72 

Timothy Howard 61, 68 

Zachary 65 

Annie Delores 67 

Barry Kenneth 58 

H. K. 75 

Harold Reginald 58 

Helen 32 

Kenneth Charles 64 

Ricky Lee 59, 67 

Steven Michael 64 

Terry Lisa 59, 67, 72 

Dolores 66 

Nancy Lou (Mrs. R. A. Haney, 

Jr.) 32, 66, 70 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


R. Earl, Jr., Rev. 117 

George, Jr., Mrs. 32 

Martha 32 

Millie 32 

Stuart Dunean 61 

Michael Conway Dixon, Rev. Dr. 

Michael Lynn 63, 68, 73 

Pat 32 

Ronnie Ray 65 

Chassie Lee 54 

Cleone (Mrs. J. L.) 75 

Daisy Dean 55 

David Levond 32, 38, 50, 54, 56, 
80, 81, 105 

David LeVond, Jr. 66 

David, Mrs. 32, 42 

Dennis Harold 67, 71 

Dora Lucile 54 

Fred Hall 32, 35, 54 

Harold B. 32, 83, 85 

Hazel Maxine 32, 43, 55 

J. C, Mrs. ix, 40, 42, 75 

J. R. 35 

James C. ix, 3, 30, 32, 35, 79, 80, 


Jo Ann 57 

John Leonard ix, 35, 74, 80 

Jones C. 75 

L. B., Jr., Mrs. 44 

Leonard Bunn 32, 54, 69 

Lois Barrier (Mrs. B. Y. Faggart) 


Lucille 69 

Philip Wayne 58 

Reba (Mrs. H. B.) 32 

Teena Marie (Mrs. Dan Alan 

Boone) 67, 72 


Juanita 70 

Martha Blake 71 

Holland Prentis 60 

Jeffrey Lars 60 

Bobbi (Mrs. E. R.) 77, 87 

E. R. 10, 12, 32, 37-39, 48, 77, 

82-84, 87 

Edith Isenhour (Mrs. E. R.) 32, 

48, 77, 87 

Sherylle 32 

Christopher Todd 61 

Julius W., Jr. 32, 71 

Linda (Mrs. J. W., Jr.) 32 

Adrienne Dean 63 

Frank, Jr. 60 

Henry Edward, III 62 

Henry Edward, Jr. 71 

Larry J. 71 

Burris (?) 69 
Menally Company 9 

Mark, Rev. Dr. 122 

Keith Allen 68 

Ron 45 

John David 61 

John Franklin, Rev. Dr. 71, 121, 


J. R. 69 
Messiah, Burlington 23 

Susan 46 

Amy Elizabeth 64 

Bradley Robert 64 

Patricia Fortune (Mrs. R. D.) 32, 


Randy Doyle 72 

Kevin Raymond 68 


Ricky Carroll 67 

Paul, Rev. 122 

William Franklin, Rev. Dr. 122 

(?), Rev. 54 

B. A. 33, 35, 38, 80, 87 

B. A., Mrs. 33 

Barbara Jean 56 

Calvin Middleton 21 

Charles B., Rev. 53 

Concord, North Carolina 


Cheryll Jill 21 

Fisher 33, 35 

Glenn Allen, Rev. 6, 21, 56, 118, 


Hollis Allen, Rev. Dr. 21, 122 

James Lewis 67, 77 

John Abner Locke, Rev. 56 

John, Rev. 120 

Lena Elaine 70 

Lester David, Rev. 69 

Lori Ann 73 

Louise 33, 43 

Marilyn Lee 21 

Martha Rose 23 

Maude Estelle 77 

Patty Ann 72 

Sarah Lugene 22 

V. Fisher 69 

Lindsay B. 73 

David L., Rev. 119, 121 

Ernest Luther, Rev. Dr. 119-121 

Greeley 70 

Carveth F., Rev. Dr. 121 

Christina 65 

Sebastian Dakota 65 

Mary (?) 71 

Alleia Yvonne 58 

Alvin Lennie 61 

Alvin Walter 33, 71 

Andy Kyle 61 

Cecelia Ann (Mrs. A. W.) 33 

Laura Michaela 61 

Andrea Denise 62 

Benny James 57, 67 

Bernice Lee (Mrs. J. C. Howard, 

Sr.) 70 

Gerry 33 

J. Otho 120 

John Baxter, Rev. Dr. 1 17 

Joseph L. 75 

P. G., Mrs. 33, 42 

Paul Gurley 33, 66, 69, 81, 82 

Flay Curtis, Jr., Rev. 120 

Angela Marie 62 

Earl David 33, 38, 39, 67, 82, 83 

Jonathon Fredrick 62 

Libby 33 

Rebecca Ann 67 

Robert Earl 62 

Ruby 33 

Rufus 119 

Sandra Elaine 67 

Carroll Irving, Rev. 54 

Jacob Levi, Rev. Dr. 4, 6, 54, 69, 


Gary 72 
Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute 9, 

14, 88 
Mt. Gilead, Mt. Pleasant 23 
Mt. Hermon, Cabarrus Co. 20 
Mt. Olive-St. Stephen, Cabarrus Co. 21 
Mt. Tabor, West Columbia, S.C. 24 
Mt. Zion, Watauga Co. 22 

Mr. 3 

Jason William 68 

Karen 33 

Brandon Jay 63 

Gerri 33 

Kenneth Ray 50, 62, 68 

Robert, Rev. Dr. 1 19 
Nazareth, Lexington, S.C. 18 
Nazareth-Shiloh, Forsyth Co. 22 

Salina E. 18 
New Bethel E. L. Church 1 
Newberry College 16 


Wilbur, Rev. 120 
Newsletter 11 

Edith 33 

Jane Ellen 72 

Thomas B., Jr. 29, 33, 85 

David Ellis 60, 67 

Donald Ellis 70 

Margaret (Mrs. Don) v, 29, 33, 

40, 41, 47 

Clarence Edward, Rev. 2, 21, 118 

Kathryn Wheeler 21 

Rebecca Wyse 21 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Victor Louis 21 


Amy Michelle 68 

Brian Justin 63, 68 

Gary D. v, 37, 39, 85, 86 

Karen 33 

Mickey 33, 85, 86 

Susan (Mrs. Gary) v, 29, 33, 41, 


Tara 68 
North Carolina College 9 
North Carolina Synod 10, 11, 14 

A. R. 35, 80 

A. R., Mrs. 33 

Bertha, Mrs. 76 

Betsy Ann 55, 66 

Billy Gene 55, 66 

Jack, Mrs. 43 

R. A. 80 

R. A., Mrs. 43 

Adolph, Rev. 1 

Gwyn 33 

Julia 68 
Order of the Arrow 52 
Organ Lutheran Church 1 

Edward H., Rev. 120 

Bobbi 33 

Jonathan Lee 68 

Margaret Roberta 68 

Sarah Elizabeth 65 

John Jackson, Jr. 73 

Bill, Jr., Rev, 120 
Our Savior, Dallas 23 
Our Saviour, Jacksonville 16 

Bobby Jo 19 

Steve 72 

Walter, Jr. 71, 72 

Myrtle 69 

Beth 33 

Delma H. 33, 37, 87 

Elizabeth Diana 57 

Elizabeth Louise (Mrs. D. H.) 33, 


Floyd M. 57, 70 

Bette B. (Mrs. D. L.) 29, 41, 87 

Lynette 45 

Maria 33 
Pastor Emeritus 11 

Charles Robert, Rev. 118, 119 

Edith Margaret 54 

Irene, Mrs. ix 

Jane 44 

Robert Leonidas, Rev. Dr. 2 

Virginia 74 

Zula 30, 33 
Peace, Gibsonville 23 

A. J. 75 

A. J., Mrs. 75 

Bernice 70 

Betty Lou 56, 66, 70 

Harold 70 

Jonas M. 74 

Jonas, Mrs. 74 

Morrison Eugene 56 

Patty Ruth 59, 71 

Roy 75 

Viola 87 

April Lee 63 

Kimberly Marie 63 

H. M. 35 

Elma Catherine 55 

Hedrick Martin 33, 38, 54, 79, 80 

L. A. 81 

L. A., Mrs. 40, 42 

Locke A. 38, 75 

Mamie (Mrs. L. A.) 33 

Sara Lorene 54 

Gale Dean 72 

Ann 33, 44, 49 

Colene (Mrs. S. A., Jr.) 40, 41, 

49, 51, 77, 87 

Cornelia Anne 67, 72 

J. E. 69 

Kathryn Hewitt 72 

Sidney Albert, in 67 

Sidney Albert, Jr. 33, 76 

Concord, North Carolina 


Annie (Mrs. J. R. Meredith) ix, 

43, 69 

Brunner Eugene, Rev. Dr. 118 

Carrie Petrea (Mrs. F. E. 

Barnhardt) ix 

G. W. ix, 2, 3, 29, 30, 35, 79, 80 

G. W., Mrs. ix, 74 

Mertie (Mrs. J. Y. Johnston) 33, 


Raymond A., Rev. 121 

Sam 33 

Sarah Diana 54, 69 

David Charles 62, 68 

Hilda (Mrs. R. L.) 33, 41, 42, 85 

Janet Lee 61, 68 

Robert Lee 33, 38, 62, 70, 76, 


Robert Lee, Mrs. 40 

Robert Lewis 59, 67 

Sherylle Suzanne 33, 58, 67, 72 
Pfeiffer College 12 

Martin 1 

Annie 20 

Baxter 35 

Dennis Judson 73 

Z. T., Rev. 120, 121 
Pilgrim-St. Luke, Davidson Co. 18 


Douglas Burkett 67 

Michael L. 45 

Austin Ray 65 

Connie 33 

Pleasant L. ix 

William David, III 68 

Fred Samuel 71 

flee, Rev. 120 

M., Jr. 119 

Martha Ann Yount (Mrs. F. S.) 

33, 73, 85, 121, 122 

Megan Virginia 62, 68 

William 70 

Kent, Mrs. 51 

Prince of Peace, Greensboro 24 
Pro Deo Et Patria award 50 

John, Rev. 122 

Mildred 18 

John 26 

Jim 33, 85, 86 

Hazel 70 
Raleigh colleges 

Pastor to Lutheran Students 21 

Beth 68 

Carolyn Baker 63, 68 

Child 74 

Diane 33 

Floyd E. 38, 69, 75, 81, 82 

Heidi Elizabeth 64 

Helen F. 33, 71 

James Dodson 63, 68 

James Elliott 33, 39, 57, 66, 71, 


Mary 33, 73 

Mary Elizabeth 63 

Thomas Walter v, 12, 33, 37, 39, 
49, 58, 67, 72, 84-86, 122 

R. B., Jr., Mrs. 51 

Marty Robin 72 

B. G. 3, 4 
Redeemer, Atlanta, Ga. 20 
Reformation, Davie Co. 20 
Reformation, Lancaster, S.C. 19 

Phyllis 33 
Resurrection, Augusta, Ga. 18 

Harold Emmett, Rev. 117 

Stephen R., Rev. 122 

Alex 72 

Floyd 35 

N. R. 54 

R. C, Mrs. 51 

Robert H. 71 

Ann B. (Mrs. Wayne) 12, 33 

Dawn Elizabeth 60, 67 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Debra Ann 60, 67 

Elaine 33 

F. H. 33 

Gary Edward 56, 66 

Gary, Mr. and Mrs. 48 

Grace 33, 43 

J. R., Mrs. 40 

James Martin 27, 33, 35, 38, 75, 


James Robinson 38, 55, 66, 83 

Janet Ann 50, 62, 68 

Lois (Mrs. James) 33, 40-42, 87 

Lori Jayne 61, 68, 73 

Margaret Jane 56, 66, 71 

Margaret Karen 62 

Mary 33, 35, 43, 74 

P. F. 69 

Philip Wayne 33, 50, 56, 66, 


Robert Ray 55, 66, 70, 76 

Robin Denise 60, 67, 72 

S. Marie 77 

Shirley Mae 59 

Sylvia Elaine 50, 56, 66, 68, 71 

Sylvia Jean 62, 73 

T. H. 33, 35, 38, 74, 79, 80 

T. H., Mrs. 74 

Timothy Ray 60, 67 

William Acril[?] 62 

James S. 70 

Christopher 1 

B. L. 35, 38, 80 

Clarence Ross, Rev. Dr. 119 

Hoke Henderson, Rev. 117, 120, 


Margie Irene 70 

Martin L. 69 

Walter P., Mrs. 27 

Alfred 57 

Wesley 57 

Marjorie Jerlion 70 

Bachman L. ix, 2, 3, 29, 35, 38, 
74, 79, 80 

Bachman L., Mrs. ix, 33, 74 

Bertha Emma 33, 43, 54 

Bessie 40 

Carl Oscar 35, 54 

Clyde Leonard 54, 74 

Dorothy Arlene 33, 43, 54 

Gilbert 33 

J. W., Mrs. ix, 30, 33 

Joe Lynn 54 

Juney W. ix, 2, 33, 35, 38, 79, 80 

George Gaston, Rev. 119 

Elton Manning 71 

Harry H., Rev. Dr. 120 

J. F. 35 

Dale 69 

W. D. 33, 80 

W. D., Mrs. 33, 43 

Dave 33 

Katie 68 

Megan 68 

Laura Lee 73 

Berry, Mrs. 74 

Betty Lou 56 

Larry S. 72 

Dorus Paul, Rev. Dr. 118 

Carol Dianne 57 

Harold 70 

A. L. 35 

Donald 118 

Charles Ray, Jr. 73 
Sardis, Catawba Co. 22 

David 68 

Jacquelyn Rose 68 

Pat 33, 40 

Rebecca 68, 86 

Stanley, Dr. 12 

Chad Alan 68 

Jason Frederick 68 

Leta 33, 42 

Brad 12, 33, 85, 121 

Brian 68 

David Eugene 50, 62, 68 

Kathy 33, 46 

Concord, North Carolina 



Ann Miller 42, 75 

Bobby Gene 58 

Callie Ruth 55 

Donald Luther 59 

Edna Irene 55, 66 

Elmer Luther 54, 74 

Ethel Belle 54, 69 

Fred Henry 55 

Johnny Dennis 57 

Johnsie (Mrs. Van C.) 10, 11, 29, 
33, 40, 42, 51, 83, 84 

Margaret Louise 33, 48, 70 

Roy R. 69 

Van Cletus 77 

Van Cletus, Jr. 58, 67 

James R., Mrs. 44 

Betty Ann 56 

Bucky Pinky 56 

Lonnie Wilson 71 


Dorothy Adeline 57, 66 

Murl Everdell 56 

Nancy Joyce 56 

R. W., Rev. 120 

E. E., Mrs. 33 

Elizabeth L., Mrs. 76 

Eugene E. 76 

Lillie Means, Mrs. 42, 75 

Pamela Jean 58, 67, 72 

Patricia Ann 58, 67, 71, 73 

Ruth Elizabeth 58 

John, Rev. 122 

Robert L., Rev. 120 

Cyrus B. 73 

David Edward 73 

Roy Baxter, Rev. 119 

William 35 

J. A. 35, 74 

Ann Elizabeth 62, 68 

Becky (Mrs. R. E.) 33, 44 

Phillip Lee 61, 68, 120 

Richard E. 12, 33, 51, 82-84, 86 

Richard, Mr. and Mrs. 49 

Guy, Rev. 121 

Robert Fitzhugh, Jr., Rev. Dr. 121 

Austin P., Rev. 1 19 

Jacob Ernest, Rev. 54 
Shepherdess Circle 40 

Margaret 69 

J. R. ix, 2, 3, 33, 79 

J. R., Mrs. ix, 47 

Thelma Vastine 54 

Donald Ray 56 

Frances Louise 56 

Grady C. 33, 82 

Grady, Mrs. 33 

Randal Clark 59 

Robert H., Rev. 119, 120 

Ben A. v, 45, 84-86 

Erika Lorstadt 33, 68, 73 

Helen 33 

Kirsten Lorstadt 73 

Lillie Mae 70 

Hazel 70 

Alvin 75 

Edith (Mrs. Alvin) v, 33, 41, 87, 
120, 121 

J. A., Mrs. ix, 74 

J. W. (Johnnie) 81 

John A. ix, 74, 79 

Ollie M. 74 

Perry Lynn 57 

Sylvester 33, 35, 80 

Brian Keith 74 

Carol Annette 59, 67, 72 

Michelle Lee 74 

Robert Bruce, Rev. 118 

Ethel Wall 78 
Silver Valley, Davidson Co. 16 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Charlotte (Mrs. G. H.) 67 

David Karl 60 

Graham H., Jr. 33, 38, 67, 82 

Patricia Ann 60 

Susan Carol 60 

David Andrew 61 

Jacob, Rev. 54 

Martha 44 

Rachel 66 

Richard Hale 33, 60, 70, 82 

Andrew G. 71 

Terry Lee 71 

Donald Wayne 67 

Edgar B. 76, 82 

Ethel T. N., Mrs. 77 

Mark Healy 61 

Martha Jones 61 

Alice Ray v, 29, 33, 41, 42, 55, 
83, 84, 120, 123 

Barbara Frances 56 

Betty 56 

Bruce Gordon 58 

Fred Olin 33, 56, 66, 70 

George A. 75 

H. H., Mrs. 33 

Hubert H. 75 

Infant Son 74 

J. Olin 33, 35, 38, 69, 74, 79, 80 

James Albert Lavel 54 

Jerry L. 66 

Jonnie 34 

Kale 34, 86 

Lucille O. 34, 76 

Margie Nell 34, 55, 70 

Mary Isenhour (Mrs. J. Olin) ix, 
34, 42, 87 

Mary Janie (Mrs. C. B. 

Funderburke) 33, 54, 69 

Myrtle M. (Mrs. George A.) 42, 


Rebecca Louise 58 

Sarah Olivia 64 

Sylvia 34 

Violet Joyce 55 

Anderson Ray 72 

Anthony Lance 60 

Arlie G. 70 

Ashley Blair 63, 68 

Barbara Louise 59, 71 

Boyce A., Mrs. 34 

Catherine Jean 34, 63, 68 

Charles Kimball 64 

Corin Dayvault 64 

Daniel, Lt. 74 

David Hal 68 

Debbie Anne 72 

Doris 40, 41 

Earl 66 

Gary Timothy 77 

Gene 72 

Grace 19, 69 

Harold L. 34, 72 

J. Frank 74 

Jamie Elise 59 

Janice 34 

John Carl, Jr. 62 

Jonathan Robert 64 

Larry Wayne 71 

Lauren Elizabeth 63, 68 

LeAnna Kim 65 

Marianna 34 

Mary Brown 66 

Mike 34 

Pansy, Mrs. 41 

Peggy Valerie 58, 71 

Ralph 70 

Randy Joe 65, 73 

Rick 34 

Robert K. 37 

Robert M., Rev. 121, 122 

Roger 34, 84, 85 

Sharon Lynn 68 

Sharyn Lynn 34, 50 

Taylor Allison 65 

Ted Osborne 59 

Teresa Gail 72 

Thomas B., Rev. 122 

William Elmer, Rev. 122 

Richard, Rev. Dr. 121 
Social Ministry 12 

Robert M., Jr. 72 

Frederick Martin Luther, Rev. 5, 
22, 26, 35, 55, 69 

Mary Ellen 22, 69 

Paul Cedric 22, 34 

William P. 22 

W. B., Mrs. 74 

Concord, North Carolina 



Mark 69 
St. Andrew, New Bern 16 
St. Andrew-Calvary, Concord 18, 20 
St. Andrews E. L. Church 1, 2 
St. Enoch, Kannapolis 18, 19 
St. James Catholic Church 10 
St. James Ev. Reformed in Mt. Pleasant 

St. James, Concord 1, 2, 12, 17, 19, 20 
St. James, Fayetteville 17 

St. John 

Anna Marie 67, 71 

Catherine 33, 71 

Nora Ann 67, 72 

Pat 33, 48, 49 

Ruby (Mrs. Philip) 10, 33 
St. John, Asheboro 22 
St. John's Lutheran Church in Cabarrus 

St. Luke, Bear Poplar 20 
St. Luke-Morning Star, Monroe 21 
St. Luke-Pilgrim, Davidson Co. 20 
St. Mark, China Grove 16, 24 
St. Mark, Gaston Co. 24, 25 
St. Mark's, Charlotte 2 
St. Mark's, Crouse 22, 25 
St. Mark's, Mooresville 23 
St. Mark-Bethel, Gaston Co. 22 
St. Mark-St. John, Caldwell Co. 24 
St. Martin, Maiden 24 
St. Martin-Salem-Luthers Chapel, 

Maiden 22 
St. Mary-Solomons, Forestville, Va. 22 
St. Matthew, Rowan Co. 19 
St. Matthews, Kings Mountain 19 
St. Paul, Crouse 22 
St. Paul, Hardin- Antioch-Philadelphia, 

Gaston Co. 22 
St. Paul, Iredell Co. 16 
St. Paul, Salisbury 19 
St. Paul, Wilmington 18 
St. Peter, Rowan Co. 21 
St. Stephen, Hickory 16 
St. Stephen-Mt. Olive, Cabarrus Co. 20 
St. Thomas, Charlotte 17 

Robert W., Rev. Dr. 121 

Maurice A. 118 

Keith 74 


Geo. W. 69 

Julie 34, 46 

Marion Richard 72 


Barbara Ann 70 

Bill 39, 86 

Janet L. 77 

Jennifer Christine 64 

Jill Suzanne 73 

Michael Christian 64 

Millie (Mrs. Bill) 41, 42 

Brian Joseph 64 

Michael Patrick 64 

Tammy 34 

Naomi Hettie 24 

Jeanne Marie 20 

Mary Ann 57 

Berry Lee 62, 68 

George Lester 34, 39, 66, 71, 83, 

84, 120 

Richard Neil 62, 68, 73 

Samuel Neil 65 

Sydney Lauren 65 

Trudy (Mrs. G. L.) 34, 62 

Violet 76 

Frances 56 

J. V. 4, 26 

Mary Ella Simpson (Dolly) 34, 66 

Martin Luther, Sr., Rev. Dr. 74, 


Deane 34 

Ken 34 

Albert Madison 38, 58, 82 

Beverly Irene 59 

Carole Ann 72 

Helen C. (Mrs. A. M.) 42, 58 

Wm. Earle 119 

Douglas, Rev. 119 

Grady A. 71 

Lynda 17 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Robert, Mrs. 51 

David Bradford 74 

Jack 34, 51, 83 

Jack, Mrs. 34, 49 

Janice 68 

Joyce 59 

Michael Eric 59 

Ray B. 34, 59 

Susan Giovanni 59 

Ted William 70 

Virginia Wilkinson 8 

Arnold Ray 56 

Robert, Mrs. 51 

Charles Kevin 60 

David Scott 62 

Kenneth Harold 61 

Mary B., Mrs. 76 

May Belle 69 

Reuben Joseph, Rev. 118 

Frances 20 

Robert Lee, Rev. 1 19 

Patricia 72 

Addie Beaver 78 

Brenda Sue 66, 71 

Cathy Deann 60 

Charles Samuel 56, 66, 76 

Christine Linker (Mrs. Paul F.) 

78, 87 

Clarence Ray 56, 70 

James Clinton 59 

Jones Franklin 58 

Paul F. 76, 80, 81 

Paul F., Mrs. 34, 41, 42 

Ray 66 

Morris, Mrs. 51 

Armilda 70 

Charles Grady 37, 77, 82, 88 

Charles Mark 60, 67 

Erline Loggans 57 
Gloria Jeanne 57 
James Hope 54 
Joseph Winfield 54 
Linda Nell 34, 49, 67 
Nell C. (Mrs. C. G.) v, 40, 41, 46, 



James 34 
James Evans 56 
James Evans, Jr. 66 
James Evers, Jr. 70 
James Evon, III 61 
James, Mrs. 44 
Lorie Anna 72 


Diana Ruth (Mrs. R. H. Baucom) 
34, 48, 71 

Miriam (Mrs. R. R. Drury, Jr.) 9, 


Ruth (Mrs. V. E.) 77, 87 

Vernon 38 

Vernon E. 38, 76, 82 

Bertha Mae 77 

Ron, Rev. 122 

Esther B., Mrs. 76 

Newton B. 76 

Adelaide Petrea 55 

Benjamin, Jr. 55 

Mada Petrea (Mrs. B. F.) ix, 75 

Madeline Hightower 34, 55 

Luther Alexander, Rev. Dr. 55 

Mark 73 

Elizabeth Dianne 62 

Michelle Dawn 63 

Ralph Morris 71 

Sandra Nichole 64 

Ausbin 69 

Maud Ellen 22 

Lisa Ann[?] 61 

Margarie Jane 71 

Robert L, Rev. 118 
Trinity, Cabarrus Co. 10, 18 
Trinity, New Smyrna, Fla. 16 
Trinity, Vale 21, 23 
Trinity-St. Enoch, Concord 16 

Concord, North Carolina 



Charles H. 71 

G. M, Mrs. 42 

George M. 74, 80 

Martha 69 

Myrtie, Mrs. 75 

Nena A. 19 

Robert Love, Rev. Dr. 120-122 

White, Mrs. 42 

Zona Kay 34, 48, 66 

Alicia Lynne 24 

Audrey Lee 70 

Billy Gene, Rev. 24, 34, 42, 58, 


Donald Ray 59, 67 

Eleanor 34, 75 

L. C. 24 

Novalene 58, 70 

Sara Carpenter (Mrs. B. G.) 42 

Saundra Kay 34, 59, 71 

Virginia Anne 24 
Try on 

Governor 1 

Jason 73 

Nina 72 

Leonard F. 71 

Susan Elizabeth 71 

Virginia 22 

Dennis Glenn 71 

Margaret Campbell 54 
U. S. Navy chaplain 16 

Tessie Lee 24 
United Lutheran Church Women 40 
Univ. N. C, Chapel Hill 

Pastor to Lutheran Students 18 

Rebecca Anne 43, 44, 72 

Gladys Virginia 54 

Isabella 74 

Mary Overcash, Mrs. 74 

W. A. 34, 35, 74, 79 

James Kirk 72 

Carly Lee 65 

Cody William 64 

Mark William 73 

Venture in Faith 14 

C. D. 35, 38 

Ronnie Little 71 

Don, Jr. 29, 85, 86 

Peggy (Mrs. Don) 34, 122 

Tiffany Anne 68 

Kara Suzanne 64 

Cooper 69 

Evelyn 17 

Louise 77 

Rickie Brown 71 

C. J., Dr. 70 

Robert 13 

Alfred Pinckney, Jr. 57 

Burman Oren 66 

Burman Owen 57, 66 

Jimmy Lynn 57, 66 

Joe A. 69 

Minnie 69 

Pinkney A. 75 

Pinkney, Mrs. 75 

Ruth Scott 71 

Beulah Vansant 18 

Amy, Mrs. 75 

C. D., Mrs. 42 

Charles Duard 34, 38, 71, 75, 


Peggy Winecoff 75 

R. B., Jr., Mrs. 51 

Beatrice 69 

Margaret Geneva 55 

Martin Luther 55 

Roy, Major 88 

Roy, Mrs. 88 
Webster and Webb Co. 9 

Geneva Hess 77 

Guion Thomas, Rev. 24, 42, 117- 


Mary Martha 24 

Mildred 70 

R. L., Mrs. 34, 42 


Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 

Raymond Steinmetz 24 

Robert Lee 24, 75 

Sarah Ruth 24, 43 

W. A. 30 

Annie Belle 69 

Bessie Moose 77 

Helen 34, 70 

L. R., Co. 8 

L. R., Jr. 66 

L. R., St. 80, 81 

Larry Eugene 66 

Larry Eugene, Maj. 76 

Alvas Avery 67 

Donald 77 

Elizabeth Marie 67 

Guin(?) Jackson 71 

Johnny Leon 67 

Melissa Denise 61 

Ray 34 

Timothy Nathan 60 

Dwayne 119 
Western Carolina Male Academy 9 

Nina Gustelle 21 

Judith Anne 56 

Norm 34, 120 

Rodney Craig 71 

Tobie Anthony 62 

Grady 34 

Michael 68 

R. C. 70 

Claude 86 

Marian Black 71 

Marian Lynette 34, 61 

Peggy C. 66 

William Lance 71 

William, Mrs. 34 

Hoy, Rev. 118 

Ronald Everett 71 

George Richard, Rev. Dr. 119 

Melissa Jeanne 61, 67 


A. W. 10 

A. W., Jr., Mrs. 51 

Amy Michelle 68, 73 

Sandra Camille 73 

Tonya 68, 73 

William W. v, 36, 37, 86 

Clive Willard 37, 77, 82-85, 87 

Jim 45 

Lola Carter (Mrs. C. W.) 77, 87 

W. M. 35 

Charles Lester 56 

Debbie (Mrs. Johnny M.) 13, 29 

H. B. be, 2, 3, 8, 29, 34, 79, 80 

H. B., Mrs. ix, 30, 34 

James Heilig 8, 54 

Virginia (m. Studdert) 43, 53 

William Alexander 56 
Wilkinson family 11 

C. M. 69 

Billy 48 

Carolyn 34 

Cheryl 34 

Jason Dale 68 

Joyce Dayvault (Mrs. Owen) 13, 
14, 23, 122 

Kristina Marie 45, 68 

Robert Earl 74 

Steve 39 
Williams Estate 27 
Wilmar Park 8 

Josephine 57 

Ann Frances 67 

Hope 34, 82 

James Wilson 59 

Janis Henderson 67 

Barbara 34, 72 

Hoyle Kenneth, Jr. 71 

Roxanne Kathleen 63, 68, 74 

Dallas E. 70 
Woman's Memorial, Pulaski, Va. 17 
Women of the Church 42 

Nell 69 

Wayne 119 

Concord, North Carolina 



John N., Rev. 120 

Courtney Ashton 65 

Joel Dean, Jr. 65 

Donald Edgar, Rev. 119 

(?), Rev. 54 

Charles Edward 73 

Billie (Mrs. Hayden) 87 

Hayden 75 

Jackie Elizabeth 34, 67 

Louise Estelle 67, 71 

Nancy Moore 67, 71 

Tamara Frances 74 

Willie Gray 71 

Paul 36, 78, 87 

Ruth (Mrs. Paul) v, 87 

Lottie Lee 21 

Buddy Lee 56, 74 

J. L., Mrs. 34 

M. Craig, Prof. 117 

Richard 72 

Bill 68 

Erica Lane 65 

Harold W. 34, 36, 37, 39, 51, 52 

Hope (Mrs. H. W.) 34 

Jeff 68 

Jeffery Scott 74 

Mark 52, 68 


Connie 34 

Holly Marie 63, 68 

Jan 34 

Ken W. 34, 45, 46, 85 

Kim 68 

Terry 34 

David Walter 60 

Jessie Isenhour Corl 87 

Joshua Alonzo, Rev. 22 

Martha Ann 22, 34, 44, 48, 49, 

66, 71 

Noah D., Rev. 22 

Philip Clair 22, 48 

Philip Clair, Jr. 60 

Robert Walter, Rev. 119 

Virginia Turner (Mrs. W. N.) 42, 

76, 87 

Wade Davis, Rev. 1 18 

Walter N., Jr. 22 

Walter Nicholas, Rev. Dr. 7-12, 
22, 26, 28, 37, 42, 51, 73, 
76-78, 87, 88, 121 
Youth Ministry 13 

Silas A., Rev. 2 
Zimmer Pipe Organ 11, 12 

Charles M., Rev. 119